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ReedySplash #Gemini #Leo #Aries #Sagittarius

Thais22kinha_ RT @TudodeAries: Um fato sobre #áries: Ama tudo aquilo que não presta.

Jwsyyy My cousin is an Aries and her bf is a Sagittarius, no wonder last so long!

ParadiseBerry RT @TScpAries: Aries #ZodiacPeople - Allow an Aries woman to take control she will surprise you with her courage.

Thais22kinha_ RT @TudodeAries: #Áries Sente falta de muita coisa que passou, mas continuam em frente se renovando a cada dia.

RaquelBaliza RT @SignosFodas: #Aries Não consigo evitar de pensar nos momentos que tive com você.

hewhogetbuckets RT @KEYtheTopic_: RT : If your Sign is a Capricorn , Aquarius ,Pieces , Aries , Taurus , GEMINI , Cancer , Leo , Lebra , Scorpio Sagittarius or Virgo

yiyayo1004 RT @XSTROLOGY: An #Aries makes for a powerful and inspirational friend.

_MissRich_ I'm only dating Aries, Sag, Leo, or Libra men from now on if ur a Cancer guy unfollow now ya'll emotional asses suck! :p

Thais22kinha_ RT @TudodeAries: Tenha certeza, #áries não é brinquedinho de ninguém.

CHOCOdippedLATE (^_^) [email protected] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!RT @CHOCOdippedLATE#Aries Hot Spots: Fondling, tickling, nibbling the neck and above get’s them hot.»

kathrynisdope So apparently to yahoo answer aries a libras make good friends. so if me and @KREAYSHAWN ever meet in real life we would be cool.

DhouglasKinetic RT @SobreAries: Não precisamos de nada, a não ser a nossa família, amigos e a música #Áries

kennabishop RT @XSTROLOGY: #Aries doesnt need you.


What is the difference between an Aries born in March, and an Aries born in April? by HER. Q: I'm an aries (March 27), and I have another aries friend April 16 or 18, and I find that were alot different. I seem to be a bit like a Pisces, and shes complete full blown aries.

A: Aries that are born closer to the cusp of Pisces are younger souls than the Aries born closer to the sign Taurus. Your friend may have planets such as mercury in Aries and you may have it in Pisces which means she would be speaking in more a direct manner, and you are better at picking up intuitive cues from others when communicating. I've found March Aries people to be a lot more self focussed because they are so fresh and new to the world in comparison to other souls and therefore they spend much of their life learning about themselves. March Aries need those Pisces traits to help understand others better because even though they can be self-focussed they are truly sensitive souls. I find April Aries to be more leadership oriented, taking aggressive approaches to better themselves as well as bettering a group. They want what is good - like taurus does- because they want what is good for them in competition with the others. So they use the Taurus traits much better.

What are the key differences between an Aries and a Leo? by tiacola #1 Q: A person by the name of fredex answered my last question with this answer: " I think Aries and Leo are both brave and strong willed in equal measures. However, there is a clear difference in their motivations to display bravery. Aries tends to act first, contemplate later which would explain their blatant disregard for personal injury or impending danger. Leo on the other hand draws bravery and willpower from self confidence." I happen to agree. What are your thoughts? Agree or Disagree?

A: Agree. Aries will not think before they act. They are a brave and fearless sign. They are powerful in the sense they want to conquer. Leo on the other hand will think, act and overcome. What makes them strong is their sheer determination to get something they started ..done. They are very fixed and will not budge.

How can an Aries female flirt with a male Sagittarius? by crimson Q: How can I use my Aries traits to flirt with a Sagittarius? Or how do Sagittarius guys usually flirt? I know people say they are pretty up front about it, but this one doesn't seem to be as obvious. Thanks! P.S. If you are going to say anything about looking at other aspects of our charts or how horoscopes are stupid/false, don't bother!

A: Use wit and humour. And let them be comfortable talking to you. I actually think we're attracted to intelligent, good looking people.

How do aries to aries relationships work? Do any of them last? by ♈ Saggy MCs just wanna have fun ♉ ♓ Q: Are you one of them perhaps, who is part of a successful long term Aries/Aries relationship?

A: Well I know I tried to my Ex Aries so many times for 2 and a half years. Im actually very understanding, I think he is a true Aries, and even though My sign says Im an Aries,but I don't think I have alot of those traits. I think my Cancer moon and my venus in Taurus shows alot. I tried to change him so many times. And when I say change,I was trying to make our life easier,but he would not compromise with me at all. So things happen for a reason and Im more happier then ever. So NO,Aries/Aries relationships dont work.

Why Are Aries and Libra only good in relationships and not good in friendships? by I Can See That U Want Me, By The Way That U Smile Q: I have 2 bestfriends. (Aries and Libra). Astrology is right, they are TOTALLY opposite from each other. As friends towards each other they are always disagreeing and the Aries thinks Libra is a hypocrite. But the Libra has an Aries bf and the Aries has a Libra bf. They both have awesome relationships. When they are together you can see that one fills in what the other lacks.

A: I think Aries and Libra can be good in friendships, but there will an air of competition between them. Both are Cardinal after all. I know many Libra's and I enjoy their company, and Libra's seem to really like me as a friend. We can talk about almost anything and I usually have a good time when I'm in their company. With Libra's I find that I either really like them or really not like them. Relationship wise I would say it's a bit more tricky, just because you're dealing with opposites. In many ways, each will provide what the other one lacks, but there will also be many misunderstandings between them. The Libra men I've dated I have always had an extreme attraction to. I find them charming and romantic lovers. They also were turned on by my Aries aggressiveness with them, and our dealings were always really passionate. As for a relationship though, it really would depend on how compatible the rest of your planets are. This is especially important with polarity pairings.

Whats the difference between aries and sagittarius and sagittarius and aries? by *LoL* Q: Im sorta intreseted in astrology. i check out sites almost every day. Im and aries, and i got a mad crush on a sagittarius. Websites sometimes say, aries and sagittarius:blah blah blah. sagittarius and aries:blah blah blah. Are they better than Leo 2?

A: The differences that I know of are how they live life of course. They're both fire signs so they're both impulsive thinkers. They go best with air signs. They live for the future. They love new concepts. Of the fire signs, the Aries is the real leader of them. Aries is the most forceful and the most unique sign of the zodiac. They get their ideas out there and only their ideas matter to them. Don't care too much about other people's feelings. It's the ram, so Aries will come butt its head into things to make things happen the way they want. Sagittarius is the horse with the human brain pretty much or the human with the horse body. Either way you wanna look at it. Therefore, the average Sagittarius should have thick legs and butts, making the women pretty curvy in this sign such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Sagittarius is a very artsy sign so Spears and Aguilera being singers and dancers isn't a surprise. On VH1's For The Love Of Ray J, there was a Sagittarius on there named Danger, and she was a painter. Sagittarius women generally aren't good dancers unless it's what they do such as Spears and Aguilera. Sagittarius women also have a very unique appearance and can be some of the sexiest women in the zodiac. They can really look like dolls. I personally love a Sagittarius woman. They're exciting, innocent, confident. Whereas the Aries is the powerful leader, the Sagittarius is the whimsical explorer. They go with the flow. I mean, they're half horse, so they're going to want to roam free. They huge fans of travel. They need action otherwise they get very bored and frustrated. My ex was like this. They always have something going on. You'll always see them on the phone. They'll have their share of drama but not because of them. They aren't mean people at all and have gigantic hearts. But they have to put their two cents in and drama just comes with the territory. So the main difference in these two is basically Aries likes to have complete control whereas Sagittarius goes with the flow. Quite the opposite. Are they better than Leo? I don't think so. They're about the same. They just have different styles. Aries is the leader, Leo is the worker, and Sagittarius is the player. I would have to say that I do favor Aries and Sagittarius over Leo most of the time. But they all have their own strengths. I'd rather date a Sagittarius, but if you want to get some work done, better go with the Leo.

ARIES?!?!?!?!?!????!? by AngEsQuiiRt Q: How can you tell if they are in love with you?

A: It will be very obvious because they would have already asked you out if they liked you. They just go and get what they like!

ARieS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Ms.MilkChocolate Q: Is there anybody out there that is in love with an Aries women or men and loving it? And if so what is your sign and why are you loving it? NMa952000 It's obvious you have issues because you answered a question that wasn't even asked!!!!!!!!! you can tell by the questions you asks on yahoo that you have a lot of time on your hands if astrology is not your entertainment don't enter because your answers would be useless!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a bunch have a great day!!!!!!!!!! NMa9952000 is now Jay if she don't change her name again just know this she is the 4 answer to this question!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm talking to U!!!!!

A: yes i am? and I'm a Taurus and loving it lol

Aries................. ? ? by Hannah- life is a goldfish bowl Q: I am a leo , and the people who I know who have Leo as their star signs are awkward , but all of the Aries people I know are as stubborn as heck , they annoy me , is there any star sign that is more stubborn in nature than an aries ?

A: LOL. I'm an Aries so I know what you mean, but I'd have to vote Taurus as the most stubborn. BTW, my mom is a Leo. We love each other dearly but when it hits the fan, you'd better look out! It gets really thick!

aries......? by amber32034 Q: is it true that aries is the hardest sign to get along with? everything i have read pretty much says that. i am an aries and my husband is a cancer. everything i read about an aries and cancer says it is a bad match n will not work. it almost seems true. does anyone else think aries is a hard sign to get along with?

A: yes i'm an aries and i've been feeling the same way of late...but i think it's mostly to do with our stubborn attitude..and also our implusive behaviour...i mean my dad is a cancerian and he tells me not to argue with my mum who has a hot temper and to listen quietly and wait for sometime by then her anger goes off and everything becomes normal but i don't heed his advice and end up provoking my mum and it leads to a big fight...have got to learn to control my emotions!!

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