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ApexPeep4Life [email protected]: Alan Wake sequel has been confirmed for Xbox Live. Are you happy he's coming back? http://t.co/fszW1fko” Hell NAH!

agambz Alan Ritchson is delicious, has perfect teeth, body, & with the personality to make you smile/laugh <3 #iwanthim #thadcastle #alanritchson

alina290 @miria3 I am glad you had a good time seeing Alan Rickman.

lampeluhoi8 That clip from Bill Maher where Alan Grayson lays the smackdown on O'Rourke...priceless!!!!t7PaNi

diogothezombie finalmente consegui parar de jogar alan wake

King_Yas This fool Alan got a cramp in his leg while he was driving on the freeway

intannez alan lucu banget suaranya , unyu :3

zhyzhia Alan = si botak penjaga pasar :D

Vannesaynf Thunderbirds: Thunderbirds lets kids join International Rescue member Alan Tracy, and his friends, Fermat and T... http://t.co/dFtfP6P1

hypnosisinfoc Free hypnosis download here - Plse RT http://t.co/1gq8SQq6

ithatitha Aduh alan apa bgt.

WCVH_Songs To Do What I Do (Live) by Alan Jackson on WCVH

J_Jeffers Pretty just declared myself David Alan Coe with that last performance

gua_arman @allanwangsa nonton ngulik, terharu ngelihat kak alan n' bangga yg mau membahagiakan orangtua!

moonlightelegie RT @DailyPamphlet: There is no dish so putrid that cheddar cheese won't fix it. - Alan Levesque


What is worse, the Alan Colmes questions or the usual lame repetitive Spam like questions on Y/A politics? by Fringe Q: Let’s be serious, Y/A politics has never been the site it was intended to be which is a place where political novice can gather information and get serious questions answered. At this point, all Y/A is used as is a propaganda site for both sides. So, while the Alan Colmes questions are annoying, are they anymore ridiculous than the usual questions?

A: My thoughts exactly. At the core, there's nothing really substantially different from a troll asking "Have you been touched by Alan Colmes?!" and some conservative asking "What do you think of the Obamessiah?!" and picking the "I think he's teh sux!" answer as best answer. Or a liberal asking "Just what is the cause of this recession?" and picking the "it's those greedy coarprations!" as the best answer. And that's not even touching on the several thousand "I love Sarah Palin" or their mirror "I hate Sarah Palin" questions that pop up all the time. It's just a case of someone calling people out on their over-inflated sense of self-importance. It could even be called a satire of the pomp of partisan politics.

What is the relatationship between Mohamed Al Fayed and Lord Alan sugar like? by Asf Q: What is the relatationship between Mohamed Al Fayed and Lord Alan sugar like? Are they in duel, or are the friends etc.. Do they like each other?

A: Lord Sugar is a gentleman and would never let us mere mortals see anything but a good side to any dispute he has with Fayed. It looks like a relationship of caution.

What alan colmes present should I get my son for his birthday? by Alan Colmes will lead the way Q: Should I get him a alan colmes action figure or a alan colmes sweatervest?

A: Alan Colmes recently quit Fox News and got his own radio show on Fox Network. Stop Advertising

What episode did Charlie ask Alan if the two women knew he was throwing his balls down 2 alleys? by Rose Q: I thought the episode was Damn You, Eggs Benedict, but I can't find him saying this in any of the transcripts. It was where Alan was dating two women at once and Charlie decides to be a chef. He asks Alan all these funny "questions/sayings" about how the 2 women would feel if they found out about each other. One was, "Do they know you're throwing your balls down 2 alleys?"

A: You are correct, it's the episode "Damn You, Eggs Benedict". Do these broads know that you're dipping your chip in the salsa and the guacamole? What? You know, hittin' two piñatas with one stick? Toppin' off both tanks with the same hose? Throwin' your balls down two alleys? Here's the full transcript from livedash: http://www.livedash.com/transcript/two_and_a_half_men-%28pie_hole%2C_herb%29/8160/FXP/Friday_November_5_2010/495003/ The episode description at the top is incorrect, as it's definitely NOT "Pie Hole, Herb". If you look at 00:27:13, you'll see where Charlie says the title "Damn you, Eggs Benedict"

What are those beads that Alan Watts sometimes wore round his neck? by Scotty Q: Hey, British Zen philosopher: Alan Watts is wearing some Buddhist looking beads round his neck in a lot of his photos. What are those beads? Why does he wear them?

A: Probably that was a 'mala', a kind of Buddhist rosary. The beads can be made of all kinds of materials. Buddhists use a mala to count mantras or prayers etc.

What is the religiously correct way to honor Alan Alda on his upcoming birthday? by Torg T. Robot Q: Alan Alda's birthday is barely two weeks away. Alan Alda (born January 28, 1936) is an American actor, director and screenwriter. He is known for his role as Hawkeye Pierce in the TV series M*A*S*H. During the 1970s and 1980s, he was viewed as the archetypal sympathetic male, though in recent years, he has appeared in roles that counter that image.

A: I would think about his overrated body of work and conclude that the best way to honor him would be a Chuck E Cheese coupon

How come there wasnt this much hoopla when alan keys ran for president? by AK Q: People are acting like Obama is such a big hero for being black and running for president, so how come Alan Keys never got this much attention?

A: Alan Keyes, Liked America, No Good for Democrats

What size alan key do I need for a Truss rod adjustment for Simon Patrick? by The Beatles Q: I need to adjust the relief of my Simon Patrick and I dont want to take it to a shop for them to do one tiny adjustment and charge me fifty dollars. Does anyone know what size alan wrench I will need to do the adjustment on a simon and patrick? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks so much!

A: you will have the correct Allen key already as they come with correct key to fit..might be different key for that truss rod. the tightness might not even be the Allen key but problem with threading locked . you know what to do remove the strings and loosen up then re tighten and see if makes a difference. if a single action remove nut and lubricate threads...

What is alan moores interpretation of heroism in the graphic novel watchmen ? ? by raquel c Q: Watchmen can be read as narrative commentaries on the meaning of heroism. What is alan moores interpretation of heroism in this graphic novel? Such as characters and events that took place.

A: I think Alan Moore has a more realistic view of heroism. His characters show that being a hero is not always nice and neat. The right path is not always clear. Here's one example: The character Ozymandias believes that sometimes it is necessary to do seemingly evil things in order to ultimately do good. Even though the other characters are appalled by his methods, many of them agree with the desired outcome.

What size alan wrench fits into the tuning lock of a schecter hellraiser diamond seris? by Ryan Q: I lost the alan wrench I was using and now I need to buy a new one, but I don't know if its english or metric or what size to get, help me out here?

A: idk


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