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Does anyone has faith in what Associated Press reports as news? by pechkin Q: I have noticed that many news reports from Associated Press reporters are either complete lies or half truths twisted in the appropriate direction. Is someone can collaborate, why many news networks take these reported news of the Associated Press correspondents for granted and present them as true facts? Maybe name "associated" entails some obligations to the associated?

A: Perhaps we should have more faith in the National Inquirer? The ones who broke the John Edwards scandal?

Do you think there's an irresponsible sense of haste by the Associated Press to declare Obama victory early? by Questions U R Afraid 2 Ask Q: I mean they reported that Hillary will concede and then Hillary's campaign refutes that immediately. They annouce that Obama has clinched the nomination without letting the entire day play out. Do any of you feel that something is not right? That the media is trying to push an agenda dishonestly in hopes that it would effect delegates and voters decision prematurely? Has the Associated Press become another arm of dishonest jounalism?

A: I think that has been a huge issue all along.

When will the Associated Press awards be announced? by Ryan S Q: I would like to know when the Associated Press awards will be announced for the 2010 season. In years passed they had been announced by this time, however this year it seems like no word has cme on any of them.

A: I have no idea either because they usually announce them before the playoffs start but it is almost time to play the conference finals and no sign of awards coming up

Does your local paper rely too much on the Associated Press? by snake_plissken8 Q: Too many newspapers rely on the Associated Press for their reporting. The Dow drop 733 points but the papers get make their local business write write the piece instead of Associated Press. If I ran a paper, I will not use the AP piece because I want to local feel to the Wall St. Meltdown. I use the wire as a source but due some local reporting on how the meltdown affected those in communities. What are feelings on this issue?

A: Unfortnately a lot of papers have turned to the AP for cost issues....it's cheaper to put AP articles in their paper rather than pay someone $10-$20 an hour to write for them. I know a larger paper in our area has made some HUGE cutbacks in their spending and that included letting go five reporters...they now have so many AP articles in their paper it's not even funny. However, I worked for a small town newspaper for 4 years and we absolutely did not have AP articles. We had to write EVERYTHING that went in the paper. And as far as national issues...we had to localize them by talking with area residents, businesses, etc.

How do I say DJ with Associated Press style? by Katharine M. Williams Q: I am writing for a journalism class that uses associated press style. Do I use Dj, DJ, deejay, what?

A: Do you have an AP Stylebook? That'd help. :-) It's "disc jockey" on first reference, and "DJ" is acceptable on second reference.

How much money does the Associated Press get paid a year? by Chris Z Q: i'm doing a school project and i cant find out how much the Associated Press gets paid a year. Have any idea?

A: Here is teh latest financial statement from the AP: http://www.ap.org/annual09/media/APFinancials08.pdf Everything you need to know about revenues, earnings, costs, etc. is in there.

The Associated Press reported that in a survey of 4722 American youngsters aged 6 to 19, 15% were seriously ov? by J B Q: The Associated Press reported that in a survey of 4722 American youngsters aged 6 to 19, 15% were seriously overweight (a body mass index of at least 30; this index is a measure of weight relative to height). Calculate and interpret a confidence interval using a 99% confidence level for the proportion of all American youngsters who are seriously overweight.

A: ANSWER: 99% Resulting Confidence Interval for 'true mean'= [0.14, 0.16] Why??? POPULATION PROPORTION, CONFIDENCE INTERVAL, NORMAL DISTRIBUTION n: Number of samples = 4722 k: Number of Successes = 708 p: Sample Proportion [708/4722] = 0.15 significant digits: 2 Confidence Level = 99 "Look-up" Table 'z-critical value' = 2.580 This 'z-critical value' is a Look-up from the Table of Standard Normal Distribution. The Table is organized as a cummulative 'area' from the LEFT corresponding to the STANDARDIZED VARIABLE z. The Standard Normal Distribution is symmetric (called a 'Bell Curve') which means its an interpretive procedure to Look-Up the 'area' from the Table. For the Confidence Level (or Level of Confidence) = 99%, there is a LEFT 'area' OUTSIDE. And due to symmetry there is a RIGHT 'area' OUTSIDE. Using a Look-up from the Table involves adding and subtracting an 'area' which is equal to the Confidence Level. For STANDARDIZED VARIABLE z = 2.58, this corresponds to the LEFT 'area' half of the Confidence Level area = 0.5 * (1 - 99/100) = 0.01 by a Look-up in the Table for Standard Normal Distribution. Or alternatively; use Excel function: NORMSINV(probability) Returns the inverse of the standard normal cumulative distribution. The distribution has a mean of zero, a standard deviation of one and is symmetrical. 99% Resulting Confidence Interval for 'true mean': p ± ('z critical value') * SQRT[p * (1 - p)/n] = 0.15 ± 2.58 * SQRT[0.15 * (1 - 0.15)/4722] = [0.14, 0.16]

How do I locate a recent article by the associated press? by Accisej55 Q: I was interviewed the other day by someone who works for the associated press and I was told the article would be released on Thursday. I don't know how to find the article, though! I keep typing keywords in online but nothing comes up. Is there a place I can see all of the recent articles from the associated press?

A: There's a number of ways: 1) Do you know where the reporter was located -- i.e., what bureau in which he was located? You could call that office and talk to him directly or the editor on duty; 2) There is a website in which AP takes questions from the public. You could use that: http://www.ap.org/pages/contact/contact.html 3) That website also lists a telephone number that you can call. 4) Are you sure your local newspaper didn't use the story?

How do I get associated press onto my website? by OlympusHAXXX Q: I want to put news feeds onto my website and the associated press seems like a good option. Are there any other good news sources?

A: Set up an RSS feed for associated press: http://jade.mcli.dist.maricopa.edu/feed/index.php?s=build http://www.feedburner.com/fb/a/home http://www.rssfeedsgenerator.com/ http://www.site-reference.com/rss-parser.php http://www.make-rss-feeds.com/rss-tags.htm http://www.site-reference.com/syndicate.php http://www.wotzwot.com/rssxl.php Ron

What exactly is the Associated Press and how does it work? by musicrazy Q: Is it a universal bank of knowledge? But if all newspapers and media get their news from the Associated Press, then there's only one view on the news. Many newspapers cite the Associated Press as the writer.

A: I work for a news station and yes we do get some of our news from the AP but if you watch just the other three stations in my market, we sometimes all put a different spin on a story. The AP gives facts and quotes and it is up to the next person to do what they will with the info. The AP has offices all over the country, and basically it works just like a news station. There are reporters and they go cover news. They write their story and send it out to all media.

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