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Perth Amboy (3) at North Brunswick (1) - Baseball
But Jose Hernandez of Perth Amboy is a fourth-year varsity pitcher with tons of experience and it showed. After the first inning, Hernandez gave up just one more hit, while Tilson Brito produced a two-run double in the fourth, followed by a Fernando ...

MIDDDLESEX COUNTY: Notebook with schedule, standings
1 seed when the GMC Tournament seeding meeting takes place Friday morning at South Amboy High School? It seemed as though we kept waiting for Sayreville and St. Joe's to meet to help decide the Red Division title, which could have gone a long way to ...

Perth Amboy administrators placed on leave amid allegations that alcohol was ...
By Tom Haydon/The Star-Ledger Google MapsAdministrators and support staff at Dr. Herbert N. Richardson School in Perth Amboy were placed on leave following allegations that alcohol was sold in the school. PERTH AMBOY — Two administrators and several ...

Fillies assume driver's seat in Three Rivers race
The Amboy Clippers came to town with a half-game lead over the Fillies in the Three Rivers. The Clippers left a half-game back with 1 week left in the regular season after Morrison dispatched them 7-0. "A game like this right now is so important," ...

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musicmilitary amboy @ezhanshauqi .siap awek @FaizHKassim pon kau bgtahu. RT @Norfarahelina tgk la faiz pnyer prangai. http://t.co/FGG5WaOF

MrFurf I'm at Lighthouse South Amboy Bay (Perth Amboy, NJ) http://t.co/90rQ4c4J

MrFurf I just ousted Erin M. as the mayor of Lighthouse South Amboy Bay on @foursquare! http://t.co/O5bj5QXK

hafiqahafandi @dayangnurzalikh amboy kau bedah. Nk bakar rumah aku pulak. @FazeyraMinhat a.k.a jemah berani buat laa.

JovieAntik Vonny Sheila - Amboy Asyiknya (MTV) http://t.co/VQ1e7FEG

AhyepF @DeeGiNCUs amboy :) , haha untung lha ada kondo :) . Duduk je diam2 kat stu . Haha


guddiexO Lmbo! [email protected]_: Shout out to all my Perth amboy rappers! Ya shittyyy 💩👎”

ejbernardinooo @alyssacamilleds :)))) hahah sabi ni amboy ee :))

AyOitszdeemy RT @StackDollaS_: Shout out to all my Perth amboy rappers! Ya shittyyy 💩👎

Perth_Amboy_NJ Coastal Flood Advisory issued for Perth Amboy, NJ http://t.co/MIupJqlG

TwineeSi RT @TonyRivers1927: Huge gratitude to James Amner at Amboy Records and yet again our good friend @alanjohnmcgee for sorting such a top night. @thelines

CitylinkMusic The Amboy Dukes ~ Journey To The Center Of The Mind from the album Nuggets - A Classic Collection from The Psychedelic Sixties [1968]

alanjohnmcgee RT @TonyRivers1927: Huge gratitude to James Amner at Amboy Records and yet again our good friend @alanjohnmcgee for sorting such a top night. @thelines

xoiLoveYouu_ RT @StackDollaS_: Shout out to all my Perth amboy rappers! Ya shittyyy 💩👎


Nj transit South Amboy station? by reyals Q: Well for the week of monday-nov 17 to friday nov 21 there will be track work going on at the South amboy train station. On nj transits site they say that all the trains will arrive on the outbound track. I usually go from south amboy to woodbrige and the trains ive seen only go there on the inbound rail. How should I get to woodbrige if trains only use the outbound rail? Will I just have to wait?

A: That's what it sounds like. I've never been to the South Amboy station (I live right around Metro Park and use that one), but from what's been happening there since they began what I refer to as the mess, is that trains stop in the center rail, and you have to jump down from the train to get off. What looks like is going to happen is that all trains (both directions) are going to be using the same rail going in both directions, so your just going to have to wait till the inbound train comes in. Not sure if you saw this but this was also on the website. South Amboy: Boarding Change Due to High-Level Platform Construction Issued October 22, 2008 In the next few weeks, the construction of new high-level platforms at South Amboy Station will enter a new phase that will require changes in boarding procedures on the inbound (“to Newark/New York”) platform. During this time, customers are asked to wait for arriving inbound trains in a designated area of the adjacent parking lot. Customers should not access the temporary platforms until the train comes to a complete stop. Please obey all posted construction signs and do not travel through barricaded areas. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Pink Floyd, Mr. Bungle, Rainbow, Amboy Dukes, Coldplay, Metallica? by Karamazov Q: How would you rank these?

A: Mr. Bungle Pink Floyd Metallica Coldplay I am a big Mike Patton fan, so that I why Mr. Bungle is #1 for me. I have never listened to Rainbow or Amboy Dukes. I will now though.

I need to find errol cross who lives at washington street in pert amboy n/j? by Q:

A: I looked in the White Pages on line. But I changed to city to Perth Amboy because there is no town with your spelling. Results came back with no one. However I am giving you the URL below so that you can change like anywhere in New Jersey, in New York City, etc. because I have no way of knowing when was the last time you knew the location. Just a little warning, no cell phones are listed. This is my help from Washington, D.C. United States of America. Please pick an answer as best answer, even if it is not mine.

Name the 3 piece band fronted by a famous Detroit guitarist, and also featured a former Amboy Dukes bassist? by Smiley Q: These guys only released one excellent album, of pure early 70's hard rock! The album was produced by famed Canadian record producer Jack Richardson (The Guess Who, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Bad Finger, Bob Seger, etc) and released on the 'Nimbus 9' record label. Name the band. Name the guitarist. Name the bass player. The drummer is irrelevant, as he wasn't very well known.

A: Ursa Major(RCA LSP-4777), featured Dick Wagner on guitar, from The Frost, and Greg Arama from The Amboy Dukes,on bass, as well as drummer Ricky Mangone. There was a young lady by the name of Toni Marcus credited for some ~violin~ work on the album as well. The album was released in the United States on RCA Records. Nimbus 9 Productions is a studio owned by Jack Richardson. The album had a thoroughly UGLY & bland cover which was the second strike against it, the first being on RCA(Record Cemetary of America). RCA NEVER had a promotion staff that could promote rock records unless they were HUGE hit albums that were dropped into their laps ie: Elvis Presley, The Guess Who, & David Bowie. Hear a hit? You could put a .44 magnum next to their ear and they ***MIGHT *** have heard that. For what it is worth, Dick is from Saginaw, Michigan. DIck suffered a MASSIVE heart attack on July 3rd this year. From the web site below came the following news: "He spent five days in intensive care on a life support machine. His kidneys had failed and his left arm and hand were rended completely useless. He was given angioplasty to remove blockage and later had a pacemaker implanted. July 8th: the good news came that Dick is expected to make a full recovery. July 23rd: Suzy Michelson, Dick’s close friend and one of his two partners in the Phoenix based label Desert Dreams Records, emailed QUOTE: "the great news is that Dick is recovering. As of today, he is no longer in hospital, but he is now in rehabilitation to rebuild strength in his left arm. He will soon be back in action." I believe that this was the album and artists you were referring to? A good question....:). I would spend more time here if there were more of these to answer.

how much are the tolls from jfk airport to south amboy, nj? by Q:

A: The first toll is for the Verrazano Bridge heading west into Staten Island: $13. After that I'm not sure because I'm tired of trying to figure out Garden State Parkway toll rates from the NJ Transit Authority's website. (The website has an easy calculator for NJ TP toll rates but not for the Parkway.) It's inconceivable that the GSP would cost more than about $3 from Staten Island to South Amboy, but carry a $20 anyhow to be on the safe side. By the way, if you don't want to pay any tolls you can go to the Google Maps directions, click "Show Options," and have it draw up a new set of directions without tolls. It will add four miles to your trip though.

how can i get from tottenville to perth amboy by bus? by Q:

A: There are few options: You need to take city bus and train. Option 1: Via SIR/Subway Step 1: Take Staten Island Railway to last stop, St. George, use your MetroCard to exit system. Step 2: Transfer to Staten Island Ferry to South Ferry/Whitehall Ferry Terminal Step 3: Take Bronx-bound (1) to Chambers St for uptown (2)(3) express. If you do not see express, stay on (1) to 34th St-Penn Station. Step 4: Go to NJ Transit concourse and buy one way ticket $11.50 one way to Perth Amboy from ticket window or ticket vending machine. Step 5: Take North Jersey Coast Line to Perth Amboy. Option 2: Via Bus/Subway Step 1: Take S78 bus to St. George. Step 2: Transfer to Staten Island Ferry to South Ferry/Whitehall Ferry Terminal Step 3: Take Bronx-bound (1) to Chambers St for uptown (2)(3) express. If you do not see express, stay on (1) to 34th St-Penn Station. Step 4: Go to NJ Transit concourse and buy one way ticket $11.50 one way to Perth Amboy from ticket window or ticket vending machine. Step 5: Take North Jersey Coast Line to Perth Amboy. Option 3: Most folk commute by express bus. You must have $5.50 in coin, Regular MetroCard or 7-Day Express Bus Plus. Step 1: Take X22 bus to 34th St/7th Av. Step 2: Go to NJ Transit concourse and buy one way ticket $11.50 one way to Perth Amboy from ticket window or ticket vending machine. Step 3: Take North Jersey Coast Line to Perth Amboy.

Has anyone ever witnissed an abandoned house near amboy california with what looks like a light show on it? by bigant_1904 Q: while traveling along the historic route 66 me and my brother witnessed the most peculiar thing. We were passing by amboy which we knew was said to be haunted. but out of no where we saw a house with lights on it. like they werent regular lights though it was as if there was a light show on it. at first we all thought we were seeing things, but we all saw it. the reason why it was so hard to believe was because the lights were on all 4 sides of the house! if anyone knows anything about it can you please let me know, why would a small house in the middle of the california dessert have a light show on it? and is amboy really haunted?

A: It's an abandoned town with no electricity or water service, but as peedlepup said it is being used a lot for movie location sets, so maybe they were making a spooky movie or TV show......or else the boys from 29 Palms were playing with their lasers....When you see really weird stuff around L.A. one of the things you should ask yourself is ARE THEY MAKING A MOVIE....usually not, it is just L.A.---LOL

Road Bike Trails from Portland OR to Amboy WA? by Q: I need to find a bike rout from Portland OR to Amboy WA. I want to stay off the roads as much as I can. Please help me in my search

A: go to lacamas lake trail its in vancouver wa but very fun and very good trail well worth the drive

What is amboy bank's interest rates? by an3lhart101 Q: What are some CD's that they offer? 6 month, 1 year, and 2 yrs?

A: Go to the top of this page and click on search. Type in "amboy bank" then click on the web search button. You will find a link to amboy bank. Then just click on the link.

I need the adddress of the Public Relatioons Department of the Macdonolds in Perth Amboy, NJ .08862? by eldrarich Q: I need to write a letter to this Company,

A: their corperate mailing address is in IL, if you want to contact them to complain, ask a question or praise. they also have a 1800 number you could call as well. i am also sending the link so you can be able to contact them

some suburbs close to Perth Amboy? by Q: my family lives in Perth Amboy and i would like to live in a suburban house close to my family ...any help please?

A: http://www.travelmath.com/cities-near/08861

Crime Rate, Things to do in Perth Amboy, NJ? by wanderer Q: Does anyone know where the Supremo Food Market‎ in Perth Amboy is? I will be moving near there. Also What is the crime rate like? And What cultural things are there to do?

A: Perth Amboy used to be a real dump. Its been part of an up and coming renovation so it's not as bad as it used to be, especially arounf the waterfront. The beach is nearby and thats about it in the vicinity. Culturally, you have NYC close by so you can take a short train ride or drive in. There are giant mega malls nearby. Woodbridge and Menlo Park are within a mile of each other. Woodbridge is kind of ghetto. You are near Sayreville, a very blue collar town, but site of the birthplace of Bon Jovi. Really, you can get on the parkway and go to alot of places within an hours drive.

Is there going to be a tornado tomorrow (June 19th) in Amboy, Illinois? by tami101 Q:

A: There is no reliable way to predict a tornado strike for a specific location well in advance. The statistical likelihood strongly favors that Amboy will not be struck, but the chance is not zero. There is a pretty good chance for strong/severe storms in that general area tomorrow.

can anyone teach me how to ride a bike in NJ i live in Perth Amboy? by dennis m Q: im willing to trave just dont feel like paying crazy prices like $250 i will pay u 30 buckz

A: Do you really not know how to ride a bicycle? If so there is a tried and true method to teach adults how to ride a bike. I have used it many, mnay times. SOmetimes it works in hours, sometimes it takes weeks, it's all about the individual. Get a bike with hand brakes. Take off the pedals. Put the seat down until your feet are flat on the ground. Sit on the seat and walk along praticing with the brakes and getting feel of the bike between your legs. Over time you will start to become comfortable pushing along with your feet and raising them into the air to "coast" along. Once you have done that, put your pedals back on and start to learn to pedal and enjoy the feeling of movement without panicking. good luck!

Commute from South Amboy yo NYC and Basking Ridge NJ. How bad is it? by troglya Q: Hi, we are going to move to South Amboy,NJ. I will need to commute to Basking Ridge, NJ and my husbands has to take public trasportation to NYC. How bad is the traffic to get over the river? How long does it take to get to NYC? Thanks.

A: These are the best answer links I know. Check them out and if you still need help feel free to Email me for help. http://www.info.com/ - 14 search engines http://www.wisegeek.com/ - any question http://www.autozone.com/ - great auto help, diagrams http://autoparts.411web.com/ - everything automotive http://www.howstuffworks.com/ http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ http://www.2carpros.com/index.htm - mechanics http://www.streetracing.org/paris/dictionary/index.htm http://www.crutchfieldadvisor.com/S-CHQL8v6H71J/ - automotive audio/video etc. http://www.partstrain.com/?id=doMecGRr - hard to find parts http://www.mapquest.com/directions/ - directions & distance http://www.carcarecouncil.org/index.shtml - basic car care

how can i report a police misconduct .living in perth amboy it is imposible? by Q: perth amboy detective search my house and were telling my 7 and 8 year old kids that their father is a drug addict and alot of bad things they also stole some items from my house like my kids psp and broke my safe and stole my mortgage money without a warrant for the safe

A: With out any proof other than he say / she say your pretty much hopeless. Your best bet in this case is to attract a local news channel. I really ask you to do this. Try it, i imagine you have pictures of after the first robbery and possible after the second? Some proof of some sort? http://au.todaytonight.yahoo.com/contactform/suggest-story Its not justice, but it will shine a light.

Can you get from Trenton, NJ to Perth Amboy, NJ by bus? If so, how? by Scarlette S Q: Can you get From Trenton to Perth Amboy or at least Woodbridge by bus? If you can, which buses would you take to take, and where would you have to get off?

A: Forget the bus. It's much easier by train. Take the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line train north to Rahway. Go to the other side of the tracks and take a southbound North Jersey Coast Line train to Perth Amboy.

Does any one know where any good swimming spots are in the Amboy or Yalcolt (WA)area? Or how to find out? by Ramblin Rose Q: It's so nice out and I wanted to go swimming. Are there any wedsite about this? Thanks

A: Not that I know of. You could search on google for a YMCA nearby or ask some of your friends if they know a good place to go swimming.

what is the best restaurant in south amboy? by Q: so we can go there for my uncles birthday

A: Martini's Romantic Italian Restaurant, 3602 State Route 35 South Amboy, NJ 08879. Need reservations. (732) 727-9466. I would "test" it first, tell the owner when eating dinner that you are testing it for a nice dinner for a larger party. See what you think.

I need to find a train route from South Amboy, NJ to Washington DC? by pointytissuexl3 Q: South Amboy is in central NJ.. right in the middle, all the way east--We're at the spot where the coast goes like this: "<." We're at the mouth of the Raritan Bay. My AP History class wants to go on a trip to Washington DC and I can't find a route.

A: You can get the Amtrak to DC from New Brunswick, it's right near y'all. Now the train doesn't stop in New Brunswic that often do maybe Princeton Junction is better. Don't go all the way up to Newark on NJ Transit just to come back down by Amtrak.

How tp get to nyc from perth amboy? by Q:

A: I have the directions for you. Start out on Broadway NYC. 1. Head southwest on Broadway toward Chambers St 112 ft 2. Take the 1st right onto Chambers St 0.1 mi 3. Take the 1st right onto Church St 0.3 mi 4. Slight left onto 6th Ave/Avenue of the Americas 0.3 mi 5. Slight left onto Canal St 0.2 mi 6. Turn right to merge onto I-78 W/Holland Tunnel Continue to follow I-78 W Entering New Jersey 2.3 mi 7. Slight right to stay on I-78 W Toll road 7.9 mi 8. Take the I-95 S exit toward Turnpike S Toll road 0.2 mi 9. Keep left at the fork to continue toward I-95 S Toll road 0.5 mi 10. Keep left at the fork and merge onto I-95 S Toll road 12.7 mi 11. Take exit 11 for U.S. 9 toward Woodbridge Partial toll road 1.8 mi 12. Continue toward US-9 S 0.1 mi 13. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for US-9 S/NJ-440 S/I-287/The Amboys 0.5 mi 14. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for US-9 S/NJ-440 W and merge onto US-9 S 0.6 mi 15. Exit onto Smith St 0.7 mi 16. Slight right onto Co Rd 656/Smith St 1.5 mi 17. Turn right onto High St 390 ft Perth Amboy, NJ Hope you get their safely.

How do I get to Perth Amboy,Nj from the bronx by train? ? by dm12506 Q: what train do i take?

A: Transit directions to Perth Amboy High School Bronx, NY Travel time: about 1 hour 42 minsShowing Trip 1 Walk to 161st St - Yankee Stadium Station About 3 mins Hide detailsShow details Beta: Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths. 1. Head west on E 161st St toward Gerard Ave 0.2 mi 2. Turn right at River Ave 59 ft Walk to 161st St - Yankee Stadium Station About 3 mins Subway - D - Direction: Coney Island - Stillwell Ave Station Service run by NYC Transit Incident or service disruption for line D. Manhattan-bound trains run on the N from Stillwell Av to 36 St Weekend, Nov 8 - 9, 15 - 16, 22 - 23, and 29 - 30, 4 AM Sat to 10 PM Sun More information: mta.info Incident or service disruption for line D. Uptown trains run on the A from West 4 to 59 Sts Weekend, Nov 8 - 10, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon More information: mta.info 5:41pm Depart 161st St - Yankee Stadium Station 14 mins 5:56pm Arrive 59th St - Columbus Circle Station Subway - D - Direction: Coney Island - Stillwell Ave Station Service run by NYC Transit 5:41pm Depart 161st St - Yankee Stadium Station 5:56pm Arrive 59th St - Columbus Circle Station Subway - A - Direction: Far Rockaway - Mott Ave Station 3 mins to make transfer Incident or service disruption for line A. Queens-bound trains skip Ralph and Rockaway Avs Weekend, Nov 8 - 10, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon More information: mta.info Incident or service disruption for line A. Free shuttle buses and shuttle train service replace the A between Howard Beach-JFK Airport and the Rockaways Two weekends, Nov 7 - 10 and Nov 21 - 24, 11:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon More information: mta.info Incident or service disruption for line A. Downtown trains skip 163, 155, and 135 Sts Weekend, Nov 8 - 10, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon More information: mta.info 5:59pm Depart 59th St - Columbus Circle Station 2 mins 6:01pm Arrive 42nd St - Port Authority Bus Term. Station Subway - A - Direction: Far Rockaway - Mott Ave Station 3 mins to make transfer 5:59pm Depart 59th St - Columbus Circle Station 6:01pm Arrive 42nd St - Port Authority Bus Term. Station « Previous Zoom in Trip overview Next » Bus - 116 - Direction: 116 Perth Amboy 14 mins to make transfer Service run by NJ Bus 6:15pm Depart Port Authority Bus Term [41ST & 8th Ent] 51 mins 7:06pm Arrive Convery Blvd. & Harding Ave. Bus - 116 - Direction: 116 Perth Amboy 14 mins to make transfer Service run by NJ Bus 6:15pm Depart Port Authority Bus Term [41ST & 8th Ent] 7:06pm Arrive Convery Blvd. & Harding Ave. « Previous Zoom in Trip overview Next » Walk to 300 Eagle Ave About 15 mins Hide detailsShow details Beta: Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths. 1. Head east on Harding Ave toward Donald Ave 0.1 mi 2. Slight left at Krochmally Ave/Krockmally Ave 472 ft 3. Turn right at Pfeiffer Blvd 226 ft 4. Turn right at Amboy Ave 0.1 mi 5. Turn left at Myrtle St 0.2 mi 6. Turn right at Francis St 364 ft 7. Turn left at Eagle Ave Destination will be on the left 344 ft Walk to 300 Eagle Ave About 15 mins « Previous Zoom in Trip overview Next » Perth Amboy High School 300 Eagle Ave Perth Amboy, NJ 08861 « Previous Zoom in Trip overview Next » Travel time: about 1 hour 56 minsShowing Trip 2 Walk to 148th St - Lenox Term Station About 20 mins Hide detailsShow details Beta: Use caution – This route may be missing sidewalks or pedestrian paths. 1. Head west on E 161st St toward Gerard Ave 0.2 mi 2. Continue straight to stay on E 161st St 0.2 mi 3. Turn left at Macombs Dam Bridge 0.3 mi 4. Slight left at 7th Ave/Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd 0.3 mi Walk to 148th St - Lenox Term Station About 20 mins « Previous Zoom in Trip overview Next » Subway - 3 - Direction: New Lots Ave Station Service run by NYC Transit Incident or service disruption for line 3. Free shuttle buses replace the 2 between 96 St and 149 St-Grand Concourse No 3 trains running, the 2 4 and free shuttle buses provide alternate service weekend, Nov 8 - 10, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon More information: mta.info 5:44pm Depart 148th St - Lenox Term Station 18 mins 6:02pm Arrive Times Sq - 42nd St Station Subway - 3 - Direction: New Lots Ave Station Service run by NYC Transit 5:44pm Depart 148th St - Lenox Term Station 6:02pm Arrive Times Sq - 42nd St Station « Previous Zoom in Trip overview Next » Bus - 116 - Direction: 116 Perth Amboy 12 mins to make transfer Service run by NJ Bus 6:15pm Depart Port Authority Bus Term [41ST & 8th Ent] 51 mins 7:06pm Arrive Convery Blvd. & Harding Ave. Bus - 116 - Direction: 116 Perth Amboy 12 mins to make transfer Service run by NJ Bus

how far is Amboy from chicago? by Q: kool, and umm how long would the drive be?

A: roughly a 2 hour drive depending on trafic conditions

what are the lyrics to "You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire" by Amboy Dukes/ted nuggent? by Blue Who Q: looked all over online cant find it anywhere..

how do i get to Perth Amboy from Journal square and do u know the fare going and coming? by margarita r Q: to Rahway?

A: First of all, do you want bus or train? You can go from Journal Square to Newark on PATH for $1.75 (it takes 12 minutes). Then you can catch a NJCL (Coast Line) train to Perth Amboy for $6.00 (it takes about 35 minutes from Newark to Perth Amboy. If you wanted to stop at Rahway, it is the 5th stop out of Newark. If you left Journal Square at 2:57PM, you'd be in Perth Amboy by 3:44. By bus it is a bit more difficult, more expensive, and more time consuming. You leave the Journal Square bus center on Bus 125 and go to the Port Authority in New York. From there you catch the 116 bus to Perth Amboy. It takes about two hours and costs $11.40.

What city department in Perth Amboy, NJ is responsible for road conditions? by Q: there is no such department as 'road department'

A: Either one of these can help you. Public Works 599 Fayette Street Perth Amboy, NJ 08861 (732) 826-2010 Public Information Office (732) 826-0290, Ext. 4006

How to travel to Perth Amboy, Middlesex, New Jersey from Framingham ,MA? by CK Q:

A: get on Route 95 and head south

Good hairstylist in woodbridge mall perth amboy, NJ? by jake Q: I want to know if there's a hairstylist in perth amboy woodbridge mall that can cut my hair to make it look like justin bieber . Or anywhere else in perth amboy but not too far . Thanks :)

A: Why on earth would you want to be a follower and look Beiberish? Don't be a fad junky.

How far is Cherry Hill from Perth Amboy? In New Jersey? by 1stLadyTy Q: I'm trying to get to Cherry Hill from Perth Amboy in New Jersey. If anyone knows how far they are from each other I'd appreciate it. If you know any site where I can get directions from Perth Amboy to Cherry Hill and if anyone knows of any public transportation I can take please let me know. Thanks.

A: Perth Amboy is across from NYC, Cherry Hill is near Philadelphia. They are 70 miles apart. It is possible to make the trip by public transportation, but it is quite slow. You take a train or bus to a station on the NY-Phila train line, then the train to Trenton, then light rail to the Camden transportation center, and a bus to Cherry Hill, taking about half a day in the process. I'd see if you could find someone to give you a ride, since you can drive it in about 80 minutes.

The cost of an ambulance ride in perth amboy new jersey and hospital bill? by Q: I wasnt feeling well called 911, ambulance just picked me up but didnt do anythin at all just a ride to the hospital and there I just got the regular stuff taken and conected to and IV how much would this all cost with and without insurence???

La Gaurdia Airport NY to South Amboy Station NJ? by An Optimist Q: I will reach La Guardia Airport on 3rd Jan 10 PM. I want to get to South Amboy Station in NJ from where my friend will pick me up. I will have only one 28" suitcase with me which has tyres and I can tow it easily for a short distance. What are available options and what is best bet?

A: I'd suggest an airport bus like this one. $25 for the first person, $12 for the next. Runs every 20 or 30 minutes. Take the one to Penn Station. http://www.nyairportservice.com/page.php?id=56 From there take NJ Transit to South Amboy. Trains also run every 20-30 minutes. http://www.njtransit.com/sf/sf_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=MainTo

How can you get to Perth Amboy(New Jersey) from NYC (Without me having a car) and about how much will it cost? by Q:

A: You can take the NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Line from Penn Station to Perth Amboy for $11.50. If you are in Lower Manhattan, you can take the PATH to Newark and then take the North Jersey Coast Line to Perth Amboy. The fare is $1.75 for the PATH, plus $7.50 for the North Jersey Coast Line, for a total of $9.25. You may have to transfer to another bus at the Perth Amboy station, so add on $1.50 for a connecting local bus to get to your destination in Perth Amboy from the train station. Finally, you can take the #116 bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to Perth Amboy for $10.00. This bus should bring you closer to your destination. If you want to save money, you can take the PATH to Newark for the NJ Transit #62 bus. The fare will be $1.75 for the PATH plus $3.80 for the bus, for a total of $5.55. Hope this helps.

What is the best way to get from Perth Amboy NJ to University Park Pennsylvania on mass transit? by Irena M Q:

A: take the train, go to NJTransit.com for schedules

How long does it take to get to South Amboy,NJ from Fultonville,NY? by Q:

A: It would take about 3 hours and 38 minutes driving time for you to get in South Amboy, NJ from Fultonville, NY.

What is the average price for a short display of fireworks for a wedding in perth amboy new jersey? by Gisselle A Q:

A: I'm not sure of prices there, but I do know it depends what you want. Here prices start at $300 for on gound firworks, if you want big bangs up in the air like new years eve it is upwards of $1000. Even if you just wanted 2 minutes or something I think it is reasonable to expect tens of thousands when 1/2 hours on new years and such cost millions of dollars.

What's the best drug rehab center here in South Amboy, New Jersey? by callista b Q: I was talking to my friend the other day and I was able to convince him to get admitted to a rehab. His family has already abandoned him because of his crack addiction. Can you help us make the best decision?

A: The kind of rehab that your friend will need depends on the severity of his addiction. You can ask for a consultation from counseling services in your area or you can also call the free 24-hour addiction helpline. You can find the phone number when you access the links I posted below.

What is the history of the Shoe Tree in Amboy, CA? by Q: I'm just curious to know how it got to be so fulll of shoes, and what the story of it is.

A: This tamarisk tree provides just about the only natural shade to be found along this section of historic Route 66 as it cuts across the Mojave Desert. Situated alongside a dry wash within sight of Amboy ghost town and the huge cinder cone in the lava field to the west, The tree has been festooned with the shoes and boots of dozens of travelers. When I stopped here on September 28th, 2006, it was a balmy 106 degrees in the shade. Particularly eye-catching was a pair of bright red cowboy boots near the top of the tree. Unlike the other shoetrees I have admired and documented over the years, this shoetree lacks a safe observation spot. Please exercise caution when you come to visit. Route 66 historian Swa Frantzen has researched the town of Amboy and reports that the current owner is Albert Okura, who is also the owner of the Juan Pollo restaurant chain. Mr. Okura has expressed interest in restoring Amboy's appearance to its 1950s heyday, a task that would probably daunt most people. Update 4/8/07: On April 2, 2007 Angela Paris Bauknecht of Rancho Mirage, California stopped by the Amboy Shoe Tree and captured the images below. In the one on the left, the Amboy Crater is visible in the background.

Why would anyone choose to live in a desolate desert city like Twetnynine Palms, or Amboy, aside from careerS? by Q: After driving through these cities to get to Las Vegas, NV I wondered how anyone could just decide they'd spend their life there.

A: Because of the great weather of course Just think well over 300 sunny days per year, and it almost never gets cold! What more could you possibly want I would love to live in a desert, but I'm stuck in crappy New England, cold and wet, yuck!

Is there a place in Perth Amboy, NJ where I can get assistance for rent or security deposit? by Luna_Luv Q: I am being evicted because the building I live in has been foreclosed. Unfortunately all the apartments I find want 2 months rent as deposit. I have to move within 30 days and do not want to be homeless. I have 2 small children. problem is there is no heat now, and I honestly want my kids to be safe. I do not want to put them through crap.

A: It's against the law in NJ for you to be evicted based on your building being foreclosed, if you have kept up on your rent. But you might have to put up a fight to stand up for your rights and your children's rights. Please call Legal Services of NJ at 888-576-5529 and/or the NJ Department of the Public Advocate at 609-826-5070. http://www.state.nj.us/publicadvocate/public/pdf/tenantsforeclosurebrochure.pdf

How to get from South Amboy NJ to LIU Brooklyn Campus NY? by Q: Im located in South Amboy New jersey and im completely clueless as to how to take the NJ Transit. I need help with the schedule and i need to get to Long Island University on this coming monday via train from south Amboy. could someone please tell me what trains to take or give me the schedule where i can track what train to take when and what they link up to and the return trip which will be somewhere around 9PM . Thanks

A: Take NJ Transit's North Jersey Coast Line from South Amboy to Penn Station New York. The one way fare from South Amboy to the City will cost you $9.75 ($19.50 round trip) Once in the City, enter the subway and take the downtown (southbound) "A", "C" or "E" subway lines (Blue Line on the subway map) from Penn Station to West 4th Street-Washington Square. Transfer at West 4th Street, transfer downstairs to the "B" train (Orange Line). Take the Brooklyn-bound (southbound) "B" from West 4th Street to DeKalb Avenue. At DeKalb Avenue, exit the subway and walk a short distance to the Brooklyn Campus of LIU. There is a direct exit at the north end of the DeKalb Avenue station. The fare on the subway is $2.25 each way ($4.50 round trip). Transfer between subway lines are free. I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck Native New Yorker

any bus from perth amboy nj to motor vehicles from rahway? by ANDY Q: hey... is there by any chance a bus stop in perth amboy, nj where it takes you to motor vehicles in rahway? and if it is which bus stop and bus number?

A: you are on the wrong site/try nj transit . com

How would you get to jersey city from south amboy? by Q: I help which to take train or bus which is easier and tell me how to get there

A: i would never step foot in either town....they are for low lifes

Does anyone know what the little square buildings are out near hwy 40 near Amboy, California? by leah Q: Driving out to Laughlin from 29 palms there are hundreds of these tiny square concrete looking buildings that appear to be abandoned. Ive searched the internet and cannot find out what they are. Does anyone know? I believe it was near Amboy....

A: The last remnant of homesteads and are found all over the desert area. People built them to go through the formalities of improving the property. They may use them for vacation cabins. You can find them for sale reasonably cheap if you don't mind having no running water or electricity.

Any one know where i can find guitar tabs for ted nugents/amboy dukes song called migration? by hayden l Q: I have searched every where for the tab for migration and i cannot find it, i find other tabs by him but not migration. Its by ted nugent, or amboy dukes. thanks

A: well, I have not heard of the song or the artists, but usually they can be found on www.ultimate-guitar.com but im not positive. good luck!

Is it possible to go from South Amboy station to NY JFK airport on train? by An Optimist Q: I already know that you can NJ Transit train from south amoby, NJ to NY penn stations, and then from NY penn station to Jamaica (LIRR), and then air train from Jamaica to JFK airport. But I am worried about following: 1. With bags with me, will it be feasible for me to buy tickets at NY Penn station and do a transfer from one train to another may be another platform? Same thing for transfer at Jamaica station?

A: Escalators and elevators are in place in Penn Station and at Jamaica, so it will be possible. It might be a bit difficult, but certainly possible. The NJ Transit train and the LIRR will definitely be on different platforms, different parts of the station in fact. Again, these are connected by escalators, walkways, ramps, whatever you need. Jamaica has escalators and elevators.

How do I get from Jersey City to Perth Amboy by train? by Q: I figured I'd take the PATH train to Newark and south from there, but I can't seem to find the right way to go. Can someone please help me?

A: You have the right idea. Take PATH to Newark Penn, then a North Jersey Coast line train to Perth Amboy. The trains run about once an hour. See the NJ Transit web site for the schedule.

In Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis,” the tavern keeper at Amboy is presented in a positive light. He is a courageou by xxxsneakerheadxxx Q: In Thomas Paine’s “The Crisis,” the tavern keeper at Amboy is presented in a positive light. He is a courageous, heroic Patriot who will bend to no one and nothing. TRUE OR FALSE?

A: False. The tavern-keeper of Amboy was a Tory: "I once felt all that kind of anger, which a man ought to feel, against the mean principles that are held by the Tories: a noted one, who kept a tavern at Amboy, was standing at his door, with as pretty a child in his hand, about eight or nine years old, as I ever saw, and after speaking his mind as freely as he thought was prudent, finished with this unfatherly expression, 'Well! give me peace in my day'."

How to get from LGA Airport to Perth Amboy NJ by train? by XxSouLja_GuRlxX Q: Im getting off at LGA Airport (US Airways) and I need to get to perth amboy nj by train. How would I get to the train. Where can I get this information at? Thanks

A: The subway doesn't go to LaGuardia, but here's how you can get to Perth Amboy: From LaGuardia, take the Q33 bus to the 74th St - Broadway station. Then take the "E" train towards World Trade Center and exit at the Port Authority - 42nd St station. Then catch a NJ Transit bus #116 (Perth Amboy) which will take you to your destination.

Why did Thomas Paine refer to Perth Amboy as just Amboy without the Perth? by Dilbert Q: Or was he referring to some other town named Amboy?

A: There’s also a South Amboy, maybe it hadn’t been founded or named yet.

Does anyone know the history of the Perth Amboy Pacers of the Atlantic League? by mrboyd232 Q: I am looking for any information on the 1914 Perth Amboy Pacers of the Atlantic league. Speficially, I would like to know the source of the team name and players.

A: This is the only thing I could find. Sorry. http://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Perth_Amboy_Pacers

Amboy Dukes, The Journey to the Center of the Mind the amboy dukes - baby please dont go Amboy Dukes - 'Journey to the Center of the Mind' - Detroit Music Awards 2009 Amboy Dukes - Flight of The Byrd (1968) Perilous Perth Amboy | Middlesex County, NJ Part 2 Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind Perth Amboy Amboy Dukes - featuring Ted Nugent - 'Baby Please Don't Go' - 2009 Detroit Music Awards Amboy Dukes - Migration Amboy Dukes - Marriage Pts 1-3 The Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind - 45 RPM PERTH AMBOY, NJ 01-26-11 - 2ND ALARM - Ted Nugent And The Amboy Dukes - Pony Express Amboy Dukes - Missionary Mary, I'll Prove I'm Right Vivek Bungee Jumping - Amboy, WA Amboy Dukes with Johnny 'Bee' Badanjek - 'Jenny Take A Ride' - 2009 DMAs Tornado Grows in Perth Amboy NJ/ Staten Island NY ( 9.16.2010) The Amboy Dukes - Non-Conformist Wilderbeastman Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Hibernation - Tooth, Fang, & Claw PERTH AMBOY, NJ 12-19-10 - MULTIPLE ALARM FIRE - DALLY CT, BLDG 15 Amboy Dukes - Journey to the Center of the Mind Vonny Sheila - Amboy Asyiknya (MTV) Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes - The Great White Buffalo Amboy Dukes Prodical Man Amboy IL Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Camp Resort Fernandito Villalona en Perth Amboy Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes - Prodigal Man Amboy Dukes - Surrender to your king Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes - Call of the Wild Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - No Holds Barred PERTH AMBOY, NJ 2ND ALARM 04-09-10 The Amboy Dukes - Night Time The Amboy Dukes I Feel Free (Cream cover) Amboy Dukes - Colors Baby Please Don't Go The Amboy Dukes Perth Amboy, Our City (1945) 1 of 4 Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes - Call of the wild Live at the Mocambo Club 1973 Amboy IL Jellystone Park Yogi Bear 2010 Mardi Gras parade TED NUGENT AND THE AMBOY DUKES RATTLE MY SNAKE LIVE 1971 A Visit With Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz for amboy Man vs Food South Amboy New Jersey Day 19 Bungee -Amboy washington Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes - Cannon Balls PBat's High Speed Amboy Race ft. Viper ACR (Blur) Sports 04-04-12 PERTH AMBOY, NJ LADDER 1 ASSISTS KITTY FEVER FRIDAYS @ RUMOR 35 SOUTH AMBOY NJ. FT DJ REY-MO & DJ PROSTYLE Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes- Journey To The Center Of Your Mind Ted Nugent And The Amboy Dukes - Renegade BNSF Needles Sub-Barstow to Amboy Part 1
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