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Atomic clock

Atomic Clock Sync 3.0
By Mike Williams | 08 December 11 Atomic Clock Sync 3.0 is a simple, small, portable tool which allows you to customise how often your PC updates its internal clock by referring to a more accurate online time server. Why does this matter? ...

San Pablo City supports DOST's 'Pinoy time is on time' project
13 (PIA) -- The city government formally unveiled recently the atomic clock that displays the Philippine Standard Time (PST) installed at the atrium of the one-stop-processing center of the city government. The clock mounted by the Science and ...

Iran Doomsday Clock: Four Minutes To Midnight – OpEd
You remember the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Doomsday Clock which graced its monthly cover in the 1950s? Periodically, the organization would announce how close we were to Nuclear Midnight depending on how grave relations were between the two major ...

Iran Clocks Ticking
No one knows for certain how much time is on this clock​—​it's difficult to get good intelligence about a program the Iranians are doing all they can to protect​—​but if the November report by the International Atomic Energy Agency is to be believed, ...

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jdavidbakr I think they must have had some new guy at the atomic clock tower try to set the clock back last night, which of course you just don't do.

mimetska @SecretNakedHobo no, but the atomic clock in Ft Collins did so I'm in like Flynn.

sytopathic #daylightsavingstime What would I do without my atomic clock? Or my iPhone.

WheelerWendy NASA To Test New Atomic Clock

Bridgetteky74 Atomic Clock - http://t.co/dJO72OUa

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rosalynhooghkir Arsenali nucleari. A sei minuti dallapocalisse http://t.co/hyC5bf2n ;O atomic clock

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leoniakynerLSOQ Arsenali nucleari. A sei minuti dallapocalisse http://t.co/WkDNHLPY :O atomic clock

smelltheroses20 @rsa5805 that is interesting...my cell didnt change says its 645 runs on the atomic clock...is it tonight maybe?

Tammerazyohf RT @helenatolleDZKE: defenceprofessionals atomic clock http:tcoxKxroIoh


How can I test an atomic clock? by Philosopher Q: Ok I have never done this. They say atomic clocks reset by it self. So my question is how can i test an atomic clock?

A: The atomic clocks that you can purchase are sent a signal via satellite from the real atomic clocks which are cesium oscillators (they keep time by measuring the rate of decay of cesium atoms which is the metric standard for 1 second.) Your atomic clock is just a receiver. It you want to check yours for accuracy just look up an atomic clock server on the web.

how are clocks of gps receiver are synchronized with the precise atomic clock of the GPS? by Sandeep Q: bcoz without it the gps receiver can never get the accurate travel time of the signal from the gps. since the transmitted signal contain the transmitted time. So on receiving the signal at a particular time, it compute the travel time, hence the distance. But for this to happen the receiver clock has to be synchronized with the atomic clock of the GPS. How this is done is unclear to me.

A: The short answer is you don't need to synchronise the clock on the GPS receiver with the clocks on the satellites. For example: It is exactly 12 midday. You look at the signals from two satellites. Satellite 1's signal says 'I'm located at this position in my orbit and the time is 12.00.00' Satellite 2's signal says 'I'm at this position and the time is 11.59.59' The atomic clocks in the satellites are synchronised (at least in the sense that they are extremely accurate). But the times read by the reciever will not be the same because of the slight delay in that signal arriving. In the above case, Satellite 2 is further way so the signal you recieve is offset from that of Satellite 1. You're getting, if you like, the last tick of the clock on Satellite 2 because the current 12.00.00 tick signal is still in transit to you. The GPS signal contains information about where the satellites are. What the receiver does is take the known position of satellite 1 and the known position of satellite 2, and then work out where on the earth's surface it would have to be to get a 1 second delay (for the purposes of the example) in the signal. That only gives you one position, so you need at least another satellite to pinpoint your location. And of course the delays are extremely small.

How do I get my computer to synch up with my atomic clock? by fortdj33 Q: I have a radio controlled atomic clock, which is supposed to be as accurate as you can get, when it comes to time. I have two computers, and one of them is the same time as the clock, but the other one is always 2 minutes & 25 seconds off! This wouldn't be a big deal, but I work at a job where things have to happen every hour on the hour, and I'm constantly having to reset the clock on the computer, to match the atomic clock, so that the computer will start on time automatically. Any suggestions?

A: windows 2000/XP has the option to sync your time to an internet server but i don't think that will work so well, maybe if your computers are part of a domain controller then they're time will always be exactly the same. to enable internet time double click on the time in of the startmenu task bar. click the tab INTERNET TIME and check the box AUTOMATICALLY SYNCRONIZ WITH AN INTERNETTIME SERVER. see if that works otherwise try nettime although it is outdated. http://nettime.sourceforge.net/

How do you set the Discovery Channel atomic clock? by Alice Q: I have the blue Discovery Channel projection/atomic clock, and I've lost the book, and my mother took the batteries out. Can anyone tell me how to get it hooked back up to the satellite so I don't have to guess what time it is?

A: Hi, you put the batteries back in and in a few hours it will set the time correctly. It doesn't use a satellite--just a local radio station, but it can take several hours to actually work. If the unit doesn't reset its time within one day put it next to a window and it should reset itself properly. Putting it next to a window allows the unit to receive the radio signal a lot better.

How can I get my atomic clock to work? by Joshua W Q: I bought an atomic clock last week and It still doesn' show the accurate time. What should I do?

A: Atomic clocks actually work by synching with a radio signal that is broadcasted from the atomic clock somewhere in the U.S. Perhaps you are not receiving a strong enough signal?

What time does an Atomic Clock reset itself for Daylights Savings? by hdawg2006 Q: I am curious of what time an atomic clock will reset itself for Daylight Savings. This is from last April, 2008. I was under the belief it was predetermined at 3:00a.m. This is in the state of Kansas, and on the CST (-6) time zone. Sources to reputable sites are best.

A: They don't. UTC (coordinated universal time) just advances forward at one second per second. It never jumps forward or back an hour. The time zones themselves change their offset from UTC, so CST is -5, while CDT is -6. The official clocks do occasionally add leap seconds at the end of a day (23:59:60) to account for the gradual slowing of the rotation of the earth.

How much time will an astronaut's atomic clock have lost during a total trip that takes 10 days? by smcnasty22 Q: The Space Shuttle orbits Earth at 16,300 mi/h in 111 min. How much time will an astronaut's atomic clock have lost during a total trip that takes 10 days?

A: This problem requires general relativity. A moving clock runs slow, but a clock higher up in a gravitational field will run faster, which cancels it out somewhat. If a clock in orbit ticks off a proper time t0, the time ticked off by a distant observer is: tf = t0 / sqrt (1 - 3GM / rc^2) The time ticked off on earth (not orbiting, and close enough to stationary) is: tearth = tf * sqrt (1 - 2GM/Rc^2) = t0 * sqrt ( (1 - 2GM/Rc^2) / (1 - 3GM/rc^2) ) So you can look up Newton's big G, the mass of the earth(M), its radius(R), and the speed of light (c). They don't give you the orbital radius(r), but do give you the speed(v) and period(T): v = 2 pi r / T So the radius is: r = vT / 2pi So your answer is: time lost = t0 (1 - sqrt ( (1 - 2GM/Rc^2) / (1 - 6 pi GM/vTc^2) ) ) Compare that to what you get for simple time dilation of a clock moving in a straight line away from gravity: time lost = t0 (gamma - 1) = t0 ( sqrt (1 / (1 - (v/c)^2) ) - 1) Note that if this is homework from an undergrad sophomore- or junior-year modern physics class, your prof probably expects the answer down below, since you haven't learned anything about general relativity.

How do I know if my Atomic clock receives data from Colorado? by d_kovachev Q: My atomic clock never updated to the DST! I am not even sure if there is a connection to the atomic weather station in Colorado.

A: Program in an incorrect time and see if gets reset!

What is the accuracy of the atomic clock? by Gabby. <3 Q: Please help me with my homework problem for chemistry! Many people have in their homes an "atomic clock" which never needs to be set because it automatically corrects itself. It is not actually atomic but communicates with an atomic clock in another location. Explain how this home clock can always be accurate. Be sure to include a brief (2 or 3 sentences!!) explanation of how the actual atomic clock works and how the home clocks communicate with the actual atomic clock. What is the accuracy of the atomic clock?

A: It is accurate to the nano-quark.

Atomic Clock? by larae718 Q: I just bought an atomic cube clock from Brookstone three days ago. I FINALLY learned how to set the alarm, but I don't know how to turn it off. Please help. I DIDN'T COME WITH DIRECTIONS!

A: read the instructions my friend or remove the batteries.

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