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Aroldis chapman

Aroldis Chapman arrested after police clock him going 93 mph (in his car) on ...
By David Brown By David Brown | Big League Stew – 4 minutes 5 seconds ago (Grove City, Ohio Police)As his lawyers no doubt will argue at trial next month, the speed at which police clocked Aroldis Chapman traveling in his Mercedes early Monday is not ...

Cincinnati Reds Role Reversals: Mike Leake Gets a Win, Aroldis Chapman Arrested
Not the new closer Aroldis Chapman or the old closer, Sean Marshall, but Arredondo, who picked up his first career save on Saturday when Marshall couldn't shut the door. After recording the first two outs of the inning rather easily, ...

Reds' Chapman arrested for speeding on I-71 near Grove City
Closer Aroldis Chapman was arrested for speeding and driving with a suspended license early yesterday morning near Grove City. Grove City police said Chapman, 24, was pulled over after he was clocked at 93 mph in a black Mercedes sedan on I-71 north ...

Cincinnati Reds - TeamReport
Left-hander Aroldis Chapman earned his first save of the year -- a couple hours after Reds manager Dusty Baker said he wasn't sure if Chapman was available. Then he talked to Chapman. "He said he was fine," Baker said. "My inclination was not use him ...

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jhb893STL RT @GusRamsey: Aroldis Chapman arrested for speeding, doing 93 mph. He must've been driving his slider.

BrianHofmann Cincinnati Reds' Aroldis Chapman arrested for driving 93 mph outside Columbus http://t.co/QtT3xzFL #reds #fastball

sugakane53 RT @sportingnews: Cincinnati Reds reliever Aroldis Chapman arrested for speeding after being clocked at 93 MPH. (His car, not his arm) - http://t.co/SFwruL6p

CincyFHQ #Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman arrested after traffic stop http://t.co/R9Wn9RjA

neonduke RT @Jim_Duquette: Which is faster at 93 mph ? Aroldis Chapman's Changeup, his cutter, or speed of his car when he was pulled over at 1 am ?

Zac_Attack_zNz Sorry @qrizvi11. RT: @whiotv: Cincinnati Reds pitcher Aroldis Chapman arrested for speeding, suspended license: http://t.co/og8SiwfC

NikeProWombat Aroldis Chapman was arrested for driving more slowly than he throws

pmaff @JDabbs86 last night Aroldis Chapman was ticketed for driving 93 mph. The officer asked him what he was thinking. His reply, "Change-up."

JGLUCK777 RT @Jim_Duquette: Which is faster at 93 mph ? Aroldis Chapman's Changeup, his cutter, or speed of his car when he was pulled over at 1 am ?

honolulu_sports Reds' Chapman arrested in traffic stop: Cincinnati Reds relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman was arrested after he was... http://t.co/EEEd8SMs

Sports_Xpress The only speed Aroldis Chapman seems to have is fast, after the Cincinnati Reds star was arrested for driving 93... http://t.co/j1J4OpgY

grogg RT @DanielRathman: Can we stop with the Aroldis Chapman 93-mph jokes? It was funny the first four times, but there should be a statue of limitations. #Seinfeld

leonardopetit Aroldis Chapman Respuesta clara para cerrar el noveno de cincinatti: http://t.co/IAzhxhtK vía @lasmayores

Bobby_Brown71 Aroldis chapman arrested in GC #hometown #reds #pitcher http://t.co/Ax5QPSJf

Sports_Xpress The only speed Aroldis Chapman seems to have is fast, after the Cincinnati Reds star was arrested for driving 93... http://t.co/xTXD0FCV


What do you think of Aroldis Chapman? by Rave Nation (EEP / FOH / IvyEnvy / GOMM) Q:

A: He's an absolute stud with an impossibly filthy slider. The only thing that I worry about with him is that now a days hard throwing pitchers like him seem to be hand in hand with tommy john elbow surgery at some point in their career (stephen strasburg for example). I just really hope he can stay healthy.

Who Will Sign Aroldis Chapman ? by Q: According to major league scouts[1], Chapman's fastball has been clocked as high as 102 MPH. The Yankees, Angels, Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, Cardinals, Mets, and several other teams are interested in him. MLB sources say he could sign with a team as early as next week. Chapman said he is "80 percent ready for MLB right now".

A: The Mets are out of the running. Probably the Yankees because they have all that money.

Sooooo, My Reds signed Aroldis Chapman, BQ inside? by VOTTO!!! (Back-up) Q: I saw this happening earlier in the day when they said it was a NL team. And they pulled it off. Look at their 2011 Rotation: Chapman, Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Leake. Thats domination. BQ: How is your favorite team doing this offseason? Have they signed anyone big?

A: First off, Nomo threw 2 no-hitters, and recorded almost 2,000 strikeouts in a 10 year career. Not hall of fame credentials, true... but he's no Hideki Irabu. Daisuke has also found a fair amount of success, even if he is not exactly C.C. Sabathia. That being said, the Reds have one of the more promising looking young rotations out there. We'll have to see how Volquez recovers from his injury woes in 2010. It's not exactly time to think NL Central champions. That being said, I'm not disappointed that he did not sign with Florida. As it is, we've got 6 awesome looking young starters for a 5-man rotation... and we're not exactly known from dropping 13 million for much of anything, much less a single prospect. Speaking of which, I would have hoped we would have gotten something for Dan Uggla by now. It's not that I'd want to see 30 HRs and 90 RBIs leave Miami, it's just that I know it's GOING to happen, and I'd rather we get something for it rather than just waving goodbye.

Who do you think will have a better career? Stephen Strasburg or Aroldis Chapman? by Dan - Let's go Bucs! Q:

A: I think Aroldis Chapman will have a better career. First of all, I think Chapman is a little bit more of an unknown so we can assume that under some good coaching, we will see some signficant improvement. Both players have some real issues (as in problems) with there delivery. I saw some highlights of Strasburg pitching today and I did not like what I saw. I think we may see him having some serious arm injuries in a few years. Does Strasburg have talent, yes of course he does - he can throw 100mph and that's something that your born with (you can't teach a player to throw 100 mph). Chapman's mechanics have more to do with his release point and his timing of his right foot hitting the ground and releasing the ball. There is some real tweaking that needs to be done but the good news is that it's "tweaking to get the ball over the plate" vs changing the mechanic to reduce to strain on the arm which can cause injury. Strasburg doesn't throw with his body, he's all arm. You can really see it when the throws from the stretch. That leaves me to have some real concern about his career. If Strasburg remains a starter, I am convinced he is going to have arm injuries - specifically his shoulder and rotator cuff - he might as well have Dr. Andews on speed dial. Lastly, I am not a big fan of pitchers coming out of college. They are tend to have the same look about them, and Strasburg is not different. They all throw relatively hard, have had success in college then come to the professional ranks then get hurt. I don't know if it's the coaching in college that leads to these injuries or the fact that many college coaches ignore pitch counts. Chapman has four things going for him which are exciting. 1) He can throw 100mph 2) He's a Lefthanded Pitcher who can throw 100mph, which is very exciting - there aren't that many of them around 3) as I mentioned before he will have exposure to some of the best pitching coaches on the planet now, that's not a "knock" on the Cuban pitching coaches, in fact pitching is the one area in which Cuban players have made the adjustment incredibly well. Also historically throughout the history of the major leagues, Cubans have been successful pitchers - El Duque, Livan Hernandez, Danys Baez, Luis Tiant and José Contreras. 4) Chapman is a lefthanded pitcher who throws hard but has suspect control. If you look at every really successful hard throwing left handed pitcher from Sandy Koufax (who was said to reach the high 90's) to Randy Johnson has had control issues early on. I can remember watching Randy Johnson as a kid pitching for the Montreal Expos and he could throw 100mph but was scary wild. If Chapman follows that course, I suspect he will have great success in his 30's - as a matter of fact, I will guess that is he wins 200 games (that's a lot of game and is clearly an optimistic number) - 120 of those wins will come after the age of 30. Injuries will be the key to both of these players success and failures. If I had to choose between a 100mph right hander or 100mph left hander - I would take the 100 left hander every time. Finding a left handed pitcher who can throw that fast is very difficult to and if you do find it - you keep them (and you must have patience because the payoff may not come until down the road). So there you are - Chapman is my guess and I have given my reasons but it's a crapshoot.

HOW DOES AROLDIS CHAPMAN THROW SO HARD? by Q: Seriously, how does he do it?

A: alright various reasons. 1. is sdride is 120% of a 6'4 height. thwe average is 80%. lincecum is 129% though 2. his release point is farther. he releases the ball after it passes his foot. most do it a little before it passes the foot. according to tom house he says that 1 foot farther makes it seem 3 mph faster. making that 105mph ball like 108mph fastball 3. his hip and shoulder seperation his about 65%. randy johnsons wa 60% average is about 40-60. 4. he has great mechanics. 5. his upper body is like sabathia 6. his lower body is like randy johnson 7. he was born with god given talent. that is how he throws so damn fast. EDIT: 2. actually doesnt have to do with speed. but it makes the batter have less time to react. and adds an imaginary 3mph to his pitch

Aroldis Chapman: Is it real or steroids? by Unknown One Q: 22 yr old left hand, Cuban defect, Aroldis Chapman threw the fastest pitch ever thrown (105 mph) in MLB the other day. In an era where steroids have proven to be the source of too many super human-like accomplishments, should we suspect something is wrong with this picture or just give this young man his due? During the interview after the feat he was heavily iced and he said his arm was still sore, which indicates that his arm is taking a beating and its life may not be but a few years. Hopefully with training he will develop more of an arsenal so he can spare the arm by not throwing so much heat..all of the time.

A: Guilty until proven innocent

Were you amazed at Aroldis Chapman's throwing 100 mph? by Sharon S Q: He struck out 3 Royals and went 2 scoreless innings yesterday. Don't you think he has been the most surprising deal in baseball this season?

A: I wasn't amazed at the him throwing at that speed because I knew he could. However, what this does is reassure that the he was a great pick up and he will be a valuable asset.

Why won't the Reds make Aroldis Chapman closer? by Q: COCOS BEEN SUCKIN IT'S TIME FOR A NEW CLOSER FOR THE CENTRAL CHAMPS.

A: Chapman has no experience in the post season and he is not lights out. the astros scored 2 runs to win the game before an out was made. if the astros beat him he is not ready to close games

REDS PITCHER "AROLDIS CHAPMAN" Do you believe "AROLDIS CHAPMAN" is really THE AGE his BIRTH CERTIFICATE CLAMS? by SECRET DESTROYER Q: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aroldis_Chapman I ask this because it is not completely unheard of forging birth certificates and claiming the ball player is of a different age then his real age. "AROLDIS CHAPMAN" birth certificate claims he was born on 02.28.1988 making him 22 years olds. Do you believe he is truly 22 years of age? I know his age really does not matter but makes for good conversation.

A: Look they always fuck up cuban birth certificates. But this one is probably right.

Yu Darvish, Aroldis Chapman, or Stephen Strasburg: which big-time pitching prospect would you most want? by locloc08 Q: I'd go with Darvish. He's got an arsenal, whereas Chapman seems like he just has that fastball... Strasburg is well, a highly tauted pitching prospect taken first in the draft... and those never seem to pan out... Also, Darvish has already proved promising against big league hitting. He pitched against the Cubs in that exhibition before the WBC and he impressed them.

A: Only one of these will ever be a successful big league pitcher, I like your choice best as he seems to know already how to pitch and has a really good fast ball. (It moves) plus a decent curve. If he can come up with either a good change or splitter, he will be devastating.

Is Aroldis Chapman going to be the Reds' closer? by Q: Is he going to be the Reds' closer this year instead of Madison?

A: He could be sean marshall is the favorite but if im the reds i put him as the closer the guy can throw 105 mph of heat.

what car does major league pitcher aroldis chapman drive? by jtbruns Q:

A: I dunno, maybe a red barracuba. http://moparmuscle.automotive.com/64218/mopp-0711-1969-plymouth-barracuda-convertible/index.html

Aroldis Chapman, a bust or a bargain? by eeeeeee Q: I think he's a bust. First of all how do we know this guy is 21 and second he does have a 100 mph fastball but has no secondary stuff. He wants a lot of money and he's at most a AAA pitcher that need's work on his secondary pitches. He's got potential but he's a troublemaker.

A: I dont think you could attach the word bargain to him in any way, but anyone who throws 100mph can be a dominate guy, unless your name is Kyle Farnsworth. Just about any team will take a chance on a guy who can hit tripple didits. The question is how much money is it going to cost a team to take that chance.

Comparing Aroldis Chapman, Stephen Strasburg, and Tim Lincecum? by Giants>All Q: Both Chapman and Strasburg are obviously taller and have more velocity than lincecum, but will they be more successful than lincecum?

A: I don't really think so. Look at Lincecum he's a shorty in the Majors and yet his Velocity is 97 miles an hour and he's young. This means he really got something. He is young and maybe he'll improve more in a couple of years so I don't really think these 2 has a shot at him.

Will Aroldis Chapman become a starting pitcher for the red ? by Q: He broke the world record for the worlds fastest pitch 116mph

A: He broke the world record for fastest pitch at 105 not 116 mph. And yes, I think he will eventually make his way to the rotation. He is just dominating the bullpen right now. Maybe not this year, but I think he should be in the rotation next year. If he continues to be this dominant, The Reds will eventually move him into the rotation.

Cuban Pitcher Aroldis Chapman signs with Reds. Your thoughts on this? by Scooter_The_Squirrel_Agent Q: I'm surprised as i heard the Red Sox & Blue Jays where the main contenders for him. -> Cuban left-handed pitcher Aroldis Chapman, whose defection sparked a bidding war among major league teams that coveted his 100-mph fastball, agreed Sunday morning to sign for $30 million with the Cincinnati Reds, sources close the negotiations told Yahoo! Sports.

A: Didn't expect the Reds of all teams to get him. Personally, I don't think he's worth the money. He has never thrown a pitch in the major leagues and is already making $6 million a year. As a Yankees fan, you remember Jose Contreras and how hyped he was. He didn't turn out bad or anything but was not worth the money. I see the same with Chapman.

Will Aroldis Chapman get the fifth spot in Cincinnati's rotation? by Evil Monkey Q: right now the first 4 are set, Aaron Harang, Johnny Cueto, Bronson Arroyo, and Homer Bailey will get the first 4 spots and Micah Owings was the fifth guy last year and worked out pretty well. He, Justin Lehr and Kip Wells are also candidates with Edison Volquez still out with Tommy John surgery. i cant see the reds not bringing chapman up at some point after giving him a 30 million dollar contract

A: No, he won't be getting the 5th spot in the rotation coming out of Spring Training. Chapman needs some time in the minor leagues. He has some mechanical issues that need to be addressed - specifically the release of the ball and angle of his arm when his right foot hits the ground. The ball tends to sail on him. I think he may have a good chance to come up in August/September and get a look at from Reds management. For that kind of money, he's definitely going to be part of the future. However right now, he needs work - and the type of work where it won't cost the Reds games and that means he will be playing for the Louisville Bats of the International League While Cuba has produced some pretty good players, Chapman has never consistently faced talent like he's going to face in the Major Leagues. He did well in the World Baseball Classic but you know what - there aren't to many Netherlands or Panama's in the Major Leagues. Historically, position players have not done well in the Major Leagues (hell, the best Cuban hitters were pitchers El Duque and Livan Hernandez), Rey Ordonez couldn't hit the side of a barn and Yuniesky Betancourt is the best offensive defector by far - and that's not saying much, Why does this matter? Well, if the best position players in Cuban baseball can't get out of the minor leagues - of course Chapman's numbers are going to be impressive. Look, does Chapman have talent - absolutely, he can throw the ball 102mph - you can't teach that. While I'm not surprised that a team paid big bucks to get Chapman, I'm just surprised it's the Reds. Historically, Cuban defectors have been productive in the Major League but for a mid-size/small market team like the Reds dropping that kind of cash seems "risky". He's far from a sure thing to be worth that kind of money. I mean the Reds do have some video tape of him and have seen him play in the WBC and other events the Cuban National Team but that's a lot of loot. Getting a player like Chapman would seemed more like a "luxury" for many teams. Should be interesting - the fact he's in Cinncy should help, won't get killed by the media.

Will Aroldis Chapman be in MLB 10 the show? by VOTTO!!! (Back-up) Q: I am wondering this because he was signed in January and the game will be released soon so will he be in it?

A: I think so, but if not I'm sure he will be in it when you do a roster update.

What do you think of the Cincinnati Red's signing of Aroldis Chapman? by G.W. loves winter! Q:

A: Being a Reds fan, i think it is good. We have a very young rotation that when they mature, they will dominate. And to the people who say that he will be a bust, name one player that throws over 100 that sucks. Besides Kyle Farnsworth.

Will Aroldis Chapman and Stephen Strasburg be starters in the 2010 season? by Q:

A: Neither out of spring training but both somewhere during the season...

some questions about aroldis chapman for 2011? by BOSS Q: 1) Is there a chance he will become a starter or closer? a good chance? 2) Will he have fantasy value if he remains a set-up guy?

A: He will likely be the lefty specialist in the pen to start the year. If Cordero falters, he'll close. My guess is he is their closer by July. He may start down the road, but not this year. He will have fantasy value, b/c he'll have a tiny ERA and huge K's.

Has Dusty Baker destroyed Aroldis Chapman's arm yet? by iHeckler Q: Pitchers & Catchers have been in gamp for almost a week, has Dusty Baker destroyed Aroldis Chapman's arm yet & if not what is expected of him this year?

A: Nah. Dusty's been too busy destroying another Cubans arm aka Bronson Arroyo. :P

will Aroldis Chapman be able to sign as soon as he arives in the US? by yankeespev2 Q: can Aroldis Chapman sign right away or does he have to wwaight till the winter when baseball free agency begins. also what types of pitches does he throw (other than his 102 fastball)

A: There's going to be a bit more to it than that. First he has to establish residency somewhere. If he were to do so in a country other than the US or Canada, he will be a free agent and will be eligible to sign with any team he chooses immediately. (For the purposes of this rule, players in Puerto Rico or any other US territory are considered to be US residents.) If for some odd reason he chose to establish his residency in the US or its' territories, or in Canada, he would have to wait for next years draft. Needless to say, being a resident of a different country will be a tremendous advantage to him. My guess is he gets that done, gets signed fairly quickly, and sent to the minors (My guess would be at least AA ball, and more likely AAA) He may make it to the bigs pretty quickly, but more likely he will spend at least a month or two in the minors. Depends on who signs him. If a team has a good pitching staff, they may leave him in the minors, or wait until September to call him up. A team that needs pitching desperately (or maybe even a team that is hopelessly out of it and wants to "boost the gate") would probably move him up more quickly. As for his pitches, he only throws 2 - a fastball and a 2 seamer. There's a link below to a decent scouting report on him.

Is it fair for Aroldis Chapman, a Cuban communist, to share in the fruits of capitalism? by Edgar Q:

A: Stop whining

When is Aroldis Chapman's next start? by Q: I'm interested in going to a Louisville Bats baseball game but I'm a big Reds fan and I want to see Chapman pitch. I can't find probable pitchers on the site. And I need to know when his next start is at home.

A: I look at Louisville's schedule. It looks like his next start is June 7 vs. Pawtucket, 7:05 pm That should be interesting!!

Will Aroldis Chapman Be Starfting this year? by Q: If he does will he be any good? I see he can throw very fast but he also has control issues....Its for fantasy baseball and right now I am not hurting for another reliever, but If he has potential to be great this year I wouldn't mind a trade proposal someone offered me.

A: Extremely doubtful. The Reds do not want to jeopardize this young pitcher's future with premature burnout caused by overuse at a very early age. (Think Stephen Strasbourg here). They will use him here and there as a closer and keep that arm healthy. HIs maximum innings of pitching for this year and next will be limited to maybe 80 or 90 innings. And only in 1 or 2 innings at a time with a day of rest mixed in 2 or 3 times a week. Maybe, in two or three years, they will consider him as being mature enough to start.

Will the 2 year extension Dusty Baker just received be a enough time to blow out Aroldis Chapman's arm? by Stupid Flanders Q: Like he did with Volquez and Mark Prior.... I thought about blaming Dusty for Woods,too, but Wood had problems before Dusty even came to Chicago.

A: I'm amazed that teams entrust their young stars to this clown. Don't they remember JT Snow saving little Baker from getting speed bumped at home plate years ago? This fool is absolutely clueless when it comes to handling young talent but the Reds, like the Cubs before them, will apparently have to learn the hard way. I wouldn't trust this moron to manage a Little League team and those youngsters that have been Baker's return ticket to the playoffs will be washed up within 3 years.

Would you be scared to death if you had to bat against Aroldis Chapman? by Q: I certainly would. I'd fall to the ground if any pitch was remotely close to the inside part of the plate. Yeah, I'd probably pull a John Kruk

A: Chapman NO he seems to have more control Marmol Yes i would he is all over the place

Is Aroldis Chapman's destiny to be in the bullpen? by Q: He's got amazing stuff and the Reds should make the best out of it. But what do you think?

A: He has the talent to be a starter as stated. He's making the money of a starter or incredible closer. If he wants to throw his 105 mph fastball continuosly his destination will be a closer. If he becomes a closer he has the potentiol if healthy to be one of the greatest with the heat he's throwing. But Newton's Law of physics, for every action there is an equal and oppisite reaction. If someone as bad as Jed Lowrie of the Red Sox gets a hold of it good enough, there's a great chance of a homerun. That being said, it will remain to be hard to hit. Not to get technical and using science, but you have to think further. Throwing that kind of junk will lead to major shoulder problems.

Should I keep Rafael Soriano and Aroldis Chapman on my fantasy teams? by flamingice1642 Q: I typically don't have any set-up men on my rosters... I usually just have 6 or 7 starters and 2 or 3 closers. I'm in a regular H2H league, where the pitcher stats are Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, K. What do you typically do with these guys?

A: I always play HOLDS leagues, so the "lowly" 8th inning guys are quite valuable... W/O Holds, however, they are good for the final three categories and rogue wins and saves here and there - Good set up men will always help your ERA and Whip - and the one's you've got have high "K" upside as well... I believe Chapman will take over the closer role sooner rather than later, and Soriano was brought in to allow Rivera a few less back-to-back saves - so he might provide modest save totals. In short, I like 'em. Especially if you have a couple other solid CL at your disposal - then when they pan-out, you'll be golden...

Is it possible that the cubs could get aroldis chapman the guy that defected from Cuba? by go cubs Q:

A: I think they have a great shot. He will be demanding 25-30 million to sign though, but Im sure Wrigley field and the baseball tradition in Chicago is something a Cuban Defector can appreciate. The thing about him is he will need developing in the minor leagues, even with his 100mph fastball and off speed stuff he is very promising, but not as polished a prospect as say, Strasburg. Thanks for the question, Hope this helps!

About how much is a autographed rookie card of Aroldis Chapman worth? by bradman Q: Serious estimation please!

A: Right now, not much. If he turns out to be what the Reds hope he can, then years and years in the future it could be worth a lot.

Flamethrower Aroldis Chapman signs with Reds for 30 million dollars. Are they now a contender? by markdean30 Q: How does this change the Reds chances?

A: You never know. I'm pumped about him coming to Cincy, but if there is one thing I have learned in all my years as a baseball fan, don't trust a prospect. It happens so much, a team gets a guy who is supposed to be the next big thing, the arm of the future, or a future star, then he...............fails miserably. I'm not saying that's what will happen to Chapman, all the signs point to a good career, but just don't get your hopes up too much until it happens. It seems like it happens a lot with the reds, although prospects have been working out well for them lately. I remember the hype around Austin Kearns, Willy Mo Pena, Brandon Larson, Pokey Reese, Travis 'Gooky' Dawkins, Ty Howington....you get the point, I could name them for days. My point is, to Reds fans or baseball fans in general, they don't make it until they make it. More often than not, prospects fall flat on their faces. With that said, I will not take my own advice, and I will get my hopes up, because I'm a Reds fan and that's the only hope we have. I'm excited and I hope he works out.

How long before Aroldis Chapman is on the Reds Major league team? by The Outlaw Josie Wales Q:

A: not until the Reds are sure his back is fine. They want him to pitch in the minors so he can take it easy and not worry about losing games. If he loses in the minors because he's rehabbing the Reds will be fine with that

Why didn't any other contender push hard for Aroldis Chapman? by Love King Q: The young kid's stuff looks raw and explosive. His fastball is explosive and his breaking ball needs work but he looks like the next Johan. Looking back, I wish the Yankees would have bid for him.


Who would you rather have on your roster: Stephen Strasburg or Aroldis Chapman? by Mikkey Q: When they're healthy, of course. And why?

A: Strasburg. But what about this.. Chapman or Strasburg right now, with the injury?

Will Aroldis Chapman go on waivers in my yahoo fantasy league once he gets called up? by mizzo4808 Q: Or will he remain a free agent? I'm wondering, because I want to know if I should pick him up before he gets called up so I don't have to bid on the waiver wire.

A: He'll stay a FA until you,or another team picks him up. If then one of you drops him,he'll have to be bidded for through waivers; And,if he clears waivers without being picked up,he will once again become a FA. g()()d )_uck

Considering the velocity on Aroldis Chapman's fastball, will his velocity record ever be broken? by Thriller Crisis ∞§∞ Q: I mean, 105 mph is faster than the movement of our eyes and about as fast as most home runs are hit.

A: Will it be broken? Yes, maybe Chapman himself might break it. And someone might randomly break 105 some day. But no one will get it up there consistently...Chapman is a once in a generation type of pitcher, so it will be long time until someone else comes along.

Is trading Carlos Gonzalez for Brandon Morrow, Aroldis Chapman, and Logan Morrison considered acceptable? by Q: This is in a fantasy baseball league with 12 teams and the standard 5x5 categories, plus Holds and .OBP.

A: It's about as insane as that profile pic. Really, Cargo is much better than that pile of, at best, potential...

How can we be sure that Aroldis Chapman isn't a Cuban spy? by Q: How can we be sure that the Cubans who come to the US to play baseball aren't really spying for the Communists? Does the FBI investigate them and keep an eye on them?

A: Whats he going to see in a locker room?

What do you have in the Aroldis Chapman needs shoulder/elbow surgery pool? by iHeckler Q: June 2011 - over / under Great debut by Chapman but you have to wonder if he can handle the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky media

A: He'll be in a fast car to the DL like Tracy Chapman, in early May.

Do you think that Aroldis Chapman with have an impact this year? by Q: I'm hoping that we have Chapman and Volquez by mid-season. I'm so tired of the reds having losing seasons!

A: From everything I've read about him, he has great stuff and a lot of potential, but as of this point he's extremely raw. He needs a lot of seasoning in the minor leagues before reaching the big leagues. I don't expect him to be called up to the Reds this season. We might see him get a couple of spot starts or some bullpen work next season, but I think it will be at least 2012 before he earns a permanent spot in the Reds rotation.

Is Aroldis Chapman going to choke next season? by Butter Q: Since Cincinnati is going to use him as a starter next season, he will have to take a few mph off of his fastball. His fastball is really the only thing that makes him a good pitcher, he has no movement on his slider or changeup. Do you think Chapman will choke next season or will he be able to make the adjustment?

A: Choking implies that you are a good player, but you can't perform under pressure or in key situations. That wouldn't apply to Chapman, a 23 yo kid who never started in the majors. That would be an experiment...if it fails he goes back to the bullpen.

Are the Yankees going to sign Aroldis Chapman or even make a play for him? by Unleash Q: The guy has talent, and the Yanks could still use some extra pitching. Why not sign a guy who has the potential to be a dominant pitcher/possible ace? Also, why haven't many other teams thrown money at this guy yet? All I've heard is the Red Sox offered him $15 million.

A: there gonna sign him but he will be far from dominate if you look at past international play he has never been dominate in fact the only thing he really offers is a awesome fast ball i say they try to make a move for around a 25 mill 2 year deal and let him develop for like half a season in the minors and if he comes up good give him an extension he still needs to work on his secondary pitches and he can be an easy 3 starter

How far along is Aroldis Chapman? Will the Reds call him up? by locloc08 Q: The Reds have been having a little trouble with their pitching. What do you think the odds are we see Chapman this year?

A: everything ive heard/read says that the reds will call chapman up in september for the stretch run and the playoffs to pitch in the bullpen

Should the Reds be cautious with Aroldis Chapman? by Mike Q: After watching flamethrowers Stephen Strasburg and Joel Zumaya go down to injury, should the Reds be very cautious with Aroldis Chapman throwing over 100 MPH?

A: Unless they wanna see another Strasburg repeat, they better be cautious with him and try get him to stay under 100mph if they want to keep him for a while. The arm will otherwise wear out sooner and the chances of injury are much greater for these new guys. You don't want a repeat to happen, it was quite sad to see Strasburg go down like that, so young, and so promising... and for a definite future super star to fall to tommy john surgery is surely a sad thing to see. So if the Reds pitching instructor wants to see this guy do well over a period of time, he'd get him to stay under 100mph, and perhaps use the high heat strike out pitch and clock 100. But that's for the Reds mgmt to decide and for Chapman to decide, how long they want him to remain healthy. Once they've been around a while, and have proven track records, and he shows that he can do it w/o getting injured and have surgery, then maybe start hitting triple digits a little more later on. But his is really a matter of health more than anything else.

How long will it take for Aroldis Chapman to be a starter in Cincy? by smacksaw Q: With Aaron Harang and Homer Bailey stinking it up, *CHAPMAN* is the one who will be throwing out of the pen? He honestly can't be any more disappointing than Harang or Bailey. Reds fan, sound off. You can't be happy with this guy in the pen, right?

A: I don't think he should be called up yet. His ERA is acceptable but not great. Almost an ERA of 4. He also struggles as a starter but as a reliever, with 30 innings, has an ERA of 2.40

Is aroldis chapman in MLB11 the show for ps2? by flameman94 Q: he title says it all, is aroldis chapman in the game for ps2? and does Brian wilson have his signature beard?

A: I have the game for PS3 and Chapman is in the game. And Brain Wilson has his beard. Im sure they are both in the PS2 version also.

Who is Better Between Stephen Strasburg and Aroldis Chapman? by smooth v Q: Why is there a huge hype over Stephen Strasburg instead of Aroldis Chapman? Chapman has already been on an international spotlight. I think he is marketable being that he's tall and black. I think he could be a MLB star. Who do You think is better between the two?

A: Stephen Strasburg 5-2 2.33 ERA in the Majors Aroldis Chapman 6-6 4.15 ERA in AAA Strasburg is the best young pitcher since Mark Prior, not to mention one of the biggest names in baseball. You ask the casual fan who Strasburg is, they know exactly who you're talking about. You say Aroldis Chapman to a casual fan, they have no clue what you're talking about. Strasburg is more marketable, that's why his jersey is the #1 selling jersey in baseball. And he can back it up with his pitching. If he got any run support he'd be easily 7-1. One of the top 10 pitchers in the game right now. EDIT: Michaela- Are you on drugs? You're saying Travis Wood is better than Strasburg because of 1 game against a team that hasn't been able to hit all year. (and yes Wood has been good, but come on) Anybody who thinks Strasburg just "throws hard" obviously has never taken the time to watch him pitch when the Nationals are on TV. He has a Changeup that completely falls off the table at 90 mph and a wicked Curve.

Will Aroldis Chapman be in the Reds starting rotation? by Q: Will Aroldis Chapman be in the Reds starting rotation? Will he be in the pitching rotation, maybe even opening day? Thanks.

A: I highly doubt it, the reds really overpaid, from what the reports say, he can pitch fast, and that's it. He'll spend some time in the minors for sure.

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