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Americas got talent

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bigboobsbachman Omw to DC with the mom for americas got talent. (-;

Simonneeex3 @kittymoy21 we need to hang out ASAP. I miss you & our Americas got talent marathon!

ajgtco Finally done with Americas got talent auditions... Headed home

YouLoveMonet RT @___ThatKiddoGio: I was bout to go audition for the Americas Got Talent and just act dumm but i didn't cuss i had stage fright

___ThatKiddoGio I was bout to go audition for the Americas Got Talent and just act dumm but i didn't cuss i had stage fright

trinasmilez afta waiting n line since 3am for Americas got Talent i think it paid off :)

aimz_kruger This paper horn man on americas got talent!!!! Hilarious!!!! Wow =]

Shanaynayy3 RT @Tylerschafrr7: Americas got talent auditions went great! Got a little nervous though :S

wutchianti RT @Tylerschafrr7: Americas got talent auditions went great! Got a little nervous though :S

busywatcher America's Got Talent comes to Washington D.C.: NBC's America's Got Talent is coming to Washington DC! Auditions ... http://t.co/dhEdiqsu

Tylerschafrr7 Americas got talent auditions went great! Got a little nervous though :S

Love_Sunasia RT @AList_PRFirm: "AMERICAS GOT TALENT" auditions Nov-Dec>DC, Tampa, Anaheim, Austin,Charlotte http://t.co/joM9AgPV >CLICK SKIP AD


could you obtain the same recognition on americas got talent as american idol? by Michali M Q: Im just trying to figure this out, because I've seen american idol winners become multi platinum artists, but nothing close to that from americas got talent. Do they offer the same opportunity?

A: good question.from what we've seen so far, the answer is a no. american idol just has a larger fan base, and it focusses on getting fresh young talent which is what more people go for. while america's got talent is a good show, and has its own appeal, american idol seems to have more edge to it. so in terms of opportunity to "make it big" after the show, a singer has a better chance of making a name for himself on american idol because of the multitude of people who american idol appeals to.

What is a good song to Sing on Americas got talent? by Q: I am gonna auditi9n for americas got talent. i was wondering what song is easy to remember but will make you stand out? PLEase HELP! -nikki r Outta Touch - its a online audition.

A: .Hmm it really depends on who you are as a singer. Just make sure you know your style, choose a song that fits you with and make sure you make it your own. Oh and that guy outta touch? He's an ass. All of his answers are bitter remarks and he seems to have a bit of an ego issue... I asked a question about doing my own rendition of a song and he said I have limited ability and all this other stuff with his CAPITALIZED WORDS

To audition for Americas Got Talent do you have to have the background music? by Lol Q: So I'm going to audtion for Americas Got Talent and I have a song but it's a little to high at the end I can sing it it just sounds kinda bad. So is it okay if I just don't have the music and just sing it? If not how can I sing it and sound good. Tips? Thanks!

A: You're actually not allowed to have background music unless you are dancing.

How can I sit in the audience and watch Americas Got Talent auditions? by Chocolate Chip Q: I know that a lot of people auditions for Americas Got Talent, but I want to sit in the audience to watch the auditions. How do I do this? Do I buy tickets, do I just show up? What? I want to go to the auditions in Washington D.C in November, but I don't know how to get into the audience. Please Help? This is for Season 7.

A: http://americasgottalentauditions.com/faq/faq-audition-day-questions/

What song do they play on the new Americas Got Talent preview? by LukeSkyWalker Q: On the previews for Americas got talent, what is the song they play.. It goes like... Whoa oh whoa oh your a superstar!

A: Dude,, I went crazy trying to find that song because it was amazing. It's Superstar by Clooney

How long is the duration of americas got talent? by cookiescream344 Q: I want to audition for Americas got talent next summer but my mom wants to know the duration of the competition so I wont miss the first day of school.

A: If schools an issue, I'd pass.

How does a person go about getting on Americas Got talent? by Republican!!! Q: My little sister can sing really beautiful, can anyone out there help me find the way to get her on Americas Got Talent? Please no sarcasm, her voice is "beautiful! Thank you P.S. My little sister is 48 years old....

A: MYSPACE always has online auditions for America's Got Talent. Or look online, like google. :)

simons problem with americas got talent? by littlebrowniemonster Q: At the end of the top 40 selection on americas talent simon cowell called the judges and said we have a very serious problem. What was that about?

A: At the end of Las Vegas Week, Simon Cowell, the executive producer of Talent, called the judges by phone while they were flying back to Los Angeles, stating that he was unhappy with some of the eliminations the judges made. Cowell stated that this season had a lot of talent and presented the judges with eight acts he thought America should see again. As a result, two wild card acts will perform each week along with the ten already scheduled to perform, expanding the Top 40 to the Top 48.

Where does americas got talent put video auditions for voting? by Hope, Prayer, Love, Faith Q: Once americas got talent has had video auditions and the judges narrow it down for voting where do they put the videos for voting and for how long (TV or their website)? Anyone know?

A: Youtube

Americas got Talent A Beautiful Silhouette dance on Americas talent what was song? by lia sophia Q: A Beautiful Silhouette dance on Americas talent what was song? I Imagine?

A: The song is called "Imagine Me" by Kirk Franklin :)

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