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7 billion people

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agentcikay RT @2morrowknight: Find out how we're gonna match the world's 7 billion population with 7 Billion actions: http://t.co/bNC260FW [email protected]

solipsistic 7 billion people. [email protected]: Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it. ~ Anais Nin”

lindseeyyyrae Our planet has reached 7 billion people, and I'm still single. #aloneforever

scaredhart87 7 billion people and im still alone????? WTF

JBPurpleNigga 1 universe, 8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6 billion people & only one person named Justin Bieber totally changed my life

SWVG_XVERLXRD I'm sorry that there are now 7 billion people in the world and you're still single...

lucki_leo RT @iQuoteSwag: 1 universe, 8 planets, 204 countries, 804 islands, 7 seas, 7 billion people and my heart still tells me it's you.

yukeapr RT @FaktanyaAdalah: Populasi dunia diperkirakan akan mencapai 7 milyar orang minggu ini. http://t.co/CCwr2oqO

Litsey_lits U wouldn't think that with 7 billion people in the world, that the world is small, but truly it is... Or perhaps it's just SA that is small

YeliRoadeRoa 7 billion people and you: My number is 4,750,035,163 #whatsyournumber ? http://t.co/BlQt2Vlw

2morrowknight Find out how we're gonna match the world's 7 billion population with 7 Billion actions: http://t.co/RT7X08Ib [email protected]

KrisAlixInc @alexxaiko staten island! What a small world lol. 7 billion people n I end up following someone from the same island

_CalliesWorld The Earth Population Is 7 Billion Now? Damn, That's A Lot Of People.

cassie_wassy There's 7 billion people in the world yet 1 billion go to bed hungry. Things like this get me so emosh!

ThisisElisha 7 billion people in the world, and i'm still ALL ALONE.ha.


How can 7 Billion people not have an effect on our climate? by Kdjvjn Q: It's like saying 7 billion termites won't have an effect on a tree. Beneath the bark is where the problem festers.. Totally oblivious to eyes fixed upon it's outside. But they slowly chew away. Out of sight and out of mind. Do plants need vehicles to drive to work? Do they need factories and fossil fuels? Is the ocean the same as the earth in terms of vastness and space in which you compare? I think not.

A: actually if all the people were in Africa they would each have land about the size of 2 football fields,,did dinosaurs have an impact when they lived,probably,did the buffalo who roamed in the millions have an impact,probably,do people have an impact,yes,but not on climate,its to big for that,did volcanoes have an impact?Mount Mazama/Crater Lake, Oregon-Over 6,000 years ago Mount Mazama (posthumously named) erupted. Before the explosion the mountain was 12,000 feet high; when it was over it had been replaced by a 1,900-foot deep crater. Crater Lake, famed for its intense blue waters, was made a National Park in 1902. Volcanic activity occurred some time after the Mount Mazama explosion, creating Wizard Island in the middle of the lake.........yes

is the world over populated at 7 billion people? by Riuka Hong Q: At 7 billion people on earth do you think the world is over populated?

A: Some parts are definitely overpopulated (anywhere there is a famine). It's a complex question. Based on what is happening to the atmosphere (ozone problem) and the oceans (oil and garbage), the world will definitely reach a point where no one can argue against the term "overpopulated". Some futurists argue that by the time the total population reaches 14 million there is no way the Earth will be able to sustain it and the effects of that increasing population will be felt well before that.

Almost 7 billion people.. If every person on the planet passed gas at the exact same, what would happen? by Kai Q: Since we're reaching 7 billion people soon, I had this question in my mind. Inquired minds would like to know. This will be made into study eventually.

Are you now more afraid of God since we have 7 billion people today? by Gregory Q: So now we have at least 7 billion people in the world today and probably no one wants that many people in heaven in hell or here on earth.

A: I'm more afraid of the people who are afraid of the fact that there's 7 billion of us. You know how many calls for forced sterilization of poor and minority women I've heard over the past week? A staggering number.

Is it really possible for a population to go from 2 people to 7 billion in only 10,000 years? by Sir Nigel Q: Adam and Eve supposedly lived 10,000 years ago. Today, we have over 7 Billion people on the face of the earth. Is it actually possible to do this in 10,000 years? Remember, about 2000 years into this, God decided to destroy the world in a flood, restarting the process at only 8 people. Is this actually all that possible?

A: lots of mass orgies? but genetically speaking, there would be not enough diversity in the gene pool tp allow us to survive this long.

Just for clarification, how can God watch over 7 Billion people and growing? by A. Jackson Q: How does he have so much power? How can he be there to help over 7 Billion people? How can he listen to all of our prayers and praises? Why won't God fix the problems all over the world?

A: He is God, there is nothing that is impossible with Him.

What proportion of the world's 6.7 billion people have citizenship of more than 1 country? by lepistiku Q: What proportion of the world's 6.7 billion people have citizenship of more than 1 country?

A: Excellent question. I doubt that there's any statistics about it, however, as every country handles this differently. I have 3 citizenships but my guess is that in total perhaps 1 or 2 percent may have more than one.

Did you know that in the day October 31, 2011 the world will exceed 7 billion people? by Tiago Q: I read in one magazine, whose theme is world population, that the world will exceed 7 billion people in the day October 31, 2011 and in the half of this Century, in the year 2050, the world will exceed 9.3 billion people, at the end of this Century, the world will exceed 10.1 billion people.

A: Don't believe in what a book/man says..it's possible if we don't get ppl to understand how badly we need more forms & more of birth Control,even a pill that's dissolves it quickly,quietly,and w/privacy,we are in for a pop explosion! The media isn't a great source of info about this. They KEEP pushing the idea of more more more ,for money of course(lib owned media)mostly all of it. Now w/all the sex they push on ppl and the idea of this,who's the stupidest ones of all. That stinking thinking is coming down to the survival of the fittest. They didn't include this idea in there ignorant greedy thinking as in sending this ridiculous messages out into the general population. We have the Oriental ppl who come here so they won;'t have ti kill their 1st born girl. The Muslims who don't/won't do anything..anyway u get the idea. I think the higher beings who have a great deal of concern for their/our planet,will do a thing or 2 about this problem. People (not all of us)are of a lower Intelligence & will fight about the most inane things..Every little unnecessary things,as to why a simple idea shouldn't be. You know who they are. There will be so many ppl that that cute lil child isn't cute anymore. It's a thing of human degrade(see Africa n such)and will be looked upon as a creature of awful inconvenience. We was hoping by now the human population would grow in the mental mentality & of our own changes and adapt in necessary means. We can not hold on to the Traditional standards any longer. It's an insane conception. It's almost come to a point where religion, is becoming the evil. I never thought i would ever say that, but as long as simple minded ppl hold on to this notions of a all things are a sin & hell etc...we will create our own hell & it must be stop instead of ppl believing it's Personal growth. It has always hurt us all in the past,it will be worse,(is bad) in this critical times, when this kind of thinking, will be the very end of us all! Grow up ppl. Yes their is a God,but 1 who gives us the choices on how we need to establish our own principle & life's survival. Us ppl not God...he hasn't' a thing to do w/our choices..nothing! Why do u think he gave some of us great minds?We all have the potential to see this reality...understand b-4 it's no need to?Doomed if u don't.. Your lil jesters of it's nice to know and not seemly haven't a personal care...i hope at least you will all think about this. If u own a gun,keep how many ammo you would need to dissolve you & your loved ones up n coming devastated issues. I am not being mean or on any level,im being extremely compassionate when I say this! Sometimes you have to be cruel 2-b kind... sHOCKING IT INTO THEM IS SOMETIMES THE ONLY WAY TO GET pll to see THE SIGNIFICANT IN A REALITY. Obama wants us all to be dependent on the gov like the 3rd world Country's are.Have you looked around you at all & see somethings Extremely different> Some Extreme changes he said we wanted?The Obama lovers are killing themselves & us w/them! You should consider all of them our enemy,even the white ones who so strongly agree he's great! Blacks are seeing it,how come they are holding on?let go!dumbasses!

How can God keep track of what nearly 7 billion people are doing at once? by dentakleen Q: There's almost 7 billion people on Earth. How can God keep track of all those people?

A: That's very simple, no unemployment.

How can the planet sustain 7 billion people? by GhostAngelWarrior Q: I read today that by 2012 the human population will hit 7 billion and we are adding a billion people every 13 years. In 1800 the human population was 1 billion and in 1930 it was 2 billion now we are adding a billion people every 13 years how the hell can the Earth as well as people and all life on Earth possibly sustain all of this?

A: It can't.... which is why you have people who are starving in places like Africa. The world can't sustain current population. This is why you have laws about how many children you can have in China (I think it is one per family). We all start having some rules about family control (and not have huge families even here in the U.S.!). We need to start providing education to women in Africa and places like it. Educated women tend to have less children than uneducated ones.

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