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HomeInsteadEdi can nutrition help prevent #alzheimer's http://t.co/VMskWFMZ

ourelderparents Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers: The Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer... http://t.co/Z6e6K5wb

ForAlzheimers Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers: The Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer... http://t.co/i6RGL5aQ

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ForCaregivers Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers http://t.co/LyI4Rzwl

ForAlzheimers Loving People with Alzheimer's Disease the Way They Are | Maria ...: November is National Family Caregivers Mont... http://t.co/ct1MDHPr

tazalaz RT @AlzGA: #Alzheimer’s and #Depression Among Caregivers:Interview Dr. Deborah Serani http://t.co/Uy6ruo2a #alzheimers via @HealthCentral

AlzheimersLady Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers http://t.co/csc4FBFe

ALZHEIMERSread Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers: The Greater Kentucky and Southern Indiana chapter of the Alzheimer... http://t.co/JKHAdKd8

ALZHEIMERSread Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers http://t.co/Dh4Ni6qy #alzheimersread

SeniorsResource Nov. 15 event to help Alzheimer's caregivers: It features Edcon Group mother-and-daughter team Rachel Kail and M... http://t.co/7aYoX8lq

EGBENJ RT @MrKHenning: Remember your favorite vacation? How about your mother's name? WHAT IF YOU COULDN'T? I'm thinking of a world without #Alzheimer's

INRFOOD RT @cnnhealth: How can nutrition help prevent #Alzheimer's? http://t.co/2XuBNik7

INRFOOD RT @cnnhealth: How can nutrition help prevent #Alzheimer's? http://t.co/ew7xYvRa

marrielynn http://t.co/em3Q5eUF memory training


Is Alzheimer's disease hereditary and can a person stop it? by Jimmy Q: Both my grandfathers died from Alzheimer's. When one of them died the called it dementia, but this was back in the 80s so maybe it was really Alzheimer's. Can a person protect themselves from it? I work with a couple of vegans and they say a vegan diet might help. Maggie: Hm, heart disease runs in families too. A person can eat a healthy diet and exercise to avoid heart problems. Why not with Alzheimer's?

A: Diet helps a lot, and keep active! You need to eat foods with a lot of antioxidants, such as blueberries, greens, etc. A vegan diet helps because it incorporates many antioxidant foods, but you don't need to go completely vegan to reap the rewards. Prevention is a big thing... if you take care of yourself early enough, dementia won't be too big of a looming possibility.

Can people with alzheimer's express memories from their subconscious without being aware they remember? by Tyler Q: Can people with alzheimer's express memories from their subconscious without being aware they remember? Like, can a person with alzheimer's paint a picture that shows a moment from their past but they are totally unaware it's a real memory? Or does alzheimer's just totally eat away a persons memory to the point that they have no memories in their subconscious at all?

A: Unfortunately there is a great deal of Alzheimer's in my family. Research is still being done on exactly what happens to the brain of an Alzheimer's victim. Recently scientists see that the disorder appears to be the accumulation of a proteins, in the form of plaques, or clumps of fibers, in the brain’s gray matter. These proteins get tangled with neurons and cause shrinkage over time but it is not yet known to how much shrinkage occurs. Definitely Alzheimer's victims have subconscious thoughts that the brain recollects. A memory can be drawn in a picture or maybe they will sing a song that has something to do with the memory or they may just start talking about something that happened many years ago as if it was happening now.

How to deal with an Alzheimer's patient who is starting to hit their caretakers? by alyson Q: My grandfather has had Alzheimer's for about 5-7 years now. He's a stage 4 - he does not recognize anyone, but he realizes the closeness to people. He cannot form clear sentences and is always trying to leave his house. He's recently started getting very angry and he sometimes hits my grandmother when he's angry. He takes a medication to calm him down, but it doesn't work anymore. She can't even get a nurse because they won't send nurses to patients who are abusive. What can we do??

A: I think he needs to be in a specialist nursing home...the staff will be used to people like him.

How can doctors tell an Alzheimer's patient suffered a stroke, and estimate the time? by bad_banking Q: A family member with Alzheimer's experienced increased muscle weakness over a few days, but rather sudden permanent inability to walk at all. Doctors said he had experienced a stroke 5 days before and also 5 or 6 yrs ago. I want to know how a CAT scan indicating a stroke in an Alzheimer's patient would differ from just plain Alzheimer's brain. Is it different densities or something? Also, how do they know how long ago the stroke was? The 5yr thing especially seems strange since he was still working then...

A: My father has Alzheimers and also suffered a few mild strokes. I will tell you what his doctor told us. They can tell when a person has a stoke because a stroke damages the brain tissue. The areas of the brain affected by the stroke will show up on their equipment differently than the rest of the brain. With my dad they showed up as brighter white spots with dark areas near them (thats the now dead part of the brain) Just like when you break a bone a stroke will leave scar tissue. (the damaged areas of the brain) The doctors can tell you basically when you broke a bone even if it happened as a child. Same thing with a stroke and the damage it caused. They can look at the tissues and see how much rewiring around the areas has happened, they know how fast the parts of the brain heal or rewire, so they can pinpoint when a stroke happened. The closer to the occurance time the better the "when it happened" diagnosis. Thats why the difference between 5 days and 5 or 6 years. People can have small strokes that effect them at the time, but they can recover from those. However those strokes should be seen as warning signs and be followed up by a doctors exam and monitoring.

What causes Alzheimer's to progress quickly? Could it be a different dementia? by Holly Q: My uncle was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in May of 2009 and he is already at stage 6 with frequent delusions and wandering. Is it normal for Alzheimer's to progress so quickly, or could he have another type of dementia that has gone undiagnosed? He is only 62 years old. There has only been 1 other person in our family with Alzheimer's, my great uncle, whose progression took almost 10 years to reach the stage my uncle is at now.

Alzheimer's? by سلجوق Q: Service Learning is a class when you help the community. Well, i got to go visit senior citizens who alzheimer's. i know what it is but do you know if they will act differently and how should i talk to them?

A: My grandmother was diagnosed with it a couple years ago. It really depends a lot on what stage they're in. Most of them start to lose their short term memory first- especially if they don't know you very well they probably won't remember you if you don't speak with them frequently. If they do remember you don't be suprised if they talk about the same things or answer the same questions over and over. A lot of the patients who don't have it quite extensively will remember things from their past very well. Just talk to them. Answer question- and don't be afraid to ask your own questions. They might not know the answer but make them feel comfortable about it. Don't get frustrated with them. They'll probably enjoy just being around someone who genuinely cares.

Alzheimer's? by lanoire Q: My mom had alzheimer's. We lost her last year. We don't know what specifically killed her. If there are any doctors on line or if this has happened to your family and know the answer, please help me out? Is there anything we could have done? I haven't been able to sleep much since she passed. I miss her so much it hurts! If I had answers, maybe my grief would ebb. a little.

A: I am not a doctor but my parents are so I will try to answer your question as well as I can. Alzheimer`s, contrary to what many people think does not affect only elder people but its signs and the illness is discovered at old age. As you probably know it is not a fast progressive illness but rather one that you don`t even notice because it affects an individual gradually at a very slow rate. In very simple term slowly the body shuts down. The cause of this illness as far as I know is yet to be determined but it causes the body to "degrade". The first signs are forgetfulness and at the end the body just shuts down. There is nothing you or anyone else for that matter could have done except try to make her as comfortable as possible. I am very sorry for your loss and I hope I`ve been of some help. If you need more information or would just like to talk please feel free to contact me.

Dementia & Alzheimer's disease symptoms? The more the better? by Dreamer. Q: Thanks! :).

My grandma has alzheimer's and just recently both her blood pressure and pulse are spiking.. what exactly does? by desperatedesirex3 Q: this mean?

A: Talk to her doctor. We are not medically trained and we don't know your grandmother's health history. Neither does the internet.

Arguments against funding Alzheimer's research? by Brandon H Q: At the beginning of the semester, we had to pick a topic we would work with for the whole year in my English class. I chose Alzheimer's research. Now I need to write a classical argument, using other arguments as a source. What could possibly be an argument AGAINST increased funding in Alzheimer's research?


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