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Amy lee

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EnticingCare #NP Broken by Seether with Amy Lee

Danger_AmyHere Isso, sua ridícula, coloca um monte de fotos DA AMY LEE e nomeia o álbum de EVANESCENCE MY VICIO. ¬¬

marianatorri Me deixe ficar onde o vento sussurra pq assim eu esqueço que vc existe. (Amy Lee)

Gabih_Foreever #nowplaying Korn & Amy Lee - Freak On A Leash ♪♫♪

ruii101 #np broken - seether ft amy lee #GoodOldSong

movetotherhythm As much as I love Amy Lee, she's like a disease. She is literally everywhere. But hey, no complaints here!

SuchAGayMermaid i know i can't sing like fucking Amy Lee but i must not sound too horrible. I was in choir for awhile.

JesseStClair Tarja and Amy Lee are the same Height....Big Voices come from Tiny Bodies

MattheusBVB nossa Amy lee Canta mto

larissa_292 RT @Amy_Leebrasil: Amy Lee Brasil » Amy posta foto de Josh e Troy http://t.co/RTlzigOT

SeelwaSb Amy Lee | Amy Lee Picture #13207824 - 454 x 627 - http://t.co/sbpQ3pzp http://t.co/kw8LrYu1 via @fanpixnet I Love heeeeeer :( <3

callmefaggot Amy Lee from evanescence is going to be at the emas and so is lady gaga and I can't go to see them D:

EvFan_ RT @Amy_Leebrasil: Amy Lee Brasil » Fotos do show de ontem em Londres http://t.co/8PNSbnEc

EvFan_ RT @Amy_Leebrasil: Amy Lee Brasil » Capa do single de "My Heart is Broken" http://t.co/GQWWOCsl

EvFan_ RT @Amy_Leebrasil: Amy Lee Brasil » Amy posta foto de Josh e Troy http://t.co/RTlzigOT


Listen to the Rain by Amy Lee and her high school choir? by Elana Q: I was wondering if there was anywhere you could buy "Listen to the Rain" by Amy Lee and her high school choir. My chorus listened to it today and were thinking of singing it for a festival that comes up every fall for next year. We have it on our teachers computer, but I was wondering if you can still buy it, because I want it. I hear you can't buy it anymore, that it was on an album that can no longer be bought. Any suggestions?

A: Far be it for me to recommend an illegal activity, but what about bit torrent?

How do I look like amy lee? by Ssories Q: I've got a party to go to and you have to dress as a famous musician. I decided on amy lee. How do I make myself look like her? Any ideas? I thought I could put a temporary black through my hair (my hair is light brown at the moment)

A: yep temporary black dye...put lots of black makeup on...and if ur not already pale, try aq lighter shade of power on (that doesnt make u look like a fake) oh and a really pretty gothic dress with lots of lace i suggest.put ur hair down too...and maybe have long gloves.

How can I be confident like Amy Lee? by CloudyRain Q: If you've ever noticed, Amy Lee from the band Evanescence is kind of a bad ass :) She's so confident and doesn't care what people think. I wish I had an attitude like that.

A: Omfg i feel the same way. I love Amy Lee and Evanescence and Amy's attitude is awesome. I wanted her attitude so what i did was go by this motto " I am me and if you do not like it, well then f*ck you." I used to be a sorta dark depressed person and Evanescence has saved my life many times. I love watching behind the scenes videos of Amy and the band and she id HILARIOUS! I love her.

Is there anything new going on with Evanescence or Amy Lee? by [*TheBestDamnThing*] Q: I am craving some new Evanescence music. Lol, except for Amy Lee's version of Sally's Song, cause I already listened to that like, 1,184,132,145 times. Loll. And also what's your favorite Evanescence song?

A: 1)Evanescence is not currently expected to release any new music any time soon. 2) Amy Lee will be on the Tonight Show (Jay Leno Show) on October 13th 3) Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in Disney Digital 3-D in Hollywood, CA on Friday, October 17th at 7pm! There will be a special LIVE performance by Amy Lee before the film! You can win tickets on imeem.com/evanescence 4) My favorite songs are so close, my last breath, taking over me, imaginary, weight of the world, lithium, and missing

How do I look like Amy Lee? by Ssories Q: How do I look like amy lee? I've got a party to go to and you have to dress as a famous musician. I decided on amy lee. How do I make myself look like her? Any ideas? I thought I could put a temporary black through my hair (my hair is light brown at the moment) 36 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer

A: Black hair would be good. Don't forget to be very generous with dark smoky eye make-up, too. If you own a corset, that would be ideal. She's very burlesque, isn't she? And a gothic black skirt. Or even just a gothic kind of dress, I've found many great ones at random thrift stores. I'm sure that wouldn't be too hard to find.

How to do amy lee broken make-up? by Chey Q: How do i do my make-up like Amy Lee's in the music video for broken?

A: Looks like just smoky eyeshadow and pale foundation. Search on youtube for "Smokey eye tutorial" to learn how to do that, and maybe some light brown lipstick? I can't really tell.

Amy Lee ............. ? by Elena G Q: Hey you guys, do you have an idea how many octaves does she have ?

A: She has a four octave range.

How to dress up like Amy Lee in public? by Amy Q: Can anyone have any ideas on how to dress up like Amy Lee, she's my role model, and I would really like some tips to dress up like her to walk around in the public without people looking at me too weird. But people already do that, so that doesn't matter. Anyone can answer this with their own ideas.

A: First of all, I just want to let you know; If you're going to be dressing like her, you're going to get SOME weird looks. It's a given. But you seem pretty down with that, so it's all good. As long as you have confidence and dont cower under their sneers, then you'll shine. Yeah. :D I don't know how to dress like her, look at some pictures. I just gave you a pep talk. Your welcome.

Why does that one girl from Paramore get more attention than Amy Lee ? by Marisa Q: She's the only girl in her band. Yet people think that one girl from Paramore is doing something so great. I love Amy Lee. She's way better then that one girl. I don't hate her or anything. It's just that people make it seem like she is the first female lead singer in a band with all boys. And her voice can't beat Amy's. Amy has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard.

A: I agree completely. But I love Paramore also. I'm just guessing but I think because the mainstream scene thinks the looks and that the stuff that Evanescence plays to them are "too scary, or too horrible for young kids" Which I strongly disagree on. They both have unique and strong voices in different ways though!

amy lee??? by trevor Q: who thinks that amy lee of evenesence is one of the hottest chix alive

A: I know she is! She can sing me to sleep! ;)

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