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Android Phones

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What are some realy good (current and new) android phones on the market? by Cool J Q: I have the samsung moment and it's a cool android phone but sprint's not giving out anymore updates for the phone that includes android 2.2 laving me stuck with 2.1. I just want to know what good android phones are out there that ppl actually have not those who articles say are realy good cuz i know things are different when you realy put the phone to the test.

A: I have had both the Evo4g and the Epic 4g. The evo is running 2.2 so it supports flash content when searching the web. The epic has a phenomenal screen but is currently still running 2.1 for the moment. Both are great phones if u like a bigger screen, use gps and email a lot and want faster phone updates the evo is better. I prefer the epic though because of touchwiz, the iphone like layout, the slide out keyboard the super amelod screen and the way it handles media. I like the call quality on the epic too. 4g will work on both phones only depending on the area you are in, the 4g network is not country wide yet. I'm in the l.a area and only get the signal like 65 to 70 percent of the time. Sprint is also about to release the kyocera echo. Looks really cool it has 2 touchscreens you can multitask one or slide together to make one big screen. I prefer sprint phones because of the prices.

How long do android phones usually last on one charge? by Unknown Q: is 24 hours good for android phones? Why don't they last as long as other phones?

A: That's good compared to mine. Mine only lasts that long if I hardly use it.. androids drain the battery faster because they are constantly running and have apps constantly running.

What is the best Android phones out there? by ichilouch Q: What is the best Android phones in the market with super amoled screen and is currently released OR will be released this April or May? I live in the Philippines. and also i have another question HTC desire hd vs samsung galaxy s?

A: Samsung Captivate HTC Aria...

Is there a computer application that works the same as iTunes but is for Android phones? by Gunther Mercedes Q: I've always used an iPod as my music listening device but now I recently got a new phone which id rather listen to music from. I was just wondering if there is a application like iTunes that works the same but it for Android phones. I have the Galaxy Prevail for boost if that makes any difference.

A: Unfortunately not yet. Android has their website though where you can buy apps.

Why is there no radio on android phones? by Squib Q: I have noticed that there is no fm radio on any of the android phones. I was wondering why this is because fm radios have become integrated in almost all modern phones. Answers would be much appreciated.

A: There are some new models in the pipeline coming out that will have this. Stay tuned to http://blog.ShopAndroid.net/ for more info.

What Android phones have qwerty keyboards on them? by Tom H Q: Im thinking about getting a phone from any carrier and i like physical keyboards so can you list all the android phones that you know have a keyboard. They can come out later this year if yooou know of any.

A: i have the g1 and i think its awesome... its touch screen and qwerty keyboard... the only bad thing about it is that it has a fairly short battery life.

Can i play games all Android games on all Android phones? Is there any resolution problem? by Somaan T Q: I want to know that the Can i play all the games of ANDROID MARKET on all phones of Android OS? Is there any problem of Screen Resolution? For e-g , Can i play the all games of Android on Xperia x10 mini? As it has very low Resolution!

A: Some of the newest games released require faster processors and dedicated graphics chips to play well on a phone. You will find out quickly if your phone is not capable of handling the games. As far as the resolution issue, most good developers embed into their program what screen resolutions the application or game will run on, and what it won't work for. The Android Market is smart and will not show you applications that are not compatible with your phone. That is, if the maker of the game put this information in. If you are unsure, before purchasing a game, email the developer to see if they recommend it for use on your phone.

How do I root Android phones to receive free apps from teh android market place? by Shane I Q: How do I root android phones to get free apps from the android market place?

A: You have a horrible misunderstanding of what rooting is.....there is no way that Google would encourage rooting if it allowed you to download paid apps for free from the market. Rooting Obtaining root ("administrator", or "full") access to the device. This means you can mount its internal memory partition as read/write, which lets you do various things: have USB or Wi-Fi tethering, uninstall applications you otherwise can't uninstall (e.g. the Amazon MP3 store), install applications that need root access (such as AdFree), disable the camera shutter sound (simply by deleting the shutter sound file), overclock or underclock the CPU, install and boot Debian, and so on.

What is the smallest screen resolution there is in Android phones? by Veejay Q: I'm making an android phone game and I want my screen resolution to fit the smallest screen resolution there has been that an android phone had. Then if there's another android phone with a larger resolution, I'll just re-size it in a scalar manner and just fill the empty parts with black. So then, what is the smallest screen resolution there has been that android phones had?

A: The smallest screen is probably the HTC Tattoo with a size of 2.8 inches. The resolution of that screen is QVGA (240x320, low density, small screen). If you want more information about the various Android phones available definitely check out http://andgeeks.com/android-phones/

What other android phones can i use on virgin mobile? by jdmpower363 Q: I have the lg optimus for virgin mobile's beyond talk plan which is the best phone available for the plan. However its pretty much bottom of the line for android phones. Am I able to use a better android phone from sprint somehow safely and what phones? Any links to your answer to explain how would be helpfull.

A: Samsung Intercept (I have that) LG Optimus Motorola Triumph (4G) will come out in about a month

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