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Air tran

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Spoiledyetluvd @PrettyQJ I'm so down...plus we fly for cheep with air tran :)

Blah__WhoCares Awe :(. I wish I had my favorite bear. Air tran security told me I was too old for it so I left it at home.... Goodnight. I'm out.

Dreamcast_ @ToneKapone33 It's been a few years....But I remember sitting next to you on a Air Tran Flight Coming from Atl....We were both stuck..

Katie_isFF @BreaBenz well I know delta, jet blue, & air tran do!

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LaDivaHasSpoken @HBDKah_peesh air tran..?

famemensmag @JustOneAlisha You got paypal? I can donate $5 every two weeks to help on the Air Tran? Wait aren't you related to them?

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Cecilyk And I'm online in the air! Oh, how I love that. Well done, Air Tran!

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HDSilversmith RT @Cecilyk: Just realized that Air Tran was bought by Southwest (didn't know when I got tx). Erp. Please don't kick me off the plane for being fat, yo.

Cecilyk Just realized that Air Tran was bought by Southwest (didn't know when I got tx). Erp. Please don't kick me off the plane for being fat, yo.


has anyone ever flew Air Tran Airways? by paige m Q: I am flying to California and booked on Air Tran airways. Does anyone know about their planes and if they are 'updated'? As far as having personal TV's...Also, I heard there is Wifi but I would like to know how the flight was. Thanks!

A: no personal tvs, are you kidding? they are little short haul 737s and 717s, they don't even have overhead monitor! Flight is fine, will be packed because they are cheap. If you are among the last to board, expect to have your roll-aboard taken away 'cos the bins will be full They do have XM radio

Are ATA and Air Tran the same airline? by Deadhead Neil Q: We want to book a flight on Air Tran Airways but are worried about the bankruptcy news today.

A: No. AirTran (formerly ValueJet) is based in Atlanta. American Trans Air was based in Indianapolis.

What is the cost of baggage on Air Tran? by kruton Q: how many bags are free to check in (if any)?? and like is there any other pricing stuff I should know before flying with them (ive never flown air tran before) thankks

A: You are allowed to take one carry-on bag with you on board the plane for free. Its overall dimensions (add up the length + width + depth) cannot be more than 55 inches. No weight limit is specified, but if it's heavier than 20 lbs you may be required to check it. You can also take a "personal item" - like a laptop, camera, purse or briefcase. Basically, this a smaller, handheld item or bag. As I read Air Tran's checked luggage policy (and assuming that you flying coach and are NOT active military personnel) you will pay: $15 for your 1st checked bag; + $25 for a 2nd checked bag; + $50 for each additional checked bag. These prices are for bags that weigh less than 50lbs. A bag's overall dimensions must not be more than 61 inches. Bags that are heavier than 50lbs or that exceed the dimension limits will cost extra, depending on their weight and size. Active military personnel (you must have your ID and official orders) can check up to three bags for free, as long each bag is less than 80 inches, and the total weight of all of them is not more than 100 lbs. I've posted the link to Air Tran's baggage information page. It's worth double checking this information before you fly in case I've missed something or they change the rules.

air tran cancelled flight due to weather, so i changed intinerary to wed. can i still stand by before that day? by Jenny Q: i found out my sunday morning flight was cancelled the night before due to the snow storm so i changed my flight to wednesday. but i really need to get home soon. air tran said i could only stand by on the day it says on my intinerary. but everyone keeps telling me i can try persuading them at the ticket booth. would it be possible to stand by on monday and tuesday?

A: If Airtran says that stand by is only possible on the same day as the ticket, then that is probably the rule. Can you go to the airport and try to convince them to let you take a flight the day before? Of course you can. Whether the Airtran ticket agents allow themselves to be convinced that you deserve to go a day early is an entirely different question that no one can answer. You have nothing to lose except spending an extremely boring day at the airport when you did not need to.

Can i take an acoustic guitar onto an air tran airplane? by Doboy1875 Q: Hello everyone im going to CA soon and i want to bring my acoustic guitar onto an air tran air plane with me as a carry on. Am i allowed to do this? Will they let me bring it with me or will they force me to put it with the rest of the luggage? Thanks

A: yes but you have to put it in a case or something and they'll charge you for it too, my cousin went to AZ but he couldnt take his acoustic because he only had enough for his ticket, it would be cheaper if you had a friend or someone ship it to you like ups or something

Am I allowed to take a power cord or extension cord on an air tran airplane? by Stratman Q: Well I guess it's a little to late to ask because I'm leaving tomorrow but am I allowed yo take a power cord or extension cord on an air tran airplane in my carry on bag. I'm leaving for dc tomorrow night and want ti have and extension or power cord for the hotel. I also want to say thank you and advance and for you to have a great day!

A: Take the cord! I'm taking one as well but mainly for the airport on my layover. That way if the outlets are in use I should be able to share one.

How good (or bad) of a flight service is Air Tran? by Q: I saw a YouTube video by Philip DeFranco (sxephil) about a bad experience with Delta airlines, and he said he hates Delta now more than Air Tran. How bad are they really?

A: They are not that bad. realize you saw one youtube video about one bad experience with Delta which has nearly 5,000 flights daily.

Air Tran?!?!?!? by helllloooooooo! Q: I just bought tickets for airtran, i was wondering there service for kids. I also was wondering how are the airplanes, are they nice? Any entertainment?From portland to san diego california. commetns, anything about hem, thanks

A: My wife and I always use them when possible and we have been very happy with them. Their service is great, the planes are nice and clean, and they are usually on time. Longer flights sometimes have a movie on them.

Can you bring a cat with you in the cabin on Air Tran? by burger Q: A friend of mine is under the impression that a cat can travel on Air Tran with it's owner in a soft carrier and that it can be put under the seat. Is this info correct?

A: Traveling with a pet We accept small, domesticated pets (cats, dogs and birds) that will fit comfortably in an approved carrier under the seat. This would mean no larger than 8.5" high X 17" long X 12" wide. The weight of the pet plus carrier cannot exceed 40 pounds or roughly 18 kilos. Airfare for a pet is $65 one-way. **Be advised there is only a maximum of 2 cabin pets allowed in coach cabin on each flight and 1 allowed in first/business class. It is a first come first serve basis**

is air tran comparable to the other major airlines? by skippy Q: I was told air tran is in a lower class than the other major carriers. Pilots salary are not comparable to the other airlines. Is this true?

A: Whether or not the salary of the pilots are comparable to the other airlines doesn't matter. The airline is still safe and was rated as one of the highest according to today's Wall Street Journal. AirTran was rated as either #1 or #2 in terms of highest passenger satisfaction. Alaska, Southwest and JetBlue were the others with higher ratings. You can always go to http://wwwseatguru.com to find out the seat width and pitch. AirTran uses Boeing 737 and 717 aircraft. Even though AirTran is a discount airline, most discount airlines are rated better than the legacy airlines of Delta, United, American and Continental.

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