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Young Justin Bieber fan Avalanna Routh dies from brain cancer at age 6
Avalanna Routh, aka “Mrs. Bieber,” was adored nationwide for her brave struggle with a rare and incurable cancer called AT/RT — and her unending love for the teen pop star. “Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning,” her family wrote on Twitter.

Girl who called self 'Mrs. Bieber' dies of cancer
During the pretend wedding, Avalanna held a yellow, green and purple bouquet of flowers, wore a T-shirt that said "Future Mrs. Bieber" and stood next to his portrait under a banner that declared them "Just Married." That sparked a social media campaign ...

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The show learned early this morning that Avalanna Routh passed away. This is our tribute to an amazing girl who will always inspire us. From her twitter account (@Avalanna): "Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning. Oh Avalanna, the brightest ...

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The show learned early this morning that Avalanna Routh passed away. This is our tribute to an amazing girl who will always inspire us. From her twitter account (@Avalanna): "Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning. Oh Avalanna, the brightest ...

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GomezAnBieber RT @Avalanna: Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning. Oh Avalanna, the brightest star - you took our hearts with you, our greatest Love;( 💔

katha_horan Nunca te olvidaremos Avalanna

Justin_94_Biebz RT @AlfredoFlores: Sending prayers out to Avalanna's family. Hope everyone can send a little prayer tonight. Thank you.

ApoyandoABieber RIP Avalanna

SwaggyBieds RT @MovesLikeJiall: Sé puede ser cansón que tengamos horas hablando de Avalanna, pero ¿cómo quieren que estemos? era alguien demasiado importante para nosotros.

JBiebz_Swagger RT @upwithmybiebs: Justin antes: "A veces tengo ese miedo, de no poder volverla a ver." Justin ahora: "La extraño". RIP Avalanna :'(.

DANNIELAGC She's not a belieber and she cares about Avalanna. Respect.

infinitebiebas RT @Kidrauhl_Source: Cuando Avalanna nació, le dijeron a sus padres que solo tenía 7 días de vida, y ella se mantuvo fuerte por 6 años y 11 meses

tamirys_menezes RIP Avalanna

_Karen_lozano_ RT @KennyHamilton: Today we lost another friend. The beautiful Avalanna has gone to be with God. She had such an amazing spirit and blessed many with her charm

iBeAllieeee RT @justinbieber: RIP Avalanna. i love you

Nathaliafs9 RT @justeinbieber: I will never forget you my princess. RIP Avalanna

believersforev4 RT @ikeepwithubiebs: Esas personas, qué aunque no son beliebers, están allí, apoyándonos. Gracias. RIP Avalanna.

KidrauhlGurl RT @DJTayJames: RIP Avalanna

GloriaKarel RT @BiebsHeaven: Justin has his guitar with him on his picnic. Aw i wonder if he's gunna write a song about Avalanna


i want to donate my birthday...? by Q: okay, so im sure by now you've heard about Avalanna aka 6-year-old Mrs. Bieber.. if not, she has a rare brain tumor.. so i wanna help.. my birthday is tomorrow and im gonna have a late party in a couple weeks.. im inviting 5 friends over from like 5pm-10pm.. and i don't want presents, im gonna ask for a donation to the ACS instead what should i write in the invitations? and what should we do at the party? ik to play music, so whats some good songs that don't have swearing or talk about drinking, smoking, drugs, or sex? i don't want the songs to be inappropriate out of respect and i don't like that kinda music anyways... and also ay other advice, ive never hosted a party before... im turning 15 ad my friends are around the same age help?

A: I have donated before for my birthday it is SO worth it!!!!!! Play some Justin burner One direction Cher Lloyd Olly Murs All good clean music :) And just sit and talk!!! It shouldn't be too planned!!

Do u like like Justin bieber? by Q: do u have any news from avalanna routh they say shes only till Wednesday is it true!!!!!!!! pray for her and every single person that has cancer

A: Justin is an amazing person. I love how much he gives back and genuinely cares about his family, and his young fans like Avalanna. I will be praying for her

Enstarz - Why Does People Hate Justin Bieber So Much? by Q: http://www.enstarz.com/articles/1650/20120214/justin-bieber-cancer-valentines-day-avalanna-routh.htm He doesn't seem to be such a bad guy....

How is 6-year-old Mrs Bieber? by Q: Avalanna.. i heard she lost the ability to speak.. how long do u think shes gonna live? :'( beliebers love her so much!!

A: Avanlana? on the all around the world special, justin said he may not see her again because she might not live much longer. i actually cried this morning because its so sad. he just tweeted about her and there is a day where everyone is going to trend #prayforavalana

Why does everyone hate on Justin Bieber, he seems like a good dude? by Q: so his music isn't great, but why hate on the kid so much? he does a lot of good stuff http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2101011/Justin-Bieber-grants-Avalanna-Rouths-Valentines-Day-wish-marrying-her.html he does a lot of stuff like that ^

A: Because people are just jealous of him and have no life so they just criticize him to make themselves feel better.

Avalanna routh (6 year old Mrs bieber)? by Q: I found out that she's loosing the ability to speak i felt so sad please pray for her is it true that some selenators hate her and do u have any news about her and Justin ? Can she get cured or......

A: She's so cute! I heard that she might not even be around for much longer. Justin said in one of his vids on youtube (all around the world tour part 2) that it upsets him to think that he may never see her again. He adores her to pieces! he kisses her just like he does to jazzy! Bless her she's only 6! Cruel world sometimes!! xx

Do u have any news of avalanna (6year old.Mrs bieber)? by Q:

Did Avalanna Routh pass away? by Q: I'm wondering because I'm a fan of Justin Bieber. Last I heard, she had last Wednesday to live. I've googled it and it won't show anything. Please tell me if you know the answer.

A: No she did not pass away. Here's her official twitter if you want to keep up to date with the things that are happening to her ~ https://twitter.com/avalanna

Did Avalanna lose her sight and hearing today, and does she only have until Wednesday? by Q: Hi guys! Well I'm a really big Belieber and most of us know about Avalanna Routh. People have been saying that she lost her sight and hearing today. They also have been saying that she will only have until Wednesday to live. I pray that this isn't true because it will brake my heart to see her go. Please help me. I need to know the answer, and if you guys can,can you please provide a source to prove your point, just to make sure. If not, then don't worry about it. I pray that she didn't and that she is fine and getting better. Thanks guys! xx #PrayforAvalanna

A: omg were did u find out that she is only here till Wednesday!!!!! u mean tomorrow !!!! but i herd that she's loozing the ability to speak not to not see! i todaly a beliber and lobe her so much she will always be Mrs bieber stay strong avalanna

When Did Avalanna Routh die? The Date please? by Q:

How long will avalanna live? by Q:

A: Forever I guess!

How do you pronounce Avalanna? by Q: I always see it,But can't pronounce it.

A: This is how I would pronounce it: A (as it's pronounced in the word 'say') VUH LAH NUH

If cancer wins what time will Avalanna die? by Q: She can do this she's strong but if not, what time?

A: I have heard she has till wednesday, but idk if this is true

Avalanna ????????????? by Q: Ok so i've heard heaps about this 6 year old girl named Avalanna, and people are calling her mrs bieber? Could someone tell me why? And also what's wrong with her and how people found out about her? I'm not a belieber but i'd love to know this kids story? :) x

Justin and Avalanna RIP Avalanna † Avalanna Routh, the 6-year-old 'Mrs. Bieber' from Merrimac, died this morning Avalanna Routh - Mrs. Bieber Justin Bieber and Mrs Bieber - RIP Avalanna Avalanna Routh [aka Mrs Bieber] - a strong, beautiful Angel |support video| SU2C Patient Story: Avalanna Avalanna Routh with Dennis and Callahan Pray for Avalanna - Justin Bieber & Mrs Bieber Pray for Avalanna. Justin Bieber and Beliebers pray for Avalanna. Justin Bieber Talking About Avalanna And How He Loves Her Justin Bieber and Avalanna (Mrs Bieber) - Today Show As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber feat. Avalanna - AHMIR cover ♥ Pray for Avalanna, Mrs. Bieber ♥ Justin Bieber and Mrs Bieber (Avalanna) justin bieber & avalanna Mrs Bieber, Apollo theatre ! 2012 Mrs.Bieber ~ Our little princess [Avalanna Routh♥] Justin Bieber Pays Tribute To Cancer Victim 'Mrs. Justin Bieber' Avalanna Routh: ENTV Justin Bieber - 'Pray' dedicate to Avalanna @Apollo Theatre Avalanna Our Angel Avalanna Routh and Justin Bieber Tribute - Be Alright Justin and Avalanna Avalanna Bieber Pray for her ! Our Little Princess Mrs. Bieber ♥ {justin y avalanna relationship} Avalanna & Justin ♥ Mrs Bieber [Avalanna Routh] ♥ Us against the world :) A message from beliebers to Mrs.bieber Avalanna .. Beliebers and Justin Love you (be alright) JUSTIN BIEBER: Avalanna Routh Chemo Patient Valentine's Date Wish Come True: ENTV Justin Bieber Meets Avalanna Routh (Mrs.Bieber) - Born To Be Somebody And Be Alright :) ♥ Pray for Avalanna Supporting video for Avalanna. ♥ STAY STRONG AVALANNA. LATIN AMERICA & SPAIN IS WITH YOU! WE LOVE YOU!♥ Avalanna Routh & Justin Bieber - Help find a cure for ATRT. www.cureatrt.org Singing 'Be Alright' by Justin Bieber - For Avalanna! For Avalanna, from french Beliebers. Justin Bieber - Be Alright (Dedicated to Avalanna Routh) Our Avalanna Project Pray For Avalanna Routh (Mrs. Bieber) Avalanna Routh and Justin Bieber justin bieber Avalanna - aka Mrs. Bieber. & Today Show. NYC! Stay Strong Avalanna ♥ Justin Bieber Brings Avalanna Routh (Mrs. Bieber) on Stage at The Apollo! Avalanna Routh - Mrs. Bieber RIP Avalanna Routh 'the world lost a fighter, but heaven gained an angel.' RIP Avalanna aka Mrs Bieber Bye bye Mrs. Bieber♥(09-26-12)♥ Avalanna Routh ♥ Justin Bieber and Mrs Bieber - RIP Avalanna Justin and Avalanna (Mr. and Mrs. Bieber) Justin And Avalanna
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