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ALEC under fire as Coke drop its membership
"The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct ...

Alec Baldwin and new fiancee Hilaria Thomas step out after celebrating his ...
By Daily Mail Reporter Alec Baldwin and his fiancee continued to bask in newly-engaged bliss today as they stepped out in New York. The 30 Rock star dropped his wife-to-be Hilaria Thomas off at an office building in the city before going on to run his ...

Alec Baldwin Blasts NY Daily News for Hunting Down His Fiance
Apr 03 (TheWrap.com) - Alec Baldwin has stepped into the New York tabloid wars, excoriating two New York Daily News reporters for showing up at his yoga class to take photos of his fiancรฉ. News leaked on Monday that Baldwin proposed to his girlfriend ...

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas engaged: '30 Rock' star proposes to yoga ...
Hilaria Thomas met Alec Baldwin in early 2011 while dining with friends in New York City. Hotheaded โ€œ30 Rockโ€ star Alec Baldwin has gotten engaged to a 28-year-old yoga-instructor who was still in high school when his first marriage to actress Kim ...

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txmattie RT @RWwatchMA: Ask yourself, why does @StateFarm support the voter suppression efforts of #ALEC? #waronwomen #WOW @granholmtwr @maddow

Spooksypoo Kraft Drops Membership In Conservative Group ALEC http://t.co/UNP04D6i via @HuffingtonPost

madisonkathryne Judith - "I wish you'd just shut up" Alec - "I wish you'd jump off a bridge" hahahahahhahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

WhitneyProg1 RT @RWwatchMA: Take a stand against corporate funding of voter suppression http://t.co/WVU0hFga #ALEC #voterID #alecexposed #gopfail #p2 #1percent

WolfPacWI Koch Brothers+NRA+ALEC = MURDER [Wisconsin Enemies Go National] - http://t.co/rcXhma4y

deettabythorne RT @PennyAgain: RT @richcasa: Kraft Foods will not renew support with ALEC

Little_Sadist @Numb_Alec *tears the pillow away, no longer using her gift* Fuck you both. I'm out of here. *storms out, past @Demetri_Tracker, fuming*

sweetyaby Kraft Foods Joins Coca-Cola and Pepsi In Leaving Corporate Front ...: Earlier today, we reported that Coca-Cola ... http://t.co/V8z0wVAs

silpajk Kraft Foods Joins Coca-Cola and Pepsi In Leaving Corporate Front ...: Earlier today, we reported that Coca-Cola ... http://t.co/N4dYntpq

varshashoray Kraft Foods Joins Coca-Cola and Pepsi In Leaving Corporate Front ...: Earlier today, we reported that Coca-Cola ... http://t.co/H2RmnW8r

virtusolutions ALEC under fire as Coke drop its membership http://t.co/QuD09FKf

virtusolutions ALEC under fire as Coke drop its membership http://t.co/r0Q7MWfU

tamara1234578 @AleccFitzz good job alec

eponymousthing RT @lancejgosnell: I'm glad KRAFT has pulled support of ALEC which make them firing me for posting on twitter about it's security for #f29 well worth it.

lancejgosnell I'm glad KRAFT has pulled support of ALEC which make them firing me for posting on twitter about it's security for #f29 well worth it.


What is the relationship between Jace and Alec called from The Mortal Instruments? by Q: You know the fighting relationship... i can't remember the exact word for it. It's the same thing that Will and Jem share from the Internal Devices. It's like they're fighting partners but i'm completely blanking on the name... help?

A: parabi :) it means they are partners in battle

What do you think of the name Alec Kyle? by blank Q: Which do you like better alec Kyle or Kyle Alec This is for a story.

A: Alec Kyle is no good, the k sounds run into each other, it sounds like one name, Alekkyle. Kyle Alec sounds much better.

Why are Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin considered experts in American politics? by Lame Duck 0bama Q: when they have neither training nor experience in the field? Would you consider placing you life in the hands of a heart- or brain surgeon with no training or hands-on experience in their field?

A: My guess is that liberals are so easily convinced and fooled. These two liberal - OVER PAID loons are viewed as what the USA should be. They are so OVER PAID, along with the rest of Hollywood types, they will NEVER be effected by the economy. So, they don't care as long as people love them.

Shouldn't the Democrats start packing or are they still pulling an Alec Baldwin? by Rocky Q: You know there were some people who said they would leave the country if Scott Brown became Senator, similar to the threat Alec Baldwin made in 2000.

A: If they want their so called "free" health-care they better go to Canada

Does anybody know the name of the app that actor Alec Baldwin was using? by phat_albert316 Q: Does anybody know the name of the app that actor Alec Baldwin was using on his iPad that got him kicked off the plane?

A: Words with Friends- it's a Scrabble-like game

How did you think Steve Martin and Alec baldwin? by Q: Did as host do you think they did a good job .

A: They did a great job! Who knew?! Steve martin is one of my favorite actors

What is so important about the twins Alec and Jane in books apart from their gifts to the Volturi? by Q: I'm just curious... How old are they anyway?

A: They are the closest thing to child vampires allowed. If you read the 4th book child vampires are kind of the basis for everything that happens.

Where can I watch the movies that Alec Baldwin made with his friends as a kid? by Q: I saw clips of them on a documentary about him on tv just now, and am interested in seeing the whole movies.

A: His mom has them.

Smart alec parents, do you worry that its going to come back to bite you when your kids are teenagers? by MT Q: Or do you think that it's just going to have to be endured for the better good of their adult personality? Have your kids inherited your sarcasm, and have you become more sarcastic as you've gotten older?

A: i just came in to check who self-identified as a smart-alec. is there anyone left who isn't sarcastic in the post-"seinfeld" world?

How many liberal actors ( like alec baldwin) will promise to leave the country if a tea party person wins? by Dennis P Q: the next election? They never do , but we can hope scooter ,, good one ,, mass exodus?

A: MANY will PROMISE.....NONE will do it thay are all lying POS ANd to the UNINFORMED liberal Obots RUsh DID NOT say that ......he said if he is FORCED to buy Obama Care he would go to another country7 for MEDICAL treatment ....he DID not say to live like your heros the Baldwins.....PS why are they still here GW won??? Or do you ADMIT libs are LIARS??? http://www.csmonitor.com/World/2010/0311/Why-Rush-Limbaugh-would-go-to-Costa-Rica-if-Obama-s-healthcare-plan-passes

In the movie The Departed, why does Alec Baldwin put his face in ice water? by Q: In the movie "The Departed" Cpt. Ellerby (played by Alec Baldwin) tells Matt Damon "You're on your way to being a cop" and then put his face in a bowl of ice water... Whats the point of the ice water? What is he doing?

A: Sometimes people do that to sober-up or wake-up. They do not explain it in the movie but there could be the implication that being a cop will drive a person to drink in order to cope.

Is it true that Alec Baldwin will be receiving a reward from Parenting Magazine? by April Fuhle Q: They were going to award Oprah but when she went back to the third world country where her adopted child lives she couldn't pick out which one he was?

A: Absolutely true!

Do you think Rush Limbaugh really will move to Costa Rica or will he pull an Alec Baldwin? by Rocky Q: Alec Baldwin said he would move to France after the 2000 elections, but never did.

A: Rush did not say he would move to Costa Rica, only that he would seek medical treatment there. Here is some quotes from Rush on the subject: "Look, there are insurance companies who don't want to be put out of business." We've talked to them on the program. I've talked to them privately. They are establishing health care clinics with quality doctors in places like Costa Rica. They're going to continue to sell policies to people who have the ability to fly down there and get treatment. If I have to get thrown into this massive government health care insurance business and end up going to the driver's license office every day when I need to go to the doctor, yeah, I'll go to Costa Rica for treatment, not move there.

What is Alec's (the volturi) special power in the Twilight book series? by Fiona D Q: What is his special power? Jane's is psychologically torturing people with pain Oh right, I remember. He makes you without any senses What book explains when Alec and Jane become vampires? Is it breaking dawn?

A: Alec has an extremely powerful gift which is even more potent than Janeโ€™s. He has the ability to cut off a person's senses. He can make them blind, deaf, mute, unable to feel a thing and unable to smell anything. When he uses his gift, it appears in the form of mist, and moves very slowly. When he attempted to use it on the Cullens, the vampires they had gathered as witnesses, Sam Uley's pack and Jacob Black's pack, the 'mist' slowly crawled towards the group. Upon hitting Bella's 'shield', it went around it, before disappearing after Alec stopped trying to use it, realizing it was useless. The Volturi had their eyes on Jane and Alec when they were human as potential people to change, but were waiting until they were older to change them. When frightened humans threatened to burn the twins at the stake, Aro was forced to change them while they were still young. Alec, along with Jane, has since become one of the Volturi's most valued guards. Hope this helps!

What is the best Alec/Renesmee fanfic you have read? by Q: I am a huge twilight fan and I love to read fanfics, specially if they are about alec/renesmee, well I haven't read good fanfics over the last couple of weeks so I would like to know if you could send me links or web pages Please, no rude comments. :)

A: I personally dont read fanfic but I did google and I found these: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/alec-and-renesmee/links/8248194/title/alec-renesmee-fanfic http://www.sodahead.com/fun/alecrenesmee-fan-fic/blog-313881/ http://community.livejournal.com/volturi_fans Those are some of the ones I found. I dont know if they are any good because like I said I dont read fanfic. I might start reading it though, who knows.

Answer this question if you believe that people can read minds, no smart alec answers please? by Q: I am serious about this folks. Please don't tell me about Hotlines psychics because I don't believe in them and I'm not talking about them. My problem is with everyday people not hotline psychics. Now, it seems as if people are very intuitive or psychic. Is this mind reading thing from people all just intuition and not mind reading but something simular to it?

A: I dont blive in mind reading but like George, I'm open to the possibility. Those ppl u feel that seems to be able to 'read minds' are actually extremely sensitive ppl with high EQ and, most if the time, high IQ too. These ppl are able to read sth called microexpressions, which are facial expressions tt last for a mere fraction of a second. Microexpressions cannot b faked. Tts y ppl who can read them often can 'suss' out feelings n actions tt a liar wants to hide.

In the Twilight Saga, how old is Jane and Alec from the Volturri supposed to be? by Guess What? I'm Human Q: It just made me wonder. Thank you! Note: Haters don't answer. To be specific, I meant their age when they were changed into vampires. Their physical age. Thank you! I think it'd be nice to consider the ages of the celebrities who will portray them in the movies, Dakota Fanning and Cameron Bright.

A: I have always wondered that too. They never say their real age in the book, but technically they are thousands of years old. I would guess they are probably around the same age as Edward and Bella, probably somewhere between 16 and 20.

Why did Obama give a "smart alec" answer to McCains request to delay debates? by Dixon Q: I for one dont like that sort of smart alec reply. " a President needs to be able to do more than one thing at a time" Does Obama really think that gains votes for him such a nonsense reply that sounds kiddish?

A: Because he is irritable as he is trying to quit smoking

What are some examples of Fatalism in Tess of the D'Ubervilles for each Tess, Alec, and Angel? by Q: I have found some on my own like Tess' event with Prince, Alec raping Tess, and Angel falling for Tess, but I can't really put it into concrete detail... >_<

A: For Tess, I'd say the best example is her father discovering his ancestry. This has nothing to do with her, it wasn't a choice for her, but it threw her life in shambles. What was absolutely nerve-wrecking about this was that you could see her being the victim of her parents' misguided hopes from the beginning. They were so stupid and she was so innocent! The reader can see exactly where this is all going. We know it ahead of them, always and yet it's not as obvious to them. You want to scream at the characters "don't do this! Can't you see what's going to happen???" but they don't. I don't really think that Alec and Angel are ever the victims of fatalism, it's always Tess who pays for it all. The only thing with Angel is you can tell he loves Tess for all the wrong reasons. you want to tell him "she's not at all what you think, but you do need to truly look at her, because she's still the girl for you, you just need to stop ascribing her the qualities you wish she had and see the ones she does". What is more chilling than the heartless way he tells her: "You were more sinned against than sinning, that I admit" and leaves? Angel's fate, it seems is to refuse to let go of his silly notions on others and to always grieve that they are not what he wants them to be and never realise that what they actually are is also worth his time and love.

Who is playing Alec in the New Moon movie? by Alexis E Q: I know Jane is played by Dakota Fanning but who is playing Alec?

A: Cameron Bright Here are some pictures (click the link)

How do you deal with a person that is a know-it-all,has a smart alec expert opinion about everything? by OOO Q: Its very uncomfortable being around this person, because they think they are always right, consider themselves above you or better than you and think they know more than you do and like to teach, lecture and think they always need to pity you with their "help". Its almost impossible to talk to this person without them either trying to teach you about something or tell you what you should do or shouldnt do and rationalize to prove that you should definitely take their superior advice. How about a STFU?

A: Say to them "dont down talk to me, I'm a person not a student" I had a friend like that and after I said that to him he actually stopped it a lot. Still does it but its at a tolerable level

Do feel like the Alec Baldwin joke about the Mail Order Bride is getting blown out of proportion? by Dr Arthur G the Medicine Man Q: Come on, he made a joke on David Letterman. Do people really have to result to violence and protest over that? I hope he does not apologize. What do you guys think? It's a little crazy, it kind of makes me look down upon that country.

A: Yep, it was said as a joke.

Is it true that Alec Baldwin is the true father of Baby Trig? by Angry Larry Q: Someone told me that he and Sarah Palin were going at it hot and heavy in their dressing rooms on Saturday Night Live. Could it be? Do you think?

A: Why not. That Sarah Palin gets around.

Why is Alec Baldwin and Al Sharpton, claiming that Troy Davis Execution was a miscarriage of Justice? by Q: Baldwin and Sharpton also say that they are against the Death Penalty. So why have these two Democrat Frauds, said nothing about the Execution of Lawrence Brewer in Texas, which was carried out on the same night as the Georgia Execution of Troy Davis. Are Baldwin and Sharpton suffering from Racial Profiling Amnesia ?

A: Well, with Baldwin it's not a race issue. I can't speak for Al Sharpton, because with him everything is a race issue. Baldwin, and the other Hollywood celebrities, (AND non-celebrity citizens) who defend Davis have good intentions...their hearts are in the right place, but they are acting on utter ignorance of the FACTS of the case against him. They've heard the propaganda that's been put out by Davis, his lawyers, and his family, and that is what they believe is true. RARELY do you find a supporter of Davis who has done any research at all into what the facts of the case actually are. Based on the propaganda only, it sounds as if a possibly innocent man was put to death, or at least like he wasn't given his full due process. Based on the FACTS, there is no reasonable doubt at ALL that he is guilty and WAS given his full due process. I don't fault them for wanting to make sure that justice is properly served and an innocent man is not put to death, because that is the right thing to do, but I DO fault them for not educating themselves about the facts of the case before speaking out and spreading the misinformation about the case even further. Now as for Lawrence Brewer...that is ENTIRELY a different case. Lawrence Brewer admitted his guilt. There was NEVER any question that he is a vicious, sadistic murderer. That is why no one is speaking out about him.

what is the story on Jane and Alec in the book New Moon? by ThatChickk Q: I know Jane and Alec from New Moon are guards for the Volturi ,but does anyone know their history? Who were they before they were changed? how old were they? anything?

A: Jane and Alec had special powers when they were human, and it is for this reason that Aro was keeping an eye on them, waiting for them to get older before turning them into vampires. Frightened humans burned them at the stake. The volturi stepped in to save them. I think they are probably in their mid teens.

Can you please answer this question without being a smart alec? by hmmmmm.... ;) Q: This is really embarrassing for me to type, so please don't make it harder for me than it already is. I am 17 years old. I've never had sex and have never had a boyfriend. And I'm not gay, just to reassure you. I like guys. But is it normal for me to get really turned on when I think about this guy I like?

A: well thats normal i guess but im 17 too and only had one girl friend and i have the same thing going on with me so yeah i think its normal. and dont even sweat stuff like that

Is the actor Alec Baldwin mentally unbalanced or just another hollywood narcississit? by joesouth Q: The incident with his daughter where he acted like a madman.

A: Alec Baldwin has always had a quick temper. His ex wife Kim Bassinger complained of his scary temper when they were married

What best describes the riff between Alec Baldwin and stewardess and Nuns? by aeriol7 Q: mine is those Nuns have long memories pal he compared the stewardess to fifties Nuns... and he is Irish Catholic you know.

A: Nuns?

Jane and Alec, when they joined the Volturi, which book is it in? What page? by Ali M Q: I know that Jane and Alec were changed younger than planned because their village had burned them at the stake and the Volturi wanted them, but which book is it in? which page? I think it says somewhere that the volturi had their eyes on the twins, and destroyed a whole village to get them...which book is that in? which page?

A: it doesn't describe it in any of the books.

How old are Jane and Alec of the Volturi in Vampire years? by 1excoolreff Q: Just curiuos to know how old they are not in what age they were turned but in how many years has it been since they were turned till New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn time frame.

A: The Volturi had their eyes on Jane and her brother Alec as potential vampires when they were still human, but were waiting until they were older to change them. When frightened humans started to burn the twins at the stake because of suspected witchcraft, Aro stepped in, slaughtering the whole village. Because of all she went through (several burns), Jane gained the power to voluntarily inflict a mental illusion of agonizing pain on others (burning illusion). Jane has since become one of the prize members of the Volturi Guard. It is unknown whether or not Jane's human name was 'Jane' as well, but the chances are high that it was. Her and Alec's surname remains unknown. It doesn't say anywhere in the Twilight Saga what time period Alec and Jane lived in as humans, but considering that they still burned people at the stake then, it should have been around Middle Ages under the control of Holy Catholic Inquisition. (1200-1400 AD)

How do you outsmart a real smart alec or a teacher? by panda_lover0075 Q: I would really like to outsmart my sister. How do I do that?

A: Just be you and study hard. Plus you don't need to out smart your sister or any one else.All you need to do is out smart yourself. Now that will make you smart.

Has Alec Baldwin said which country he is moving to this time if a Republican wins as POTUS? by mark_tidman Q: Baldwin always says he will leave if a Republican wins but never keeps his promises. I've been so disappointed. How many of your 0bama supporters will go with him?

A: I am not a fan of Alec Baldwin's politics, but I do have to congratulate him on blaming both parties for the problems.

Can someone please explain how this meshes for me regarding Alec Baldwin? by pdooma Q: 1. He's down at Occupy Wall Street sympathizing with the folks. 2. He makes obscene amount of money working as the spokesman for Capital One, a major bank. Does he insist everyone on crew make the same amount of money he does? Does he give the proceeds to charity or better yet, the government so they can spend more of his money as the 1%? Is he planning on embarrassing Capital One sometime in the future so they have bad press?

A: Alec Baldwin is funny. He can do whatever he wants.

Why would American Airlines let Alec Baldwin board the next flight after they had to order him off the plane? by Q: For refusing to stop using his cell phone? After being told 4 times to shut off his phone he goes into the restroom on the plane and starts pounding on the walls. Why did they let this liberal Democrat on the next flight out after that performance?

A: What does his politics have to do with his temper tantrum on the plane?

Where can I buy a coat like Alec from the Volturi? by Jcp Q: Is there a store with or close to the coat of Alec from the Volturi?

A: http://www.metroparkusa.com/fashion/men/projek-raw/item/8457/Wool-Peacoat/hoodies-and-jackets

Does anyone know any 9 year old authors other than Alec Greven? by Homosexual Q: Does anyone know a name of a 9 year old author other than Alec Greven? I don't mean to be mean but...His new book is the worst thing I have ever read!

A: Duh, he's 9. What did you expect?

What are some cute nicknames for the name Alec? by Q: I need a nickname for the name Alec. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

A: Hi Tiffany, here's a couple. A Al Ali Ace A.C lec / lecky

Can you believe even left wing lib Alec Baldwin says Barney Frank is at fault? by Kabu Q: Alec Baldwin said yesterday that Barney Frank was responsible for meltdown citing his comments about Freddie and Fannie that everything was fine. I almost fell out of my chair.

A: Yes I can believe but I tend to not care what any of the Baldwins think...they have issues.

In New Moon Is Alec in the Volturi gonna be a child or a teenager? by Clara Q: i have seen on youtube that some ppl think alec in the volturi is gonna be a little kid. in some other videos they think he is gonna be a teenager or a preteen. which one is right?

A: They havent really said much. But I suspect that Alec will be played by a teenager, or someone whose in their early 20s. probably between the ages of 15-23? They're supposedly considering Dakota Fanning as Jane, thats kinda why i think that it'll be someone younger

Why do conservatives not see a problem with ALEC writing their laws? by Les S Q: Shouldn't an elected congressman write the laws of the people? Why do they accept that a couple of corporate billionaires who inherited their wealth from their father and grandfather are writing nearly all of the laws that conservatives introduce? Would conservatives rather have ALEC, the corporate funded Koch Brothers organization, write their laws instead of a person elected by the people? Do conservatives really want a plutocracy, where the rich billionaire owners make the laws in our society?

What Is Alec Volturi Like In New Moon? Will You Describe Him ? by Lana T. Q: I haven't read NM and barely finished Twilight but this character of Alec Volturi in NM has peeked my interest a bit. Will you tell me what you like about him or at least just tell me some things about him? Thank you! p.s. Twilight saga haters, please don't come and spew hatred here. Keep it positive. Thanks in advance.

A: There is not a lot told about him in neew moon but in braking dawn it do talk more about him. He is more like a kid compared to volturi leaders, more like a boy, handsome. He is powerful and twin of Jane. (ok I am going to talk about his power because other people have, so you already got some spoilers) He make people feel nothing, a mind trick. So, dangerous.

What is the name of this movie starring Alec Baldwin? by Q: There is a scene where Alec is waiting at a bar for some guy to come in. And when the guy comes in, Alec beats the heck out of him with a billiard stick. If someone could help me locate this movie, I would very much appreciate it.

A: It might be a movie called The Cooler starring Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy.

What car comes out in the capital1 commercial with Alec Baldwin? by Q: When alec baldwin arrives at the begining in a small silver car, what kind is that?

A: Porsche 356

What does kind of man does Thomas Hardy believe Alec d"urberville to be? by Heather Q: I'm pretty sure he percieves him to be evil, amoral and unremorseful -- for I see it in his writing. I just need somewhere to quote, are there any sites where Thomas Hardy writes about his own views of Alec?

A: ?

Why does Alec care so much about keeping Annie a secret? by Q: Ok so on the lying game I don't get why is it so important that Alec and Ted keep Annie Hobbs a secret from Sutton? And why did "they" tell Annie that Emma died?

A: Honestly, it is up in the air right now. No one really knows anything. My opinion is that Alec and Ted keep Annie a secret because they told her that her kids died, so if they told Sutton and Emma, they would go looking for her and Annie would then be really confused. I think "they" is Alec and Ted, and they probably told her that Emma died because they either did something bad to her, or they had a reason to keep the twins away. Sorry! I really dont know! Just my opinions.! keep watching!

What happen to Alec Baldwin in my sister's keeper movie? by KazKaz Q: I just watch the movie just now. The movie has low quality of sound and I can barely hear the dialogue. Does anyone know what is wrong with Alec Baldwin? Is he sick?

A: No; must be really bad quality. He's just her lawyer/attorney.

What is the Story of Jane and Alec becoming vampires? What are their stories? by Q: I would like to know how Jane and Alec became vampires. Obviously I know they were bitten. I meant like there human lives before and who changed them over and stuff like that.

A: their stories were never told

Do you think Alec Baldwin can ever believably portray an indecisive loser or he is doomed to greatness? by Q: :D BQ: obviously, favorite Alec Baldwin movie? BQ2: Buy or Sell: Alec Baldwin is the only valuable asset of 30 Rock? BQ3: Favorite comedy tv-show character?

A: Doomed to greatness. He's even apperared on Beach Boy Al Jardine's album A Postcard from California. BQ: Although a small part: Glen Gary Glen Ross BQ2 Tina Fey has a lot to do with that as well BQ3: Don't want to brag but...

What is the beef between Alec Baldwin and George Clooney? by Whokilla Q: At the Oscars, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were introducing many of the nominees in the crowd. When Alec announced Clooney, Clooney became very serious, and was giving Alec an angry stare down like he wanted to kill him. Anyone know why?

A: I think it was a 'Men Who Stare at Goats' joke, seeing as Clooney just starred in that film a month or two ago.

What was going on between George Clooney and Alec Baldwin during the Oscars? by Variant7 Q: There were a few moments during the Oscars when there was some 'tense' moments between Alec Baldwin and George Clooney. Alec Baldwin (and Steve Martin) were making comments about some stars seated in the room, but then when he got to George Clooney, he paused for a long time which got to be a bit awkward but still funny. It was like George didn't want anything bad to be said about him. But he looked serious! Did anyone see that? What was going on there?

A: The "tense" moment at the Oscars was in reference to "The Men Who Stare At Goats", this is why Martin and Alec stared at Clooney. Clooney is notorious for not having a great sense of humor about himself unless he is in on the joke. "The Men Who Stare at Goats" was considered by many to be one of the worst films of the year and Clooney has somewhat tried to seperate himself from starring in it.

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