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Amy winehouse

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PaPuhSmurf Amy Winehouse - Valerie will never get old

AyLiinBlackBell I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/7keOlA8E Amy Winehouse - Back To Black

TuMamaEsMiPuta DICEN QUE ERAS DEALER DE AMY WINEHOUSE… (@TamarinditaMosh live on http://t.co/NjUSLiWS)

teirraa_ .amy winehouse wss real on some true gee shit !

Balvareznava Mira este video. -- Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse - Body And Soul http://t.co/6MYegukq vía @youtube

LeMedusa @Sandia_POA Haha my name is Amy winehouse lol

xoxoamcp RT @TheIlluminati: All I need is my man to live up to his role. - Amy Winehouse

DaniloOliveii #np - Amy WineHouse like SMoke feat. nas

Billy_Salinas RT @MarthaRgz: Todos me preguntan que si quien es Amy Winehouse ‎​​¬¬ en que puto mundo viven?

_amy__winehouse lição231: Amy Winehouse serve de exemplos para todos que querem se dar bem na vida http://t.co/LpeJx8hb http://t.co/VI6q6XPN

Manolitox88 Vo, Amy Winehouse no se murió...está en Punta de Este, sentada acá al lado mío...#loJuro

nasserelshehri Video: Amy Winehouse - Rehab (by AmyWinehouseVEVO) http://t.co/Y8RgcUHR

VictoriaJBuzz Victoria Justice: Amy Winehouse Remembered By Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna ... http://t.co/LrIHxubv

Saeeda_D Word of advice- do not listen to Amy Winehouse late at night when the bad part of you insists on reminding you of cemeteries during the song

StreetKode Amy Winehouse ft. Nas – Like Smoke » @StreetKode Magazine http://t.co/F981UtYZ


Is it true that they are thinking of making an Amy Winehouse movie? by Yes Q: I've heard that they are thinking of making a movie based on the life of amy winehouse. Is this true?

A: I hope not . It would not surprise me if they did though

What have made AMY WINEHOUSE becoming a drug addict and having those outrageous bahaviors? by N=183 Q: what are some outrageous behaviors that Amy Winehouse has? i heard that she was being ABUSED, in what way she was being abused? thank you so much :D

A: Her Husband Blake Civil Fielder. He was pretty much a mind puppet to her and instead of helping get away from drugs he kept bringing her down with drugs. I don't really know if there was domestic violence in their relationship but there was a time where they were on the news and both of them were covered in blood. They also were cutters. She also suffers from Manic Depression. http://cdn.idontlikeyouinthatway.com//pictures/20070824/amy%20winehouse%20beat%20up%20bloody/aww2.jpg http://popbytes.com/img/amy-winehouse-bloody-brawl.jpg

Where can I find the Amy Winehouse CD Back to Black Deluxe Edition in the United States? by Gregg B Q: I am looking for an Amy Winehouse Cd it is Back to Black Deluxe Edition it has several more tracks than the original version. I have checked Amazon.com and Cdnow.com and I cant find it. Any help would be great!

A: http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,4451825,00.html There ya go... I think thats it.

How can I get a voice like Amy Winehouse? by Blossoms Q: There is a singing style that I fell in love with and here are a couple of artists that have a similar singing style as Amy Winehouse: - Adele - Duffy - Paloma Faith - Rebecca Ferguson - Dionne Bromfield - Gabriella Cilmi How can I gain this singing style? I just simply want to get their jazzy/soulful singing style, I don't want to exactly copy their voice because that's simply impossible. Do I try to mimic them?

What size roller would i need in my conair foam rollers for a amy winehouse rehab look using a home perm? by Girl Stillagirl Q: Alright so I have the conair foam rollers i am going to use for my home perm, wht size rollers would u reccommend me using to have the look amy winehouse has in her official music video rehab? asap plz!

What is a good guys costume to go with Amy Winehouse? by InTheArmyNow Q: I am dressing up as Amy Winehouse for Halloween. I don't know what I should have my boyfriend dress as. Any suggestions?

A: Her drug dealer. ^..^

How many songs of Amy Winehouse can you recall? by Hollie Q: Amy Winehouse was gone, but her gorgeous songs will lasts forever. How many songs of her can you recall?

A: I like her Rehab very much… Her songs are so different from others while I listened to her songs I felt my heart’s pumping with desire to jump. She might not the most excellent singer but she must be one memorable. Here are all her songs videos and live performance I got http://www.wally.tv/search/Amy%20Winehouse <http://www.wally.tv/search/Amy Winehouse> . Welcome to add more.

Amy winehouse? by RockerGuy ! Q: Does anybody know why amy winehouse is in such a huge depression ?? She takes herroin, cocaine, ectasy, and and another drug, along with her prescription medication (which she doesn't take), Whiskey and vodka. She also tried to kill herself, she like gashed hern knees and everything and was full of blood. So does anyone know ? Its a sin what she goes through :(

A: If she did even HALF the things that the press reports,she'd be 50 years old and have the opiate tolerance of a bull elephant.She has people around her,I'm sure she's okay.

Amy Winehouse? by Sarah Fairchild Q: Is it true that Amy Winehouse has been dead for six months? I should my dad the article and he doesn't believe it. Is it true that Amy Winehouse has been dead for six months? I showed my dad the article and he doesn't believe it.

A: wow amy winehouse is taking up wrestling?Why isn't this on the news???

amy winehouse? by poisonbabe38 Q: hey does anyone know amy winehouse? if you do than you probably know what she looks like. some people say she looks like Kat Von D from miami ink.i think she looks like a cross from jennifer hudson and kat. i love her voice its not raspy,and its real soothing...sort of. i used to think that i couldn't sing,you know all the music and singers have these perfect mariah carey voices,nothing wrong with that,but i can never sing that high.Amy has a beatiful low key voice that i can sing to almost all her songs,atleast the ones i like. my question anyways is doesn't she look like jennifer hudson and kat?

A: not sure i really cant tell

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