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Android tablets

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Can apps from apple or itunes still work on android tablets or phones? by Michael Q: I introduced a friend of mine to use a new tablet that runs off of the android store. His wife has an iphone and both are wondering if applications, no matter from either side, can still be usable for both systems. I understand that yes both sides have similar apps that are the same, but what I'm trying to find out is, if I bought an app from say the android market, could i transfer that same app to the iphone or vice versa?

A: No, you can't, they are in different platform. one is android, one is ios. But most of producer will make 2 version for ios and android.

Where do you go to update your firmware for the new 7" Android 2.1 apad/haipad g10 tablets? by wave2585 Q: i know you can find it online but what store can you go to? i want professionals to do it i dont want to mess it up myself. but since its not connected to a wireless carrier, who do you see for android tablets tech support and updates for firmware and the like?

A: By simply accessing the Android Market from the menu, you can download a huge variety of free and paid software from the Android Marketplace. the website is http://www.android.com/market need buy android tablet PC pls going the website Very cheap and high quality http://www.itabletpcshop.com

can android tablets use all the apps that android phones can?, and is a tablet better then a laptop? by Lexius Editely Q: i was just wondering, because i may buy a android tablet, or some tablet, but are they better then laptops, they can use the net and such just as a normal computer can, right? and are there any just touchscreen laptops that run on windows?

A: I believe that they can use all the apps available to the phones Whether it's better than a laptop is a matter of personal opinion. You'll be missing a keyboard, it won't be as powerful, etc, but they're fantastic on battery and touch is a great way to work. I own a touchscreen laptop. Mine is an HP Touchsmart Tablet. It's like a tablet in that you can swivel the screen and that's all you'll see of the laptop, but it's a laptop. It wasn't too expensive either (as an answer below me would have you believe).. It was about $850-900, not much more than an android tablet, and much more powerful and useful.

How many apps does Android have for tablets? by Brahweiz Q: I will buy an Asus Eee Pad Transformers, but I wonder how many apps for Android tablets currently because it's boring if i bought it and it has no app to use

A: countless..... dont worry, android market is already beating apple s

Are mods that put the Android Market app on Android tablets that don't have it preinstalled illegal? by Ryan Q: Why don't some Android tablets come with the Android Market app?

A: No it is not. But the ones that dont come with the market, companies can not include it due to it would violate the licensing agreement with google.

Are android tablets better than the itouch? by cubsfan22 Q: Ive been seeing a lot of android tablets for good prices compared to the itouch and ipad and was wondering if they're any good. Most of the tablets have the same features as the itouch but Im worried if i buy one of these tablets they wont work that good. What do you know about these tablets compared to Apple products?

A: I played with a couple today at the mall. The View Sonic 10.1 Android Tablet was the most impressive but it was terribly slow. Now that could of been because it has been messed with because it as a demo model. BTW,i am writing to you on my iPad. I LOVE it! And Apple has them on sale TODAY ONLY!

What kind of AC adapter comes with the Android tablets from Euogo? by JBB Q: I'm looking at buying one of the android tablets from euogo.com and I'm in the US and I want to make sure I can charge it.

Is there a twitter/facebook application made for tablets on android? by Stephen M. Q: I'm looking for something like tweetdeck on the desktop with multiple panels. I have an android tablet and don't see very many applications made for just tablets.

How do I transfer files between 2 android tablets? by Neil Q: Me and my wife have android tablets and I want to transfer files and .apk files without having to take them from mine, to the computer and then onto hers.

A: Use Blue tooth, download an file manager, and find the files and apk to transfer.

What do android tablets and other off brands of ipads do? by hnv6696 Q: this may sound stupid, but i wanted an ipad but i heard android tablets were cheaper. whats the difference btwn them? what can they do?

A: * iPads come only in one size - 9.7 inches. Android Tablets come in multiple sizes - 7 inch, 8 inch, 8.9 inch and 10 inch sizes. * iPads are made by one company, Apple, Many companies make Android Tablets - Samsung, Dell, Motorola, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Viewsonic and recently Amazon. * Some Android devices come with more features out of the box - HDMI built-in, USB built-in, GPS. For the iPad, you need to pay extra for those features. In summary you have to determine what you will use the device for and based from your needs you can determine the best tablet PC to get.

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