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All Star Game 2012

All-Star Game 2012: National League Romps, 8-0, As Melky Cabrera, Pablo ...
National League's Pablo Sandoval, of the San Francisco Giants, hits a three-run triple on a pitch by American League's Justin Verlander, of the Detroit Tigers, in the first inning the MLB All-Star baseball game Tuesday, July 10, 2012, in Kansas City, Mo.

All-Star Game 2012: Nationals Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez and Stephen ...
Nationals Bryce Harper, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez contribute to the NL's 8-0 victory in the All-Star Game.

2012 All-Star Game: Seventh inning
Ryan Cook of the A's enters to face Bryce Harper. Cook certainly wins "least likely All-Star" honors -- even more so than Harper. The rookie reliever appeared in a few games last season with the Diamondbacks before going to Oakland in the Trevor Cahill ...

MLB All-Star Game 2012 Lineups: Which League Has the More Lethal Team?
As Michael Buffer always says, "Let's get ready to rumble!" The 83rd MLB All-Star Game is ready to take center stage Tuesday night at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, and the starting lineups for each team are both extremely formidable in nature...

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AndersJorstad What is (one way) the MLB all-star game can improve? Substitution caps http://t.co/HlMLMfDx @joe_sheehan @mlb #ASG #NL #AL

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LasVegasCP During the 2012 MLB All-Star Game, Bryce Harper was a name you heard a lot. While the coun http://t.co/e8ekgefx

tweetdal Rangers’ Yu Darvish becomes spectator in first All-Star Game http://t.co/fHCCsx6g


If I buy a fanfest ticket to the 2012 all star game what does that entitle me to do? by Q:

A: There are a large number of things to do like video games, autograph signings, skills test, batting cages, photo opportunities and others. There are details on the All Star Fanfest website here: http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/events/all_star/y2012/fanfest_attractions.jsp

During the half time at the 2012 NBA all star game, a song was played in the back ground with highlights from? by Q: the first half. The lyrics went " round round .. r rr rr round go round round.... " They even showed lill wayne on the screen ?? Any body know the song ?

A: it is a rap song

when does the nba all star game tickets for 2012 go on sale? by Q:

A: later this year

Where do you get 2012 MLB All-Star Game Ballots? by Q: I want to start collecting them. Last year I got them at Lowes.

A: Going to a ballpark you'll find them but you can also go to mlb.com and have some mailed to you. It will cost you though.

When are NBA All Star 2012 Reserves announced? by Q: Does anyone know when the reserves' for the 2012 NBA All Star game in Orlando announced , i know the starters were announced tonight but when do they announce reserves ?? Thanks in advance. Only the starters were named today. they do the reserves at a later day just curious when.

A: It'll be announced next Thursday on TNT. 7pm I believe

What music was played after the top of the 6th inning on Fox in the 2012 MLB All-Star Game? by pistoncupracer28 Q: They played while showing Chipper Jones's first All-Star Game. They played it while showing Chipper Jones's first All-Star Game.

What team in the NBA does not have a player playing in the 2012 All star game?e? by romy_melendez Q:

A: Sure Toronto Raptors Detroit Pistons Charlotte Bobcats Cleveland Cavaliers Washington Wizards Houston Rockets New Orleans Hornets Utah Jazz Denver Nuggets Golden State Warriors Sacramento Kings Milwaukee Bucks

2012 MLB All Star Game Info - Kansas City News? by Q: Just wanting to get some info about the upcoming 2012 MLB All Star Game in Kansas City - all I can find is a bunch of sites trying to sell me tickets. I just want to get the news on the all star game like who is playing, what is happening on what day / night - things like that. Thanks!

What do you think ticket price's will be for the 2012 NHL All-Star game in Ottawa? by Q: im looking for seats in the 100 level at Scotia Bank Place. The website says it has yet to be determined but i honestly have no idea what it will be. Can anyone give me an aproxamite or a range the ticket will cost? Thank You! Oh i forgot to add. i want the prices of the skills comp and the game. i want to know whats less.

A: The Senators are only selling seats for both the Super Skills and All Star Game. Lower 300s for the weekend cost $493 for a pair after all fees, or $123 per ticket. My best educated guess would be $800-$1000 for a pair in the 100s, though they will likely be behind the net, as the NHL reserves the best seats. On the invoice, there is no individual breakdown between the price of one event versus the other, though when it was in Montreal in 2009, scalpers were charging slightly more for the Skills, though the Game will likely have a higher face value. Talking to a rep a couple weeks ago, 7,000 of the 20,00 seats at Scotiabank Place are held for the NHL for corporate sponsors, most of which will be prime 100 and 200 level seats between the face-off circles. Of the 13,000 remaining seats, the Sens expect all will be eaten up by current season ticket holders, but at these prices, I am somewhat skeptical.

Basketball: Thoughts on Rajon Rondo replacing Joe Johnson in the All Star Game? by Click Q: http://www.sbnation.com/nba/2012/2/22/2816833/nba-all-star-game-2012-rajon-rondo-joe-johnson

A: What's funny is Joe Johnson being in the all-star in the first place.

Tony LaRussa will manage the NL in the 2012 All-Star game, thoughts? by Q: He will become the 1st manager to do so. I think it's great.It's a special honor, and we get to see him one last time managing. http://aol.sportingnews.com/mlb/story/2012-01-24/retired-tony-la-russa-will-manage-nl-all-star-team-in-2012 Sorry, I meant he will become the 1st RETIRED manager to do so.

A: LaRussa will not be the first retired manager to helm an All-Star team the following season. There's precedent: Danny Murtaugh managed the 1971 World Series champion Pirates, moved into a front office job for the 1972 season, but still managed the '72 NL AS team. (He then came back and managed the Pirates from 1973 through 1976.) So LaRussa coming back to (over)manage the NL All-Star team is, while uncommon, not all that strange, and kinda cool. Plus! MLB will be moving the All-Star stakes from "decides World Series home field" which no one who doesn't work at US Bank Center, 777 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, likes, to "decides World Series home field, and one manager has absolutely no professional stake in the matter" since LaRussa won't be running any team come October. So that's a whole new level of valid complaint available to interested fans.

Where is the 2012 all-star game going to be? by Q:

A: 2010 is Los Angeles 2011 is Arizona 2012 is either Kansas City, Boston or Minnesota. An All-star game was promised to Kansas City sometime between 2011 and 2014 due to Kaufmann Stadium's renovation but 2012 is Fenway Park's 100-year anniversary. However, Boston recently hosted the All-star game in 1999 so that could hurt Boston's chances dramatically. Minnesota's new stadium, Target Field opens in 2010 and history has shown that cities with new ballparks tend to get the All-star game quickly. Minnesota hasn't hosted since 1985 but Kansas City hasn't hosted since way back in 1973! So my guess would be Kansas City.

Will George Brett be honored as the grand marshall of the 2012 all star game? by Q:

A: Yes!

Should Zdeno Chara Be Captain for the 2012 NHL All-Star Game? by isafjordur09 Q: I think he should be captain because he's playing in his old arena at Ottawa, and he definitely deserves it with his high level of play. What do you folks think?

A: I think Daniel Alfredsson and Dion Phaneuf will be named the team captains for a couple of reasons: 1) They both got voted in by the fans. 2) Eric Staal was a team captain during the all-star weekend in Raleigh last year. Chances are Daniel Alfredsson will be a team captain because the all-star weekend is in Ottawa this year. 3) The battle of Ontario. Enough said.

MLB Network Poll - AL 1B for 2012 All Star Game? by Q: They asked this poll on Hot Stove on MLB Network. Which AL first baseman would be voted into the 2012 All Star Game? -Prince Fielder (DET) -Eric Hosmer (KC) -Mark Teixeira (NYY) -Adrian Gonzalez (BOS) -Albert Pujols (LAA)

A: Though I'm a Yankees fan, it will be Pujols

What does the two team names in the 2012 Nhl all-Star game STAND for? by Q: Team Alfredson Team Chara Stand for? Represent? Meaning of?

A: They are named after the two captains.Chara is a defenseman from Boston Bruins and Alfredson is a Right Wing from the Ottowa Senators. They are the ones that get to choose the teams(Hence Team Alfredson and Team Chara). I beleive they wre awarded this honor becuase they got the most votes.

Will sidney crosby be playing in the 2012 all star game? by Q: Because i think he was in fourth or fifth in the fan balloting, but then i went on a website about the game and it didnt mention his name at all

A: Sidney Crosby will NOT be playing in the all-star game this year due to injury.

Where can i watch entire 2012 NHL All Star Game online? by tmtitan911 Q: Anyone know a link or a website where I can watch this whole game?

A: It's on youtube. Here is the link to it in HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a0jzmjkW4E Enjoy!!

What were all the final vote totals for the 2012 MLB All Star Game? by Q: I need to know how many votes Yadier Molina received compared to Buster Posey. Thank you.

A: I don't think MLB has released any vote totals, although obvious Posey received more than Molina. I didn't vote for either of them, though. My voted went to Ruiz.

What are your thoughts on Rebecca Black singing at the 2012 All Star Game? by OKCITY! Q: Gettin Down on Friday

A: Bring me my GUN GUN GUN GUN.

Whats the name of the song Played during the 2012 nba all star game? by Q: When the eastern starters appeared

A: Meek Mill - Ima Boss

For all you baseball experts - who will win the 2012 All Star Game? by Q: bq1: who will be MVP? bq2: who will win the home run derby? bq3: who will win the celebrity softball game? bq4: who will be AL starting 1st baseman - albert or prince?

A: I flipped a coin...National League 1- someone from the winning team. 2- who cares? HR derby is a joke. 3- the celebrity softball game is a bigger joke than HR derby. 4- I flipped a coin....Albert

When and where could I buy NBA All Star Game for 2012? by killerone Q:

A: It's not available since the season isn't over yet.

What is the name of the song playing in 2012 nhl all star game commerical? by Q: During the commercial, a song is being played in the background. What is the name of that song? Artist?

A: the song is shine by 3 doors down

Guess the final score of the 2012 All-Star game? by Q: Tell me the winner and the final score. Closest answer gets the best answer. BQ: Who do you think will be the MVP?

A: NL 4-3 MVP: David Wrght

Projected lines for 2012 all star game? by mr_kevo2 Q: If you got the chance to make the line combinations for the 2012 nhl all star game what would they be? Just curious

A: Team Alfredsson: Jason Spezza-Daniel Alfredsson-Steven Stamkos Daniel Sedin-Claude Giroux-Henrik Sedin James Neal-John Tavares-Milan Michalek Scott Hartnell-Logan Couture-Jason Pominville Defense: Erik Karlsson-Keith Yandle Shea Weber-Dan Girardi Kris Letang-Alexander Edler ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Chara: Marian Gaborik-Pavel Datsyuk-Marian Hossa Corey Perry-Evgeni Malkin-Jarome Iginla Phil Kessel-Patrick Kane-Joffrey Lupul Jamie Benn-Tyler Seguin-Jordan Eberle Defense: Zdeno Chara-Dennis Wideman Brian Campbell-Ryan Suter Dion Phaneuf-Kimmo Timonen

Where can I buy Nike Galaxy: Hyperenforcer, KD 4, or Kobe Vii's from the All-Star 2012 game? by Nate Q: I gotta know!

A: houseofhoops.com

Who should start the 2012 all star game for the NL? by Q:

A: all the players the ballot box stuffers voted for

Still not official, but Kansas City gets 2012 All-Star Game, first since 1973. Good choice? by Chipmaker Q: Following the renovations to Kauffman Field, the Royals win an All-Star Game bid and will host the 2012 edition. MLB still hasn't announced this officially, but it's been confirmed. I think it is a very good choice.

A: Yeah it's a good choice. Kaufmann Stadium is a really nice park, especially after the renovations they did last year. It deserves to be showcased. Also, after what they've been through with their team for the last 25 or so years die-hard Royals fans deserve something to get excited about and feel proud of.

I'm attending the 2012 MLB All Star Game in Kansas City and where do you get the ticket lanyard? by Tdawg Q: Does it come in the mail with your tickets or do you receive it when you enter the stadium for the All Star Game? Also can you go early and go to batting practice in the bleachers to catch home runs? Also how many hours before the game starts can you enter the stadium?

A: Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City is the web site where all this information is a available. Use your search engine, either YAHOO! or GOOGLE will work. Have fun and I hope your league wins..

What is your NBA all star game 2012 roster predictions? by Q: I just want to know your opinions This will be the rosters in my opinion: East: C:Howard, Bogut PF: Stoudemire, Bosh, Boozer SF: James, Anthony SG: Wade, Joe Johnson PG: Rose, Williams, Rondo West: C: Pau Gasol, Marc Gasol PF: Nowitzki, Griffin, Love SF: Durant, Gay SG: Bryant, Ginobili PG: Nash, Paul, Westbrook I change some of the rosters East: C:Howard, Bogut PF: Anthony, Stoudemire, Bosh SF: James, Pierce SG: Wade, Allen PG: Rose, Williams, Rondo Coach: Erik Spoelstra/ Tom Thibodeau West: C: Bynum, Pau Gasol PF: Griffin, Nowitzki, Love SF: Durant, Gay SG: Bryant, Ginobili PG: Nash, Paul, Westbrook Coach: Scott Brooks/Greg Popovich

A: EAST: C Howard/Horford F Anthony/Stoudemire F James/Bosh G Wade/Williams G Rose/Rondo WEST: C Bynum/Gasol F Griffin/Nowitzki/Love F Durant/Aldridge G Bryant/Ellis G Paul/Westbrook It'll be something like that. Remember, the team takes in two forwards, two guards and two centers. So Anthony and James, while both SFs, could both start.

MLB All Star Game song 2012? by Q: What is the song played in the 2012 MLB All Star Game commericals. The "I Pledge" Commercials

A: boys to men

What commercial did they play before the NBA 2012 All star game? by Q: Where they had that one black dude making a speech and there was water infront of him.

A: They played alot..

What did Melo and Kobe say to Lebron at the end of 4Q All-Star 2012 game? by Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGG9jw9WibM They say something but no idea what. Kobe looks mad at Lebron and Melo is grinning at Lebron.

A: well on espn they said kobe was asking lebron why he didn't take the last shot and some other stuff, i'll try to find the link to the video so you can watch it.

Your prediction for starting 5 at All Star game 2012? by XFlam3zX Q: My is: West: PG: Chris Paul SG: Kobe Bryant SF: Kevin Durant PF: Dirk Nowitzki/Blake Griffin C: Al Jefferson/Tim Duncan East: PG: Derrick Rose SG: Dwyane Wade SF: LeBron James PF: Carmelo Anthony/Amar'e Stoudemire C: Dwight Howard Just say Dwight still in the East.

A: What up XFlam3zX, Remembering that the All-star game is determined by fan-voting: West Pg: Chris Paul Sg: Kobe Bryant Sf: Kevin Durant Pf: Dirk Nowitzki C: Andrew Bynum East: Pg: Derrick Rose Sg: Dwayne Wade SF: LeBron James PF: Kevin Garnett C: Dwight Howard Nickster

What channel is the nba all star game on 2012? by Q:

Which team do you think will win the NBA All Star game? (2012)? by bullsies Q: East or West? Both teams have amazing players. Just wanted to know everyone's opinions! Thanks!

A: East has better talent. But I think West will win, Kobe always play to win while other superstar are having fun Lebron/Wade/Rose/D.Howard Kobe will play very hard and win the game, and try to get the All Star MVP.

Russian Blonde Singer at KHL 2012 all star game? by Q: Does anyone know the name of the blonde singer who performed during halftime on the KHL 2012 all star game?She sang beatifully and she really looked great.

A: She's not a Russian, but a Latvian singer. Her name is Liene Greifāne (Bronuša), but stage name - Liene Candy.

NBA All Star Game 2012 Predictions? by Q: I might go to it and it's in the Amway Center for those of you who don't know where it is going to be held(Orlando, FL). So do you think the East or the West Conference is going to win? West won last year but the East is winning overall from 36-24 streak. So what's your bet? Hey BTS Vet!

A: West will Kobe scoring 40 points a game baby go pats and laks Hey hey hey nice comment on the question that i asked Pats 4LIF3 Broncos got gronked and patted by the pats lol

NBA all star game 2012 pick up game idea? by Q: Any body els up for the idea Here are the rules 1.people vote 2.the top 2 leading votes get to be team captains 3.they choose a name for their team 4.on all start night the captains choose who they want on their team and the coaches choose the bench Coaches get chosen by the teams with the best record in both east and west For ex:West Phil Jackson East Doc Rivers What do u guys think

A: 1.Lakers don't have the best record in the west so Phil wouldn't be coach. 2. Not all of the players go to all star weekend if they are not participating so choosing your team the night of doesn't work. 3. Captains wont work because they will be more bias and they will choose teammates and friends 4. Because of China getting to vote Yao would have the possibility of being a captain. 5. This idea would take much more work than the system already in place. 6. Proof read you question before posting 7. No this idea is retarded

All Star game 2012, what do? by Q: Im glad 2 of my Sabres are in this All Star events......I am wearing my away Sabres jersey because our Captain Pomminville..... I loved this year's Breakaway challenge......Corey Perry and Patrick Kane where awesome, I really thought Kane broke that puck for real at first i was like shocked, then they explained what happened..... But I wish we could vote for goalies reactions during the breakaway challenge!! Carey price was sweet and funny!!! Luke Adam had a 98.8 MPH slap shot! sweet its still going on, what is your favorate thing so far in this years all star events?

A: Stammer killed it at the end! In the break away challenge. Loved kaners superman thing. lol

what is your NBA all star game 2012 roster predictions? by Q:

A: Hm... Great question actually, got me thinkin'. Eastern Conference: (Each players name I put is in order. If one name is first they're the starter. The second guy gets bench.) BTW I'm a humoungas Celtics fan, so im not hating, I just don't think many of them will make it next year.) PG: Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo SG: Dwyane Wade, Andre Igoudala SF: Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony PF: Amar'e Stoudemire, Carlos Boozer C: Dwight Howard, Andrew Bogut Western Conference: PG: Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook SG: Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis SF: Kevin Durant, Gerald Wallace PF: Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowitzki C: Brook Lopez, Tim Duncan or Kevin Love (Old School VS. New School) - Thomas

mls all star game 2012? by Q: rumor has it that the MLS all start team will be facing Chelsea this summer. i would like to know what website i could go to to acquire tickets for this game. and also what day will the tickets be on sale online.

A: INeedSeats.com will be selling tickets for this game. Check their site closer to the game. http://www.ineedseats.com

when can i buy the tickets for NBA all star game 2012? by Q:

What did andre iguodala say to luol deng in the nba all star game of 2012? by Grimscepter Q: I overheard them saying that "when you shoot do you look at the ball or the rim" that doesn't make any sense. Of course, you look at the rim. But, how was that rephrased in their perspective. Did they mean "after you shoot" you look at the ball or the rim, so you know that the defender boxing out will know where the ball is? The color commenters says that this is an important aspect in basketball so i just wanted to know.

A: They talked about that on inside the NBA. He was saying that Dirk & K Love look at the ball while shooting and he asked Deng does he look at the ball or the rim. Deng answered the rim. I know some guys that look at the before seconds before they shoot, that's what I'm used to but I don't know anyone that look at the ball while they are shooting, maybe Dirk & Love do.

Greedy Red Sox get beat out By Royals to host 2012 all star game? by Q: How about those greedy red sox having hosted the all star game just in1999 and they wanted to host it again in 2012...Are you glad they got beat out by by the small market royals?

A: ya it was too dramatic in New York already

Who is the coach for both west and east nba all star game 2012? by Q:

A: With a Bulls win on Sunday (@ BOS) OR a Heat loss (@ ATL), Tom Thibodeau would earn East All-Star coaching honors.

Can you name all the songs played during the nba all star game (2012) ? by Q: this song has been stuck in my head. Its not one of the performances .....it was like the song played in the stadium . The beat was amazing.

A: It is likely one of these three. Meek Mill - Ima Boss David Guetta - Turn Me On Jay-Z & Kanye West - No Church in the Wild They were played during the Eastern and Western conference All-Star introductions mostly.

How were the teams decided in the Hockey all star game 2012? by folklore Q: thank you go leafs, this is very interesting but I'm not very knowledgeable about Hockey. Knew someone would help me out here. Thanks

A: They held a draft. Zdeno Chara and Daniel Alfredsson were captains and picked their teams in a draft.

What is the NBA All Star game 2012 song when they cut to commercial? by Q: They play it at commercial sign or whenever they go to commercial. It sounds like trance.

David Letterman - 2012 MLB All-Stars Top Ten Giants Come Up Huge In All-Star Game 2012 NBA All-Star Game Full Highlights And Game Recap. Team 2002 vs Team 2012 All Star Game Goals Phantom: Best of the 2012 All-Star Game 2012 All-Star Game Top 10 Plays 2012 ALL-STAR Game West vs East Highlights, Kobe is great, West won [02/26/2012] [H4L] NBA All-Star Game 2012 Intro : Flo Rida Phantom: Kevin Durant 2012 All-Star Game MVP Phantom: Lebron 2012 All-Star Game Highlights Phantom: All-Star 2012 BBVA Rising Stars Game NBA All Star Game 2012 | Game Highlights | NBA Playthrough | Funny Commentary 2012 NBA All-Star Game: East Starters LeBron James All-Star Game 2012 Mix [HD] NHL All Star Game 2012 Full game : Team Chara vs Team Alfredsson 12:9 NBA All-Star 2012 Rising Stars game highlights: Team Chuck vs. Team Shaq (Feb 24, 2012) NHL: 2012 All Star Game Highlights Magical Moment at 2012 NBA All-Star Game NBA 2012 February / All-star Game Highlights Nba All-Star Game 2012 - Western Conference All-Star Starters Fastest Skater - 2012 NHL All Stars Skills Competition - Part 1 2012 NBA All Star Game Orlando - NBA 2K12: Kings Association Mode Feat. DreadSilverKid NBA All-Star Game 2012 | East Vs. West Highlights ft. Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, & Kevin Durant Nba All-Star Game 2012 - Eastern Conference All-Star Starters Phillip Phillips MLB All Star Game 2012 Home performance Kevin Hart get ejected from 2012 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Amazing Russell Westbrook Monster Dunk! 4th QT -NBA 2012 - All-Star Game NBA All Star Game 2012 - Top 10 Plays 2012 All-Star Game - Slow Motion Highlights [HD] NBA All Star Game 2012 HIGHLIGHTS Arne Duncan All Star Game Highlights NBA All-Star game 2012 - Inside Trax 2012 All Star-Game - Top 10 Plays (02.26.12) Drake 2012 NHL All-Star Game Performance FULL HD Drake - Headlines - 2012 NHL All Star Game [HD] Kevin Hart NBA Celebrity all star weekend 2012 MVP * Hilarious LOL* HD Nicki Minaj Performance & 2012 NBA All-Star West Intros NBA All-Star Game 2012: East vs West! Mvp!? Ricky Rubio!? Drake - Headlines (2012 NHL All-Star Game Live) Nba all star game 2012 - East vs West Highlights Concours des meneurs - All Star Game 2012 (Partie 1) NBA All-Star Game 2012 - West vs East Highlights All-Star 2012 East vs West Hightlights [02/25/2012] NBA 2K12 My Player Mode - NBA All-Star Game During 2012 All-Star Weekend Feat. Scoring SF 2012 NBA All-Star Game: East Reserves All-Star Game Simulation - MLB 12: The Show Trailer 2012 MLB All Star Game: Adrian Beltre's Biggest Fear Goal: Henrik Sedin. 'Suck It Phaneuf' 2012 NHL All Star Game - Team Chara 3 Team Alfredsson 2. ALL STAR GAME 2012 TRAVIS DIENER 3 POINT CONTEST NBA All-Star Game Highlights February 26 2012
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