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AJ Clemente

AJ Clemente, rookie TV anchor, says he's fired for profanity on air
A.J. Clemente says on Twitter that KFYR-TV fired him Monday: Unfortunately KFYRTV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them and everyone in ND for the opportunity and everyone for the support. — A.J. Clemente (@ClementeAJ) April 22, 2013 ...

TV Anchor AJ Clemente Gets Fired After Dropping “F” Bomb In Debut
It all began when A.J. Clemente was heard whispering "F---ing sh-t," into his mic as an announcer introduced KFYR's evening report. As his co-anchor tried to recover for Clemente following the mishap, the reporter continued to struggle through his ...

Anchorman A J Clemente Opens First Ever On Air Appearance Muttering 'F ...
This anchorman certainly made an impression on the first day of the job – after a microphone broadcast him muttering “fucking shit”. AJ Clemente was appearing on NBC affiliate KFYR-TV alongside colleague Van Tieu when he was recorded. Apparently ...

TV anchor suspended: A.J. Clemente fired after dropping the F-bomb
A.J. Clemente, a brand-new North Dakota TV anchor, has been suspended from his job after beginning a broadcast with profanity. The incident occurred on Sunday (April 21), when cameras at KFYR-TV out of Bismarck, North Dakota, began rolling just as ...

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SchmanthonyP RT @awfulannouncing: The anchorman who nervously said "f*ckin sh*t" on his TV debut was fired by the network. http://t.co/XHJ2nh1dPa

cdn_tv_tattler Someone has got to give AJ Clemente a job!! @FoxNews I'm looking in your direction #kyfr

2CANBERRA http://t.co/HS5lcxTjO1... http://t.co/s1YSrSO91e

swmimi "@awfulannouncing: The anchorman who nervously said "f*ckin sh*t" on his TV debut was fired by the network. http://t.co/L64RiBx7ex" #fail

california408er RT @TMZ: Earlier: Rookie News Anchor FIRED Instantly for Dropping 'F***ing S***' On the Air http://t.co/Uz5yd3lgBn

kzern516 RT @Bigjake80: David Letterman Top 10 Sign Your First Day as a Anchor Man Not go Well , AJ Clemente KFYR-TV @ClementeAJ http://t.co/cOpiwtdYS5

TakeSumE AJ Clemente, Local Anchor, Fired After Saying 'F---ing Sh-t' On Air (VIDEO) http://t.co/Z1G8leBapN via @HuffPostMedia

MilesHalpine Wow, maybe this is a sign I should stick to print journalism... Sorry, @ClementeAJ but good luck finding a job! http://t.co/tJzrl14NcO

Laura_Wilkens Save AJ Clemente!

JHaasz RT @TMZ: Earlier: Rookie News Anchor FIRED Instantly for Dropping 'F***ing S***' On the Air http://t.co/Uz5yd3lgBn

evanbud Yikes, rough first day to say the least: Local Anchor, Fired After Saying 'F---ing Sh-t' (VIDEO) http://t.co/RVJ5TIx9mC via @HuffPostMedia

sweltikol Yeah a lot of news reporters make mistakes, but AJ Clemente honestly sounded like an uneducated idiot. I don't feel sorry for him #funny

BlastrOne RT @TMZ: Earlier: Rookie News Anchor FIRED Instantly for Dropping 'F***ing S***' On the Air http://t.co/Uz5yd3lgBn

AceAhart31 @HiMyNameIsSeton @dpshow This is the way to come back from break! #5thdanette #againstthegrain #wvu http://t.co/ovLE6TxNf9

Khanman5 TV Anchor, A.J. Clemente, Fired for Cursing on Air During First-Ever Broadcast. http://t.co/TCcrYiPeia #usweekly #celebrity


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A: Current Players SP- Carlos Zambrano or Johan Santana RP-Trevor Hoffman CP-Mariano Rivera 1st-Albert Pujols 2nd-Chase Utley SS-Alex Rodriguez or Miguel Tejada 3rd-Miguel Cabrera or Alex Rodriguez OF-Alfonzo Soriano OF-Vladimir Guerrero OF-Ichiro Suzuki C-Michael Barrett or AJ Pierzynski M-Tony LaRussa Past Players SP-Cy Young or Nolan Ryan RP-Dennis Eckersley CP-Lee Smith 1st-Lou Gherig 2nd-Ryne Sandburg and Jackie Robinson SS-Cal Ripken Jr. 3rd-Robin Ventura or Wade Boggs OF-Pete Rose OF-Babe Ruth OF-Mickey Mantle OF-Roberto Clemente Util- Hank Aaron C-Yogi Berra M-Joe McCarthey(Yankees) or Don Zimmer...also Tommy Lasorda

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ryan sheckler? by motogirl92 Q: is ryan sheckler dating anyone? i heard a rumor that he is dating Aj michalka? anyone know wuts up?

A: ryan admitted when asked if hes dated anyone famous that he "hung out with aj for a while" which implies that hes not going out with her anymore. but i know hes gone out with girls from san clemente. where he lives. it was in an interveiw i forgot where...

What is the lineup of players that you most liked watching play? by Yossarian Q: Forget the numbers and the statistics, what players did you like watching play for the way they played the game? Was it Ozzie Smith at SS, Mays in CF, Pete Rose's hustle. Do you prefer watching a hard thrower like Nolan Ryan or a crafty pitcher like Greg Maddux? Give me position by position your starting lineup. Here is mine: C Bench, 1B McCovey, 2B Pete Rose, SS Ozzie Smith, 3B Brooks Robinson, RF Clemente, CF Mays, LF Ricky Henderson, P Maddux.

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Bismarck's NBC News apologizes for A.J. Clemente's profanity KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb in TV Gaffe KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Begins His Television Career with The Words 'F***ing S***' News Anchor Cursing On Air Gets Fired On First Day! TV Anchor Royally Screws Up First Day On Air! TV News Anchor Fail Bismarck KFYR News Anchor Accidentally Curses On Air [FULL]Anchors Lose It After Dumb Ryan Lochte Interview SEXY FEMALE ATHLETES HELP ANONYMOUS BLACKOUT KFYR Anchor A.J. Clemente's Profanity Laden Debut [FULL/HQ] KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb in TV Gaffe News Anchor Swears On Air - A.J Clemente's First Day Opie & Anthony - A.J. Clemente's First Day (4-22-2013) Opie & Anthony: A.J. Clemente Swearing and Ryan Lochte Interview Hoppe Show: AJ Clemente (made with Spreaker) KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb in TV Gaffe AJ Clemente suspended  You're fired! Anchor pays the price for swearing live on air with first words in his new television job   Mail Online AJ Clemente suspended_ 'Nervous' KFYR news anchor's first words on air are 'f__ AJ Clemente suspended_ 'Nervous' KFYR news anchor's first words on air are 'f___, s AJ Clemente suspended_ 'Nervous' KFYR news anchor's first words on air are 'f___, s___' What is the future of News? Interview with Fred Silverman, CEO of NewsLook KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente's First Day At Work Newsbreak: A great bleeping way to start a career Check Out This TV Anchor's First Words On-Air ... Gay ..******! A.J. Clemente Fired After Saying 'F---ing Sh-t' On Air Uncensored NBC Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb Funny KFYR News Anchor A.J. Clemente Drops F-bomb in TV Gaffe and gets fired Rookie News Anchor Drops F-Bomb First Words On Air - EPIC FAIL!! AJ Clemente News Anchor's First Words On-Air: 'F*ckin' Sh*t!' New Local News Anchor's First Words On-Air: 'F*ckin' Sh*t!' Probably not the best way to start your new job. Anchor begins first show with string of profanities KFYR News Anchor Swears On Air New TV News Anchor's First Words On-Air: Gay...Fckin' Shit! Brand New TV News Anchor's First Words On-Air: Gay...Fckin' Shit! tribute to allen News Anchor F-bomb Drops Fucking Shit TV Blopper News Anchor F-bomb Drops Says F'cking $hit on the air TV Blopper Viral Video Brand New North Dakota News Anchor's first words were......well you have to watch this debacle!! KFYR News Anchor Swears Bismarck North Dakota Debut Taint: New Local News Anchor's First Words On-Air: 'F*ckin' Sh*t!' Newbie news anchor swears on air Local Rookie News Anchor Fired After Dropping The F-Bomb Live On Air On His First Day! Aj.wmv AJ Lee MV - What Goes Around Aj Lee heel theme song (TNA) BUKO By Clemente (cousins) Resume Tape 3-31 AJ Styles : Custom Titantron - Get Ready to Fly [HD] [iHuNt3RwrestlingHD] AJ Lobrutto #22 - 2012 Aquinas JV Football Nera Clemente invitada al programa Jehova Cumplira
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