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PirataiNET http://t.co/QaHVms4y http://t.co/KfqpuDmv

HonorIKendall Or I'd like to dress up as an extra from Apocalypto ...actually I suppose that requires dressing down.

Din_impaler RT @TURTL3NECK: Just watched apocalypto hahahahaha okay la gerek

fahdearlah Crite zaman bile tu RT @TURTL3NECK: Just watched apocalypto hahahahaha okay la gerek

TURTL3NECK Just watched apocalypto hahahahaha okay la gerek

theradsteph has anyone else seen the Apocalypto movie, & think the main Mayan is pretty hott? lol

laMiaJane Had a good fuckn night, good fuckn night! Lol bout to lay it down and watch Apocalypto

MssGoody2Shoes Apocalypto is badasss

Denarius17 Apocalypto!! without a shadow of a doubt! RT @Milangirls: Yepes or Bonera ?

DalliDisaster Apocalypto....you are one crazy intence stressful movie! but i love you! :p

xamandapandax @catrickstump like song writing? watching Family Guy while I wait for my sister-in-law so we can watch Apocalypto

Garrett21_ I liked that movie apocalypto I'm going to watch it later.

theradsteph Apocalypto <3 pretty rad movie !

RampantDragon finished Space Junque (Apocalypto 1) by LK Rigel and Theresa Weir and gave it 4 stars http://t.co/2HBedQgG #Kindle

ShakyLasha watching #Apocalypto


Why Does The Movie Apocalypto show the Mayan Culture but then shows the Spanish arriving at the end? by the j man Q: For anyone who remembers Latin American History from school, didn't the Mayan civilization collapse at around 800AD yet in the movie Apocalypto it claims its showing the Mayan Culture yet the Spanish show up at the end. The Spanish arrived around 1500AD yet the Mayan Civilization ended 800AD??????? Did the movie writers and researchers really mess up that badly or is their a reasonable explanation????

A: The movie is historically accurate. While the centralized Mayan Empire collapsed in 800AD, individual Mayan cities existed up to the Spanish conquests. While the Aztec was the dominant empire of the region, Mayan city-states existed around southern Mexico and Central America. The Mayan civilization in the movie could have just been an isolated Mayan city-state.

Does the the movie Apocalypto, correctly portray who the Mayans were and how they lived? by ~SwiftyShifter~ Q: Is the movie based on factual information about the Mayans. Were there really human sacrifices, did the Mayans have enemies, and were tribes really as brutal as depicted in the movie?

A: I don't know any group that doesn't have enemies. Anyway, I'll leave the details of this to the historians and archaeologists, but the gist of what I remember from the uproar in my department when the movie came out is that it's pretty seriously lacking in accuracy. I can't remember the details right now, unfortunately, but practically every archaeologist and every anthropologist who worked in Central or South America I knew was incredibly upset about the movie.

How close is "Apocalypto" to the actual historical truths of the place & time being depicted? by uncleclover Q: I'm watching this movie now. I was just curious how it fared against reality - it's a Mel Gibson flick, and so one can never quite know for sure.

A: Apocalypto has been criticized for more closely portraying the human sacrifice of the Aztecs rather than the Maya. The classic Maya really didn't go in for mass sacrifice. That was the Aztecs. Also the Spanish arrived 300 years after the last Maya city was abandoned.

How was Apocalypto a true depiction of Mayan culture and how was it not? by mikey085 Q: Seperate fact from fiction from the Mel Gibson movie "Apocalypto".

A: The same way that Terminator is an accurate representation of our near future. Some facts, some hollywood

Do you know of any good movies that are similar to Apocalypto? by cough cough Q: You know the whole Native meets European type deal, maybe just movies about them and the way they lived fought etc etc. I am not looking for a documentary btw Just something similar to apocalypto.. I asked in the movie section and all I got where moves like Pocahontas the cartoon and Indian in the cupboard lol please none of that Pathfinder is pretty good also

A: there is a good movie called forrest gump, i loved that movie, but it is nothing like apocalypto. I dont think that was how they really lived but racist whites trying to make the native look like savages, no one will ever know..

ANy1 know of movies that has a similar story line to apocalypto ? by Soso Q: I recently seen a 30sec movie clip of a movie that I thought was apocalypto but turned out to be something else, Does any1 know of any movies that is similar to apocalypto? Or recommends anything that's similar? TIA

A: That could be Pathfinder or 10,000 BC

Name some good historical movies like Apocalypto that you have watched? by Budi Q: I watched Apocalypto movie by Mel Gibson. The movie was great. Do you guys know any other movie based on situations that happened in history?

A: They are usually called 'Period' Movies. If you want them based on true events, that will narrow your search. Here are a few that I enjoy: Troy Gladiator Braveheart The Last of the Mohicans The Patriot Glory 300 10,000 B.C. The Last Samurai Master and Commander Search a movie on Amazon, and then see related movies at the bottom of the screen....

what does the movie apocalypto have to do with US history? by aBBIE!(: Q: for my social studies project i have to watch movies. one of them is Apocalypto. it is under the category 'Up through the Civil War' can anybody tell me what in it has to do with anything involving US history? thannnk you.

A: The US was not even in existence when that film took place.

apocalypto? by Luis R Q: Is Apocalypto races to the Maya people?

A: Apocalypto means "new beginning", so the movie's about a new beginning in the new world, which starts with the mayans first weakening themselves (see the movie and you'll understand what I mean).

Apocalypto? by jennyla52000 Q: I watched Apocalypto today and it was pretty good. however, I do not think that it is very accurate about the Mayans. I thought that it more closely resembled the Aztecs and their culture. what do you think?

A: There was a period of time in Meso-American archaeology where the Maya were though of as astronomer-mathematicians because they could predict eclipses and their calendar was more acurate than the European one at the time of the conquest. but the murals at Bonampak showed the Maya preparing for raids, taking prisoners and blood letting. Probably the Maya didn't sacrifice victims on the scale that the Aztecs did, but they did it to some degree. So on a particular day that Mel showed there might have been a large amount of sacrifices.

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