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zoospore_amoeba 【zoospore_amoebaる】(動詞) 意味:「変態行為をする」 http://t.co/0gIsw8HV アメーバでもひどいし本名でもひどいし、どゆことなの

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How to determine if an amoeba is alive? by Gypsy W Q: I was looking at an amoeba under a light microscope, and as it didn't really seem to be moving was wondering if it was alive or not. How would you determine if it was alive?

A: You kill it by breaking it open. When it stops moving you know it's dead. One amoeba? When you look at a sample there's usually alot of them, how did that happen? Amoeba's are always slivering.

How is the slow moving Amoeba able to capture a protozoan or other rapidly moving organisms? by Fritter Q: and how engulfing food particles such as bacteria ca n provide nutrition for the Amoeba?

A: It sits and waits in ambush and then--> wham! bang ! pow ! < that little slow moving amoeba hits that organism over the head when it's least expecting it.

Explain the difference in size between Plasmodium and Amoeba by comparing their lifestyles? by Way Q: Even thought both Plasmodium and Amoeba are considered to be animal-like protists, they differ greatly in size. Explain the difference in size between Plasmodium and Amoeba by comparing their lifestyles.

A: They are asking about how their lifestyle (what they eat, where they live) effects their size. If you look up Amoeba and Plasmodium in Wikipedia you will fast see that Ameoba engulf their prey and Plasmodium such as malaria act as parasites living within a cell of the host. It should be simple to explain why these differences would necessitate a difference in size. Hope that helps.

A Sporozoan has a different life cycle then an Amoeba. What is the major difference in life cycles? by Ben J Q: A Sporozoan has a different life cycle then an Amoeba. What is the major difference in life cycles?

A: Sporozoans form spores in which they can hibernate. Amoebas do not form spores.

How do Paramecium or Amoeba digest there food? by WebkinzGirl158 Q: For my science, I need to do a report on how either Paramecium or Amoeba digest their food since they don't have mouths, stomachs, or intestines. I'm asking you people because Google isn't giving me the answers i'm looking for. So can you please help me?

A: They engulf food particle by phagocytosis. The food vacuoles fuse with lysosomes, and the enzymes digest the food. Undigested material is later remove by exocytosis.

What characteristics would you associate with an amoeba? by Google Earth Q: I'm writing a story for school about an amoeba. How do amoebae act? What do they do? Can they communicate with each other? Thank you.

A: Simple.

What is the official name for amoeba infection? Can you give me some links on information on amoeba infection? by Q: Typing "amoeba infection" in google doesn't give me the right sources to look at. I'm guessing maybe because it isn't the right name for the infection. The wikipedia article on amoeba doesn't talk about what infections it causes. I'd be grateful if you can find me some informative sites on amoeba infection. Thanks!

A: Amebiasis www.kidshealth.com/parent/infections/parasitic/amebiasis.html www.cdc.gov/NCIDOD/DPD/parasites/amebiasis/default.htm www.healthscout.com/ency/68/313/main.html ww.health.state.ny.us/diseases/communicable/amebiasis/fact_sheet.htm

what are the signs of amoeba? does the local park lakes test for it everyday? by Q: I recently took my 3year son to veterans park in palm bay florida & a 16 year old girl just passed from amoeba in the john river. He has been sluggish& dont wanna eat and a slight fever so after i heard about the girl im horrified. Imma take him in but any suggestions about the amoeba? do they test the local lakes?

A: Amoeba can be found in many places,I doubt whether they would test waterways etc unless an actual outbreak of illness occured nearby.Read this link article,it will give you details,but get your son off to the doctor to be sure. http://www.parasitecleanse.com/amoeba.htm

How does the Amoeba use its pshyical features to live in its particular habitat and life style? by hotchick8581 Q: I know Amoeba's live in freshwater, the oceans, upper areas of soil and sometimes on the body of aquatic aniamls, and inside some aquatic and terristrial animals... but what do amoeba have that makes it well suited to live in these habitats?

A: Amoebas do indeed live in different aquatic habitats. Its main adaptation is called a contractile vacuole. This organelle allows the amoeba to "pump" in or out water, depending on its needs. If the amoeba is placed in an isotonic solution, or the concentration of solute outside is the same as the amoeba, then nothing will happen. When placed into a hypertonic solution, say, saltwater, then water will rush into the amoeba and it will pump water out using the contractile vacuole.

Amoeba??????????????????????? by dyer_maker Q: A jar begins with one amoeba. Every minute, every amoeba turns into 0, 1, 2, or 3 amoebas with probability 25% for each case ( dies, does nothing, splits into 2, or splits into 3). What is the probability that the amoeba population eventually dies out?

A: If p is the probability that a single amoeba's descendants will die out eventually, the probability that N amoebas' descendants will all die out eventually must be p^N, since each amoeba is independent of every other amoeba. Also, the probability that a single amoeba's descendants will die out must be independent of time when averaged over all the possibilities. At t=0, the probability is p, at t=1 the probability is 0.25(p^0+p^1+p^2+p^3), and these probabilities must be equal. Extinction probability p is a root of f(p)=p. In this case, p = sqrt(2)-1. The generating function for the sequence P(n,i), which gives the probability of i amoebas after n minutes, is f^n(x), where f^n(x) == f^(n-1) ( f(x) ), f^0(x) == x . That is, f^n is the nth composition of f with itself. Then f^n(0) gives the probability of 0 amoebas after n minutes, since f^n(0) = P(n,0). We then note that: f^(n+1)(x) = ( 1 + f^n(x) + (f^n(x))^2 + (f^n(x))^3 )/4 so that if f^(n+1)(0) -> f^n(0) we can solve the equation. The generating function also gives an expression for the expectation value of the number of amoebas after n minutes. This is d/dx(f^n(x)) evaluated at x=1. Using the chain rule we get f'(f^(n-1)(x))*d/dx(f^(n-1)(x)) and since f'(1) = 1.5 and f(1) = 1, we see that the result is just 1.5^n, as might be expected.

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