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jonnysussex RT @RichardJMurphy: Trolls abuse all sane bloggers but treatment of female bloggers is despicable http://t.co/JW1Cnn1m You wonder why I'm intolerant of trolls?

taramoniquej RT @ochocinco: All of you have a blessed Sunday n stay prayed up.May your respective teams and favorite players win and have tremendous games. #1Luv

EmBuxton RT @KartForce: RT - Video of triple amputee Cpl karting. You don't need all your limbs to race a kart - just British Bulldog Balls! http://t.co/WjIeqoBN


teaspoonofsugar if all of your profile pictures on facebook are of yourself taken by yourself, the chances are i will hate you

Jenneke_xo @QwertyIsDead well you didn't make a prick out of yourself in front of me, so it's all good! ;) x

juliane_love @justinbieber It was very nice of you to come to Brazil, I'm sorry I was not, but I followed all the interviews with you that was on TV:)

ElinDavies Just to let you know, I didn't say any of those forehead and nose jokes last night @jdbrowny was all @matthew_enos haha!

VanGundy73 RT @ochocinco: All of you have a blessed Sunday n stay prayed up.May your respective teams and favorite players win and have tremendous games. #1Luv

DatBoyJay22 RT @ochocinco: All of you have a blessed Sunday n stay prayed up.May your respective teams and favorite players win and have tremendous games. #1Luv

ChocolatePhill RT @ochocinco: All of you have a blessed Sunday n stay prayed up.May your respective teams and favorite players win and have tremendous games. #1Luv

piggofdoom @wickedkevin First of all, you need to be a master to have a masterpiece, secondly, SIMILAR TRACK/ALBUM TITLES DON'T MEAN ANYTHING

carolynedgar @ExecutiveMoms the every day stuff is the challenge. On top of work, it's exhausting. As you know all too well.

TastyThailand @Olly_Last Just seen the big bag wall. Am I only one thinking that is not going to help at all. #thaifloodeng Waaaaaay ahead of you :)

ChrisSpicerDrum RT @bradhfh: I know heaps of bands say this but we have the best fans! We talk so much shit sometimes but you guys honestly make all of this worth it!


If all you had to do to fix the economy was sign a jobs bill, then why is unemployment so high? by Barney Frank's pet Gerbil Q: Why do liberals think that Obama can "outlaw" unemployment by signing a Jobs Bill? What's next - will Obama outlaw world hunger by signing a Food Bill? How about world peace - Could Obama could sign a Peace Bill too? When you look at Solendra, and Obama's naive view of fixing the economy, is it clear that left wing hacks know nothing?

Ladies, what do you think of all the sandwich jokes on the internet? by Professor Strange Q: Do you view them as sexist or just light hearted jabs? B.Q: What do you think the equivalent of a sandwich/kitchen joke would be for men?

All of you who have a problem with an older guy being with an 'underage' girl waited until you were 17/18? by 19982002 Q: Correct? You never put your p***s in a girl who was 16 (or 17 depending on state), or had an older guy put his p***s in you when you were 16 right, because that would be hypocritical, correct? Answer the question!

A: I'm fine with the existence of age of consent laws, and I have never had sex. There, answered.

Why are all of you afraid of that "anonymous" group? by Barry Robinson Q: I'd say all of them are fat ugly virgins that live in their mommys basement or young little high school punks. I don't fear the scum of society and people who need a computer to attain power.

to the people who responded to my post, what do you all mean as in terms of getting ruining his stuff? by kathy Q: What do you all mean as of ruining his stuff. My friend has only does this once she said and has never gained full access into his account?

A: You need to "Add Details" to this question. I have no idea what you are talking about. To "ruin someone's stuff" means you destroy their personal property. Okay?

As one of the true owners of this land when do you all intend to learn American Indian languages? by My Ancestors Discovered America Q:

A: Im all for it and will more than glad to learn to speak American. English is a foreign language. Btw you did not discover America since you have lived there since time began.

Can you list all of the sins named in the bible? by Katie Q: Whomever can list the most sins as stated in the bible gets 10 points. Now go. Why do I ask? So that perhaps Christians can see how many rules their all-loving god is asking them to abide by before they get his love.

A: 1. ABORTION Ex 21:22-25; Jere 1:4,5 2. NOT ABSTAINING FROM ALL APPEARANCE OF EVIL 1 Thes 5:22 3. ACCUSING Jude 9; 2 Pe 2:11 4. NOT ACKNOWLEDGING THINE INIQUITY Jere 3:13 5. ADULTERY Mt 19:18; Gen 39:7-9; Ex 20:14 Penalty for both involved is death Deut 22:22; Lev 20:10-12 To look on a woman to lust is adultery Mt 5:28; 2 Pe 2:14 6. AFRAID of people or circumstances Ps 112:7 7. AFRAID TO CONFESS JESUS TO PEOPLE Jn 12:42 8. UNJUSTIFIED ANGER (WRATHS) Pv 27:4; 29:22; Ex 6:9; 2 Cor 12:20 9. ANGRY WITH YOUR BROTHER Mt 5:22 10. ANXIOUS Phili 4:6 NIV 11. ARGUING Pv 17:14; 18:6; Titus 3:9; 2 Tim 2:23 12. ARROGANCE (SWELLINGS) (PROUD) Mk 7:22 NIV; Isa 2:17,11 NIV; Ro 1:30; 2 Cor 11:20; Isa 13:11 13. ASHAMED, HIDING YOUR LIGHT FOR JESUS Mt 5:14-16; Lk 9:26; Ro 10:11 14. ASHAMED OF JESUS AND HIS WORDS Mk 8:38 15. ASSAULT Ex 21:18,19; Acts 14:5 16. ASTROLOGY Deut 4:19; 17:3-7; Isa 47:13,14; Acts 7:42; Ezek 8:16 Penalty for astrology is death Deut 17:7 17. VAIN BABBLINGS 1 Tim 6:20; 2 Tim 2:16 18. BACKBITING Ps 15:1-3 19. REFUSED TO BE BAPTIZED Lk 7:29,30 20. BAPTIZED BEFORE BELIEVING ON JESUS Acts 8:36,37 21. NOT BELIEVING ON NAME OF HIS SON JESUS CHRIST 1 Jn 3:23 BIBLE-SEE THE HEADING OF "WORD" 22. BITTERNESS Acts 8:23; Ro 3:14; Eph 4:31; Heb 12:15 23. BLASPHEMOUS Mk 7:22; Jude 10 24. BLASPHEMY AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST Mk 3:29; Lk 12:10 Never forgiven, the unforgivable sin Mt 12:31 25. NOT BLESSING THEM THAT CURSE YOU Lk 6:28 26. NOT BLESSING THEM WHICH PERSECUTE YOU Ro 12:14 27. A PERSON THAT LEADS THE BLIND ASTRAY IS CURSED Deut 27:18; Mt 23:16 28. EATING BLOOD 1Sam 14:33 29. BOASTING IS EVIL Ja 4:16; 3:5; Ro 1:30 + BORN AGAIN-A PERSON THAT HAS BEEN CONVERTED FROM THE OLD SINFUL NATURE TO A SPIRIT LED NATURE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST. HE HAS RECEIVED THE INDWELLING OF GOD’S SPIRIT AND HAS BECOME A CHANGED PERSON. HE HAS BECOME A CHILD OF GOD. (Mt 18:3; Mk 16:16; Jn 3:3; Acts 2:38; Ro ch 6 and 8; Col 2:12; Heb 5:9; 1Jn 5:8). (SINS AGAINST BORN-AGAIN CHILDREN OF GOD) 30 to 55 30. BEING AGAINST A CHILD OF GOD Ps 11:2 31. CAUSING A CHILD OF GOD TO SIN (GREAT SIN) Mt 18:6 32. DECEIVING A CHILD OF GOD Eph 4:14 33. DESPISING ONE OF GOD’S CHILDREN Mt 18:10 Is the same as despising God Lk 10:16 34. ENTICING A CHILD OF GOD TO TURN Deut 13:6-10; Acts 13:8-12; Acts 20:29-31 Penalty for enticing a child of God is death Deut 13:6-10 35. ENTICING A CHILD OF GOD THROUGH THEIR LUSTS AND DESIRES 2 Pe 2:18 36. HINDERING OR BEATING GOD’S SERVANTS Lk 12:45 37. JUDGING GOD’S SERVANTS Ro 14:4,10 38. LAYING IN WAIT TO ACCUSE GOD’S SERVANTS Lk 11:54 39. NOT CLOTHING GOD’S CHILDREN THAT HAVE NEED Mt 25:43 40. NOT FEEDING GOD’S CHILDREN THAT ARE HUNGRY Mt 25:42 41. NOT RECEIVING A CHILD OF GOD SENT BY GOD Mk 6:11; Mt 10:14 42. NOT TAKING IN A HOMELESS CHILD OF GOD Mt 25:43,45; 1 Tim 5:10 43. NOT VISITING GOD’S CHILDREN THAT ARE SICK Mt 25:43 44. NOT VISITING GOD’S CHILDREN IN PRISON Mt 25:43 45. OFFENDING A CHILD OF GOD Mk 9:42 46. PERSECUTING A CHILD OF GOD Acts 9:1,4,5 47. PUTTING STUMBLING BLOCKS IN PATH OF GOD’S CHILDREN Acts 15:1,2; Ro 14:13 48. REFUSING TO HEAR GOD’S SERVANTS 1 Jn 4:6 49. SPEAKING AGAINST GOD’S CHILDREN Acts 21:28; Num 14:2,3,11; 16:3 50. SMITING GOD’S CHILDREN Mt 24:49 51. SOWING ANY FORM OF DISCORD AMONG GOD’S CHILDREN Pv 6:16,19 52. THINKING EVIL IN YOUR HEART AGAINST GOD’S CHILDREN Mt 9:4 53. THREATENING GOD’S PEOPLE Acts 9:1,4,5; Jn 9:22,28,34 54. TOUCHING GOD’S SERVANTS Acts 5:18,35,39 55. ZEALOUS FOR GOD BUT HATE GOD’S CHILDREN Acts 22:3,22 56. BREAKING UP HOMES Mt 19:6; 5:31,32 57. ACCEPTING A BRIBE Ex 23:8; Ps 26:10 58. BUSYBODIES (meddling) Pv 20:3; 1 Tim 5:13 59. PUTTING CARES OF THIS WORLD BEFORE GOD Mk 4:19; Lk 8:14; 21:34 60. BEING CARNAL OR WORLDLY 1 Cor 3:1-3; Ro 8:6-8 61. NOT HAVING CHARITY 1 Cor 13:2 62. NOT ENDURING GOD’S CHASTENING Heb 12:7,8 63. NOT BECOMING AS A LITTLE CHILD BEFORE GOD (NOT HUMBLING YOURSELF) Mt 18:3 64. NOT SPANKING A DISOBEDIENT CHILD Pv 13:24 65. FATHER’S PROVOKING THEIR CHILDREN TO WRATH Eph 6:4 66. NOT BRINGING CHILDREN UP IN TRAINING AND INSTRUCTION OF THE LORD Eph 6:4 NIV

Why are all of you children born after 1991 so greedy, inconsiderate, and overall quite nasty? by Barry Robinson Q: Being born in 1991 I was alive when there was a Soviet Union. The constant threat of nuclear war was upon us and the USSR was engaged in a cold war with the US. Every second we took was taken and we thanked god for it. Now most kids these days are heathens who hate all the beauty of my time and the time that came before. Great artists came about such as Elvis, The Beach Boys, The Ronettes, etc. that all you kids do not care for much less know. Generation Z sickens me. All of you are spoiled stupid little brats that rely on a computer and an internet connection. I was born before the internet was commercialized and I remember a world without it. I doubt any of you brats could ever recognize the beauty much less survive in a world without the web. Don't even get me started on your fake idols and other foolishness that have no talent or merit of their own. I'm glad I'm part of Generation Y (although I'd prefer to be a baby boomer any day of the week) so I wouldnt have to see you ignorant kids destroy everything they worked hard to build. I remember a world without internet and I was born before it was commercialized.... In fact the first 8 years of my life I was completely free and even for awhile afterwards I never used it.... Everything was so beautiful, casettes... VHS... no techno mumbo jumbo... You kids missed out. I guess thats what comes with being a 21st century child. After all you have no real memories of the 20th century next to being a tiny toddler. Also you never got spanked as a child, you probably just got limp wristed time outs. No wonder you don't know your limits. You never had them! Just so you know, the USSR was gone in December 26 1991 and I was alive well before then.

A: Listent yu slimmy a** mf we are born and adjuust and praise what yu have . ibet generation x thought cr*p of yur stupid gen y and people choose to stay inside and play games all day , its there choice thats why people come to america and notin those other countires and brats are from YOU being bad parents and i will , think the same of generation alpha , Dont have kids . im 13 and ibet when yu were a kid yu loved yur ancient radio and there still are great artists .

What are the symptoms of premenopause that you all know of? by Stacey M Q: I have looked on every web site and I don't recognize any of these symptoms but I have missed my period and this is the second month I have missed. No pregnancy either as I dont feel pregnant and I have taken 3 tests already.

For all of you college graduates that had a hard time finding your major, or career.? by Stetson.j.Reed Q: I'm undecided on my major, and my future career. after this semester i'll have my associate degree, and i can have full tuition paid for if i know what i'm going to major in next semester... the problem is i have no idea what i want to do. how did you find your future calling? and what made you decide?

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