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kentseven3 #points 【11/4】米ニューヨークのApple Store, Fifth Avenue、2011年11月3日(木)PM10より一時閉店。新ガラスキューブを覆う白いカバーの撤去作業中。 http://t.co/2T07zqsU

glank Wow staff is not knowledgeable at all. (@ Apple Store w/ 5 others) http://t.co/wUBQY2Iq

RachelBakerNC RT @chrismaddern: The new Apple Store cube looks great... http://t.co/ki0JaDW6

bonnie_beaut tweeting from the apple store #yay

nagle @Jawbone — The local Apple Store (Westfarms in CT) is already sold out of my size! Before it even officially came out! Not cool!

brittanytaylorx Apple store with my baby @jonnyfres

kristinaaarenee Tweetin from da apple store

ingodorobo 六本木のキャバクラ 【 ALLOWS(アローズ) 】 のキャバ嬢と速攻エロトークに持込みたいなら、 奇跡のiPhoneエロアプリ "隠語泥棒"を今すぐDL!! たった85円で夢叶う!? App StoreへGO→ http://t.co/cCgDm2sg

GleaveMedia Goto love Apple, popped into Regent St today and customer service still amazing even though store packed!!!

rfalb @AdamRichman If you witness a crime at the apple store are you an i-witness ? Can you then, I-d the perp?

iStevenxue Jawbone Up (last one, sorry @danielkhanh ) @ Apple Store - Old Orchard http://t.co/lc9VphLd

sonick_1 I'm at Apple Store (2126 Glendale Galleria, Glendale) w/ 2 others http://t.co/PHjiM37G

GabrieleTweet Domani Sono All'Apple Store dei Gigli c'è qualcun altro che ci va ? #applestore

benzimmermann I'm at Apple Store (4700 Kingsway, in Metropolis at Metrotown, Burnaby) http://t.co/JnMM7BPc

maybeforyou Take a look at the new 5th Ave Apple Store - http://t.co/HR5RDlou


How to purchase from Apple Store using debit card? by Kangaroo King Q: I want to buy a copy of Snow Leopard. It says on the apple store that they accept debit cards, but when I go to the checkout area, there's no debit card option. How the heck am I supposed to make purchases? I don't have a credit card and all the other purchase options involve ringing apple support, which I can't do since I have Laryngitis and it hurts to talk. Can someone help me.

A: ok does your debit have visa or mastercard logo just slide card and your done since your debit card is like a credit card only difference is you have to have money on your card before you buy anything or your bank will charge your for a fee on Your checking account credit card means your borrowing monies from a bank and will pay it with interest unless you pay it in full but some credit card company do even give you a grace period and charge you a fee to get it now if no logo slide it anyway it might pop up debit or credit

How often does the Apple store get iphone 4 shipments? by Matt Q: I went in the Apple store June 27 and I guess put one on hold when they get them in. It's only been about five or six business, but does anyone know how often they get iphone 4 shipments? I called they store and they said they have no way of knowing but I don't believe that.

A: According to the Apple store I go to here in Hawaii they said that they get shipments every day except Sunday. If you put your name on a waiting list you could be lucky. They get some 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4's everyday and you'd get a email if you're on the waiting list and your phone comes in. However I don't know where you live and shipments could also be fulfilled by the "store priority". The store I go to is one of the top selling Apple stores in the nation and so our supply could be coming in faster then some others stores supply simply because of sales and profits from that store.

How much does the Apple Iphone 3G cost from the Apple Store without a contract? by Drizzle Q: Are you able to buy it in the Apple Store without a contract? I don't mean unlocked, just without a contract. It is for a Christmas present for a person with an older IPhone with a contract with ATT already. How much is it?

A: You can not buy an iPhone 3G without a contract at all. AT&T says they plan on introducing a contract free version but have not as yet. Its speculated the price would be $599 8GB $699 16GB

Is it possible to order online from apple store to a university campus? by Jacoby Q: I live on a campus in NY and I normally have no problem with ordering online from e-bay or amazon. I heard that apple does not send products to campuses. Is it true? Any of you guys ever ordered anything from apple store to campus?

A: Correct. They only send to homes and businesses.

How long does it usually take in an apple store? by Brandon Q: I have an appointment at the Apple Store tomorrow morning at 11:50 and need to leave for work by 12:30. I'm going in regards to hardware problems with my iPhone 4. Does anyone know how long you usually spend in the Apple store in these circumstances? Thanks.

A: About five to ten minutes

What can the apple store do with a water damaged iphone? by Jim Q: Can you send it in to the apple store so that you can buy a refurbished one or anything like that? About how much does it cost to get repaired?

A: Probably take it a part & blow the parts with filtered compressed air. To get any wet parts dry and then retest. Good Luck. Best Wishes. Mars Mission. (Earth). 14th Year Psychology Student. 4th Year Hypnotism Student. 4th Year Music Composition Student. 32 Years Qualified Automotive Technician.

Can an Apple Store transfer music with the iPod being broken? by Wizakid Q: Can an Apple Store transfer music with the iPod being broken? The port is broken for some reason. I connected it to my Xbox and now it wont work what so ever. Can the Apple Store transfer music even though the port is broken?

Apple store?????????????? by BrookyBear Q: Ok well first where is the apple store? And what is it, is it like showing you how to use it all or buy apple products?

A: The Apple store is a chain of stores from Apple so it is not just one store. The Apple stores sell and display Apple Products.

apple store? by daniellee_dee Q: How do you email pictures from the apple store to your computer at home? yes while at the apple store

A: Since you have a yahoo account, I will assume you have a Yahoo email address - even if you don't use it. Now is the time to use it! If you don't have one, sign up for one. It's free. And easy to use. If the pictures are in Photo Booth or iPhoto (or movies in iMovie) just drag them out to the desktop. Open Safari. Log into your email account at Yahoo. Write yourself an email to whatever email account you normally use. Attach the files from the desktop. Mail away! That's it. Your other options are to upload them to shutterfly or some other picture site (google has one, flickr?) and then download them when you get home.

Apple Store? by James Q: What incentives do Apple employees receive if they work at the Apple Store? How much do they get paid if you are a Apple Specialist, work the floor, or a chasier?

A: I'm don't know any of the details, but I do know that they are offered Apple products at a much lower price than normal. I don't believe that the pay is out of the ordinary. I'm sure the average is anywhere between $8.00 to $12.00 an hour. It is probably more if you are a manager or Mac Genius. I also know that they hire a lot a employees for the season as it is the busiest time of the year for Apple. Other than that, I don't know much more.

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