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American Idol

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kanona88 From Justin to Kelly. When American Idol was more popular.

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AmERICAN iDOL!? by jaclynh66 Q: alrighty im watching american idol and i love the song this guy just sang, he made it his darker skinned and it was like im here waiting for yea idk idk idk then it ws like one minute of your love? what song?

A: How Deep is Your Love (The Bee Gees from the soundtrack to the John Travolta Disco movie)

American IDOL? by Kate M Q: what was the name of the song at the end of american idol tonight? the miami episode when they were recapping who made it to hollywood i meant to look up the lyrics but i forgot and now i cant remember them

A: "Wonderful World" James Morisson.

AmErICaN IdOL!? by Tayy Tayy <33 Q: ok when does the new season of american idol start can anyone tell me please!! and give me ur opinions on the show!!

A: I think that it starts either january 16 or 17. I LOVE ELLIOTT

AMERICAN idol???!!!? by omg Q: i have a sidekick slide, and yes i do have unlimited texting. so could i vote for american idol without costing any other fees? cause' when i go to there site it only says at-t so i'm kinda confused

A: You can only vote through text if your cell phone company is AT&T!!!! If you get a bill from AT&T then you can vote through text. If there is a little logo on your cell phone that says AT&T you can vote through text.


A: The one idol that truely deserved the title. David Cook. He is phenomonal, sensational, amazing, and a true idol. Congrates Cook.

AMERICAN IDOl~!? by ahhh! its a spider!:O Q: who watches american idol! i do i do i do! lol!

A: Yeah, I do. That Omaha episode was funny!

AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by :)))))))): Q: me and my friend were wondering who people wanted to win american idol Adam Lambert or Chris Allen P.s do you think the voting scandle is true

A: KRIS ALLEN! i'm so happy he won over that weird adam lambert dude. i do think it's true though.

American idol? by Finy Q: Would u like to see an american idol for heavy metal or rock music instead of pop or country? if so, who should be the judge for the contest?

A: Heavy metal would be cool Billy Idol, Adam Ant and Tommy lee for the judges.

?american idol? by kenzalishous_0370 Q: what is this thing about sajyia, on american idol. i read in a magazine "is sajyia ruining american idol". so i just want to know why all of this.

A: Oh, the things we must teach. Sit down and listen with care. Sanjaya is a contestant on American Idol sixth season, aka the season that is on currently. People are mad because he is not getting voted off the show and has so far made it to the top seven, and other contestants are being eliminated. They find this is 'ruining' the show and American Idol is losing 'credibility'. In my opinion, I'm really tired of him being the butt of all jokes nowadays and we should just give him a break... Even after he sings a great 'Besame Mucho' last week people are still all mad because he's on the show. In my opinion, the reason he is on the show is because of voting. If you can picture the demographics of who votes for contestants on American Idol, it is mostly girls ages 11-18 most likely. Now take a look at Sanjaya. Long hair that is probably better than most people have, huge smile, and those oh-I'm-so-shy and I'm-the-lovable-goofy-kid vibe he gives off. Most people in that demographic like that stuff...alot. NEWS FLASH! Sex appeal sells.

American Idol? by Betty Q: Ok, Im 16 and I was planning to audition for american idol next monday. The rule is, that if your under 18, your parent HAS to go to the audition(which i dont understand because the auditions are during the week and thats when people have to work), and now, out of the blue for no reason, my mom is saying she doesnt want to take me, and she wont give me a reason why, any help ?

A: tell her its a dream and tell her to remember how bad she felt when one of her parents didn't let her for fill her dream

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