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Aron ralston

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vieaviramdhini_ RT @_DLF_: Aron Ralston :')

_DLF_ Aron Ralston :')

MarisRozon12151 http://t.co/NN92fzKu Mathematician Credit Truck Gynaecology

juliefsantos chego ficar arrepiada só de lembrar que que esse Aron Ralston realmente passou, o filme não deve nem chegar aos pés...

thelipmangroup Aron Ralston – speaker at the Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event 2011 http://t.co/pKdtZoxc

GringaSil RT @sil_lujan: #140onVideo El film está basado en la historia real de Aron Ralston,salvo alguna modificacion la historia es tal cual sucedio

celopez01 RT @sil_lujan: #140onVideo El film está basado en la historia real de Aron Ralston,salvo alguna modificacion la historia es tal cual sucedio

sil_lujan #140onVideo El film está basado en la historia real de Aron Ralston,salvo alguna modificacion la historia es tal cual sucedio

BeckySparkz RT @thewetnoodle: I completely understand what Aron Ralston from #127hours went through; I popped an annoying pimple on the edge of my lip the other day.

VMktgStudio Aron Ralston – speaker at the Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event 2011 http://t.co/3az5FGiI

BeckySparkz "Guaranteed best time you can have with your clothes on. Although It's better with your clothes off" - James Franco (Aron Ralston) #127Hours

GoseAPE3 1st: Darian/James Aron Ralston compared to McCandless

LexG_III I can't stand THE REAL anybody. The real Aron Ralston. Like, where's James Franco and who's THIS uncinematic douche?

Lindsyqnj NBC News Presents: Survivor - The Aron Ralston Story: From Tom Brokaw and NBC News comes one of the most amazing... http://t.co/XcyRtJYs


Where can I find the Dateline NBC episode on Aron Ralston online? by Country Girl Q: I can't seem to find it anywhere! I believe it aired in 2004 and it is called "Escape from Blue John Canyon." I just read his book and I never did see the episode. Thanks so much for any help!

A: ovguide.com

Did you feel Bad for Aron Ralston in the movie 127 hours and in real life? by i like flamingos. Q: i felt really bad for aron, and james acted so well. what did you think?

A: Yeah. I felt bad for both of them. I mean, i know i couldn't go through that and survive. I especially would not be able to cut my arm off. I must say though that i had never even heard of Aron Ralston before the movie came out. I mean i heard snipets when i was younger, but i never really knew what people were talking about or understood it.

Can Aron Ralston be considered a spiritual figure? by James Y Q: If you don't know who he is the movie 127 Hours is based on his famous incident.

What are 3 similarities and 3 differences between Chris McCandless, Timothy Treadwell, and Aron Ralston? by Verossica Q: If you don't know Aron Ralston is the guy from the biographical adventure film "127 Hours"

A: i only know who chris mccandless is, he's was an amazing, intelligent and fearless man.. so i'm guessing the others must have qualities similar. sorry i couldn't answer the question entirely.

Where can I watch Aron Ralston's interview on the ellen degeneres show online free without making an account ? by J.J_4352 Q: I have looked everywhere and all of the links are either broken or you need to make an account. (btw I don't need one with the full episode, I just want to see his part) Thanks in advance.

A: watch from her website...

How did Aron Ralston escape the crack in the earth with only one arm? by Connor Horner Q: I've never watched the movie but I saw a clip on youtube, and he describes how he amputated his arm. I'm just curious on how he escaped the crack

A: He was able to escape by amputating his own arm with a dull knife. Those knives are very dull and have no tipped or sharp edges. Yes, it may seem unbelievable, but he was able to do it. He walked 8 miles back to his families and friends, with blood all over his body. Since his arm circulation was probably cut off during the five days, that probably could've been the main reason why Ralston survived, and was able to escape the crack. Ralston cremated his arm after the park authorities received it from the area. It's just an amazing story. Unbelievable what these kind of people can do, don't you think?

How did aron ralston have the will to live? by Q: im writing a report for school on how aron ralston from the book 127 hours had the will to live. I need three reasons

A: Aron Ralston had the will to live because: 1. He was compelled to see his loved ones again. 2. He had a passion for mountain climbing and wanted the opportunity to do what he loved. 3. He valued his life at such a cost that losing an arm was nothing if it meant escaping death. 4. He was a survivalist and knew that his passion for hiking also had a price. 5. He believed in a better tomorrow, being a natural optimist. 6. He had survived five days of torture, and could narrowly escape death if he chose to. 7. The pain his family would feel in losing him would be more painful than him losing a limb.

What is Aron Ralston's philosophy in, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" and how does it change at the end? by slim Q: How would you describe Aron Ralston's Philosophy, in "between a rock and a hard place". What is his outlook on life? What is his personal philosophy? Does his philosophy change at the end of the book? How does his philosophy affect you? and do you agree with his philosophy?

A: He realized that even an unpleasant choice can be euphoric if the stakes are high enough.

What song is playing when Aron Ralston gets rescued in 127 Hours? by John Q: Does anybody know what song is playing when the helicopter comes and rescues Aron Ralston in the movie "127 Hours." It's really a fantastic movie, and that song that plays at the end is pretty powerful, too. It's not Heart and Soul...that's a piano song. The one his little sister plays when he has that mirage. Nevermind, I found it. It's called "Festival" but the actual powerful part is like 5 minutes in.

A: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1542344/soundtrack I would guess it's Heart and Soul, the last billed.

Where can I find the Real Footage of the Aron Ralston incident? by DTP247 Q: Where can I find the Real Footage of the Aron Ralston incident? It's very fasinating.

A: There is in fact "real footage" or Aron Ralson's incident. He had the small video camera with him when he fell. He is not releasing the footage to the public. Only close family and friends have been allowed to see it, as well as James Franco and the director of 127 Hours. He says it is to personal and extremely difficult to view. He watched it with his parents some time later, and after his mother saw what had happened to him in such a short time, he promised her he wouldn't show it to anybody else, especially the public. It is currently kept in a bank vault for security. The the small video camera used in the movie 127 Hours, is actually the real one used by Aron when he fell. Hope this could help.

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