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2013 Grammys

Seven Weird Moments From the 2013 Grammys
If the shows during Awards Season was to be thought of as a family, then the Grammys would be the youngest sibling: crazy, irreverent, starving for attention, but full of promise all the same. Heavy on the performance, light on the actual awards, the ...

Johnny Depp Sports Orange Tan at 2013 Grammys: Picture
Johnny Depp speaks onstage at the 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images. Willy Wonka or Oompa-Loompa? Johnny Depp's unexpected cameo at the Feb.

Carrie Underwood dress: Digital metamorphosis steals 2013 Grammys (+video)
Advertisements. Carrie Underwood dress: Digital metamorphosis steals 2013 Grammys (+video). Carrie Underwood dress: Forget the 6th Grammy Award. Carrie Underwood wore a dress that became a digital screen during her performance of 'Blown Away.

2013 Grammys Ratings Down: Rihanna and Justin Timberlake Bring Big ...
Last year's Grammys saw record-high ratings, thanks in partially to the tribute put together after the sudden death of the late, great Whitney Houston. So this year's broadcast had a very high bar to leap over if CBS wanted to see more landmark ratings.

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AdamMeltonX85Z #Grammys Was scrolling down my newsfeed and saw this, made me laugh aw http://t.co/SUPj46hi

JerrySexBieber RT @HuffingtonPost: Oops...Katy Perry apparently didn't get CBS's no skin #Grammys memo (PHOTO) http://t.co/tViMxVUf

_RockMeHarreh RT @taylorswift13: [email protected]: RT Taylor Swift Is A Darling Dancer At The #Grammys! See All Her Audience Moves In #Gifs HERE!! http://t.co/FMkdhd0H

MitchelBrody RT @CMLIFE: Miss the Grammys last night? Fun., featuring CMU alum Andrew Dost, won for Best New Artist, Song of the Year http://t.co/OlKdPv0c

Davidvidu Mumford and Sons win big at the Grammys with 'Album of the Year' award http://t.co/QATSy93j #news

Davidvidu Chris Brown Crashes Car Into Wall While Running from Paparazzi Before the Grammys http://t.co/MIZQzCLC #news

lightbrite78 @stephescajeda haha. i love the hashtag. maybe you could borrow from nicole kidman if she's all finished with hers? http://t.co/ovHzYRlj

Glambert1904 RT @MTVBuzzworthy: Thought @Rihanna slayed the Grammys with 'Stay'? Wait 'til you hear @AdamLambert's cover. It's killing me loudly. http://t.co/FXFgHfRw

JerrySexBieber RT @RollingStone: .@robsheff says this year's #Grammys were a fitting celebration of all pop music's demented excess: http://t.co/RCgRkiHV

Gossip_Freak Justin Bieber Announces Live Video Stream to Run Against the Grammys - CAPTCHA Code Comment You may use these HTML... http://t.co/EMuMwRkh

XOabithaXO RT @MTV: Selena's face is all 'my ex is at home with a busted livestream and I'm partying with Grammy winners:' http://t.co/9DhJib8O

CountryCyn RT @texastootsiepop: Carrie Underwood Shows Emotions Accepting Best Country Solo Performance Award at the 2013 Grammys: http:[email protected]


JerrySexBieber RT @PerezHilton: And the WORST DRESSED at the #Grammys were... http://t.co/NDgIzFoi

shy_shimp454 RT @thinkprogress: Adele & Kelly Clarkson won Grammys yesterday. So Fox decided to spend 4.5 minutes talking about their weight: http://t.co/ghxtWcmN #icymi


When will the grammy's be ? (usa ?) lol idk? by Q: I was watching x factor last night and khloe kardashian was like they'll be showing the x factor usa 2012 winners' music video on the night of the grammy's.. I wanna know when the gammy's will be ? :o

A: it will be 2013 when it airs it will air Feb 10th at 8 on CBS

2013 GRAMMY AWARDS!!!! HELP ME VOTE! PLS? by Kathy Q: I use my android cellphone to surf the web, where do i go to vote for the grammys? *mobile website* HELP!!!!

The 55th (2013) Grammy Awards? by Mitch Q: I live in New Zealand, where the Grammys aren't televised. Does anyone know where can I watch them online? Thanks

What was the name of the 2nd song justin Timberlake song at the 2013 grammys? by India Thomas Q: After he song suit and tie

When will the 2013 grammy awards held? by Joyn Q:

A: 10th February, 8pm at the Staples Center in LA

justin timberlakes hair at 2013 grammys? by TRUE M3XICAN Q: How do you get your hair like this? what numbers do you need to get cut? please someone explain in detail dont answer if youre going to say something pointless, why waste your time? find something to do

Where can I watch the 2013 Grammy's online? by csan Q:

Who do think will win the Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2013? by Joe Q:

Who do think will win the Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2013? by Rick Q:

A: Vyrotek- A message to scarlet Or linkin park. It might also be Foxy Shazam

When is the next Grammy awards? by Awesome Q: and what time is it going to be and what channel(like citytv, ctv etc..)(not like channel 09 or channel 65)?

A: If you don't care them don't bother to anwser and no duh iyt's going to be next year. and it's going to be on february 12, 2013 at aboutn 7:00 or 8:00 and am not really sure about what channel but i think it's citytv or gobal

Is one direction going to be at the grammys 2013? by Alina Q:

Will green day be playing the Grammys? by David K. Q: And will green day be playing California near LA this year 2013

Will Christina Perri be at the 2013 Grammy Awards? by Jdawg Q: I really hope so cuz I love her so much ^.^

A: Probably not....why don't you phone her and ask.

What awards is "God, Love, Romance" (Fred Hammond CD) nominated for Grammys? by Rebecca of Faraway Farm Q: The 2012 Gospel CD has great songs / cuts including "I Feel Good" // what are its nominations? Thanks -- hope to watch the CBS Broadcast on Sunday 2/10/2013 !

When are the 2013 Grammys? by Nazareth Q: I know they're sometime this month but when?

Where can I stream the 2013 Grammy Awards online? by americanreject42 Q: I can't watch the show on television and I need a website where I can live stream the show. All the links that I find on the internet are about streaming the red carpet. Does someone know a site where they're streaming the actual show?

Are the 2013 Grammys going to be on TV again? by Anonymous Q: I missed it tonight and i really wanted to see it... is it going to be on again or preferably on hulu?

When are the grammy next grammy awards? by Ludwin Q: The next , not the las year. Thanks

A: On February 10th, 2013 at the Staples Center in LA. Let's see if Adele sweeps clean again...

Who won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance? by Francisco Lopez Q:

A: 2013 Grammys haven't been awarded yet (ceremony is Feb 10). The 2012 Grammy for hard rock/metal performance was for "White Limo" by Foo Fighters.

2013 Grammys: Was this the highlight of the night? by Hurricain Q: http://cdn03.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/perry-grammys/katy-perry-grammys-2013-red-carpet-10.jpg

Why doesn't CBS want for their viewers to ever see a breast, buttocks or genitalia? by Farouk Christos Moses Q: Is CBS run by the catholic church or the Taliban? I think that we will figure it out despite their best efforts to censor. http://www.deadline.com/2013/02/banned-breasts-buttocks-genitalia-at-grammys/

A: most networks are like this, including our Canadian network that carry American programing. CBS feeling that they have lot of 'sensitive' viewers will upset looking at something is natural. I hear a lot of bleeps when swearing is in context with what the actor is saying. look at the the programs CBS carries. Big brother is taking care of you and your morals. Its the moral minority.

is there any t.v channel that show Grammy 2013 live? by amir pooya khatibzade Pooya Q: i want to see it live. but my internet is so awful . is there any t.v channel that show Grammy 2013 live?

When is the 2013 grammy award? by Hanni Q: I can't find it on my tv other than the red carpet. When is it on?

A: it starts feb 10

Aren't we ready for Gotye's next song? by bubix14 Q: I think that Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye was one of the most overplayed singles of 2012. Don't you think we should get ready for Gotye's next single after Somebody That I Used to Know. I want to know what Gotye's next single would be. I know that Somebody That I Used to Know may or may not get nominated for a Grammy at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Isn't it time for Gotye to release a second single off his debut album? If so, will it or won't it be as great or good as the last single, Somebody That I Used to Know? When do you think that Gotye will release a second single off his debut album? If so, will it be as great but not greater as the previous single, Somebody That I Used to Know?

is it possible to still watch grammy 2013? by Davia Q: Online Can I still watch it online. I know it's a little late.

A: There will be re runs on tv tomorrow most likely.

What's the best Beatles picture you've seen? by Katie R Q: The Beatles were so photogenic, and extremely funny. I don't think I've ever seen a bad photo of them. What's the best, worst, funniest, embarrassing, silliest, or cutest Beatles picture you can find? It could be one of just Paul, John, George, or Ringo; or all 4 together. Whoever finds the best one wins 10 points :) Go! here are my favorites :) http:[email protected]/2320559766/ http:[email protected]/4773541314/ http:[email protected]/4767015214/ http:[email protected]/4715298498/ http://media.photobucket.com/image/cutting%20paul%20mccartneys%20hair/dreamonsj/Beatles-Haircut-1.jpg My favorite is the last one. I put it on my phone about 5 months ago, and it took me ages to find it again. I like the one on my phone better though because John has the scissors above Pauls head and he's grinning away while Paul is screaming in horror :)

A: Some of my favorites...the last one's my desktop background. http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/famecrawler/2008/02/08-15/beatles-grammy-tribute-2008-hanks-across-universe.jpg http://www.textually.org/ringtonia/archives/images/set3/beatles.jpg http://userserve-ak.last.fm/serve/500/2588646/The+Beatles+JUMP.jpg http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/photos/uncategorized/2008/06/23/beatles.jpg http://www.paulingles.com/BeatlesEnd.jpg @torie_2013 ~ Really love that last one...that's another one of my favorites. *edit* So where's YOUR favorite picture?

Can a single be nominated for a Grammy before the album is released? by Brandon Q: The title basically says it all lol. Well, a bit more detail: I've looked all over the web trying to find the "cutoff" date for the next Grammys... While I couldn't find the exact date for the 2013 Grammys, it seems like the date usually falls in late September or early September (of the preceeding year).. FOR EXAMPLE: The "cutoff' date for the 2013 Grammys would be sometime in September 2012... If anyone knows where you can go online to find the actual cutoff dates, let me know (& yes I looked on grammys.com lol)... But my REAL question is this: If you release a single from a yet-to-be-released album (prior to the Grammy cutoff date), can that single be nominated for a Grammy if its related album is not also released before that cutoff date??? Or does the single AND its related album have to be released in order for the single to be eligible for a Grammy nomination??? Seem like its somewhat hard to find answers for questions like these when searching around on Google, so hopefully someone knows! Thanks so much!

A: Yes it's possible for a single to be nominated for a Grammy, without the album being released. I believe that it happened in the past, when singles were more common place, in the music industry.

Is it possible to watch the 2013 Grammy Awards telecast online? by sammoss101 Q: I'm not going to have any access to cable tonight, so I was curious if there was a way to watch the show live online. Please help!

Where can I watch the entire replay of the 2013 Grammy Awards? by Brittany Q: I missed the Grammy's tonight because I had a hard time putting my daughter to bed :( Can someone give me a link where I can watch the entire thing online? I haven't been able to find one! Thank You! MTV.com doesn't have it! Please give me more answers!

where can i watch grammy awards replay? by writer7 Q: 2013 grammy awards

When did radio decide that people hearing their constitutional rights was controversial to air? by The Wolf Q: Officials with the radio industry powerhouse Clear Channel have followed in the footsteps of a conservative Washington talk station in concluding that a message regarding the Second Amendment is “too controversial” for people in the Washington area to hear. “How ironic and maddening that the president is flying around the country, on our dime, trying to sell gun control but I can’t BUY air time to respond,” said Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Steve Vaus, creator of the Buck Howdy character. http://www.wnd.com/2013/02/2nd-amendment-too-controversial-for-radio-listeners/

What did you think of the fashions at the Grammy Awards? by ♥~Simply Zebra Stripes~♥ Q: Scroll through the red carpet pics: http://music.yahoo.com/photos/2013-grammy-awards-red-carpet-report-card-1360545833-slideshow/rihanna-photo--939975348.html I like Beyonce' simple black & white outfit and was glad that she made that sort of statement. Carrie Underwood looked good in both dresses she wore. Though I do think the black one was a bit tight. Kelly Rowland's cut out dress was interesting, though I would have elemenated a couple of the "cut-outs" so it would have been more modest. They were actually told not to do much of that this year but I see by Katy Perry's dress, they paid no heed to the words. I really disliked J. Lopez's dress. It did not complement any part of her body. Some of the men looked better. Props to Justine Timberlake on looks and a good performance! Your thoughts....

Was Fall Out Boy at the 2013 Grammys? by Mari Q: And if they did, did they perform anything or given awards, or gave awards?

I missed the Grammys last night, where can i watch it online? by AnnaH Q: I want to watch the 2013 Grammys online because i couldn't watch the awards show last night

When do the 2013 Grammy Performances become available for download or to purchase? by NicoleAnne93 Q: Do the Grammy Performances ever go on sale on iTunes?

Will justin bieber be in the 2013 grammys? by Savanna Q: I just really wanna know, please no stupid answers.. also please tell me when and what channel the Grammys is on in the united states and all that kind of important info. Thanks!

Will Coldplay continue their Mylo Xyloto Tour in 2013? by Amy Q: If they are will they be playing in South America? Also will they have a second leg in North America?

A: Most likely they will have a full second tour like the last two. Nothing confirmed yet, but that's the pattern. The below answer claims they "know for sure" based on the Viva tour. They did tour North America twice, however, they went to slightly different cities and venues. I live near Los Angeles, on the first leg they played at the Forum near downtown, and later Anaheim. On their second leg in 2009 they returned, playing again near LA (in an outdoor stadium) as well as in Irvine and San Diego (both in amphitheaters). For the MX tour, they only played in Hollywood so far. It's very likely that next year they will return to play Anaheim and San Diego (Huge markets they almost certainly wouldn't leave out). Heck, they haven't even played Phoenix or Vegas yet! For South America, that's usually included in their Latin America tour, which is usually their last area to tour before heading back into the studio. Right now the tour extends until November. It's likely the band will take December off, maybe do a few shows or TV appearances, then return to North America at the beginning of 2013. How do I know this? Because the Grammy's will be in February, and their album will be eligible for nominations (it was released after the cut off to be eligible for this year's awards, aside from two singles). So It's likely they will schedule west coast dates around that time, as they did in 2008 and 2006.

What channel are the grammys on for 2013? by Deeana Q: Is it CBS j can't find it on my t.v. basic cable?

What song played right before commercial after gotye accepted award at grammys 2013? by robdog! Q: After gotye and kimbras acceptance speech a song played right before the commercial, what was it?

Do you think that Lil B should win a grammy? by The Based One Q: If you search on google, "Lil B grammy" a lot of legit #BASED source will show up, showing that his fan base supports him. Support Lil B https://www.change.org/petitions/the-recording-academy-allow-lil-b-to-perform-at-the-2013-grammys?utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=url_share&utm_campaign=url_share_before_sign

A: Better than 2chainz tbh so yea.

Which dress color would look good on a 15yr old african-american girl,black or white OR both? by xodesignergirlxo Q: My class of 2013 is having a freshman cruise & the theme is black & white so i was wondering what color would look better on my skin tone and height. I'm 5'7. And any suggestions of where to buy a dress would be much appreciated, thanks! (: THANK YOUUU FOR ALL THE NICE COMMENTS! <3

A: African American women in white always look amazing. The white will contrast your dark skin and look really dramatic and beautiful. Plus, more girls own black dresses so you'll stand out. examples of dark-skinned women looking fabulous in white: http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1//2009/01/taraji-sags/taraji-p-henson-sag-awards-2009-02.jpg http://tomandlorenzo2.blogspot.com/2010/04/in-or-out-halle-berry.html http://tomandlorenzo2.blogspot.com/2010/02/41st-naacp-image-awards.html http://pandorasmakeupboxblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/rihanna-grammys-red-carpet-2010-05.jpg http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1//2010/01/zoe-critics/zoe-saldana-critics-choice-awards-2010-06.jpg http://cm1.theinsider.com/thumbnail/342/545/cm1.theinsider.com/media/0/592/34/36th_peoples_choice_awards_Queen-Latifah2.jpg http://www.luxelust.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/iman_met2009.jpg

Why did Esperanza Spalding win a grammy for best new artist if no one even knew of her? by Lalalla Q: Like the rest of the nominees had gold and platinum selling records but this girl... I don't even know. Who chose her?

A: She'll be around longer that 3 years unlike Justin Bieber.People that listen to real music not tween crap.Don't worry Betty Ford has wing just for tween singers. http://home.nzcity.co.nz/news/article.aspx?id=126382&fm=newsmain,narts Justin has room reserved for 2013 since that's when his fans will grow up. Tween acts have a very short shelf life.I've worked with Jesse Mccanety Aaron carter and the Jonas Brother(2X).Once you grow up you'll leave them behind.Sadly it'll be all your fault he turns to Coke. But that's what sheep do.

Are you happy for Justin Beiber not being nominated for 2013 grammy? by Metallic Q: I am very happy about that. Really hate him!

How do i win backstage passes to a One Direction concert? by Allie Q: I really really really want backstage passes to a seattle, WA 2013 concert but i was just wondering how do you get them ?? I know you can use the radio but what station ? what time ? I have tickets to the concert already i just want backstage passes realllllly badly !! :) If there are different ways to get passes please tell me.. THANK YOU !!!

A: I would be extremely wary of one of the person's that answered here that shows a link to a photograph on the internet claiming that this igotbackstagepasses.com book really works with a picture like their past answers like this in the past here on Yahoo answers: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Aheyg0XwfZAcR9qUwNuaM3ojzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20120113151041AAGMrGq http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhE4LxmYoiHAIrcVjUn5mTMjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20120530165009AA01ZLW NOW, where the original picture actually came from, which is from a radio DJ from a San Diego radio station. That she is shown with the group at the Grammy Awards.(See link below) http://www.geenathelatina.com/blog/?p=491 And here is what the owner of the original photo said about this person(MGM) that answered this question using her photo obtained from "Geena the Latina" website of last week: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ap_l7poTouAtuxjThq7KDpzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120609001756AA0B2CF She was not too happy(more like angry) with this answer that MGM has claimed here with their link. This really shows somebody lying with someone else property and one should question who is really telling the truth in these answers on this particular subject. In other words who is really telling the truth here...It is amazing what a little internet research can accomplish.

What Do You Think About the 2013 Grammy Nominations? by нσηєу Q: Are you happy Justin Bieber, One Direction, and Nicki Minaj are not nominated?

Where can I watch the 2013 GRAMMY nominations? by 180MSF222 Q: I missed it three days ago and I really wanted to watch it. Is there a recording of it online for free somewhere?

Where can I watch a recording of the 2013 Grammy Awards? by nat.attack Q: I missed them last night and I want to know where I can watch it, in full, online.

How do I get my hair to be kinky curly? by Karla Q: I'm taking my hair out soon and wanna wear it "natural" for a while, but I want to be slightly more tame and curly. My natural hair looks like this (if I were to was it and let it dry) http://www.health-tricks.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Natural-Afros.jpg but I want to get it to look like this http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en&tbo=d&biw=1017&bih=683&tbm=isch&tbnid=lOT9XOJqqxchxM:&imgrefurl=http://www.curlynikki.com/2011/10/corrine-bailey-rae-i-wanted-to-start.html&docid=X9e1U2l046dhVM&imgurl=http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-HaNgK5SoCWY/Ton0h-VbraI/AAAAAAAAQMM/iQYmMQS1YR8/s1600/corinne-bailey-rae1.jpg&w=480&h=300&ei=Xg0ZUbHmDIeS0QGsiIDgCQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:1,s:0,i:84&iact=rc&dur=411&sig=108046163143029564098&page=1&tbnh=168&tbnw=274&start=0&ndsp=17&tx=248&ty=138 or http://music.yahoo.com/photos/2013-grammy-awards-red-carpet-report-card-1360545833-slideshow/solange-knowles-photo--948050875.html I don't want to use any perms or harsh products.

What song was Damian Marley just singing when got on stage at the grammys? by Ellen Alberts Q: What song was Damian Marley singing as he got on stage on the 2013 grammys?? i love it and i need to know what it is!

Just heard this phenomenal song by Christina Aguilera called "You Lost Me" can it still b nominated 4 a grammy? by Precious Q: at the 2013 grammy's? I clearly dont understand the Grammy's at all lol i just started watching because it seems like a popularity contest (to me). Can it win "Best Female Pop Vocal? Was the song too late for the cut off deadline since it came out in 2010? Do you guys feel that this song is Grammy worthy?

Grammy Nominations 2013- FULL LIST New Dress Code for Grammy Awards 2013 Taylor SWIFT - 2013 Grammy Award Performance - We Are Never Getting Back Together 2013 Grammy Awards Style Stars Preview - Janelle Monae, Katy Perry & Adele Taylor Swift - 2013 Grammys Award Performance - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Grammy Awards 2013 - Rihanna Bruno Mars and Sting Performance Bob Marley Tribute [FULL] Rihanna - Stay | Grammy Awards 2013 Taylor Swift Calls Out Harry Styles in Grammy Performance 2013 Grammys 2013: Skrillex and Gotye In, Bieber Out Grammy Awards 2013 Jay Z Kanye West Frank Ocean The Dream Win Rap/Sung Collaboration No Church Wild Jennifer Lopez Pitbull 2013 Grammy Awards. Pokes Fun At CBS 'Wardrobe Advisory' Rihanna Bruno Mars & Sting Performing Grammy Awards 2013 Bob Marley Tribute 2013 Grammys: Drake Gotye Grammys 2013 acceptance amazing speech - YouTube.flv Taylor Swift - 2013 Grammys Award Performance - 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' Justin Timberlake Suit and Tie ft Jay Z - 2013 Grammy Award Performance Grammy Awards 2013 Frank Ocean wins best urban contemporary album Taylor Swift Beatboxes With LL Cool J At The Grammy Nominations Concert 2013 55th Annual Award Frank Ocean Performing Forrest Gump At the 2013 Grammys 2013 Grammys: Katy Perry Grammys 2013 Preview with Nominees Taylor Swift and Harry Styles: ENTV Grammy Awards 2013: Kelly Clarkson wins category Best Pop Vocal Album, music STRONGER Kelly Clarkson Performance at GRAMMY AWARD 2013 Full Grammys 2013: Bruno Mars, Sting and Rihanna honour Bob Marley Grammy Awards 2013 LL Cool J grammy performers Justin Timberlake 55 GRAMMY AWARD Feb. 10, 2013 GRAMMYS 2013 Top 5 Moments: Frank Ocean Vs Chris Brown, Timberlake Performance, Kelly Clarkson GRAMMYS 2013 Winners: Mumford and Sons, Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift and Fun - ENTV Rihanna 2013 Grammy Ad Bruno Mars, Rihanna & Sting - 2013 Grammy Award Performance HD Justin Timberlake Grammys 2013 Suit and Tie ft Jay Z HD Grammy Awards 2013 Carrie Underwood Wins Best Country Solo Performance For 'Blown Away' Rihanna & Jennifer Lopez Red Hot 2013 GRAMMY Awards Grammy Awards 2013 LL Cool J Performance 2013 Grammy nominations 2013 Grammys: Carrie Underwood Grammys 2013 Katy Perry Part Of Me LIVE Performance HQ Bruno Mars and Sting performs 'Locked Out Of Heaven' at the 55th Grammy Awards 2013 Justin Timberlake and Beyonce Perform at the 2013 Grammys Fun. performs 'Carry On' at the 55th Grammy Awards 2013 Rihanna Stay Grammys 2013 performance ft Mikky Ekko. #Rihanna Maroon 5 & Alicia Keys Performing At 2013 Grammy Awards Taylor Swift to Perform at 2013 Grammys Rihanna Performing at 2013 Grammy Awards - Trending 10 (01/10/13) Grammy Awards 2013: Bruno Mars - Rihanna - Sting Perform Bob Marley Tribute Maroon 5 - Alicia Keys Performing At 2013 Grammy Awards Justin Timberlake sings in Grammy Awards 2013. 02-10-13 [HD] Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Sting & Damian Marley Full Performance Grammy Awards 2013 Bob Marley Tribute 2013 Grammys: Chris Brown Frank Ocean Performing Forrest Gump At the 2013 Grammys
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