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Anna hazare

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FirstNews_co_in the_hindu: Hazare to block his blog http://t.co/X4Zjy6tt #anna http://t.co/tJLKqKPh

GinpiIndia Anna Hazare says he thought of changing team, to quit blogging: Anna Hazare today admitted that he ... http://t.co/nHBsFllq @egomezislas

prag85 Anna Hazare says he thought of changing team, to quit blogging http://t.co/BegR6uNc

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003Biplab Anna Hazare says he thought of changing team, to quit blogging: Anna Hazare today admitted that he had thought o... http://t.co/3rYzIVZm

pranit_11sep @gkhamba with one blog for Anna hazare,you will be declared HOSTILE !!!

vijaygkg This is the sort of bullshit the indian judiciary is best at http://t.co/uikkN0HF

Satyapriyan @cricket24x7in I am proud because I am born in India, which my parents adore. Not because of some Anna Hazare.I do not need him.

klpatil_44 RT @ajaydevgn: Wnt ysterday2 pune and met Anna hazare. What a man! Un4tunately met him at d airport instd of d event becoz d crowds took over d stadium!!!

TOITopRSS Anna Hazare says he thought of changing team, to quit blogging http://t.co/kPfzs9Ez

india_links Anna Hazare says he thought of changing team, to quit blogging http://t.co/FcZR87cv

inbollywood Raju Parulekar had accused prominent Team Anna members of misleading the Gandhian for their vested interests. http://t.co/tXMWDYDt

Aagan86 Has Team Anna called the blogger an agent of "Gang of Four" yet? #Janlokpal How much more will Baburao Hazare fool people of India?

inbollywood Anna Hazare today admitted that he had thought of changing his team many times but said nothing should be inferr... http://t.co/TkeV5o0K

MyIndian_News Debating the Jan Lokpal Bill: Is the Anna Hazare movement a vaccine for democracy? How has the movement affected... http://t.co/TT6CuyCH


What do you think about this statement for Anna Hazare? by debakanta Q: Somebody has posted this picture for Anna, saying "Stupid people made me a national hero. thank you all. ---Anna" http://img215.imageshack.us/i/17042011024.jpg/

A: Jai jai baba Anna Hazare. Corruption khatam karo tum pyare. Hum hain stupid tum ho hero, corruption ko tum kar do zero. Anna Hazare ki aarti jo koi jan gaata, corruption se bach jaata, koi dar nahin samata, paap utar jaata. Jai jai baba Anna Hazare

Does the revolution which Anna Hazare started look like politically motivated? by garfield123 Q:

why tamil actors doesn't support Anna Hazare ? by bala Q: Tamil actor association will do protest even for a small issues. But why they could not support Anna Hazare's movement. Even Tollywood actors have started supporting him. Does tamil actors are so selfish ???

A: its very very shameful that tamil actors didnt support for this.... and i agree with the other person that thy know to support politicians for their personal gain and not for good cause. very SELFISH. SHAMEFUL KOLLYWOOD.

If you had the chance to ask Anna Hazare one question against corruption? by R Q: what would you ask!? If u are in press conference and wanted to ask a cquestion about role of youth that can it play against abatement of corruptiom , what would your question(s) be! please post 3-4 questions

A: Linked resource will help you prepare your questions.

Is it not ironical that Anna Hazare is sharing space with Suresh Kalmadi in Tihar Jail? by Sweet Pinki Q: Who would influence whom according to you ?

A: Anna Hazare is a hardliner, his benign demeanour notwithstanding...and Suresh Kalmadi is equally hardened, LOL! So, no danger of any one getting influenced by the other. Not that they are put together in the same cell or something...Tihar being a very big jail, chances of them coming face to face are next to nil...they won't even meet in line for meals, as Anna Hazare won't touch food ;)) Yes, it's ironic how fate has brought them to share the same 'house'....

What is lokpal bill? What did anna hazare and his followers fasted? by Anish Q: what is this all about?? Why anna hazare fasted???

A: Lokpal Bill is the law which the Parliament had been trying to pass since 40 years in which a department similar to Judiciary under the head "Lokpal" is to be formed whose job is to investigate the cases of corruption. Obviously, there will be thousands of such complaints from the public and to look into all these and do quick justice needs an institution with manpower, budget to run it and wide powers to the Lokpal to punish the corrupt persons. As the Bill was pending since 40 years, Annaji started a movement to get it passed and his team which has renowned lawyers like Shati Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan (son of Mr. Shanti Bhushan) prepared a draft of it which they named Jan Lokpal Bill. However, after several consultations, government did not include some strong provisions of Jan Lokpal Bill for which Annaji went on indefinite fast and finally succeeded in the acceptance in principle of the three of the major provisions. Annaji calls it half victory as there is no guaranttee that these three important points sent to the Standing Committee for aproval will finally be accepted as the government has a support of 14 members of the committee out of 25. So, finally government may end up trying to pass a weak Bill. Most of our MPs are corrupt and hence they do not like a strong Lokpal Bill passed and this is the main reason for the Bill not having been passed since more than 40 years. In the past, 8 times it was presented for passing in the Parliament, but was rejected by the MPs.

Is Anna Hazare just a one man army or a symbol of the masses of a nation ? by Arun Prabhakar Q: The indian goverment is so corrupt it cant even piss in a public utility without bribing !!!! Do you think if Anna dies while fasting the movement will die too??? Globally The methods of Gandhian non violence were hailed as trend setting so what do you think will happen now in india ???

A: Hopefully, he's a symbol for the masses. Hazare's ideas are intriguing, and a corrupt government is never a good thing. If he dies, hopefully someone will take his place.

How can one man - Anna Hazare, cause so much problems/pressure against the Indian government? by randomrandom221 Q: Also, please explain why the Indian media are reporting about this. I can't understand why he is such big news for a country of over 1 billion people.

Are the followers of Anna Hazare such pure characters who haven't taken bribes? by brandy Q: Or hypocrites? Is joining the movement of Anna Hazare a sign of false prestige? Oh so its the Indian Government. But who are the government, aren't they the Indian population. Isn't it a matter of pride to take bribes when every body else is taking. Nobody is fed up in India of giving bribes, its just competing for huge bribes. There is not a single ethical Indian citizen. Do you think Non Resident Indians are fed up with bribes and have joined the movement in facebook? Its just a matter of fasle prestige.

A: Most of the followers of Anna Hazare are people who are fed up with paying bribes. Even the people who receive bribes have to pay them to other people. If the Indian government paid the clerks a living wage they would not have to take bribes to fed their children.

Can anna hazare do anything to this country against corruption? by kichu Q: The strike of anna hazare is very famous now and it is the main topic nowadays.But can he do anything for our country(India)?Did the prime minister making any corruption?How can you justify your answer?

A: He has already contributed in his own small ways in the past - be it towards local development, RTI, Vrikshamitra, etc. The current indefinite fast to bring in a strong JanLokpal Bill may or may not be successful - still "early days". However, he has Already Succeeded in creating public awareness, mobilising the youth & many other groups, offering a beacon of hope to the cynics & to the people who have to face petty corruption in their daily lives, becoming a symbol to rally around & channelising energies in a positive direction....

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