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Auburn football

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KylieBungo @ChelseaJones24 We had our last football game tonight an it just hit me! But at least ill be at Auburn with you next year!! (: miss you!


What games come in the mini season packet for the 2008 Auburn football season? by JT Q: Can't find it anywhere. Not even on the school website.

A: I think all home games except Georgia. They offer a mini-mini season ticket now that excludes Tennessee and Georgia. Home games follow: La. Monroe, Southern Miss, LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas, Tenn- Martin, Georgia. All should be wins... WAR EAGLE!!!

What time will the South Carolina vs Auburn football game on October 1st take place? by Summer Q: The only websites that I could find listing the games and their times didn't have the times posted for any games more than two weeks away, but I was hoping that someone might know. I'm trying to figure out what game will fit best into my schedule, and I have to schedule it in advance.

A: It says, the game is, TBA. Which means, they will decide when they will play the game, at what time. Etc. South Carolina will win, 38-27.

Where can you buy an Auburn football dreadlocks hat online? by EMiLY X-T_C Q: My friend has a fleece hat with orange and blue dreadlocks and an AU logo on it. I've looked all over the internet for one, but can't find one! Help me out!? I can find other hats like them but they're for different teams.

A: Buy a dreads wig like http://www.meijer.com/s/voodoo-dreads-mens-wig/_/R-114423?cmpid=goobase&CAWELAID=355360460 and put any hat you want on it. There are cheaper, shorter dreads. I Googled "dreadlocks wigs for men."

how could I make me a dead Auburn football guy without a mask for Halloween? by KENT Q: Ok. Im gonna dress up as a dead auburn guy for halloween but there is a stupid rule in our school that says you cant wear masks so how can i do it without a mask

A: Put that black stuff under your eyes and smear your hair with fake blood (if you're allowed)

Auburn football: How well will the Tigers do this season after losing so many staters? by BamaAndy Q: Thanks ahead of time for your answers!!!! WIll get back as soon as I can. That was starters not staters.


Who is the Auburn football program seriously looking at for the new Head Coach position? by audacious83 Q: Any serious prospects? I wonder if they will pay a lot of money for a good coach like Alabama did to get the team back on track. Who do you think would be good choices to come and coach?

A: Turner Gill should get interviewed. I know there was a big interest in bringing Mike Leach in, but I'm not sure if that has gone anywhere or not. Petrino has been mentioned, but he'll stay at Arkansas. I'm suprised that there has been more names mentioned for Syrucuse than Auburn. I think Mike Leach will go to Auburn.

How long did the Alabama and Auburn football team stop playing each other and why? by Auburn fan Q: I have tried to look it up with no luck. Ive heard it was 20 years and it was over a food allotment they would not give Auburn.

A: Ha, those Auburn fatties. lol

If you have a 25 dollar ticket to a Auburn Football game will you still be sitting at the bottom or top? by ☮Live.Laugh.Love.Party.☮☮☮ Q: Just wondering, if you bought a 25 dollar ticket to a Auburn College football game would you sit up very high or very low, because I am severely scared of heights,

A: go to the auburn football site they should have a diagram of the seating in the stadium

Is Auburn football the joke of the nation? by Zach Q: I'm a big auburn fan, and i recently arguing with an Alabama. He was talking about how Auburn was just a big joke nation wide. Saying the whole college Football nation sees Auburn as just big joke, and no body respects them, Any ware. I'm just curious how do people all over the country see Auburn?

A: Yeah man, no way Auburn is considered a joke. I am a WSU Alum and although my Alma Mater is a pretty big joke right now, Washington is definitely the punk right now, absolutely not Auburn. Incidentally we played Auburn a few years back, I was lucky enough to make it down there and although my Cougs got beat it was a heck of an experience, very friendly, respectful fans who knew their college ball. Never forget it, easily my favorite SEC team.

Auburn Football!!? by bubleygum Q: My friend is a HUGE fan of Auburn Football and for the holidays i wanted to get her something about Auburn! i just dont know what :/ It has to be between $10-20 though. I would also like to know like the quotes auburn fans say, the fight song, anything. It would help a lot! Thank you so much!!

A: Get her a shirt that says thank you Tubby for helping us get rid of Shula ROLL TIDE!

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