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Anne mccaffrey

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bluereadergal RIP author Anne McCaffrey http://t.co/VuQpkqxC

AnneMariePace I don't like all these people grieving Anne McCaffrey. I thought she wrote just for me.

kinggoji RT @ComixBookGurl: RIP Anne McCaffrey 1 April 1926 - 21 November 2011 :(

arwenthemuse RIP, Anne McCaffrey http://t.co/lUk8tHrB

TheGeekus Anne McCaffrey Dies at 85 http://t.co/4dlnF7CX

kliplet RT @cityoftongues: Nice memory of McCaffrey from @jnahrung: http://t.co/KrtuK3Al And a bit from @io9: http://t.co/5QTZCW1J

hexwoodharriet RT @JonathanStrahan: If so, very sad news. RIP Anne McCaffrey, who brought so much pleasure to so many.

silverrin RT @Yamatai68: アン・マキャフリイ氏が亡くなりました!悲しい情報です。http://t.co/5H0UkIP2 http://t.co/hHtzZosU

BenedictReid RT @naominovik: A sad day for dragon readers. RIP Anne McCaffrey. http://t.co/ur4aULSP

Boone_Janet R.I.P. Anne McCaffrey, 1926 – 2011 http://t.co/KQZHUuW3

skimrer RIP Anne McCaffrey, one of the greatest.

hatchingphoenix RT @PauletteJaxton: Please consider lighting a virtual candle for Anne McCaffrey tonight. is.gd/UpVg6D (Pls. RT)

MNJC69 RT @blastr: Anne McCaffrey, Dragonriders of Pern creator, dead at 85 http://t.co/RZ7LNVDu

Kylie97501 RIP To the Dragon Queen Anne McCaffrey

sdpatrie RT @Veronica: One of my favorite writers of all time, Anne McCaffrey, has passed away. http://t.co/LiMjGMJV via @swordedge


Has anyone read Dragonquest by Anne McCaffrey? by Woinen Q: I have to write a report on this book in class tomorrow and I CANNOT remember what it was about. I read it, but then went on to the next book in the series (The White Dragon) because I liked it soo much! I even tried to pick out important details while reading it and still can't remember them! Can anyone give me a quick summary? Actually, it is the second book in the series... Her name is Lessa btw

A: dragonquest is when lessa travels back in time on the only breedable queen dragon to bring the missing dragonriders forward in time to fight thread. if my daughter was awake at this hour, she could probably tell you chapter by chapter what happened :-)

what is the end of the story the smallest dragon boy by Anne McCaffrey? by Bianca Victorino Q:

A: It's the bit which comes at the end. Come on, it's about ten pages long.

Does Melony from Anne McCaffrey's books instead of The harper hall Trilogy? by Ookami Naito Q: I really like her. She was good in the books.

A: Menolly appears in other Pern books, though the main ones in which she is an important character are the ones belonging to The Harper Hall Trilogy. She appears in the first three books of the Dragonriders of Pern series as well as in All the Weyrs of Pern, The Dolphins of Pern and The Masterharper of Pern. What is your question?

Searching for two Anne McCaffrey books? by Insert Nickname Here Q: I am looking for two Anne McCaffrey books to download. Dragonflight & Power Play I have searched tons of library's and book stores for these two books but have been unable to find them. Does anyone know a place I can download them? A web-address would be deeply appreciated Thanks.

A: Are these out of print perhaps? I assume that you have tried Amazon. Give me some time I may find them on line for you. Here is "Dragonflight". You can read the whole thing online and I'd bet that "Powerplay" is somewhere here as well. http://books.google.com/books?id=2IpAl12qNRkC&printsec=frontcover&dq=subject:%22+Science+Fiction+%22&lr=&as_brr=0&rview=1#PPP1,M1

Does anyone know where I can get FREE booknotes on Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey? by international_party_guy Q: I need these notes for an English assignment and I'm freaking out!!!!

A: Uhhh.....I'm not sure if it's on here, but try www.bookrags.com or www.pinkmonkey.com. Hope it helps.

Can anyone tell me the entire list of the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey? by Karenita EWTN ((Allecat)) Q: My aunt wants me to compile a list of all the books for her. Also I'm going to check the list or lists to see which books i have and which ones i still need.

A: The main story runs through: Dragon Flight Dragon Quest The White Dragon All the Weyrs of Pern The Skies of Pern Then there are the side stories which are at the same time as the main story: The Renegades of Pern The Dolphins of Pern Dragon Song Dragon Singer Dragon Drums A few Prequels: DragonDawn DragonFire DragonBlood DragonKin Dragons Eye Moreta's Ride Nerilka's Story The Cronicles of Pern: First Fall The MasterHarper of Pern (very good for a lot of Pern History) Related Pern Works The Atlas of Pern The People of Pern The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern

In the Pern series by Anne Mccaffrey, whatever happens to Kylara? by sroozib Q: My understanding is that Kylara is forced to live the rest of her life in the prison of her own mind, with the outward appearance of having only the intelligence of a babe. Does anyone know any more specifics about her? Like where she was left to live out her life? Who had to take care of her? Did she ever recover? Did she ever manage to suicide? And, finally, do you think Anne Mccaffrey or her son Todd should write a book telling Kylara's entire story? Just curious....

A: If I remember correctly, she lost her mind, was reduced to a babbling, drooling idiot. I don't think anything was ever said of what happened to her after that. Kylara wasn't the one who was helped by the fire-lizards, that was Brekke, the rider whose Gold dragon was killed in the fight with Kylara's gold (please notice the use of capitalization there). Personally, I wouldn't care to read a book about Kylara. She was a small spiteful character who, while being essential as part of the story she was in, doesn't need to be re-visited.

How many books TOTAL has Anne McCaffrey written? by Nerrick Q: I have no idea how many books she has written, but I need a total number, not just how many she has written about the Dragonriders of Pern.

A: I'll leave the actual counting up to you as I'm not sure whether you want to include only those that she authored alone or including co-authoring etc. See the chonological list in the URL below

What is your favourite Anne McCaffrey novel and why? by chereeboyle Q: Hi folks I just wondered what is your favourite Anne McCaffrey novel and what was it that made it for you? She is only just the best author of fantasy novels in my opinion. I also love the ship who sang. Helva also is mention in the crystal singer series because she also uses B&B ships in it too.

A: Of the DragonRiders of Pern series, "The White Dragon" was my favorite, with "The Dolphins of Pern" a very close second. I also like The Pegasus Stories and the Freedom's Landing Stories, but those series were not long enough for me to have a favorite book.

Anne McCaffrey? by Juan R Q: All the Weyrs Of Pern what happened in that book

A: With the aid of an intelligent computer, the possibility of destroying the devastating phenomenon known as "Thread" becomes a reality. There's an idea of time travel in it. With the reactions of the various lords, dragonriders, and craftsmen as they realize the impact the artificial intelligence will have on their culture and traditions. With its help, F'lar, Robinton, Lessa, Menolly, and all of the other characters YAs have come to care about devise a risky plan to eliminate a serious threat to their environment.

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