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Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone To Roll With His Mahomies 'Live From MTV'!
Mahomies, get ready because Monday is a big day for Austin Mahone. He will be with MTV for a 30-minute "Live From MTV" stream on MTV.com at 4 p.m. ET. Sitting down with some of his biggest fans, Mahone will take questions from the live studio audience, ...

AwesomenessTV Tops 1 Billion Views By Adding Austin Mahone, The Janoskians
AwesomenessTV has added teen pop idol Austin Mahone and popular Austrialian band The Janoskians to its network of YouTube channels, the company announced on Thursday. With the addition of those two and a few other YouTube personalities, ...

AWESOMENESSTV Network Tops 1 Billion Views
Austin Mahone, Lia Marie Johnson, Jennxpenn, and JStuStudios with several hundred thousand subscribers each, are also among those who have joined the largest, fastest growing Multi Channel Network on YouTube, which has already scaled to over 72 ...

Selena Gomez Invited Austin Mahone To Dinner On BBMA Red Carpet
These two look quite friendly! In a behind-the-scenes video from the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, Selena is spotted tenderly hugging Austin and then asking him to come get dinner with her. What a lucky guy! Austin Mahone must have been on cloud ...

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stratfordslife what if justin bieber feat. austin mahone

TheAnyta135 Мне понравилось видео "Austin Mahone -Mahomie Madness- "What About Love" Ep 1" (http://t.co/T6zt1XLTCk)

T_Bieber_Mahone RT @Z100NewYork: Less than half an hr until @AustinMahone hits our stage! WATCH: http://t.co/MgJhKauriK http://t.co/B5NzBhQbsL

1_Dnllhz RT @BerkayAksy: Justin Bieberı seversin isminin başına JB yazarsın, Demi Lovatoyu seversin DL yazarsın, Austin Mahone'u seversin ve sadece seversin……….

MaryMeDemetria RT @CeIebVsCeleb: Justin bieber VS Austin mahone. Rt for Justin. Fav for Austin. http://t.co/Ev52aaGATB

Hell_End17 RT @DaaniHansen: austin mahone is hot.

graziames RT @Celebsyounger: Austin Mahone http://t.co/fpEMJmcdDa

yedaix_rey Austin Mahone new single " what about love" can't be more awesome!!!! Good Job.. @AustinMahone

graziames RT @Celebsyounger: Austin Mahone http://t.co/OAp1zCysgg

_Adriana08 "Justin una vez dijo: "¿Quién es ese Austin Mahone?" y Austin estaba enfrente de él, ¿se imaginan qué habrá sentido?." :(

YADYBUNBURY RT @TodoSobreMahone: Justin una vez dijo: "¿Quién es ese Austin Mahone?" y Austin estaba enfrente de él, ¿se imaginan qué habrá sentido?.

RealSelenaM96 Become a Mahomie Street Team Member for Austin Mahone! Click here to sign up http://t.co/LeZwMgXdMs

mahone_tiffany @TheDigiTour AUSTIN TEXAS or anyway in Texas basically


What are similar songs to the following? by Letticia Q: Does anyone know some songs that are pop and hip hop genre, like songs like Austin mahone say something and one direction what makes you beautiful and live while were young and the rest of one directions second album? Songs that dont really have cuss words, the artists are like clean cut? Thanks for your help

A: Are you so steeped in Hip-hop? Do you truly like music? Try Van Halen's Dance The Night Away, try Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd... Try Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven... I never really got hip-hop, though I respect it as an art form.

How can I put a song on repeat on my iPhone 4S? by Angela Q: I'm addicted to Austin Mahone's "Say Somethin" *____* LOLZJK HE SUCKS So, I'm addicted to this Epica song and I'd like to know if there's a way to put a song on automatic repeat on my iPhone, I haven't found a repeat button.

A: "when you are listening to the song, and the album art is showing, tap the album art once and a bar at the top will show up, it should have a thing you can drag to fast forward/rewind the song and to the left of it is a loop button, first tap will loop all songs in playlist/album and second tap will loop that one song. on the right is the shuffle button"

How do I become a musician? / Songwriter? by Q: I want to be a singer/songwriter as a career. I play piano/keyboard and guitar and I have taken a music theory and aural skills course. I also know how to write songs pretty well. I do not have a band and I am a 17 year old girl. How can I get a record deal? I am in shape, decent singer, just got an acting job for money actually. I don't want to spend a lot of money on recording because I don't have a lot of money. This guy named Austin Mahone on youtube has come a long ways by only posting covers of songs on youtube. Should I try that? No offence to any of his fans but a big reason he is becoming famous is because of his looks. And I'm a girl so I can't really woo girls with my looks the way he does. I eventually want to get a major record deal and be able to write my own songs. Any advice or tips. Remeber, I do not have a band. Just myself.

A: I can help you but there is no guarantee but is better to try right? I want to make it too but right now im working on my vocals i am 19 play and I just started to focus mainly on songwriting, I also know how to work youtube how to get subscribers etc, I havent done it for myself but trust me I have spent a lot of time on youtube studying everyone. I would love to work with you if you want my email is [email protected]

What is a good Christmas list for a 12 year old girl? by Maegan Q: So my parents need me to make a Christmas list fast, and I don't know what to get. I am a 12 year old girl and cheer for my middle school. I like to cheer and I have enough phone cases. I know I want a tote bag and a Professional Camera, and to start cheer tumbling. I like Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Austin Mahone but their concert tickets are to expensive. I like music and to shop i also like the color pink. I don't want to ask for to many expensive things, because i have older sisters. I really like to sing and dance. I just don't know what else to get because my mom told me i need to think of more things. So Please Help ASAP!!

A: -Just dance 4 -earrings - Uggs -Mood jewlery Just some ideas to get you started

can you be scene and listen to justin bieber and disney channel stars? by Elizabeth Hernandez Q: well I'm scene but I have this obsession with justin bieber,one direction,mindless behavior,shane harper,austin mahone,big time rush,victoria justice,selena gomez etc. But my question is can you be scene but not listening to the scene music?

A: Absolutely not... If you listen to Justin Biever you should be taken out back and shot....

I am a pretty good singer and I want to be herd what should I do? by Jess Q: So on for my friends put herself singing to YouTube and she got a lot of good things about it and she is doing more and I know Austin mahone got big from it should I do that? Please help I know it is a silly question!

A: That is the place to be to be heard and also posting vids on facebook. just know youtube is a cruel place. so dont let their negativity get to you.

What are some good websites I can find good .PNG images besides Deviantart? by Kaylyn Q: I am trying to find some Austin Mahone .PNG's but I can't find very many on Deviantart. Please help!

A: Have you tried Photobucket or Tinypic?

How can I properly record song covers? by Johnny Q: When I sing live,I have a good overall voice but when I record it onto Audacity,it tends to sound just terrible! I am using a Blue Yeti microphone and a 4-5 yr old Toshiba Laptop.I have been reading about sound cards and sound interfaces.I am not totally sure what they do but I heard they are supposed to help(explain please :) ) Do you know if singers like Austin Mahone or Jason Chen use sound cards or whatever? PLeeease help! THANKS!

What should I put as my Instagram username? by Nadia Ruiz Q: I want sOmething that has to do with Austin Mahone & please no rude comments!

A: MyMahomie YourMahomie

How to convince my friends I'm not a lair? by Asker Q: Austin Mahone said my name on his Ustream, So i told my friends. They said "Shure he did" "mmhhmm" and " Thats a lie" . I did not lie, and worst of all i don't have any proof. It hurts! I am not friends with them anymore but people are still calling me liar. Please help!

A: My only solution is ask Austin Mahone to say it again or go through your history and maybe find it again? Sorry :(

What is Austin Mahone's official Instagram account? by 💋Sammie💋 Q: Ok, so on instagram Austin Mahone followed me back, but I'm not 100% sure if its really him. What's his official account? Thanks!!


where can i get a cute ipod touch 5th generation case from? by Hannah Q: its for a girl that is 14 years old we have looked everywhere and she also wants to either customize it and put austin mahone on it or just get a cute one any suggestions? we need all the help with this we can get!

Help me think of a creative twitter username? by I love ice cream! Q: I like music. My favorite singer is Cody Simpson so I would like my username to involve him in it. I want a username that will atract followers. I also like Austin Mahone.Best answer gets 10 points!

A: ToiletScrubbingmusiclovingPrincess

How to make my hair not greasy? by Miguel Q: Why does my hair get greasy after a day. My hair gets greasy after a day even if i wait 6 days and wash it. For instance i wake up in the morning and wash my hair and the next morning my hair is greasy and it looks horrible. I tried many shampoos but none seems to work. I dont like waking up every morning to wash my hair. I still remember my hair wouldn't get greasy after 2 days but now it gets greasy after a day. Im a boy and i have long hair like Austin mahone's. Why does my hair get greasy.

What should I send to my favorite singer? by Deena Huda Q: So there's this Singer on YouTube named Austin Mahone and I cant express how much I love and appreciate him. Not just because of his fame and talent but because he proves to his fans that he loves them. He would do anything for them. He came up with getting a p.o box so that fans could send him letters and stuff. I was thinking of sending him some! :D. The only thing is that I don't just want to send him a letter I want to send him a little extra something. I'm not good at drawing and almost all of his fans made him bracelets and stuff. So please, if you have any ideas as to what I should send him please feel free to share it!

A: Send him a stuffed animal. Everyone loves stuffed animals!!!

How to make your parents let you go to a concert alone? by love Q: im 14 and im going with 5other friends.. its an austin mahone concert!

A: Stick magic mushrooms in their food on the night of the concert

What to do about boyfriends bad music taste? by Tiffany Q: So my boyfriend really likes one direction, taylor swift, and Austin mahone, justin biber lil wayne ect. I HATE music like that! I like alternative rock and underground rap. I fell bad because he pretends he likes the music i like but i know he can't stand it. Music is my life and I'm a signed Raper so i don't know what to do. When ever he listens to music i wanna punch him in the face

A: i think you should be called the 'bf' and he should be called the 'gf '

What is Austin Mahones favorite pizza topping? by Alexis Q: What is Austin Mahones favorite pizza topping? Thanks SOO much♥

A: Pepperoni

What are the fans of the band, Thousand Foot Krutch called? by Makayla Q: You know how fans of ICP are called Juggalos and Juggalettes, fans of Justin Bieber are called beliebers, and Austin Mahone fans are called mahomies. SO... I was wondering what TFK's fans were called?

A: Fans of Thousand Foot Krutch are called "fans of Thousand Foot Krutch".

What camera would be best to do covers on youtube? by MattyBRapsCarsonLueders Q: Hey i want to start doing covers of songs on youtube and i just would like to know what sort of camera to use. i have seen all of these other people doing covers on youtube like 'Carson Lueders' and 'Austin Mahone' and they seem to have pretty decent cameras. Can anyone give me any advice on which type of video camera to get for this? Thanks :)

A: Samsung galxy camera !

How to let your mom let you go to a concert at 14? by Maria Q: I want to go to an austin mahone concert .

A: She will let you if you find a 18+ person to go with you. A friend or a cousin maybe.

What are some good upbeat songs to dance to? by Alyssa Q: So I recently moved and I've been making these "music videos" for one of my friends, and I'm looking ofr a song kind of similar to "Say Somethin" by Austin Mahone, like fun, appropriate, upbeat, etc. Help?

How to make money as an indie singer? by Jazlynn Q: How do I make money as an indie artist? Kind of like Austin Mahone and Payton Rae. They make a lot of money it seems. Austin Mahone got a custom red range rover. There is no way Austin could afford that if he wasn't making money. He is signed but not to a major label and he gets to perform at like the best but arena and stuff. How do I book shows like that?

A: Tour, tour and more touring. Before Heart broke it big, one of the Wilson sisters said they had had 1,000 performances a year.

What are the names of the fans of Hollywood Undead? by Sabrina Q: You know how Austin Mahone has his Mahomies and Lady Gaga calls her fans Little Monsters and Justin Bieber calls his fans Beliebers.. What are the names of Hollywood Undead fans?

A: Hollywood Undead fans.

what are some cute ideas for ipod touch 5th generation cases? by Hannah Q: im a 13 year old girl, and i just want to know some cute cases to get. my interest are Austin mahone, 4 wheeling,dance, and i kinda like golfing...if you know of anything or any sites to look at please share with me!

How do you make your voice so clear when singing on youtube? by Grace Q: I want to start making cover videos for youtube but how do you make your voice so clear over the webcam. like "Austin mahone, Megan Nicole, tiffany alvord" and all them

A: It really all depends on what program you use. I know my webcam doesn't have the greatest recording value. If you have a mac computer then I would suggest using a program like GarageBand, but I'm not sure you could transfer that to youtube. You could also download other software to your computer but I'm not a computer guru so I wouldn't have any suggestions on that. Other than that I think professionals use real microphone systems. Fiddle around with it and if you like it, that's all that matters

My friend posted a cover of a song on YouTube and got a copyright strike? by A person Q: Why did my friend get a copyright strike for posting a cover of a song of YouTube? All he did was sing and play guitar to the song. Is there any way to prevent this from happening? Why do people like Austin Mahone or Christina Grimme not have a problem with copyright when they post covers of songs all the time? He really wants to continue posting covers but if he gets one more strike, his account will be removed! Thanks.

A: He got a strike for posting a recording of his performance without first getting a license from the copyright holder of the song itself. In order to post covers legally, he needs to license the music he wants to perform before creating his video. Organizations like the Harry Fox Agency (in the U.S.) sell cover licenses for most artists at reasonable prices (from $15 up, depending on how the cover version will be used). Once your friend has a license for a given song, he can perform his cover, record it, and upload it to YouTube with no problems. Other artists are able to post covers because they obtain licenses first. Or, if they haven't obtained licenses, YouTube and the copyright holders simply haven't caught them yet, but they will. Putting things like "I don't own this song" in the description doesn't work, and just tells the copyright holder that you know you're stealing his work, but you don't care. That's a bit like daring the copyright holder to sue you, and he just might accept the dare.

Why do girls cry when they meet a celebrity? by Larissa Q: My friend started crying because Austin Mahone followed her on twitter.. And a lot of girls cry when they meet, or even go to a One Direction concert. I've met Austin Mahone, and I didn't even come close to what most girls do.. Why do they do that?

A: b*tches be crazy. that's why.

What are some good songs or bands to listen to? by Jenny Q: I'm getting tired of listening to my old songs, so I want some new music to try. I like most types of music... So far, my favorite artists would be 3oh!3, BVB, Taylor Swift, Austin Mahone, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry. That's all I could think of right off my head. Any suggestions?

A: One Republic? Rita Ora? Lloyd? 30 Seconds To Mars? (they are amazing!!!) Kings Of Leon? Rihanna? Leona Lewis? PSY? B.O.B.? Eminem? Bruno Mars?

How can I make a long note to give to someone through the internet? by ilovemiley! Q: Well, I want to make a LONG note to give to Austin Mahone. And maybe he will read it. I can NOT do Twitlonger, OR blogspot, my computer wont let me, and if u are thinking wordle, no, i dont like that. PLEASE give me some answers!:) Thank you, it would mean ALOT<3

A: Type 'em up in the note.... Good luck!

How much would you pay for Austin Mahone's autograph? by Sidney Q: I have a picture of Austin Mahone and it is signed! How much is it worth?

A: I'll give you $30+ bucks for it (free shipping) People on Ebay sell it for $20 P.S. Is the autograph made in sharpie/pen/marker by him or did you get it from a poster at the store for $2.50? I WANT IT <3 [email protected]

How much does austin mahone costs:p? by Ivette Lopez Q: Haaha the question looks kinda rude but i love austin mahone & i would like to bring him to my 15th bday party does anyone know where i can contact him or how much it costs! Please help! Much love :) x

A: I had never heard of him before.Another Justin ? He is only 16 so I cant see he charges much? see he has a web site listed.You may be able to contact him there?

What to wirte on amazon to get Austin Mahone Shoes? by Davy Q: What would I write on amazon to get shoes like Austin Mahone?????Thanks!

A: high tops

I bought tickets to the austin mahone concert in la? by riya Q: I bought tickets to the Austin Mahone concert in la and i don't know if my mom got the meet and greet tickets can someone tell me how i would know.

A: \0/

Who is tae brooks and austin mahone? by BelieverAndDreamer Q: can you please tell that are they discovered, a professional singer or just guys that does youtube covers. oh and who do you think is better. austin mahone or him?

A: theyre both singers on youtube. Tae Brooks is 13 and Austin Mahone is 15. i dont know much about tae brooks cuz i dont really listen to him but ive seen a few of his videos. But I'm subscribed to Austin and i think he's really good. In my opinion, he's one of the best un-signed singers on youtube. CHECK THEM OUT!! Ausin Mahone: http://www.youtube.com/user/AustinMahone Tae Brooks: http://www.youtube.com/user/TaeBrooks

What's the adress that you can send Austin Mahone a fan letter? by Amanda Q: I wanted to send Austin Mahone a fan letter but IDK what the adress is that I should send it to

A: PO Box 592288 San Antonio tx, 78259

What is Austin Mahone's official music / fansite? by Kaitlin Q: I've been looking for Austin Mahone's official music / fansite? He has one, just can't seem to find it!

A: www.stoppostingthesequestionsintheaustintexascategory.com

What should i wear to a meet and greet for Austin Mahone? <3? by _aribeeel Q: My 3rd time typing this question it keeps deleting :c anywaaay i'm going to a Austin Mahone meet and greet next saturday & i'm really excited ^.^ but i have no clue what to wear please help me? by the way i'm a teen c:

A: OMG!!! you are sooo lucky!!!! I would wear one of these dresses. http://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?parentCategoryId=%255BLjava.lang.String%253B%254032413241&catalogId=10201&langId=-1&categoryId=12600&productId=1068378&storeId=10251&topCategoryId=12552&seq=01 http://www.hollisterco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?parentCategoryId=12600&catalogId=10201&langId=-1&categoryId=12600&productId=1099029&storeId=10251&seq=01 http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/women/fair-square-prices/sale/sequins-lace-strapless-dress/prod.jump?ppId=pp5002300844&catId=cat100240012&deptId=dept20000015&dimCombo=null&dimComboVal=null&cmJCP_C=labeled&cmJCP_T=XGN3 I would wear nice flats that re comfortable because you don’t want to fall in front of Austin Mahone!! Something like these: http://www.jcpenney.com/dotcom/k9-by-rocket-dog-mirra-flats/prod.jump?ppId=1b37059&catId=cat100250195&deptId=dept20000015&N=100410036&extDim=true&topDim=Categories&topDimvalue=flats&dimCombo=Categories|&dimComboVal=flats|¤tDim=Categories¤tDimVal=flats http://www.aeropostale.com/product/index.jsp?productId=16235956&cp=3534618.3534619.3534623.3541050.2183138.2164983 For accessories I would wear http://www.claires.com/store/goods/jewelry/cat1260160/pearls-/p33365/pearl-drop-lever-style-earrings/ http://www.claires.com/store/goods/hair/cat1260198/headbands%26nbsp%3b%26amp%3b%26nbsp%3bheadwraps/p57766/floral-fabric-bow-headband/ Hope this helps!! Hope you have the best time ever!!!!!! make sure you get his autograph

Who do you find cuter Niall Horan or Austin mahone? by Rachelle Notellyou Q: For me it Niall I don't find him cute. I don't get why some people find Austin Mahone cute or a good singer.

A: Who even is Austin Maha or whatever his name is? Niall Horan is cuter.

Do you need a PayPal for the One direction and Austin Mahone website? by Jozi Q: I am 16 and i cant have a paypal. I wanted to get a One direction Shirt and a austin mahone shirt . do i need a paypal for thosw websites

A: Sorry I'm afraid you can only purchase online with a paypal account or a credit card ask your parents assuming you haven't tried that and good luck !

Are there any other people on youtube like austin mahone? by Sarah Johnson Q: Looking for 13 or 14 year old guys on youtube that sing and are somewhat like austin mahone. If you don't know who he is look him up on youtube.

A: Here's a couple. Troye Sivan http://www.youtube.com/user/TroyeSivan18 Jordan Jansen http://www.youtube.com/user/jordanjansenmusic Clay(He covers songs and does skits) http://www.youtube.com/user/ClayJoc#p/u/12/u1FDLvEczac Final Moments Band(Sort of begun channel) http://www.youtube.com/user/FinalMomentsMusic

What is Austin Mahone's original Youtube channel? by Paytn Q: I'm assuming it's AustinMahone but maybe not. Oh and if you guys have any Austin Mahone facts I'd love to hear them(: Thanks!(;

A: its AustinMahone and heres the link ----> http://www.youtube.com/user/AustinMahone/videos I can see how it might be confusing, because recently all of his videos were deleted because of copyright of all the songs he was covering. Just a couple days ago though, he resolved it with youtbe, and he put all of them out again :) And Facts? I don't know where to begin <3 His full name is Austin Carter Mahone. Song of Michelle Mahone. Father passed away when he was 16 months old. His mother is Michelle Lee Mahone. he lives in San Antonio Texas. He used to live in La Vernia which is were he met the "crew" Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, Tyler Stanush, and Zach Dorsey.He used to go to there school, till he had to move. Before he did though, he made a channel with Alex, called ShootUsDown. Thats where it all began. Then he moved, and he made his own singing channel. He does Ustreams every friday ant 6 eastern. I had the chance to meet in him in his concert in New York City <3 Also he has two cats names romo and anthony. Also a dog named angel. His favorite color is red, and favorite song is one less lonely girl by justin bieber. He thinks of Justin, as one of his biggest insparations. Also, every wednesday is #NSD (national subway day) and mahomies mad it a tradtition to get subway every wednesday :) He says YEE when he's happy, and prefers girls, with a nice smile, pretty eyes, and a good personalitly. He turned 16 april 4, 2012, and hes getting his braces off this wednesday, April 25. I could keep going on and on. Words cant describe how i feel about him <3 Hes amazing <3 Sorry I wrote a lot lol :)

What should i wear to a Austin Mahone meet and greet? by _aribeeel Q: So i am going to a Austin Mahone meet an greet next saturday & i'm sooo excited ^.^ but i have no idea what to wear. Please help me! & by the way i'm 13 c:

A: Anything that makes you feel good

How old do u have to be to go to a austin mahone concert ? by Megan Q: I am 13 and was wanting to know can i go to a austin mahone concert alone i looked on the website and it didnt say anything so i was wondering if any one knew :)

A: Generally there is no age limit, but truly it all depends on where the concert is.

how much is it for austin mahone to perform at my sweet 16 party? by Sidney Q: i really want austin mahone at my party. this is very special moment in my life and want and amazing singer. i was going to do one direction but they were like 800,000 and i was like i spend my money somewhere else. so i would love it if he can play for a way lower price if not i understand. but if you would like to reccomend more bands that would be awesome i need them in the nashville area.

A: Good luck probaly any popular band singer etc is going to be well over 500,000. Try looking for a lOcal band

When is Austin Mahone getting his braces off in the month of March? by Michaela Daniels Q: hey! i am a HHUUUGGGEE AUSTIN MAHONE fan and i know he is getting his braces off this month, (the month of march) but i dont know which day! if u have any info PPLLLZZZ let me know! thx!

A: How about you mark your calendar to get a life instead

How can I get Austin Mahone to perform for me? by Loosebuggie Q: I'm traveling to USA this December,and I really wanna meet Austin Mahone and get him to perform for me.How can I do so?The fanmail doesn't help much though.

A: He doesn't do concerts, I don't think, unfortunately. Take into mind that most people never meet celebrities, in their entire life. So it would be very hard to meet him.

Why can I order a Austin Mahone shirt from? by sarah Q: I'm getting my friend a Austin Mahone shirt for Christmas and I just can't find where to order a good one from at a decent price. I want it to have a good picture of him on the front, any ideas?

A: Austinmahone.com has his "official" ones but they aren't cheap. If you want one that's low price you can check eBay or hot topic. Good luck! I love him <3

What jacket does austin mahone wear when he looks out the magnifying glass? by djsensations Q: What jacket does Austin mahone wear, when he is looking out the magnifying glass?

A: best "TRAVEL" question so far this month

How do I get tickets to a Austin Mahone concert? by LuhverGurl Q: I need to know where to order Austin Mahone tickets and his performing dates. Like where he's performing and stuff. :)

A: Currently, there isn't any events for Austin Mahone Tickets. You can set an alert by visiting the site http://www.directseats.com/ and search for the event "Austin Mahone". If there is no events scheduled, then put on your email addy and phone number and you'll be notified when events are added. You can also stay updated by subscribing to his updates in Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AustinMahoneOfficial

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