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Acer Aspire

Acer Aspire S3
While the Acer Aspire S3 ultrabook is certainly very slender, its dull grey appearance is far less attractive in the flesh than it is in photos, although some may prefer the less flashy look. The bottom half of the S3 feels robust and well-made, ...

Acer walks a Cedar Trail
By Ojas Sarup Acer, in a recent press release, stated the launch of its new netbook, the Aspire One D270. The highlight appears to be Intel's new iteration of the Atom processor, the N2600, based on the same technology used in the company's Sandy ...

Asus K53SD-DS51
Nor will you find Bluetooth for syncing your laptop and handheld—both features found in competitors such as the Acer Aspire TimelineX 5830TG-6614 ($779.99 list, 4 stars) and Lenovo IdeaPad Z570-10249ZU ($699.99 list, 3.5 stars). The K53SD-DS51 ...

Acer Aspire X1920: Your child's virtual teacher
The Acer Aspire X1920 promises speedy processing of various applications so that children can process all their schoolwork at the fastest time possible. MANILA, Philippines - Teachers are hard to come by nowadays, especially the good ones who will take ...

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How do I replace Acer Aspire Desktop Hard Drive? by Q: I have a Acer Aspire X1200 Desktop computer and I need to replace the hard drive. I got the left side open, but it looks like the hard drive is behind the disc drive and I don't see a way to get it out. Can you open the other side of it, or am I not seeing something?

A: Well...Unsure. But every screw that you undo, make sure you remember where it came from. Its a simple matter of taking one out and replacing with new one. BUT: ATA or SATA connection. You will need to know. Flat wide grey lead? ir skinny Red lead? (Plus power connector. and colors may vary, but either wide or skinny is what u need to know) Skinny - SATA Wide - ATA Power - red/black/black/red Replcaing Windows Partition will result in needing to reinstall windows . You up for it???? Drivers required first. see: http://troubleshootit.moonfruit.com/toinstall

How do you fix Acer Aspire One Internet? by Luke MInfernoz Q: I have an Acer Aspire One and I can't use the internet. I can connect to it, and have full internet, but when I try to use Internet Explorer, it says it's not connected. The computer will say it's connected, but then I try and use it and it's not. It's for both wireless and land line internet. What do I do? And please explain it step-bystep, this is new territory for me with computers.

A: Laptops will always recognize a ethernet hardware and it runs limited connection. Open menus,, then network connections and click to open properties of the wireless and enable, click OK and close. Now for IE it is not set by default to detect a network automatically so one minute you have a connection and the next you don't. Open IE settings and tab to connection tab and open thin. Go down to LAN and open this and check the box to automatically detect a network and click OK and then close the browser. Make sure you enable both wireless and the cable connected connections when in the network connection menus. Reboot the computer. If you still have no connections, then you may be missing the hardware drivers.

How do I play runescape on an acer aspire one laptop? by tim Q: Ok I got this acer aspire one today and I can play runescape on it but the damn game is too big so i can only see like 80% of it, how do I shrink the size of it?

A: haha, i have a acer netbook too. you decrease the resolution. it would also help if you were member so you can play fullscreen. make the resolution (this maybe wrong resolution 640x800) or just the smallest res. its in the options. hope this helped ya! =)

How do you get wifi on an acer aspire 5515? by Erica H Q: I just bought a new Acer Aspire 5515, but I have no idea how to get Wifi on it. I dont even really know if it comes with wifi. Ive searched for a card on the internet but I havent found on any where, but I havw found where a guy said he had WiFi. Please help!

A: Yes indeed these aspires do have wifi since I am using wifi on mine. Your wifi button (to turn it on or off) is on the front of your laptop you will see the headphone jack and mic jack battery light and such by your speakers. The button next to the left speaker (opposite side of the DVD burner) its a slider button. slide it to the left (it will go to the right on its own) and on your screen it will tell you wifi enabled or wifi disabled. These things pick up good signal and for this cheapo laptop i been playing NFS Pro Street. Good Luck and Have Fun

How much can I sell a broken Acer Aspire 3680 for? by Q: I seen a posting on the web from a guy who wants to buy broken laptops for parts. And I have an Acer Aspire 3680 that freezes right when you turn it on that was going to sell, since I'm buying a new laptop anyway. I was wondering how much I should sell it to this guy for?

How to add multi gestures to my touchpad on my acer aspire D260 if I just put a new OS on it? by Q: I just put windows 7 ulti onto my acer aspire one D260 netbook. The gestures on my touchpad went away. What can I do to get them back?

A: WOW FIRST it is illegal to put someone elses OS on your system, you need to PAY for an OS. Second your unit is not hardware capable to run win7 ulti. You WILL have real issues down the road Third, you probably blew out your diagnostic partition and recovery partition Fourth, you are going to have to install ALL your drivers now. But it is not worth doing because you're going to have to reinstall Win 7 STARTER edition Fifth, you're probably going to start experiencing reduced functionality after abut 30 days or so

Will the sims 3 work on an acer aspire notebook? by Q: I would like to get an Acer aspire notebook, but I would like to know if the sims 3 would run in this computer?? And how well would the the game graphics look?? I really like this type of laptop since it's so thin and would really appreciate any help.

A: It should work fine. The sims three doesn't ned a high end grapchics card and will work good.

HELP! - What is a better/the difference between the - Acer Aspire 5532 & The, Acer Aspire 5535? by elliot Q: I would like to know the difference or what is better. The acer aspire 5532 & the acer aspire 5535 from my limited knowledge of laptops all I know is they look the same, seem the same & are roughly the same space. As I am looking to purchase one of these 2 laptops I really would like to know the difference or what one is better and the reasons why?

A: You can consider buying Acer Aspire AS5532-5535 Laptop Notebook - 15.6" LCD / AMD Athlon TF-20 / 3GB DDR2 / 160GB HD / DVD±RW/CD-RW drive / 802.11b/g/Draft-N / Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit This laptop features a 15.6" CineCrystal LCD widescreen display with 1366 x 768 resolution and ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics for stunning movie and gaming detail. Customize multimedia discs with the double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW drive http://www.amazon.com/Acer-Aspire-AS5532-5535-Laptop-Notebook/dp/B002TYCFEO/?tag=top-gamer-20

How to turn on Bluetooth on Acer Aspire One? by Q: I have Acer Aspire One, running on Windows 7. The thing is it has a folder for Bluetooth, even guaranteed sticker that it has Bluetooth but it doesn't shows up in the Device Manager's list. I suspect it hasn't been activated yet. Anyone please help me?

A: Did you just install Windows 7 or did your laptop come with Windows 7? Generally Bluetooth is controlled by the wireless switch. So look for a on/off switch on your laptop which turns on the wireless and see if that also turns on your Bluetooth. Otherwise you might want to look on the keyboard for the Bluetooth icon and either turn it on by pressing the button or pressing the [FN] and the Bluetooth button. Let me know how you get on.

How can I get iTunes music on Windows Movie Maker on an acer aspire one laptop? by Q: Okay so i have an acer aspire one laptop with vista,the thing is on my mom and dad's regular desktop computer i can create a WAV version and everything will work but not with my laptop. HELP!

A: Step 1 Open Windows Movie Maker. If you don't have a short cut for the software on your computer's desktop, simply type the word "maker" in your search bar and click on "Windows Movie Maker" from the available programs that come up. Step 2 Click on the Import Media folder. Step 3 Click on the Music folder and then double click on the iTunes folder when it pops up. Step 4 Select the iTunes music folder by double clicking on it, and then scroll down and choose the song you would like to import into Windows Movie Maker. Step 5 Click on the title of the song you would like to add and then click on "Import." You have now added your iTunes song to your Windows Movie Maker project. Also, Windows movie maker does not support the I-Tunes music format "AAC". If the song you want to use is in this format you could rip it to a CD and import it from there. Or if you want to have it on your computer to use from there, just import it back into I_Tunes as a MP3; " EDIT, PREFERENCES, ADVANCE, IMPORT, MP3" I hope this helps! Brett M, Windows Outreach Team

How do you change the monitor background on a acer aspire one with windows 7? by Joel S Q: I got this an acer aspire one laptop with windows 7, and I have no idea how to change the background. Is there anyway we can???

How do I get my video card on the Acer Aspire 5517 to support VGA to HDMI? Is there a Driver for this? by TjCool Q: I bought a cable VGA to HDMI to watch HD TV, It does not work. Only VGA to SVGA is working. Is there a driver that I can install on my Acer Aspire 5517 to make it compatible?

A: Might have to go to Acer support page like in UK support and look for 5500 series and might be driver compatible with 5517.UK site has usually the first part of series(same with other brands of computers) of 5500,most oversea drivers may work in what your trying to do.

How do I fix the hibernation setting on my Acer Aspire laptop? by Joshua Q: I have an Acer Aspire 5750Z-4477 model. I have my laptop set to hibernate whenever I close the lid, but instead it sleeps, which drains the battery, and it never hibernates. I've tried everything I could think of, but I can't figure out how to figure out this tedious issue! I could really use your help! I would be forever thankful! Thanks P.S. If you need any additional info or you have other advice, feel free to email me.

What processors are compatable with my Acer Aspire 7720G? by Q: What processors are compatable with my Acer Aspire 7720G? At the moment, it houses 4GB of DDR2 memory, a 9300m, and an intel Core 2 Duo T5750 2Ghz. Can anyone tell me what i can put in here thats better?

A: If you update to the latest BIOS, the 2.4 GHz T7700 Core 2 Duo should work (at least there was a 7720G model sold with that processor) http://www.acerdirect.co.uk/Acer_TravelMate_7720G-702G50Mn_LX.TMR0Z.185/version.asp That's only a 20% cpu boost, so I can't recommend the upgrade as being worthwhile. Based on the users manual ( http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Document/User%20Manual/AS_7720G_7720_EN_OLM.zip?acerid=633646701916064680&Step1=Notebook&Step2=Aspire&Step3=Aspire%207720G&OS=V10&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_7 ) the 2.6 GHz T7800 might work, but I can't get confirmation on that. Forget about quad cores.

How do you record video on an Acer Aspire One netbook? by preme28 Q: Ok, I have an Acer Aspire One. It has a webcam, but I can only take still photos (not record video). Does anyone know how to record video? I don't think its the same hack you use to record video on an Acer laptop, considering the performance of my netbook.

A: There is no "record video" option on the Acer Aspire One, but you may be able to record video from Acer integrated webcam with Windows XP 1. Click "Start" > "All Programs" > "Windows Movie Maker" 2. On the Windows Movie Maker Movie Tasks click Capture from video device Click to capture from device 3. In Available devices, click the analog device you want to use to capture video, and then, in the Video input source list, click the input line you want to use, then click Next. Choose "Your Audio Device" and "Mic Volume" as Audio Input source. 4. In the Enter a file name for your captured video box, enter a file name for your captured video file. Then, in the Choose a place to save your captured video box, select the location where you want your video to be saved or click Browse to select a location. click Next 5. On the Video Setting page, select the video setting you want to use for capturing video and audio. 6. To prevent the video into smaller clips after the wizard completes and the video is captured, do not select the Create clips when wizard finishes check box, To prevent audio from playing over your speakers while capturing video, select the Mute speakers check box. To automatically stop capturing after a time period has elapsed, select the Capture time limit check box, and then type or select the length of time you want to capture. Time is displayed in the form of hours:minutes(h:mm). 7. To begin capturing, click Start Capture. To stop capturing, click Stop Capture. If you have selected the Capture time limit check box, wait for the specified amount of time for video to be captured. Done! :) you can open your video in D:\

How do you do a complete system restore on an acer aspire L5100? by Q: I have an acer aspire L5100 and i have gotten a blue screen twice today. I tried a system restore but it says it failed due to disk failure so now i want to do a complete system restore. I know i can use acer erecovery, but will it delete widows vista. Or is there any other way to do it so i can keep windows vista because i don't have the installation disc.

A: Acer recovery set should have Windows Vista built in. It may also give you the option to do a non destructive recovery. However it sound as though your Hard Disk is failing, 2 blue screens and a disk failure under System Restore. Recovering the system is not going to help that problem. Hard Drive replacement will have to be done first and then use the recovery set. If you have files you need to keep, copy them of to external media now, before you do anything else

How do i restore an acer aspire to factory settings? by Q: It is an Acer aspire 5520G and about 2 months old For some reason my mouse drivers are screwed and my touch tab stops working, the other day vista shutdown when i went to the bathroom with a message saying the reason was a 'blue screen of death' and now my screen went all black and white striped and vista said something about another driver error. If you think something else will fix it better please state so!

A: Restart press Alt + F10 at the boot up screen and then follow the prompts.

Whats the current price of Acer Aspire 5740DG 3D laptopwith i5 processor? How can i get it in India? by Rajesh Q: The Acer Aspire 5738DG 3D and 5740G is available but the specs aren't encouraging. The 5740 DG seems good with i5, 4gb ram, 1gb 5650 ati graphics and the best part being a 3D laptop. Wonder why they have not launched it in India?

A: 1,098 AU 999 US

How do I use my acer aspire z5700 screen to play on my xbox 360? by Q: The problem Is that the acer aspire z5700 is a monitor and computer built into one. Therefore when I turn it on both turn on but I just want to use the screen to play on my xbox. How do i change the source of the screen from the computer to the xbox? Plz Help!

does a acer aspire 4736 laptop good in using? by lion Q: ok. i am planning to get an acer aspire 4736 laptop. i will be doing my college assignment more to that laptop. and still i will play game like left4dead and world of warcraft but not much in that laptop. is the laptop good enough for me ? because i have a limited budget,thats the price suit me the best so far.

A: That laptop and all others like it with dual core processors is perfectly adequate for web browsing, office/college work, video watching and such. It will NOT play graphic games like L4D2. Integrated graphics just do NOT have the graphic horsepower needed for 3D gaming. It can limp through WoW, but you won't be thrilled. A laptop capable of some gaming has a discrete (separate) video card. Those typically start at $700 or so

How much does it take to fix an Acer Aspire 4920 laptop keyboard? by Dina Q: So right. I accidentally, NOT ON PURPOSE, broke my friend's keyboard. I threw a book at my friend and it fell on her keyboard and 3 keys fell out. According to one of my friends, you need to change the whole keyboard. Its an Acer Aspire 4920 laptop. How much do you think that would cost?

A: You can change it yourself its pretty simple. Look at the bottom of the laptop and there may be some screws with a keyboard symbol beside them. These hold the keyboard in place. Remove the screws and the keyboard just lifts off. A new board is about 30-50$ and if you dont know how to change it yourself it will probabaly cost 50$ for the installation.

How to ensure proper ventilation for my notebook Acer Aspire 5580? by Farisoft Q: I own an Acer Aspire 5580 and I want to know how to ensure proper ventilation for my notebook w/o spending a single penny. Thanks.

A: Try any of these devices to help keep your fans/vents open and air circulating properly... http://www.roadtools.com/product.html http://www.everythingusb.com/belkin_laptop_cooling_pad_13845.html http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0202400 http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0266802 Hope to have been of assistance to you... I'm a Certified Technician.

How Do I Use The Infrared On My Acer Aspire Notebook? by Taylor E Q: I have an Acer Aspire 4520 notebook with infrared, but i have no idea how to use it. I have searched the computer and found nothing about it. Can anyone help?

A: dude just turn on the infarared on your cell phone and place if infront of the infarared on your pc and wal la it should work now

How to make my acer aspire AOA 150 screen clear up from being black? by Q: my acer aspire one AOA 150 has a black screen and i fixed that , but then i can barely see my desktop. I tried the Fn button and the arrows on my keyboard but it didn't do anything? please help . Also , i tried the Fn arrows thingy on all of my computers and they did just well .

How good is the acer aspire one laptop? by shay25 Q: I just purchased the acer aspire one and I want to hear from anyone else that has one.

A: Which one do you have, the XP or Linux version? I have the Linux version and love it, 15 secs from pressing the power button I have a working desktop, 40 secs I have an open browser and am on the net! Never used Linux before, but this has made me think about trying Ubantu on a 2 year old laptop, which stuggles to run Vista.

How to fix my acer aspire so I can connect to the internet? by Q: I have a Acer aspire 2920 notebook and when I plug my home internet cord in, all the signs show it's working until I try and connect to a website. It shows error code #815, and I don't know what to do??? Please help

A: I’ve received a few mails from people who haven’t yet bought an Aspire One who are being put off by reports that the wireless connectivity is a little flaky. In particular, the concerns regard an article posted on the Ac er Aspire One User Forum. I asked Simone for his input on the subject and his reply was: On the one reported occasion when this happened, it was resolved by performing a Live Update, yet the forum says that after recovery with CD / USB key the system no longer sees the wireless connection or doesn’t allow it to work, so this is another issue entirely. In any case I believe the problem will soon be brought to the attention of Ac er. For now, I can’t add much more. Here in the lab I have reload Version 1.0.3.E in Italian and have never had this problem and the 4 samples that have come and gone functioned perfectly. I would ask, however, all clients of the Aspire One to have the following information on hand when they contact Ac er:

Can I make an acer aspire boot disk on a different computer? by Q: My acer aspire laptop crashed yesterday. I need a boot disk to recover it. My mom has her laptop but it's an HP and I don't know if that would work. need to make a disk on it ASAP. help?

A: Yes, bootdisks are very generic and not hardware specific. Not sure what type of bootdisk you intend to make but there are some useful ones you can find here: www.bootdisk.com

What is the cheapest external cd rom drive for a acer aspire one price wise? by BB Q: The acer aspire one doesn't have an cd rom drive and I was wondering what is the most inexpensive one I could buy.

A: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827140039 This HP brand optical drive is $40 with free shipping at new egg. EDIT: As of June 15, 2009, this is the cheapest optical drive in new condition that is available online. It is easily the best deal because not only is it the cheapest one, but HP is one of the best brands for computer/computer accessories.

How to use my webcam on my acer aspire one on Iloveim? by Latina lovely :) Q: I can't download msn or anything on my Acer Aspire One netbook so I use iloveim. When I try to use webcam it doesn't show up with anything. It works when i press it manually but it wont work so others to see it if you understand? Please help!

A: Hello On this page you'll get the requested information. http://www.imessengr.com/search/label/All%20In%20One%20Web%20Messengers

How much do you think would the Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T cost here in the Philippines? by kivier Q: I want to ask my parents to buy me an Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T as my graduation present.. I know it will be out in the first week of June. The different reviews states that it would cost about $600 to $800.. And they said that it will be out in June 2.. But when will it be available here in the Philippines and how much would it even cost?

A: I don't have info on the prices in the Philippines, but here's a Canadian site listing: http://ncix.com/products/index.php?sku=39011&vpn=LX.PBA06.001&manufacture=Acer Interestingly they listed 4810 for CDN $ 953, but 5810 for CDN $ 800

How do I install drivers on Acer Aspire One? by Q: Hi, I bought an acer aspire one & they people had cleaned it all the way out but didn't re-install the drivers. I have found the drivers online but, I do not know how to get them from my computer to the aspire. The aspire one does not have a dvd drive... Can someone give me step by step instructions on how I would do this?

A: here, go to this link http://support.acer.com/us/en/default.aspx this should do the trick. get a usb as well

What antivirus should I install on Acer Aspire One netbook? by Inquisitive scholar Q: I need a little suggestion regarding what would be the best antivirus to use on my Acer Aspire One netbook. (260 GB HD, 1 GB RAM). The McAfee Antivirus that was provided with it is not a very good software, I must say. So I need a better alternative. If anyone is using Acer Aspire one netbook, please do leave some suggestions for me.

A: I have an Acer Aspire One and I use Avast, but there are others. A list follows: All of the following anti virus programs are free for personal use. All work very well, but my personal favorite is “Avast”. Only run one anti virus program to avoid conflicts. AVG http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/5390/lng/us/tpl/v5#avg-anti-virus-free Avast http://www.avast.com/eng/free_virus_protectio.html Avria http://www.download.com/Avira-AntiVir-Personal-Free-Antivirus/3000-2239_4-10322935.html ANTI MALWARE Malwarebytes http://www.malwarebytes.org

Is it possible to connect an acer aspire hard drive to a vaio? by breebree Q: My old acer aspire's motherboard fried. How can i take my hard drive out to recover the files?

A: You will need to recover the data using something like asoftech data recovery. http://search.yahoo.com/search?vc=&p=asoftech+data+recovery I've had to use it many times in the past but in this case you need to plug acer aspire hard drive into vaio as an external drive or slave drive and run the software from there. It will rebuild the drive and hopefully recover the files. Good luck.

What the best processor for improved graphics on an Acer Aspire 5742z ? by Jagger Q: I am planning on replacing the processor on my acer aspire laptop . and yes it is possible to replace a laptops CPU, I have done it before.

A: Replace a laptop CPU? Really?

How do I know if my Acer Aspire has bluetooth capability? by catzilla94 Q: I am trying to connect my Palm Centro to my (newer) Acer Aspire and neither my phone or my laptop will recognize one another. I know for a fact that my phone has bluetooth capabilities and that they are turned on, but when I press the bluetooth button on my laptop it shows a red "x" through the bluetooth symbol.

A: control panel>bluetooth icon turn on

How to activate my webcam on acer aspire noteboook? by <3 Japangal <3 Q: Hi, I just bought a new notebook acer aspire 5738g and I don't know how to activate the webcam. It has windows 7 home basic installed in it. Can anybody help me plzzz?

A: There should be no need to activate it. Windows 7 will support it automatically (you can check the Device Manager to make sure the webcam drivers are working properly). So it is just a matter of starting a program that supports webcams and select your webcam as the video input device. MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Skype, they should all simply work with it.

How do I stop my Acer Aspire from adjusting the zoom level all the time? by John M Q: My Acer Aspire netbook is great, but for some reason it changes the zoom level when I am using the mouse (my screen goes from 100% zoom to anywhere from 10% to 200%. I have right-clicked on it to no avail, and I think it is some default that is set. Unfortunately, there is a sensitivity there on that command that is driving me nuts! Help please! Thanks.

A: From my research the zoom is a feature of the mousepad you are using. You could look at control panel or any utilities that came with the acer to adjust the sensitivity or turn it off. The alternative would be to use a USB mouse. I haven't been able to find details on how to change the settings there. But it does appear to be a common complaint. Even the Acer site has nothing I can find.

My power connector inside my Acer Aspire One netbook is loose. Can it be repaired and for about how much? by Josh Q: I have owned an Acer Aspire One netbook for over one year. The warranty was for 12 months so it has expired, I believe. I recently discovered that the netbook power connector inside the netbook is loose. I have been moving it around to try to get it connect to the power cord. Is this something that can be repaired in a netbook? If so, for how much?

A: You can get a new one if you are looking. Repairing a power cord is risky for your laptop. check for power cable under Laptop category.

How can I get my acer aspire laptop to record videos? by love bites Q: I have an acer aspire one mini laptop, and it has a built in camera and microphone, but it only lets me take pictures. How can i get it to record videos with sound?

A: You need a new webcam program. Look for one on Google.

Bought an Acer Aspire 4530 almost a year ago, how long does a laptop battery usually last? by Nisi Q: Just yesterday my keyboard and mouse totally went out on my Acer Aspire 4530 laptop. It is still under warranty and hopefully I can get it fixed or get a different computer but today that computer says that there is no battery detected. I unplugged my computer and it shut off. Not only that but some time ago my Crystal Eye webcam stopped working. My big worry is the batter, how long is the average life of a laptop battery? Should I need a new one now?

A: Depends on how you use the machine and the settings you use. A year is no real surprise. I get about 2 years.

Can an acer aspire one connect to a tv with higher resolution? by Ciaran M Q: If I buy an acer aspire netbook with a screen res of 1024 x 600, will it run smoothly with my TV. I currently use a laptop with my tv via vga with no problems as my tv has vga input. But my TV res can only be set to 1024 x 768 or higher, is this a major problem? What can I do?

A: No it isn't a problem The Maximum res of the screen is 1024 x 600 but the graphics card in the netbook can output a max of 1920 x 1080

What range temperature is good to have your acer aspire one's cpu running at? by dudez s Q: I have a Acer aspire one, however i have a problem with the fan, so i downloaded this program that lets me control when the fan is on or off. What is the best temperature to have it at? If there is some other fix to my fan problem, let me know.

A: Sounds like you know what your doing. i dont know the running temperature but the fan is factory set to run 24/7. You can set the fan to turn off when the CPU reaches a certain temperature. Depending on which software you downloaded it should let you do that. HTH

Can I put an acer aspire x3810 motherboard on a different case? by Q: I have an acer aspire x3810 which is a low profile case. I'm wondering if I can transfer the motherboard to a different case because i'm planning to put a new power supply and graphics card but the case was too small. And any recommendations for a gpu that would fit on my motherboard and be able to run metro 2033 smoothly. My budget is around $500.

A: You can always install it, into a bigger case. As long as it is ATX or MATX.

How to get my acer aspire laptop screen working again? by jackson g Q: My screen messed up a while ago on my acer aspire 4315 and i want to see if i can fix it. Like the top third party works alright, it shows the screen but it is out of proportion and twitches a bunch, and the bottom half is usually just a bunch of vertical lines that are sometimes white, sometimes blue. Is there anything I can by or do that would be relatively cheap? any help would be great!

A: You need to completly reinstall the wireless drivers, you can find them on www.acer.com, find your world location and head to the drivers and support page. Follow the onscreen instructions and that will take you to all the drivers and software for your notebook model, download all VGA/Video drivers and be sure to chose the correct Operating system from the drop down menu.

My Acer Aspire computer is making beeping noises and the screen goes black? by xxGmengxx Q: My Acer Aspire computer just started to turn off immediately. Basically, they screen would go black. Then i hear beeping noises, but not coming from the speakers.

A: The beeping noise is emitted by an internal speaker and is a bios error code to help diagnose the problem you are experiencing. Bios codes are given in short and long beeps. Ex: 2 short 1 long beeps This code is different for different Bios manufacturers. You need to find out the Bios manufacturer of your Bios chip and go to their web site to get the codes and their meanings. Once you get the meaning of the code you know what is causing the problem and can take measures to fix it.

I have an Acer Aspire a0751h and its reallly slow using Maplestory, How can I make it faster? by Q: I have an Acer Aspire a0751h and its reallly slow using Maplestory, How can I make it faster? It has 2gb of RAM so thats not it, Can I update it or something to make it run faster, I think its the video drivers maybe?

A: It's a frickin netbook for christ sakes! What did you expect for 250 dollars worth of budget junk?

How to fix an acer aspire 5517 monitor leak? by Q: My acer aspire 5517 screen has a liquid leak in it, and now there are spots and lines with black blotches on them. The top left portion of the screen still works, and it works fine if you plug it into an external monitor. But still, that takes the purpose from having a laptop, right? Thanks in advance if you can answer this one!

A: Replace lap top screen as they can not be repaired. How to Upgrade, Repair, Disassemble an ACER Laptop or Notebook http://repair4laptop.org/disassembly_acer.html

Can different acer aspire one power cords work on my different Acer aspire one? by Q: I have an acer aspire one a0751h and the only cords I can find are for other models or they don't say.

A: As long as the wattage, amperage and voltage spec.'s are the same you can. Look here for a new power adapter http://www.frys.com

acer aspire? by to1 Q: Thinking of buying an Acer Aspire am3100-u3300a desktop. How does Acer compare with Dell/HP as far as quality goes? I am replacing an emachines, so no more emachines.

A: Acer is coming up in quality and they recently acquired emachines so you might try looking at some emachines to if you like acer. My roomate has an aspire and it run great they got a deal on it at best buy. Dell is not a great choice because they are not highly upgradable Hp makes a good product but they are often overpriced. Overall in my opinion Acer makes a better product for the price.

Acer Aspire? by CeribroHI Q: I am thinking of buying an Acer Aspire AST690-UP926A Desktop PC (go on circuitcity.com and copy and paste Acer Aspire AST690-UP926A Desktop PC), but it does not come with a monitor. im wondering what a cheap monitor would be, preferably between 17 and 19 inches, and that is compatible with this computer. and ideas?

A: The best is " Samsung 940 BW " with 5ms response time.... It will coordinate well to your "ACER" ... Despite of the Quality they understand more about Monitors..... I have one and it's Great!!

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