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avonewens @hattilongsoks I'm going to get the brooch to go on my cape! http://t.co/vZ66xv60

SanFranLiveNews 2 exhibitions at Ampersand International Arts (SFGate) http://t.co/vGe7SW92 #Entertainment #SanFrancisco

dasaninda #nasscompc "who am I?" I started my career from Infosys then became the M.D of Ampersand Software Applications (cont) http://t.co/hfR03OEy

forkablefia Photo: The fifth Inspector holds a special place in my heart. Ask me about my ampersand tattoo. http://t.co/Sw8zTmUZ

sophia3432423 Ampersand Claybord - 8 x 8, Claybord, 3/4 Cradled: Claybord is a true multimedia panel, ideal for paint, ink, go... http://t.co/cpQhRfip

Maaskaas @JemAtkins @simonpegg Jem, you're a buddy, but I don't think Mr Pegg is gonna take you serious if you neglect the space after the ampersand.

Leeannebao Ampersand Claybord - 5 x 7 (3 Pack), Claybord, 1/8 Thick: Claybord is a true multimedia panel, ideal for paint, ... http://t.co/nLNkEOsr

Fairywge Ampersand Hardbord - 18 x 36, Hardbord, 3/4 Cradled: Hardbord is available with a 3/4 deep cradle for hanging wi... http://t.co/1MtBMbFR

homeslideshow Ampersand – Live – Herb Garden 160809 pt 1 http://t.co/ghoOEdjz

gardens2012 Ampersand – Live – Herb Garden 160809 pt 1 http://t.co/XEfKFZcx

zhanghenglai Photo: The ampersand symbol has been in use since 100 A.D., when Roman scribes writing the Latin word “et”... http://t.co/Z893drVF

Amescuauf Ampersand Encausticbord - 16 times; 16, Encausticbord, 2-1/8 Cradled: Created as the result of a collaborative e... http://t.co/QjCnNgOV

RenatoBenzi Ampersand Encausticbord - 10 times; 10, Encausticbord, 7/8 Cradled: Created as the result of a collaborative eff... http://t.co/mvrIsAOX

RichmondSFNews 2 exhibitions at Ampersand International Arts: Leigh Wells: "Deception": collage and assemblage (pictured); Miguel... http://t.co/QFhKjoBL

okumura333 『5/28 10:00-5/30 9:59期間限定販売【プチプラ945円】ampersand_ドクロギャングTシャツ_10』を見る ⇒ http://t.co/p8BZrpfW #followmeJP


Does your strawberry car care about your sister's ampersand muncher? by Lara (: Q: Bus and Oh darius, with ice cream and extra nugget lingers.


how do we use the notations above the numbers keys to amend letters with a symbol above such as an ampersand? by [email protected] Q: shift + click works to capitalize etc., but to put a notation directly above a letter is achieved how? † Beautiful....you're my hero for the day. ¡Mercí!

A: Hold down shift & press the button. To place the symbol directly above a letter, you have to use ALT character codes with the 10-key number pad (on the right side of the keyboard). There is a list of the character codes at the website below. For example, Hold down ALT and type 132, then release ALT to get ä ALT+133= à ALT+134= å

Where can I find and interrobang AND an ampersand in the same font? by pinkevilmyth Q: Oh, and it has to work on a Mac...! Can anyone find a font download containing an ampersand AND an interrobang, please? I've tried and failed maybe I'm looking in the wrong places...!

A: Obviously you're looking in the wrong places......

How do I make a phrase in the shape of an ampersand on Powerpoint? by Lila Q: I'm trying to put a phrase into the ampersand shape on Powerpoint, like this one that I found on the net: http://www.peculiar-poetry.com/images/ampers.gif Any idea how they did it?

A: You will probably have to use another graphics program to create your shaped phrase as an image. Another option is to draw your image on paper and scan it. You can then use a paint program to tweak the scanned image smothing edges, coloring ect..

Where & When & by what merge, did the much used ampersand that has made its way into many language come to be? by Terry Q: It is the magick symbol that allows many a question to fit In the YA Question box.

A: The ampersand has its roots in the Latin word for and, "et." Before printed typography, you would see a lot of ligature, which is the combining of letters into one, which makes it a sort of glyph. You can see it if you've studied calligraphy or old texts. The e and t combined to become what is known as the ampersand.

What does a single ampersand ('&') operator do in PHP? by Paul Q: I've got a comparison that looks something like the below, and I'm wondering what is going on within the parentheses: if (true && ($flags & FORM_CONTINUE)) { //execute code } I get the logical AND (&&), but what's going on with the single '&'? Both items there are integer values.

A: & is the bitwise and operator && is logical and operator. 2 & 3 = 2 2 converted to 10 and 3 converted to 11 10 11 10 True and true = true True and false = false Again 10 converted to number and 10 converted to 2.

Am I the only one annoyed by teens doubling the ampersand for no reason at all? by The Reindeer Q: It's like they think it's cute or something. "I went to the store && bought some bread." I keep reading 'and and'. Why do they do that? And why do they add extra letters to the ends of their words? Like "I wentt to the store && bought some breaddd." Am I the only one who hates this?

A: No, you are not... Because they are the first generation that will grow up never knowing how to spell in full text, nor write in cursive......

Why do some people put an ampersand in front of a person's name when commenting on Facebook? by Q: I've heard that it means you're replying to a specific person's comment, but why the ampersand? Why not just start your comment with their name?

am i the only person left on earth that sill uses the lower case ampersand? by knucklehead Q: I was constanlty reminded by my teachers in school that the upper case ampersand '&' could only be be used in title and names of buisnesses but it seems as if no-one any more more uses it. I don't even have it on my computer to use it here to show you (lame) it looks like a upside down 4 .

A: i use it

Ampersand (&)? by Q: Can anyone suggest the appropriate use of ampersand in a sentence? Is it good to use ampersand instead of 'and'. Thanks in advance for help

A: It is not appropriate to use it in a sentence in place of the word "and". It is for titles and fragments.

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