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2048: Newest contender for 'most addictive game' since Flappy Bird flew away
While the developer does point users to a mobile-friendly webpage for 2048, the game has spawned innumerable copies or derivatives on the Google Play and iTunes App Store - and none are by the original author. Cirulli, on the app's GitHub page, admits ...

Confessions of a 2048 Addict
My name is Jilly Luke, and I am a 2048 addict. At this point, I imagine most of the internet saying “Hi Jilly” as we sit in the safe circle of a virtual church hall, slumped into our plastic seats, sipping weak orange cordial and imploring each other ...

Want to Stay Anonymous? Don't Make a Hit Computer Game
Nine days ago, 19-year-old Gabriele Cirulli enjoyed a quiet life, certainly out of the limelight of the tech blogs. Now he freely admits that he “sometimes” feels a pang of guilt when somebody on Twitter or Facebook curses the time they've wasted ...

2048 for Windows Phone 8
I you haven´t been hiding under a rock lately, chances are that you stumbled upon 2048 by Gabrielle Cirulli. While the game was optimized for access from mobile devices Windows Phone users were excluded from this addicting gameplay experience.

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How much Memory (or free space) is there on an EVO Shift? by RikkiBae Q:

A: Internal 512 MB RAM / 2048 MB ROM

A 57 kg person jumps from rest...Determine the average force that the water exerts on the diver.? by ihatephysics Q: A 57.0 kg person jumps from rest off a 11.0 m high tower straight down into the water. Neglect air resistance during the descent. She comes to rest 3.00 m under the surface of the water. Determine the average force that the water exerts on the diver. This force is nonconservative. ive tried 2048.2, which is (mgh)/3, but its not correct what would i use for h and d?

A: Assuming down is negative: 2048.2 N.

Find the sum of this geometric sequence? by TINA Q: 1/4 + 3/8 +9/16 + L + 19683/2048

A: { (19683 / 2048)(3/4) - 1/4 } / { 3/4 - 1 } Σ { k = 1,2,..n) a_k = [ a_(n+1) - a_1 ] / [ r - 1 ]

In the series expansion of (1+ax)(4-x)^-1/2 the coefficient of x^3 is -67/2048. Find the constant a? by curlywurly Q: In the first part of the question I worked out the coefficient of x^3 was 5/2048

A: You worked out coefficient of x^3 is 5/2048 which is correct. so, (1+ax)(4-x)^-1/2 = (1+ax)(1/2 + 1/16x + 3/256x^2 + 5/2048x^3 + ... ) hence, ax * 3/256x^2 + 1 * 5/2048x^3 = -67/2048x^3 x^3( 3/256a + 5/2048) = -67/2048 x^3 .... a = -3

can some one solve these math problems? by Q: 1. 2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2= 2.3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3x0 3.8x8x8x8x8x8x8 also normal answers dont use a carrot im only 11 going to the fifth grade next week

A: 1. 2048 2. 0 3. 2097152

what memory stick is bigger a 2gb or 237 MB? by Q:

A: 2GB = 2048 MB. 2GB is bigger.

The sum of a geometric series is -2048. If the first term is -4 and the common ratio is 2, what is the final? by Q: The sum of a geometric series is -2048. If the first term is -4 and the common ratio is 2, what is the final term in the sequence?

A: tn = ar^(n-1) Sn = a(1 - r^n)/(1 - r) -2048 = -4(1 - 2^n) / (1 - 2) -2048 = 4 - 4*2^(n) -2052 = -4*2^n 513 = 2^n log(513) = log(2^n) log(513) = n*log(2) n = 9.0028 tn = a*r^(n-1) tn = 4*r^(8.0028) tn = 4*2^8.0028 tn = 1025.98 Which makes absolutely no sense whatever. This sum implies that either the steps are not integral which they usually are, or that the sum is incorrect or that a or r or both are not right.

Observe that 2000=2 to the power of 4 x 5 to the power of 3.? by [email protected] Q: What is the next year after the year 2000 which can be written a to the power of b x c to the power of d, where a, b, c, d are 2, 3, 4, 5 in the same order? A. 2016 B. 2025 C. 2040 D. 2048 E. 2050 How did you get that...I need to explain the answer

A: I got 2048

make a picture 2048 by 1152? by ☆☆☆☆☆ Q: so i gotta make a picture 2048 by 1152 for youtube and can someone pleas help me and tell me a good website where i could do this????? thanks

A: You can make one in paint, Photoshop, pretty much any photo editing software

Will Christ return before the year 2048? by Sam Q: Evidently, people think that when Israel became a nation again, it started the countdown for Christs return. And they say a bibical generation is 100 years. "I tell you with certainty, this generation will not disappear until all these things take place."-Luke 21:32 Now if the first sign was in 1948, and a bibical generation is 100 years, does this mean Christ will return before 2048? Not predicting or anything, just curious on what you guys think. Let me know.

A: I've always interpreted "this generation" as a trans-chronological meaning - that "this generation" means "whoever is reading this". Then He says "until all these things take place". He gave us several warnings in different parts of the Bible that tell us the things that will be happening simultaneously just before He returns: 1) Wars and rumors of wars 2) Earthquakes, Floods, storms (Several hundred years ago, major earthquakes only happened once every few hundred years - now they happen every day worldwide) 3) Pestilences (Cancer, AIDS, etc.) 4) Famines (Africa and 3rd world countries) 5) Knowledge will increase (in 100 years, we've gone from horse-and-buggy technology to cars, computers, space shuttles and cloning) 6) An explosive interest in the Occult (Harry Potter, "American Haunting", Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, "New Age", John Edwards, etc.) 7) People's love will grow cold 8) People will run to and fro (highways, airports) 9) Increased interest in Bible prophecy 10)Gospel will go out to the whole world (satellite and radio have allowed the Gospel to reach formerly remote and unreachable places) 11) Signifcant increase in crime and immorality 12) Satan will attempt to establish a one-world government and one-world religion (United Nations) I do believe, that at the pace things are going in our world, that Christ will return before 2048, in my lifetime.

PLEASE HELP...solve using substitution: x-2048-32√x=0? by elle Q: x- 2048 - 32√x= 0

A: Let √x = y > 0 y² − 2048 − 32y = 0 y² − 32y − 2048 = 0 (y − 64) (y + 32) = 0 y = 64, y = −32 √x = 64 x = 64² x = 4096

Facebook upload error #2048! :(? by Ina Q: I can't upload photos!! It keeps saying "max numbers of trials exceeded"! :( I have the latest Adobe Flash player. My photos all do not exceed 3mb. They're in JPG format. I'm using Google Chrome, Windows Vista Ultimate (if this helps). WHAT WILL I DO :((

A: Maybe you have too many photo's in one album, make a new album. If not then I am sorry I cannot help :(

How much is 2048 mb memory? by Marie Q: I'm looking to buy a laptop and it says 2048 mb memory. I thought that was 2GB of memory but they said it's 3GB. Please help me...I don't know much about computers. Thx

A: It is only 2Gb (or GB, or gb or gB or whichever way round it is). Go buy from a different company, as this one obviously has no problems with lying to you and assuming you are stupid so they can get your money off you. On the other hand, 2Gb is fine for most computing purposes.

2048 max memory: is it GB or MB? by jen Q: I have an inspiron dell laptop and I recently went on their site because I want more memory (my computer is too slow right now), but they confused me when I searched the laptop details. It says it has two memory slots (that I already know) and a capacity to hold 2048 max memory. Question is, it that GB or MB?? I'm confused.

A: 2048 MB is the same as 2 GB 1 GB = 1024 MB so.. 1024 + 1024 = 2048 MB or... 2 GB get it?

Chatango Error #2048? by Sora Q: how to fix chatango error 2048 ? Please check your internet connection and make sure you are not behind a firewall or proxy. Details: Error #2048

A: i am getting the same problem, but i think its just the fact that my mac, doesnt allow it at all. i have even turned off all my proxies and all my firewalls.... still nothing works..

Why does it say overage: 1 fort iPhone. ? by chunky monkey :) Q: I sent 80.2 mb and recieved 2048 mb. So in order for me to be over my data, don't I have to be over 2048? Can someone explain how I know if I went over and the max?

A: 80 + 2048 = 2128 Simple.

How many ounces are there in 16 gallons? by iza Q: Thank you very much for your help! ♥

A: 4 x 32 x 16 = 2048

(aaaaaaa) Evaluate the sum:? by Q: 1/2^1 + 1/2^2 + 1/2^3 + ... + 1/2^10

A: 1 - (1/2)^11 = 2047 / 2048

WhicH playstation vita game should I get? by Ollie Q: Playstation vita games

A: wipeout 2048

When you flip a coin 11 times, what is the chance of getting 7 heads and 4 tails? by Yi Q:

A: 330/2048 = 16.11328125%

What's your favorite Playstation Vita Game? by Derek Matney Q: Oh and tell me your rating to the game like 10/10

A: Wipeout 2048. 10/10

How many MB equal 2GB? by Me and Dee Q: i want to upload a video to youtube and the video is 12MB but youtube only takes 2GB but i don't know if that evens out, i'm not good with that stuff, i can reduce the size of the vid to 2MB(possibly) and i can make it bigger but i didn't know what i should change it too, if i need to, because i've tried uploading this video like 5 times and it wont upload. More info: It's a windows movie maker video from an acer laptop All the videos within the video are from a cannon camera, not a video camera but takes videos as a second choice It IS less than 10 mins(only about 2) need anymore, just ask

A: 2 GB = 2048 MB

When are you going to die? by Alissa Q: According to an online death clock (which I consider complete rubbish), I am going to die November 20, 2091. It says I have about 2400 million seconds of life. Have you checked yours out? http://www.deathclock.com/

A: Saturday, October 24, 2048 WTF? Why?!?!?@!?

What would be this math problem? by bambammc24 Q: 2 too the eleventh power what would come out of that?

A: 2^11 = 2048

If there are 83 questions on a test and the test is worth 100 points, how much is each question worth? by Emily Q: If there are 83 questions on a test and the test is worth 100 points, how much is each question worth?

A: 100/83 = 1.2048

Will India be a developed country by 2040? by FddsS Q: It is said that majority of Indians will be middle-class by that time and the indian economy will overtake american economy by 2050.

A: July 27th, 2048

What is the Max resolution of nvidia 7400 ? by Fakher Abbas Q:

A: I think 2048*1560

How many ways can you answer 11 true and false questions and how do you get it? by answer questions Q: There are 11 true and false questions. How many different ways could it be ordered? and how? For example 1. True 2.False 3.False ... and so on.

A: 2^11 = 2048

Nintendo3ds friend codes switch XD? by Q: my friend code iz 1375-7624-3546 post yours and ill friend u type my code in ASAP

A: 2836 0639 2048

how about this....? by Smile =]™ Q: how about this? http://www.tekzoned.com/spank/ is it fun? nothingscary happens, that's what i think. my brother hasn't said anything happened was scary... honest, nothing scary happens. if it does, tell me what happens. anways try to spank the money as hard as possible! then this tune will come out.

A: hehe my top was 2048

What is the standard resolution for 2K video? by aborik24 Q:

A: 2K resolution is 2048×1536 pixels

What is more? by Aaron K Q: What is more 250 MB or 2G ?

A: 2GB is 2048 MB

What racing game is this? by RUBY Q: This game was relaesed recently, i played a demo in target, it involved racing and the ability to destroy vehicles with some things idk maybe perks, i want to know what game this is cause it was kick ass if u have blur plz tell me how u get explosive stuff i played it and get the stuff when i passed checkpoints or something so i think it maybe blur so thx

A: Wipe-out 2048?

how much mb is in 2gbs? by Miguel Q: im buying a psp and i want to know how much memory in mb 2 gigs is

A: 2 GigaBytes = 2048 MegaBytes

How much MB of RAM do I need to play next and current gen games on my PC? by [email protected] Q:

A: 2 GB and up (2048 MB)

solve the problem on my pc error-2048? by sanjeevkumarrahi Q:

A: Error Message: Error -2048: The File Is Not A Movie File. Translation: This error message means that QuickTime cannot play a particular file. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the file really doesn’t contain video that you could play back with some other software, because the error happens even with legitimate WMV (Windows Media Video) movie files. Solution: Find and use a media player that supports the type of video file you want to play, such as Windows Media Player for WMV files. If no media player can open the file, the video may be corrupted or was created with special settings that affected its compatibility.

i cant believe im the only person in the world that has this problem,i cant get any attachments on my e mail..? by buzbub40 Q: ive asked this before many times and ive got many answers which were wrong,told to go to quick time,then music player.none work.have windows vista,new lap top.piece of sht.windows xp worked worked vista dont, all i get is error 2048 what the hell is error 2048 as no one seems to know. buz.

A: Errorr 2048 means the playlist and code doesn't match, usually in quicktime. The reason you have this error is because of Quicktime 7.6. The QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component has been updated for compatibility with QuickTime 7.6. If you are a past purchaser of the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component, then you can download the new software by visiting the Apple Online Store and clicking on "Account" in the Store menu. Click "Downloadable Software Purchases," enter your Apple ID and password, and you will see a link to the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component. Click the link to download and install the new version. or the complicated way...but free... To start: Rename all your files that quicktime can’t read, to .wmv all occurances of the -2048 error come from codec misuse by the mis-naming of the 'quicktime' files. Then download any transcodal translator. I used VLC Player, which can do pretty much anything. VLC Site: — > http://www.videolan.org/ Once downloaded you’ll find it can play your 'broken files'. Proceed to click on File — >Streaming/Exporting WIzard... Go through: 'Transcode/Save to file' Then: Select either select streaming file from location: Or: Select File from existing playlist. (Open(ed) files) Last: Select how you want it TRUELY encoded as anything from mpeg4 video and audio to DivX to H. 264 to Theora REMEMBER: select the transcode buttons. (Don’t forget bitrate has an extreme importance the more bits the higher quality but it comes at a price as the video becomes larger. It won’t be 100% quality, maybe 95% max; usually around 85 - 90% normal quality.) Next: select your encapsulation method you want this to match your codec so please match them, it causes less problems. Almost Done: Select a save location and wammo your done! Finally: Click FINISH and it shows you all your work one last time before you complete the transcode. Ta-Da Quicktime Video Problem Error -2048 SOLVED!

How do I fix QuickTime error 2048? by Whatever Q: I am so f***ing tired of searching the web for answers that doesn't help. I need a free way of fixing QuickTime error 2048. Tried reinstalling it, didn't help, tried converters, didn't help. Please someone help me. I am so frustrated!!! Oh and it is .MOV format, so if that helps....

A: A Quicktime 2048 error usually means you have an improperly encoded/corrupt QT movie that you're trying to open.

Solve 2 x-12 =2048 (x-12 is the power )? by nvalenz_nvalenz Q: its hard to write problem out on computer but its 2 to the x minus 12 power equals 2048

A: 2^(x-12) = 2048 First rewrite 2048 as an exponent with a base of 2. 2^(x-12) = 2^11 Now set the powers equal to each other and ignore the 2's. x-12 = 11 Now solve for x by adding 12 to both sides. x = 23

where can i get a picture 2048 pixels wide and 1152? by Ip Q: I been trying to use some pictures for you tube but i"m not able because of the crap called 2048 pixels wide and 1152

A: The standard specification is 2048 x 1136 pixels. If it is essential that you must have a 2048 x 1152 pixel image then you can try to open any image in GIMP and convert it into a 2048 x 1152 pixel image. Using a 2048 x 1136 image as the original will give you best results.

1/2^ equals 1/2048 I dont know shortcut? by Cait Q: What to the power of 1/2 will give me 1/2048?

A: 1/2^x = 1/2048 2^x = 2048 Either double 2 repeatedly until you get 2048, or, if you want to be picky, x = log 2048/ log 2 = 11 <<<

try loosening flash security settings error #2048? by branden Q: i keep getting this error when trying to watch a video and what not on the internet (try loosening flash security settings error #2048) iv googled it for about the past hour now couldn't find anything that was nearly as use full to help me fix the problem so it would be kind if someone could could tell me how to fix it or explain a way to fix it

A: It's happening to me as well. I figured I would catch up on some Big Bang Theory, but I've been running into 303: Error #2048 quite a few times already. As dude said before, we're pretty much just gonna have to wait for the servers reset or whatever the hell it is they do. In the mean time you can attempt trying to stream via the other links present. On Season 4 episode 2 I ran into the same error until the third link I believe, which actually worked. Admittedly the system has seemed a bit sluggish today, though. EDIT: Not even a minute after I typed this I clicked on one of the bugged-out links and it worked no problem.

How many different sets of answers are possible if a test includes eleven true-or-false questions...? by Q: How do I come to the answer 2048?

A: each answer has a t or f and there are 11 questions 2^11 = 2048

Ga. L. 1990, p. 2048, § 5? by OthelloTheKing Q: What is this and where can I find it??? Help!

A: Ga is Georgia L is a legislative act 1990 is the year of act p 2048 is the page of the cite 5 is the section for the cite specifically. This was used as a researchers footnote and the actual authenticity of the laws cited in the case books?

whats a better resolution 2048 x 1152 or 1920 x 1200? by happdizzle Q: please break it down to me nerd style if you have to. and dont just say so and so is better tell me why is it better

A: 2048 x 1152 = 2359296 1920 x 1200 = 2304000 so the first has a few MORE pixels... BUT... They are different ASPECT ratios: 2048 x 1152 is a 9 x 16 ratio (standard HDTV or WS) Regular screens (TV) are 3 x 4 aspect ratio 1920 x 1200 is a 5 x 8 ratio Both are vary close, so choose the one that matches the aspect ratio of the screen you have!

gcd(2^30,2048)? by diggity801 Q: thats a 2 with an exponent of 30 in the brackets

A: 2048=2^11 2^11 is the GCD of 2^30 and 2^11.

Break Diamond 2 encryption - 2048 bit? by Aces Q: hi! i managed to lose the text file with the password for a file i encrypted with advanced encrytion package 2009 - encrypted with Diamond 2 - 2048bit with a password that i think is 256char long :S .. is there ANY way to get this open or am i screwd?

A: You are SCREWED. Even if you used 100 of the most powerful computers in the world you wouldn't be able to get any sense out of that file until the end of the universe. 2048 bit is overkill for that strength encryption.

error -2048 quicktime mov? by goat_brother00 Q: I have a video clip that is really important to me. i recorded it on a small panasonic digital camera that also happened to record videos ALL and i mean ALL other videos recorded have been fine. they all come out in .mov format, and they work. i have never changed any settings on my camera whatsoever. When i open the file, i get this message "Error -2048: could not open <> because it is not a format that Quicktime understands." I have googled and looked at this for at least 12 hours, and almost all solutions do not apply to my situation. Please help. EDIT i realize that error -2048 means it is a corrupt file i have TRIED VLC and various other media players i have TRIED renaming the files i have TRIED klitecodec i KNOW the clip is there, just corrupted info. when i save it onto an empty flash drive, it takes up 126 MB of space I just need to know if there is any way of salvaging the corrupt video

A: Hi,goat_brother00 There are 3 step to repair 2048 quicktime error If you got 2048 quicktime error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems. To repair 2048 quicktime error you need to follow the steps below: * Step 1 - Download a Perfect Optimizer,install this error repair tool. * Step 2 - Click the Repair All Button.It will scan you pc for Free. * Step 3 - Then click the Repair All Button again and your done! It is very easy to repair 2048 quicktime error. Here are the url of Perfect Optimizer:http://www.fixerror365.com/tidpp-2048_quicktime_error-zz0001

Decryption - Diamond 2 - 2048 Bit? by Ryan S. Q: Is it possible to decrypt Diamond 2 - 2048 Bit? I have a friend who says he's absolutely pro at decryption and I want to screw with him...

A: "Possible" is one of those open-ended words that can have all sorts of meanings. I sometimes like to mess with our customers, coz they'll ask, "Is it possible to add this function," and I'll say, "Yah, it's POSSIBLE -- but it's gonna COST you!" THEY meant, would I do it for FREE. Well, I try to disabuse them of that notion as quickly as I can. Same thing here -- is it POSSIBLE? YES, IT IS -- how many dudes, decades and dollars do you want to allocate to the job? Especially 2048 bit, that's getting into NSA territory. That's getting into encryption strength where it would be quicker to just capture you and torture you until you give us the password. (Ve have vays of making you talk.) So, I say, you wanna mess with your friend, sure go right ahead. Or if you REALLY want to mess with him, use a different encryption package FIRST -- E.g., use PGP to encrypt a file, then take the result, and encrypt it again with Diamond2. But DON'T TELL HIM that! I guarantee you he'll never crack it in his lifetime.

simplify: [486/2048]^ -4/5 *5..? by Q: and also find the answer to.. factorize the following polynomial x^3+13x^2+31x-45 given that [x-9] is a factor factorize a^3-b^3+1+3ab evaluate : [3x-5y]^3 -[3x+5y]^3

A: [486/2048]^ -4/5 *5 486= 2×3×3×3×3×3=2×3⁵ 2048= 2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2×2= 2×2¹⁰ [486/2048]^ -4/5 *5 = [(2×3⁵)/( 2×2¹⁰]^ -4/5 *5 = [(3⁵)/(2¹⁰]^ -4/5 *5 = [(3⁵)^(-4/5)/(2¹⁰]^ (-4/5) ]*5 [(3)^-4/2^-8]×5 (2^8/3^4)×5=( 256/81}×5=1280/81 x^3+13x^2+31x-45 given that [x-9] is a factor It is obvious that [x-9]is not a factor only x +9 is a factor =x^3+9x² +4x² +36x−5x−45 =x²(x+9)+4x(x+9)−5(x+9) =(x+9)(x²+4x−5) =(x+9)(x+5)(x−1)

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