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Amy Poehler

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NOTIPELICULAS Amy Poehler http://t.co/ZOHgcv61

NYstylecritic RT @fashionpatrolUS: Amy Poehler in Giambattista Valli for Impulse Dress at the LACMA Art + Film Gala http://t.co/q5cyVPdQ @GiambattistaPR

fashionpatrolUS Amy Poehler in Giambattista Valli for Impulse Dress at the LACMA Art + Film Gala http://t.co/q5cyVPdQ @GiambattistaPR

BreezeReese RT @CptMcAfton: Water for Elephants ate my soul. Two things: Amy Poehler and _Reese_ _Witherspoon_ are twinkies and this movie reminded...

CptMcAfton Water for Elephants ate my soul. Two things: Amy Poehler and Reese Witherspoon are twinkies and this movie reminded me so much of Titanic.

nurschweini33 RT @Pav_k_: Awww best combo Amy Poehler and John Krasinski <3 Andie and Duckie! http://t.co/ZY6Nzj1U

MovinToThatBeat @coldesire Amy Poehler is a perfect human.

coldesire I swear Amy Poehler is like chicken soup or someshit she just radiates goodness #cheeseballtweet

sharkteeeth @Smiles0609 I think she can be funny but I REALLY hate the "just kidding" lady. I miss when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were there.

allthewaytonyc @unipeeee i'm not. but i like dogs and amy poehler.

allthecrapwesay "I feel like, if you were the type of girl who barhopped every night but Sunday, you would be her." (Talking about Amy Poehler in Baby Mama)

BeckRusso This study break has included a large consumption of candy. I blame Amy Poehler.

Jramirez314159 Weekend update was better when amy poehler was still there. Still funny though

elainealmeda @idkmybffleah it was better when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were still on.

emilystansky Come see My Mother's Fleabag at O'Connell house! Amy Poehler was in this group!!!!!! #bccomedy #amypoehler


Is that Will Arnett and Amy Poehler ad starting to annoy anyone? by sehr Dang-Fliege Q: Every time I jump to a different page I hear Will and Amy continuing their extensive conversation about calling up their single friends and dumping oil in the ocean. Guess what guys, we heard 'ya the first time! I'm adding the removal of that ad to my holiday wish list. Let's hope Santa is merciful enough to banish them from the side of my screen!

A: I was thinking about deactivating flash because of that.

what do you think of Amy Poehler leaving SNL? by ♥ jξ∩∩Y ♥ Q: Amy Poehler is leaving SNL after the elections and not coming back.

A: Bye Amy.

poll A 50 foot Chelsea Handler in a fat suit or Amy Poehler 50 feet? by Jerry W Q: Which one will be funnier to watch? Be creative with your answers? Amy Poehler 50 feet tall in a fat suit as well.

A: Amy Poehler. The woman can rap and do the chicken dance very well.

Survey What would you do if caught by a giant sized Amy Poehler? by CooldudeWwefan Q: What would you do if big Amy Poehler puckered up?

A: Lmao 'Istayhigh'!!! Me too!

A place to get a free mp3 download of the Sarah Palin Rap performed by Amy Poehler? by Lion Q: I'm looking for a free download for the Sarah Palin Rap performed by Amy Poehler.. Any help?

A: Find it here : www.4shared.com www.kohit.net www.aimini.net www.mp3.com www.mp3raid.com www.dmusic.com www.musicremedy.com www.seekasong.com www.hot-mp3-now.com www.download.com www.ziddu.com www.rapidshare.com www.stafaband.info (on the right side of the site) www.music.download.com www.feerl.com www.ez-tracks.com mp3.baidu.com www.easymusicdownload.com www.mp3-center.org www.intomusic.co.uk www.dilandau.com www.misshacker.com www.mp3000.net www.jukeboxalive.com untuk-telinga.blogspot.com www.find-greatdeals.com www.3mp3.ru www.mag4you.com www.mp3int.com www.theatremp3.net www.mp3songshome.com Hope it helps !

Are you going to watch Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler? by Taylor Q: You should watch it! It doesn't look very funny but I LOVE Amy Poehler!

A: I probably will I love her too.

'Parks and Recreation' with Amy Poehler on NBC. How is that going to be funny? by Taylor :) Q: I've been seeing commercials for Parks and Recreation for a while. It's going to be on NBC and Amy Poehler plays the main character Leslie Knope. To be honest, I don't see how there's enough funny material to use about someone working for a department of parks and recreation. I mean if anyone can do it, she can, but I still don't think it's going to last very long. Does anyone else think this, or do you have high hopes for the show?

A: i think the commercials look funny. they could be putting all of their funny material into the commercials though. im sure ill watch it though because i love the office so much.

What is the name of the karaoke game Amy Poehler plays on baby mama? by cheryl Q: in baby mama when amy poehler plays that karaoke sing along game and tina faye comes home what is the name of that game? Thanks :)

A: I'm fairly certain its the American Idol game.

What type of comedy is Amy Poehler best known for? by Toraloo Q: Amy Poehler has done a lot in SNL, movies like Blades of Glory, Mean Girls, and Baby Mama. Do you think she's best known for physical comedy, deadpan comedy, verbal comedy, screwball comedy, or parody/spoof comedy?

A: Most likely her parody/spoof comedy, I mean we all know her for being one of the best and well respected actresses on SNL.

what season did amy poehler first join saturday night live? by taylorswiftfan_2328 Q: i want to buy dvds of saturday night live, and i love amy poehler... so can someone tell me what season did amy first join saturday night live?

A: The 2001 season. I think that was the 27th season.

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