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hardrold Lagos LG poll: ACN manipulated votes – Candidates http://t.co/s7Np7WU1

buyoke ACN organiseert Dag van de Duurzaamheid - Architectuur - ArchitectuurACN organiseert Dag van de DuurzaamheidArchitec... http://t.co/98q2kJ5o

ooredein @vanguardngrnews ACN 4 life

LlenguaPolitica El PPC augura que reduirà a la meitat l'atur de les comarques gironines durant el pròxim mandat: Girona (ACN).- ... http://t.co/RuuVuDp6

petrusca50 RT @CatalanNation: http://t.co/97Ri5XSy Junqueras veu clau que les comarques de Girona tinguin representants d'ERC a Madrid

TimiGono RT @vanguardngrnews: Lagos LG poll: ACN manipulated votes - Candidates http://t.co/L5TAiKYx

Apit04Nur Nuhun dit, teu apal kamari kmha kjadianna RT @adhityarizqi_7: gws vid ! RT @Apit04Nur: I.allah, acn di rontgen RT @adhityarizqi_7: nya ke

Cal_Politics Lagos LG poll: ACN manipulated votes – Candidates: Tt the end of the day, we were able to go round all the polli... http://t.co/noupBVV9

adhityarizqi_7 gws vid ! RT @Apit04Nur: I.allah, acn di rontgen RT @adhityarizqi_7: nya ke pas final puaskeun (y)

Apit04Nur I.allah, acn di rontgen RT @adhityarizqi_7: nya ke pas final puaskeun (y) RT @Apit04Nur: Teu puas euy, teu maen mah RT @adhityarizqi_7

tybobo @KwabenaGyasi maybe he isn't interested in playin d ACN, dnt worry he will come back for d next world cup

GREITContracts (IT) J2SE Senior (Lead) Software Developers- Finance - Zurich: Rate: Negotiable   Location: Zürich   Mainskills:... http://t.co/zoSAnoA2

JesusCarbajosa RT @curroavalos: Tremenda la formación que estamos disfrutando e impartiendo hoy en Madrid para un grupo de líderes de #acn .Muy buena. http://t.co/PHvZJLye

Yinka07 @LynusOwnsYou Like I won't be interested in the ACN, too.

taofikabdul The jury is out on that! RT @MaskWriter @taofikabdul @daily_trust F/ Gbaja of ACN, playing C/ Achiebe, F/ Falana & Co. But is it genuine, pl


Who among Obama and McCain acn you TRUST to handle future challenges and crisis in AMERICA? by c.edward21 Q: On the ECONOMY - both of them are not economists but who in your opinion is the trustworthy to handle it? ON FOREIGN POLICY - McCain has quarter a century service to our beloved America as a Senator from Arizona while Obama is on his first term a senator in Illinois. McCain is the Chairman of the Senate committee on Armed Services.

A: Obama, because McCain thinks the economy is doing just fine and that the middle class makes 5 million dollars a year. On foreign policy again Obama, because McCain seems to be trigger happy and other senators (republican included ) have said he has a short fuse. We need someone rational in there not someone who will act on impulse

how acn I roll over my 401k-if I go to work for my husbands business? by dean n Q: I have 15 years with my current company would like to go to work for my husband,he has a small business,how can i roll my 401-k over to a other account ?

A: Yes, you can roller over into a direct managed acct., but why not leave it where it's at right now? Are you concerned about your present company?

What can you tell me about the company ACN who sells phone service? by its me Q: I went to a presentation for them and I want to know more.

A: Go hard, its probly the best MLM out there, its the only one being endorsed by Donald Trump and that is HUUUGE!!!!

Has anyone you know had any success with a company called ACN? by The Drake Q: ACN is a company that offers phone and internet service based upon deregualtion. Lots of people believe it to be an example of a legal pyramid scheme. If you know of any examples of individuals making money, I would like to know.

A: I know of two people who were in ACN - didn't get into it myself as I was in another at the time - and they had limited success - started off great, and fizzled out quickly. However, those same people have joined me in my current company, Isagenix, and have had great success getting weekly checks - some have gone to six figures in a little under 18 months. This company has created 9 Millionaires and over 70 six figure earners in just over 3 years - and does over $2 Million/week in sales - the product works. What you have to do is find a company and product that you are comfortable promoting, where the comp plan is generous and easy to accomplish, and they don't want you to spend or sell a lot each month just to qualify to earn $$. (One company I was in, you had to retail over $1,000/month just to get your $200 pay!!) None of that here!! Have a look at the websites below, and go from there. As you are looking, be wary of high start up costs, high qualifications to get paid, and stockpiling. Good luck!

How acn I convince my parents to let me renew my X-box live account? by Beer Can Q: I'm only 12 years old but I figured it out it only costs $5 a month which I can easily come up with, but when I bring it up, my mom just gets really stressed. So how can I convince them to let me do this?

A: Well, bring them good grades, don't complain too much, help your mom around the house, do chores, and be patient, in time, you'll eventually get it. Or you can do Black Market in school. That;s how I got 1600 ms points for a game that costs $20 that I never play(if your classmates are like that and if they are hardcore gamers)

Anyone know where I acn get free sheet music for piano and vocal? by Motto Q: I've been looking for some free sheet music but it's turning out to be a lot harder then I thought. Does anyone know of a good site to check out?

A: Try this web page http://www.sibelius.com/home/index_flash.html

What do i have to do with all this money i am making in acn? How do i file taxes? by The Bodacious Stud Q: im in acn the mlm phone company. And i am making quite a chunk of money ( more than my job) how do i file taxes and stuff. It is basically my own small business.

A: 1040 (long form) You income and expenses from the business are reported on Schedule C. The net flows through to Schedule SE and the 1040.

Is ACN a direct telecommunication service company for homes and business a scam company? by Bunky Q: This company claims to provide phone, internet, and satellite TV at a discount price. Also, you can make money by becoming a independent representative of the company for a fee of $499.00.

A: It's a pyramid scam. Don't do it. The only way to make money from it is to harass other people into buying the ACN products or by convincing them to sign up underneath you so that you make money from their profits. People talk good about it only because they want you as a contact for them to sign up just so that they make more cash. It just keeps going and going and going.

How much does it cost to attend the ACN convention in Charlotte,NC this year? by Jessica H Q: If anyone is familiar or a member of ACN,how much does it cost to attend the convention in Charlotte next month. I live in Charlotte and just became a representative a month ago. I was told by someone it was too late to register and was just told by two other people it wasn't too late. I'm not sure if I want to go, but the other people that I've met in ACN are so excited and telling me how much I'll like it if I attend.

A: The ACN event in Charlotte is September 10-12, 2010 at Time Warner Cable Arena. Preregistration cost is $159 up until August 25. However it looks like the event will be sold out sometime this week, so August 25 will definitely be too late to register. Find more info at acnenergy.com to see when it becomes officially sold out.

How can you Market ACN online without breaking terms and conditions? by AForbes Q: New to the ACN telemarketing Company and want to know is there is any way to promote this company online?

A: Yeah, and you should anyway. But the real money is not in ACN, it's in promoting the "system". The SYSTEM makes all the money for you, even if you are not in any mlm, like myself. It's an online business opportunity all by itself anyway. Use Carbon Copy Pro, Magnetic Sponsoring or shameless plug, mine, the 7 Figure Networker. I don't know if you already paid for your ACN kit, but if you didn't, it's better that way. 99% chances you wouldn't made money in it anyway. The money IS ALL IN THE SYSTEM. Any mlm money that you make with it is just another revenue stream, a babble. I repeat: THE MONEY IS IN PROMOTING THE "SYSTEM". Here's my (ugly) affiliate link for the ACN mlm system. http://www.the7figurenetworker.com/kwcp/3860 Check it out. If you don't have a capture page just like this one at my ugly affiliate link, then prepare to bug your friends and family to check out your ACN business,and trust me, you will NOT feel comfortable with it. Honestly, this should be your plan: spend 1$ to test-drive the ACN system, check out the info provided, and at the 5th or 6th day or even earlier, CANCEL the service. At the 7th day, you'll be billed 47$ per month. So it takes FULL commitment to run the system as well as your ACN business. Trust me, running a business mlm, Internet or brick or mortar, it's tough. I failed many, many times b/c of lack of commitment, focus. You would've only spent 1$, to check it out. But the information in it is extremely good, and I'm saying that because it really is. To be perfectly honest, if you do the test-drive, I get paid 1$. If you decide to keep the system, I get paid 17$ per month as long as you keep it. Then YOU can market it to other ACN reps too or any mlm'er which are your target customers. (hint hint: stuff that is taught in the system), so there is VALUE in it. (hint hint #2: another thing taught in the system) Get your system, preferably mine, and do NOT in ANY circumstances, bother your friends, family and colleagues with your ACN business, keep it to yourself. The Internet is your best friend to make it work! THE MONEY IS IN THE SYSTEM! http://www.the7figurenetworker.com/kwcp/3860

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