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1930 census

The Cleveland Podolak family in the 1930 Census
By Janet Podolak To give me an idea of what the completed census forms looked like, McMullen provided a copy of a 1930 census page detailing a four-member Podolak family — perhaps my husband's relatives. The 1930 Census showed a four-member Podolak ...

1940 Census data: A treasure trove for con artists?
As mandated by Congress, the Census Bureau releases information from the American Community Survey, which is taken every 10 years, only after 72 years. The prior release in 2002 involved the 1930 census. Although identify theft was an issue then, ...

Newly-released 1940 census offers glimpse at our past
“To any genealogist, this opens a different snapshot of our ancestors from the 1930 US federal census,” said Carol Rooksby Weidlich, president of the Lee County Genealogical Society. “Family researchers will have more understanding of how their ...

Doris' day came after silent film actress
By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as Doris Kappelhoff's age. So 89 is the best guess. Doris is originally a Greek name simply meaning "woman from Doris," a region of central ...

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pedrosoz 1930 Census http://t.co/hAbEJp5y

jasonleebgm The Cleveland Podolak family in the 1930 Census http://t.co/hUAxI2dn

mitzilamb By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/qTKCtVTC

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michaleosborn By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/zdVoGOwx

chasityrobles By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/U1oO0tqn

salali243 By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/KMWCFY01

rachelleleach90 By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/oxKnDBo1

felecialove1 By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/Ytz6m7l9

lourivera762 By Cleveland Evans When the census taker visited her Cincinnati home on April 10, 1930, he wrote down "seven" as... http://t.co/XA7lFBoe


I can not find this slave ancestors (seen 1880 census, 1900 census, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census!)? by Q: Name: Edward Warren ('' Ed/Ned'') Date of Birth: circa. 1838/1839/1842 Birthplace: Goochland County, Virginia Area (Moved to D.C. around 1889) Mother: Lucy (LAST NAME???) Father" ----- (family stories say his slave owner, and the freedoms bureau says ----) Spouse: Susan Curtis- abt. 1841-1908(But her mother was Amy Cousins and she got married in 1859 so confusing stuff) Children: Sixteen Death: ---- PLEASE HELP ME FIND RECORDS FOR FREE ITS HARD TRACING AFRICAN AMERICAN ANCESTRY AND VERRRY...FRUSTRATING...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: ....and where have you got this information from you are showing in your question....what record is is from? Looks like census information...if so have you seen the census image or is it just online familysearch trancribed/collected info..........................

Why cant I get 1930 Census.? Fred H.? by Frederick H Q: Ancestry.com has it and sells it. If they could get it why can't I/ Does the government favor profit making companies over taxp-payers like me? Any Help/

A: You can get the 1930 US Census, just go to the National Archive, just like Ancestry.com did. If you spend the money to digitize all the records, like they did, then you can even sell subscriptions to that information just like they do.

Can someone do a census lookup for me on Ancestry.com? by Eric J Q: I would be ever so grateful. Looking for info from the 1930 census on Joseph Pecorella of Rochester, New York, USA, County of Monroe. He would be the head of household about age 30. Specifically, I would like to know the year it says he became a naturalized citizen. If you can help me, that would be great!! Found out the name is misspelled on the census as Pecorello, so the search would actually be for Joseph Pecorello in Rochester, NY, USA. Wife is Angelina.

A: The record shows that he was naturalized, but the year isn't listed. It does give his date of immigration as 1918. The law at the time mandated that they live in the US for 5 years before being naturalized. So I can narrow it down that he was naturalized between 1923 and 1930. His wife arrived in the country in 1921 and was also naturalized. So hers happened between 1926 and 1930. Both were also married at the age of 23 and were 30 at the time, so her Declaration of Intent and Naturalization Petition would have been filed under her married name. The New York State Archives or the National Archives Records Center for the State of New York will have the Declarations of Intent and Naturalization petitions for them both. 1930 United States Federal Census about Joseph Pecorello Name: Joseph Pecorello Home in 1930: Rochester, Monroe, New York Age: 30 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900 Birthplace: Italy Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's Name: Angelena Race: White Household Members: Name Age Joseph Pecorello 30 Angelena Pecorello 30 Louise Pecorello 7 James Pecorello 4 4/12 Sara Pecorello 3 8/12 Carl Pecorello 1 If you send me an email address, I'd be happy to forward it to you. BTW, is his wife's maiden name Mucci? If so, I have a copy of his immigration record. I can forward the link to you if you need it.

1930 census WV? by mjohn432 Q:

A: http://www.census-online.com/links/WV/1930.html

where can I find 1930 census records for Wise Co. VA? by sharon m Q:

A: try yahoo search or google site

In the 1930 Federal Census they have listed Inmate at the County Poor Farm Colony. What is a Poor Farm Colony? by doggonerobin4me Q:

A: a place for the homeless,they farmed to support themselves

When was the 1930 US census taken? by Roland T Q:

A: I worked for the Census Bureau back in 1990. All Census data is based on April 1 of the Census year. The Census data is usually collected in February and March, with the vast majority mailed in (at least now). Census workers make follow-up visits to record people who failed to turn in their census forms in May and June. With computers, the Census Bureau is able to keep track of every house in the United States. I'm not sure what they did pre-computers.

I am looking for an ancestor born in 1876. I found him, wife & children in the 1910, 1920 & 1930 USA Census. ? by Blossom Q: I can't find birth, marriage or death for any of these people. I tried soundex, different spellings, just last name . I have tried the husband, wife and each child. I cannot find any info. I have tried other countries, immigration, ss death index,, Obits. Any suggestions?

A: The easiest place to start is to tell us which state they lived in. There are a lot of "local" records we can help you search if we know the town and state. Did the later censuses tell where they were born? Have you looked for their marriage license? What kind of work did the husband do? If you want to email me what you know about the one born in 1876, I'd be happy to snoop around for you later tonight.

Facts from United States Census past 1930.? by Migsoon Q: Why am I not able to get information from United States Census past 1930? Is there a law restricying access to it?

A: You correctly answered your own question. The 1930 census records information was released in April 2002. U.S. law restricts access, keeping the detailed information private for 72 years. Unsolicited advice: If you are seeking family history/genealogy information past 1930, there are some other options, most of which are not easily done by just using the Internet, however. If you are researching your family history and have questions regarding specific ancestors, you may find help from me or others who answer questions in the Yahoo! Answers Genealogy category of Arts & Humanities. Also, there are some good genealogy message boards where you can post your questions for free (after registering): * Rootsweb.com http://boards.rootsweb.com/?o_iid=33216&o_lid=33216 * Genealogy.com http://genforum.genealogy.com/index.html Both have message boards for regions (down to counties in the USA) and for some surnames/family histories. There are many, many more options for researching family histories past 1930, including city directories for the area in which the person lived and newspaper articles. However, much of those resources are not yet scanned, digitized and available to search for free via "the web." If you have not already done so, I strongly recommend you go to the local public library where you live, where they hold the major genealogy collection for the library system/network and talk with a reference librarian in the genealogy collection. She/he can give you some one-on-one instruction and direction for you to learn more about how to conduct genealogy research that is still "the old fashioned method" (books, periodical/journal articles) and also using no cost resources "on the web." Just telephone the library and ask the location of the main genealogy collection (often the main/headquarters branch) and the hours of service. Best wishes

To know census after 1930? by Andrea_mood Q: I now that it's possible to know only census till 1930 but is there a way to know the 1940-1950-1960-1970 census?

A: The 1940 census will be available 72 years after the census date, not 70 years as some have stated. NARA is going to put the schedules online... there will be no film at the local branches. Geographical search aids will become important to find people initially, so start collecting addresses and locations of your targets in 1940 now. It IS possible to see information on censuses before 72 years have passed. It's called an "Age Search" by the Census Bureau (not the National Archives) but there are a number of hurdles you must overcome (and a fee of $65), and even if you are eligible for the information (usually only your record or your direct ancestors are accessible), it will be a transcription of the information, not a copy of the actual census sheet. See: http://www.census.gov/genealogy/www/agesearch.html

About the 1930 census? by altamonte1999 Q: Can anyone help me look up or email a copy of a record for the following person? Gertrude A Brown Birth: abt 1914 - location Residence: 1920 - city, Piscataquis, Maine Any help would be really great.

A: I couldn't find anything but the 1920 census. Have you looked for her parents, Weston & Esther? She would still be living at home most likely so if you have more information about them you might have better luck finding her. I looked in Ancestry and Family Search and couldn't find anything after 1920

Where does one find census data after 1930.? by Tucker Q: I've found lots of sites for 1870-1930, but am looking for 1940 and 1950 data.

A: Hello Tucker, The 1940 US federal census will be made available to the public in 2012 and the 1950 census will be made available in 2022. You can request searches in the federal censuses after 1930 from the US Census Bureau, but there are restrictions and it is expensive. For some basic information on this see: Searching 1940 and Later U.S. Census Records http://www.researchguides.net/census/1940_census.htm

Where can I find the 1920 census for Iowa, Wright County, for free? by pamela s Q: Looking for census info on Haakon Christensen, who should be listed in the 1920 or 1930 census for Wright County in Iowa.

A: Many public libraries subscribe to the "HeritageQuest" electronic resource, which provides free access to census data. It is a very nice, easy-to-use service that I have found useful for genealogy research. You will likely need a library card number to access the database, but you should be able to access it from your home computer, through your library's website.

looking for ermelindo vazquez in census of 1930 for new york city usa? by Q:

A: http://www.ancestry.com --1930 census, original view says HOME ADDRESS: 148 East 119th St.-- Manhattan, New York, NY Ermelindo was born in Puerto Rico as were his parents. 1926, under "year of immigration" was marked out, but shows that year in passenger list below. His occupation was as an elevator operator in an apartment house. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 Name: Ermelindo Vazquez Arrival Date: 1 Jun 1926 Birth Year: 1905 Birth Location: Puerto Rico Birth Location Other: Guayanilla Age: 21 Gender: Male Port of Departure: San Juan, Puerto Rico Port of Arrival: New York, New York Ship Name: San Juan Original view showed his address in the US was HOTEL AMERICA, NEW YORK CITY. One World Tree: Name: Ermelindo Vazquez Birth: 1904 - Comerio, Puerto Rico, USA Parents: Juan Alberto Vazquez, Josefa Cruz Santana Spouse: Carmen Vazquez I don't know if Ellis Island had closed before 1926, because at http://www.ellisisland.org/search/ship_year.asp?letter=s&half=1&sname=San*Juan it shows "Select a Year of Arrival for the San Juan: 1924" as last year shown. I am wondering if Ermelindo could be a middle name. This record shows the man's age as 19, arriving in the year 1924 (which would be a 1905 birth year, as the census listing in 1930 shows), and arriving on the SS San Juan: First Name: Manuel Last Name: Vazquez Ethnicity: U.S.A., American Last Place of Residence: Date of Arrival: Feb 26, 1924 Age at Arrival: 19y Gender: M Marital Status: Ship of Travel: San Juan Port of Departure: San Juan, Puerto Rico Manifest Line Number: 0018 Eduardo Vazquez, age 18, arrived in New York in 1923 (again, would fit the birth year) and listing New York, N.Y. as his place of residence and his ethnicity as "U.S.C." [United States Citizen]. The ship, however, was the SS Clare. On the ship manifest at ancestry.com, at the top it says in the CITIZENSHIP column:"If native of United States Insular [or island] Possession, or if native of the United States, give date and place of birth." Above that, across the top of the form, it says LIST OF UNITED STATES CITIZENS. He is shown on line 16, and the citizenship column, he lists GUAYANILLA, PUERTO RICO, and gives his birthdate as April 20, 1905. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guayanilla,_Puerto_Rico Guayanilla (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡwaʝaˈniʎa]) is a municipality of Puerto Rico located in southern coast of the island, bordering the Caribbean Sea, south of Adjuntas, east of Yauco; and west of Peñuelas and about 20 km (12 mi) west of Ponce. Guayanilla was founded by Catalans, Italians, Corsicans, Venezuelans, and Puerto Rican criollos. The original name was Guadianilla in memory of a river of the same name in Spain. However, it was changed to Guayanilla to resemble a native word in the Taíno dialect. http://www.worldvitalrecords.com/zsearch.aspx?ix=ft_1930_census_new-york&qt=l&zfn=Ermelindo&zln=Vazquez&zdater=0&se=Exact New York 1930 US Census Index Gives his location as: MANHATTAN BOROUGH, ASSEMBLY DIST. 19 (PART), BOUNDED BY (N) E. 124TH; (E) MADISON AVE.; (S) E. 119TH; (W) 5TH AVE., 5TH AVE. EXTENDED.

1930 Census question.....? by looking4answers Q: In the 1930 cenus my relative Aaron Beer's kids are listed with ages of 5 3/12 what do these numbers means? Please explain. Thank you. Most of my family are gone so this is the only info I have on these people. That's what I thought. Does anyone know what month the cenus in NY was taken? Is the date somewhere on the form?

A: The 5 3/12 means that the child was five years three months old. The "cutoff" age where months are also specified varies, even in the same census. It is almost always used when the child hasn't yet reached their first birthday, but some census takers have added the "months" to much older children. The date the particular entries in the census ON THAT PAGE were taken is found on the top of the page. If it is blank (and you have a service where you can easily step through pages), go the the prior page(s) until you see a date. Sometimes the census takers would only enter some field when it changes from the last time they put something in the field. When you get information from a census, make sure you record all the information at the top of the page, including enumeration district, page, etc. This will make it easier to find later on if the source of your census data changes.

Dwight Schlosser/1930 census? by Mitchell Q: Please will someone lookup Name: Dwight Schlosser Spouse: Sophia Birth: abt 1902 - location Residence: 1930 - city, Seminole, Oklahoma Does he list his birth as kansas, and is his father born in Illinois he died in 1978 Harris Co,Texas Thanks, Mitchell Yes his father is Edward I need Dwight on the 1930 census in Seminole Co,Oklahoma does it say on the 1930 census wether he is born in Kansas? So 1930 says all kansas well thats disappointing I'm trying to conect the dwight Schlosser on the 1930 census to the Dwight Schlosser on the 1910 cenus in Garfield,Oklahoma I still think its the same person as Dwight married Sophie who was born in Garfield,Oklahoma so its a weak connection but seems possibly. Yeah I already knew the 1900 birth.

A: It lists that all three were born in Kansas. Is there any thing else I can help with Mitchell, just let me know. http://content.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=View&r=an&dbid=6224&iid=OKT626_1930-0336&fn=Dwight&ln=Schlosser&st=r&ssrc=&pid=95061217 Was his dads name Edward and his mums name Mellie,? if I have the right family, on the 1910 census it gives the birthplace for his parents as Illinois and Dwight's birthplace as Kansas,? This Dwight was born in 1900, not 1902, is that going to make much difference do you think, I'll carry on searching see what I can find for you. Social Security Death Index about Dwight Schlosser Name: Dwight Schlosser SSN: 494-05-8981 Last Residence: 77401 Bellaire, Harris, Texas, United States of America Born: 2 Jul 1900 Died: Jan 1978 State (Year) SSN issued: Missouri (Before 1951 )

could you guys look in the 1930 census for whitman mayo.? by herman e Q: if you guys do geneology. please look up for this person

A: I found a Whitman Mayo in Edonton, Chowan, North Carolina, age 1 on the 1910 Census. His race was black. He was the son of Robert and Eliza. If this is the same Whitman you are seeking, I will continue searching and provide additional edits shortly. Please provide more details - State, age, etc. Edit - With transcription - if you are searching yourself, you may want to search for Mays. Often handwritten records may contain errors. The original may indeed be May'o' but the transcriber may have thought is was May's' or something similar.

why isn't my great grandfather in the 1930 census? by evensteven344 Q: Name: Thomas Charles Graham Birth date: 24 Jun 1921 Birth place: New York (one of the 5 bouroghs, either Queens or Manhattan) Residence in 1930: Most likely Elmhurst, Queens, New York His dad ran out on him when he was a toddler. His mother was Veronica (everyone tells me she was called Vera, but that's probably for short.) No one can remember her maiden name. I don't think Veronica and thomas's father ever married Veronica met a man named Andrew J Divodi (born 1899) and they lived together till their deaths, I'm not sure if they married or not. I can't find any of them in the 1930 census, why not? They lived in Elmhurst, Queens, New york till their deaths too Anyone please help

A: There are a few reasons why your great grandfather isn't in the 1930 census. The name could be miss-spelled in the index or they could have been missed are a couple that come readily to ming. I did do some searching and didn't come up with the 1930 census but I did find a couple of items the may or may not have in your records, like a Draft Registration for Joseph Davodi. Also, if Verinica didn't marry Andrew she did go by his name according to the records in on tree I found on Ancestry and there are pictures of your great grandfather as an infant, in the military and with his wife [of course this could be your tree]. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 about Andrew Joseph Divadi Name:Andrew Joseph Divadi City:Manhattan County:New York State:New York Birth Date:19 Aug 1889 Race:White FHL Roll Number:1766146 DraftBoard:123 Age: Occupation: Nearest Relative: Height/Build: Color of Eyes/Hair: Signature: View image http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=ww1draft&h=11822875&ti=0&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t391026_p-259389605_g32768 Andrew DIVODI Birth Date:19 Aug 1899 Death Date:8 May 1993 Social Security Number: 092-10-9962 State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: New York Death Residence Localities ZIP Code:10007 Localities: Church Street, New York, New York http://www.familysearch.org/eng/search/frameset_search.asp?PAGE=/eng/search/ancestorsearchresults.aspNew York, New York, New York U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006 about Thomas Charles Graham Name:Thomas Charles Graham Service Info.:PFC US ARMY Birth Date:24 Jun 1921 Death Date:9 Jun 1949 Cemetery:Long Island National Cemetery Cemetery Address:2040 Wellwood Avenue Farmingdale, NY 11735-1211 Buried At:Section J Site 14911 http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=vacemeteries&h=4401524&ti=0&indiv=try&gss=pt Birth, 24 JUN 1921. Queens County, New York, USA , Sourced to US Veterans Gravesites Marriage, 11 APR 1942, St. Bartholomew, Elmhurst, Queens, New York, USA, Un-Sourced [ThomasGraham & Mary Sexton] Death—9 JUN 1949 Belgium, Sourced to US Veterans Gravesites http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/391026/person/-262220351 There are 4 pictures of Thomas Charles Graham on this site one as an infant, one of him and his wife and two when he was in the military.

On a 1930 census the place of birth listed is Irish Freestate? What does that mean? Is it simply Ireland? by Lori Q:

A: "The Irish Free State (Irish Saorstat Éireann) was (1922-1937) the name of the state comprising the 26 of Ireland's 32 counties, which were separated from the United Kingdom under the Irish Free State Agreement (or Anglo-Irish Treaty) signed by British and Irish Republic's representatives in London on December 6, 1921" "In 1937, Eamon de Valera replaced the 1922 constitution of Michael Collins with his own, renamed the Irish Free State - Éire, and created a new 'President of Ireland' in place of the Governor-General of the Irish Free State."

Does anyone know how to search for streets listed on the 1930 census? by Raising Five Ducklings! Q: I have a name of a possible ancestor and the street he lived on in 1930. But my grandfather is not sure if the name he is giving me is exactly correct. I have done a basic search of the 1930 census using the name and ancestry.com, but no luck. So I would like to find the page(s) that include this street so I can look through the individuals and see if there is a name that is close. Does anyone know of a way I can find out what enumeration district for the 1930 census a particular street in Atlanta would be in? I don't want to go through each district, because there are over 130 districts for Atlanta w/ 20+ pages of census data for each district. Thanks!

A: Use the databases that I and my volunteers have put together (and Steve Morse has a search program for them) so you can search from an address for any town/city over 25,000 to an ED # for the 1930 census (and other years as well). Go to stevemorse.org. Remember, it's not a *.com. And look in the census folder. For the larger urban areas use the large city ED finder utility. Atlanta GA should be there. If you have trouble with the utilities, read carefully the FAQ section on the website.

I need help finding an ancestor in the 1920 and/or 1930 census.? by evensteven344 Q: Francesca Vaccaro Born: About 1887 in Santa Ninfa, Trapani, Sicilia, Italy Residence: Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA Husband: Unknown Vaccaro I have this petition i found because when my great great grandfather (Francesca's father) died he hadn't left a will. He died in December 1920. So his wife and kids all had privilage to his property and money. All his children were listed and one of his daughters is listed as: Francesca Vaccaro, living at 78 Leonard Street, Brooklyn, NY. So she must have married someone with the last name Vaccaro. Francesca had a sister Orsola, who also married someone with the surname Vaccaro. There were several Vaccaro's coming from Santa Ninfa, Italy. I found Orsola with her spouse and 2 children in the 1930 census, but not the 1920. Orsola married Giacomo Vaccaro and had 2 children, Girolama(1911) and Philip(1913) in Brooklyn, NY. Orsola is listed as Lena in the 1930 census. Any help find Orsola in the 1920 census, or Francesca in the 1920 and/or 1930 census, will be appreciated. Thanks.

A: In 1920 I found a Jacob Vaccarra with wife Lena, child Mamie, and child Philip in Brooklyn. philip born NY, the rest in Italy. It looks like they came here in 1913 and 1914. Jaco was 40 Lena 29. could this possibly be them? i fond the same family in 1930 as Jack and Lena Vaccarri with Minnie and Philip. also in 1930 in Brooklyn there is a Frances, 42 with a Frank Vaccaro, 43 and son Jack, 9. parents born Italy son NY. in 1930 a Frank, 30 Frances, 28. and another Frank, 36 with Frances, 25, plus children Vincent, Joseph Carmella, Mariana. could any of these be them?

Anyone know what the brighttree state is? 1930 Census ? by merloutre77 Q: I am currently doing some family tree work, and am searching through the 1930 census. I found my great grandfather and would like to search backwards more but I have hit a snag. If you are familiar with census information, they usually add the birthplace of the parents of the heads of the household, which usually can lead you to some more information. Anyway my GG Grandfathers parents birth places are listed as Switzerland and "The Brighttree State" I would love to know what this means if anyone has ANY clue. Now obviously I am having to read the handwriting of someone from the 1930's so I may be reading it wrong, if you know what it might also be, please let me know. In case it's important My GG Grandfather was living in Lynchburg Tennessee at the time.

A: It could possibly be the English translation for one of the 26 Swiss cantons (or provinces) that make up the country. A list of them, with capital city, etc. is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantons_of_Switzerland. It would have been easier if you'd put in the names of your relatives so one of us could have looked up this census, too. =)

1910, 1920, 1930 census lookup please? by busybee Q: I would appreciate a 1910 census look up for family living in Michigan by the name of Kulki or Kulkki The first name I think is Svante. He is Finnish. The town should be in the Upper Pennisula, more than likely, Negaunee or Ispheming. Svante may have a wife Amanda as of 1910. Amanda died in 1913 and left a young daughter by the name of Taimi, I need to trace Svante and his daughter through the 1920 and 1930 census. Much thanks. An image would be great if you could send it to my email: [email protected] I don't have the Ancestry subscription, otherwise I would look up myself! I'm helping my cousin in MI, she does not have a computer Yes, thank you all, this is Amanda, we weren't sure if Nestor was a brother to Svante or Nestor is Svante!

A: KULKI, NESTO (1910 U.S. Census) MICHIGAN , MARQUETTE, 3-WD NEGAUNEE Age: 24, Male, Race: WHITE, Born: FINL Series: T624 Roll: 662 Page: 134 KULKKI, TINE (1920 U.S. Census) MICHIGAN , DELTA, MAPLE RIDGE Age: 8, Female, Race: WHITE, Born: MI Series: T625 Roll: 762 Page: 4 I will email the records to you.

1930 census info? by Tighe Q: is there any way of viewing the 1930 census for free anywhere? i want to search the Bronx... all over the web it says free search then when you go to the site it asks for your credit card... Thanks in advance!

A: I thought the census began in 1950, after WWII

what did the census counts of 1920 and 1930 show about the shifting population in the United States? by George Roberts Q: What did it show in terms of demographics and what was its impact on the U.S. as a whole?

A: Both of these Census Years revealed that our population was shifting from an agrarian base to a manufacturing and service base. That shift revealed that our population was changing from a rural population to a urban population. The changes promoted, and at the same time, required that agriculture must increase in productivity per man-hour of labor because there were fewer people left in the rural areas to provide the ever increasing population with food and fiber to sustain life.

On the 1930 US Census, what is the column "radio set" for? by Simple Sam Q: Most of the time when I see it, it is blank; but sometimes there is a number in it. What does it mean?

A: The government was keenly aware that the new technology of the radio was of prime importance, and they wanted to track it, so they included it in the census. This is similar to earlier 20th Century censuses when they wanted to know how many children a woman had given birth to, and how many were still alive. A commendable study. Census questions were always quite revealing about the time period, and the interests of the Government. Just wait to see your 2010 census form if you are even sent one. Social engineering has come a long way since the 1930's. Should be very interesting, indeed.

Looking for 1930 census copy of Thomas Matthew and Elizabeth Daley? by xenonme Q: From Cook county Illinois, Thomas 1879-1934 Elizabeth 1889-1954

A: Have a look at http://labs.familysearch.org with luck you will find what you are looking for, you could also try http://www.ancestry.com but the family search web site is free to use. Good Luck

What does "O" mean in the "Class of Worker" column of the 1930 census? by Q:

A: Whenever one gets a question as to what is on the census form, one should **always** look at the instructions to the enumerator. Those instructions are on the IPUMS website. So if we look at the 1930 instructions at: http://usa.ipums.org/usa/voliii/inst1930.shtml and look at paragraph 220 (erroneously numbered 20....but you can find it before 221), it defines all the classes of workers. I could give you the answer by quoting this, but I want you to gain experience with this important genealogical tool, and go to the source above.

How was information submitted for the 1920 and 1930 U.S. Census? by nikkifrdm Q: Did the head of household submit the info? When looking at images of the actual census, who's handwriting am I looking at? If the information is incorrect, who's mistake was it?

A: I believe the handwriting is that of the census taker. Sometimes the census taker did not understand the person giving the information, or vice versa. From Boston College web site... Research Guide: Census Data "The decennial census is the only data gathering operation in the United States that is mandated by the Constitution. The first census was taken in 1790 and has continued every 10 years, in the years ending in "0". Its primary purpose is to provide the population counts that determine how seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are apportioned. Census figures also are required to draw congressional and state legislative district boundaries, to allocate federal and state funds, to formulate public policy, and to assist with planning and decision making in the private sector."

who was john stanz listed with Elfrieda Gibson on 1930 census? by tinker Q:

A: 1930 United States Federal Census about John Stanz Name: John Stanz Home in 1930: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Age: 32 Estimated birth year: abt 1898 Birthplace: Wisconsin Relation to Head of House: Boarder Race: White Household Members: Name Age John E Gibson 65 Anna Gibson 53 Elfrieda Gregory 32 John R Gregory 8 John Stanz 32 1930 United States Federal Census about John E Gibson Name: John E Gibson Home in 1930: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Age: 65 Estimated birth year: abt 1865 Birthplace: Sweden Relation to Head of House: Head Spouse's name: Anna Race: White 1930 United States Federal Census about Anna Gibson Name: Anna Gibson Home in 1930: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Age: 53 Estimated birth year: abt 1877 Relation to Head of House: Wife Spouse's name: John E 1930 United States Federal Census about Elfrieda Gregory Name: Elfrieda Gregory [Elfrieda Gibson] Home in 1930: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Age: 32 Estimated birth year: abt 1898 Birthplace: Illinois Relation to Head of House: Daughter Father's name: John E Mother's name: Anna Race: White 1930 United States Federal Census about John R Gregory Name: John R Gregory Home in 1930: Chicago, Cook, Illinois Age: 8 Estimated birth year: abt 1922 Relation to Head of House: Grandson Mother's name: Elfrieda http://www.ancestry.com/

Can someone look up a 1930 Census for me? by LINDA T Q: The name is Ethel M Waters ,she lived in ny,rockland,spring valley village,44-53-sheet7b

A: Apparently Ethel was left out when the census taker enumerated her household; she's listed by herself at the end of the section, with a notation in the margain that she belongs with a family on sheet 3b. Here's what her info says: 1930 Census - Spring Valley, Rockland, NY - Enumeration Dist. 44-53, Sheet 7b House number: 1 -- Dwelling: 60 -- Family: 77 Ethel M. Waters - dau - F - W - 33 - widow - age 25 at first marriage - NY-NY-NY Note in margain: "Sheet 3b, Line 96" Here's the family listed on Sheet 3b, Line 96: 1930 Census - Spring Valley, Rockland, NY - Enumeration Dist. 44-53, Sheet 7b House number: 1 [Church Street] -- Dwelling: 60 -- Family: 77 Eugene Thompson - M - W - 64 - md, 29 at 1st mrg - NY-NY-NY - Laborer, odd jobs Clarence E. Thompson - son - M - W - 20 - NY-NY-NY - Laborer, Gas Co. Blanche E. Thompson - dau - F - W - 18 - NY-NY-NY - Laborer, Factory Dorothy Thompson - dau - F - W - 16 - NY-NY-NY - Laborer, Factory Clara Krauss - sister - F - W - 57 - widow - NY-NY-NY - Laborer, Factory Eugene D. Waters - grandson - M - W - 2 yrs, 9 mos - NY-NY-NY

does anyone know where you can see the 1920 or 1930 census for georgia without? by superrocker01 Q: having to pay online?

A: Most libraries have a subscription to a genealogy site. All you need is a library card for your local library system to use their subcsription and access the Census Records. This allows you to print the document, for future reference, for a small fee (less than $1.00 per page). Before the Internet, libraries either owned or could order the reels of available Census Records and they probably still have some of them tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

Why is the 1930 census only a partial? by diane_p Q:

A: Heritage quest has not finished transcribing it. The census was completed and is available from NARA or on ancestry.com.

Need help on the 1930 census? by Lynn B Q: Hello, I am looking for a Tennie Hale who is listed on the 1930 Franklin County,Kentucky Federal Census. I would like to know what kind of information that there is on this person. Can you help? Thank You Very Much. NO - I have not looked at this census record. I am asking for someone who does has a paid subscription so they can look this person up for me. Is this more clear? Thank You Thank you Joyce. Your first answer would be the correct Tennie Hale.

A: Frankfort, Franklin, Kentucky; Roll 745; Page: 23A; Enumeration District: 6; Image: 749.0. Hale, Tennie; white, female, age 35 in 1930 (b. ~1895), age at first marriage 26 [about half of those are age at current marriage, not first marriage, in my experience, if the person has been married more than once.], cannot or read or write, hasn't been to school in the last 12 months, b. Ky, both parents b. Ky, no occupation, can speak English; resident of Kentucky State prison, relation to head of household "prisoner". There is a second one, Station Camp, Estill, Kentucky; Roll 742; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 7; Image: 774.0. Ebben Hale 32 Alenettie Hale 30 Beattrice Hale 12 James E Hale 9 Thelma Hale 7 Tennie Hale 3 8/12 Elbert Hale 1 Peter Hale 74 Nannie Hale 74 ==================== Either Ancestry or my ISP is slower than molasses in January today. You already have a good answer, but after rebooting twice and spending 17 minutes waiting for the dang thing to come up, at a crawl, I wanted to paste this anyway.

How can I search for a name and their details in the 1930 US Census, without paying for it? by yksnirk Q: The only website that I have seen that you can search for a specific person and their details is Ancestry.com, but they have a fee. I'm looking for a similar tool that won't cost me anything.

A: Some public libraries and most family history centers have access, for free. FHC's are little genealogy libraries in large Mormon churches. In either case, you have to dress reasonably well and go when they are open. You also have to use your head, especially in an intellectual hobby such as genealogy. How many shops are there that rent books? Not many, right? Most people who don't buy their own go to their public library and check them out for free. If there WAS a magic web site that gave you free access to the census from home, at 6 am, in your PJ's, how many people would subscribe to Ancestry? Not many, right? Ancestry is thriving. Therefore, isn't is a reasonable assumption that there are no free census sites? (The 1880 is the exception, and that is because 10,000+ LDS volunteers labored for 17 years, out of the kindness of their hearts.) What you want doesn't exist. You have three choices - sponge off other people (I do; I sometimes watch HBO at my neighbor's house), buy your own subscription, or put on a shirt and pants and go downtown when the library / FHC is open.

Is there a difference between son-in-law and stepson? In the 1930 census, my great-great grandmother had kids? by . Q: ... from a previous husband (Schnitzke) and a few from a new husbands (Marts). The Marts were listed as the son of the head of the head of the household, Adolph Marts, but the Schnitzke children were listed as his son-in-laws. I always thought they were called stepsons. Is there a difference between the position of son in law and stepson?

A: http://dictionary.reference.com Son-in-law (plural: sons-in-law)--the husband of one's daughter. Stepson--a son of one's husband or wife by a previous marriage. http://www.ancestry.com --Connecticut Death Index, 1949-2001 Name: Otto O Schnitzke Death Date: 23 Jul 1949 Death Place: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Age: 41 Years Birth Date: abt 1908 Marital Status: Married State File #: 10080 Residence : Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut Gender: Male Race: White 1910 United States Federal Census shows Otto's father as Henry, and last name spelled SNITZKIE--without the "ch". Mother was Rose; both born in Russia. Home in 1910 was Hartford Ward 4, Hartford, Connecticut (in 1930, she lived in Ward 9). Otto's siblings in 1910 were: Julius Snitzkie --14 Adolph Snitzkie --10 Lydia Snitzkie-- 5 Emma Snitzkie --3 They must have all been out of the country in 1920 because I could not find any of them in that year's census; and could not find them on familysearch.org, or in any family tree listings. So, unless Adolph had some daughters from a previous marriage that Rose's sons married, they would have been stepsons. The census taker may have misunderstood the explanation or either Adolph or Rose didn't--especially since it said they both spoke German on the original view. Rose had immigrated in 1896 and still not become a citizen by 1930. Adolph had become a citizen in 1912.

Is there anyone that will look up a 1930 census for me? by LINDA T Q: It is one of my ancestors. Her name is Maud Jones born 1905. Age 25 in census. The place is Blackford,Indiana. awesome ashley...thank you

A: If you go here you can get all of her vital information and you can add to a person page so that others who look for her on Footnote.com in the future will have an enriched experience. It is free to add and to create on this site! http://www.footnote.com/page/109752079_maud_jones/ The History Man http://wwwhistoryman.blogspot.com/

The 1930 census has my Grandfather's name listed as Umphey, His obituary has him as Humphries. Which is correc? by Humph45 Q: "Grandpa" was born in 1885 in Lamar County Mississippi and, He migrated to Gary in about 1930, or so. Could he have been illiterate an misspronounced the name or, perhaps spelled it wrong?

A: I also have Humphrey/Umphrey's in my line. In my case one researcher said it was a conscious change because of some bad blood between branches of the same family during the civil war. whether or not this is true there is no way to tell. Names were spelled phonetically and with pronunciation and literacy problems many names were misspelled. In doing research look for all spellings and misspellings.

Any one know where I can find the 1930 census online for free? by chieromancer Q: FamilySearch.com doesn't have it and Ancestry.com wants me to pay, which I am opposed to.

A: I don't enjoy paying money, but I can't think of many hobbies that are entirely free. You can possibly access it at your local library, IF they subscribe on behalf of their patrons. We normally think of libraries as "free" also, until hit with closures of libraries, due to funding cuts. Yes, I have seen this happen. I don't subscribe to ancestry, but they do provide a service to make these records accessible on a digital basis. I used to go once a week to the LDS family history center, and rent the microfilm for a small handling fee. It cost me time and gas, and sometimes a babysitter to do that. I have even run into some who believe that all genealogy is "public" records, thus it should not only be open to all, but cost nothing. I use many government sources (wills, land records, so forth), but those are not the only sources. Family records like Bibles, photos, etc are also part of research, and these are completely private and family owned. My birth certificate is NOT a public record, and even if government mandated, we still pay for copies of those. The US genweb project is the widest volunteer network of county based genealogy information. I know of at least one that offers all existing census records... due to the generosity of persons who purchased the cds and the right to post them. People on this board do offer courtesy look ups all the time.. but THEY are being generous to do so. I think you can view any of the census at branches of the National Archives, if you live in a location where you can get to one, without paying travel costs to get there.

Why do America have up to the 1930 census but UK only have up to 1901? by happy wife and mum Q: And will this change?

A: The UK census is made available to the public 100 years to the last day of the census year, meaning the next census available to the public in the UK will be the 1911 census, will be January 2nd 2012, January the 1st is a bank holiday here in the UK so it's never released on the first of January. 1801 10th March Little use for Genealogy 1811 27th May Little use for Genealogy 1821 28th May Little use for Genealogy 1831 30th May Little use for Genealogy 1939 29th Sept For issue of ID cards - except service personnel. 1841 6th June Available 1851 30th March Available 1861 7th April Available 1871 2nd April Available 1881 3rd April Available 1891 5th April Available 1901 31st March Available 1911 2nd April Not yet released 1921 19th June Not yet released 1931 26th April Destroyed by fire in WWII 1941 -- No census due to WWII 1951 8th April Not yet released 1961 23rd April Not yet released 1971 25th April Not yet released 1981 5th April Not yet released 1991 21st April Not yet released 2001 29th April Not yet released http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/1911census/ Hope this helps.

Looking for 1930 census or death info? by I am America Q: I am searching for death of Leonard Thomas Weisensee Born 7 Dec 1897 (Baptism), but list in draft card as Nov 1899. Not buried with wife in CT who pre-deceased him. Not buried with Father in NY who predeceased him (Lutheran Cem Queens) nor with Mother (Oakland Cem Yonkers). Not in either nearby brooklyn and yonkers cemeteries. Can't find in 1930 census (I have earlier census records), but found son same name (1925) at NY Foundling Hosp. Mother lived in Yonkers (Emma Weisensee). WWI Veteran, drafted Sep 1917 (I have draft card). Still awaiting military records. No SSN Card applied for found by SSA. His Brothers obituary (1940) lists siblings, but not Leonard. Likewise his Mothers obituary (1944). Wife had no obituary (1932) New London St Mary's. Not the same as Hobart Leonard Weisensee. Born Kings, lived in Yonkers and Bronx. I have searched Yonkers Archives online, Ancestry, LDS, Roots, etc. I have contacted all living cousins, children (fostered with illness of Mom). Pls Find!

A: Just an Idea ..... Try searcing Canada. May find out more about what you already found.

a 1930 census report shows a man living in my grandfathers house listed as prisoner. was this a slave? by cathey m Q: i know there were no slaves but i don't know what else it could mean that's why i'm asking. i mean my grandfather couldn't just hold someone prisoner so what else could it mean?

A: The census has traditionally counted those in a residence as of 1 April of that decade (and since the last census) - 1900-1930 Include: “Name of each person whose place of abode on April 1, [year], was in this family.” Prior to 1960 the census did NOT exclude those who were prisoners or in jail. The census was also ENTIRELY conducted by "enumerators"... government employees who went door to door with the forms and took the information down.. So it sounds like a resident of Grandpa's house was in jail at the time of the census. Sounds like someone's got a skeleton in the closet !!

Why does my father not appear with his family in the 1930 census? by Q: Having trouble tracing my ancestry. My father does not appear with his family in the 1930 census? I can't find any record of him. His death cert. tells his parent's names and dates. He was born 1924 and no record with the census. His sister born 1915 is listed with the family. Why is my father not on the 1930 census? I joined ancestry.com but no luck so far. Any help please..

A: He may not have been at home at the time it was taken and who ever provided the information didn't mention him, or he could have been living somewhere else. Ancestry is not the only source. There are many free sites that provide information, you might try rootsweb.com or Familysearch.org.

How can I find out the Enumeration District for Detroit in 1930 census? by Q: How do I find out the Enumeration District for 12459 Waltham Street, Detroit, Michigan in 1930 so I can find out which Roll it is on? Thank you!

A: Use our utilities at stevemorse.org. With the addition of free, online census images, we now not only can tell you, from an address, what the ED # is, but can take you to the first image of that ED. At the above website, called the "One Step" website, go to the census folder. Pick the Large City ED finder. If you have trouble with the website, read the FAQ section. Joel Weintraub Dana Point

Why does the U.S. census of 1930 be available but the others after are not? by Peaches Q: The information that I am seeking about my grandparents stops at the 1930 census. It seems like they disappeared into thin air. Was SSA available in the 1920's? Can you tell me some resources that I could try?

A: To protect the privacy of individuals census answers are not revealed for 72 years. When these rules were set up 72 yrs was a longer than average life span. If you need to know a specific answer about yourself, such as proof of birth, you can apply to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census and they will send you the forms necessary to your need. The next Census data will be released next year.

Why was a 5 year old listed as an inmate in the 1930 census? by malibu Q: I was looking at a census in 1930 and it lists a lot of people as "inmates". There are also a lot of small children listed as such. Did children of that year live in the prisons with their moms? It is in Nebraska.

A: there was a creche in the women's prison in London but I do not know how old they would have to be before they were taken into care. Maybe it was an orphanage?

need 1930 census records from louisiana free of charge? by Deborah T Q: Looking for census records from 1930 in Bossier Parish or Police Ward, Louisiana. Does anyone know if I can get this information free of cost? Looking for a printout of 1930 census records from Police Jury Ward 6, Bossier Louisiana for Monroe family: Andrew, Jane, Mary L. Lula, Joe, Eva, Tom W, Inite, and Lewis. If anyone has access to Ancestry and can print this information out, it would be much appreciated. I cannot afford a subscription right now and public access near my location has limited hours (when I am at work). Thank you.

A: You could have a look here http://labs.familysearch.org If you live local to a Latter Day saint Church with a family History centre then you could order the relavent census on Micro film or does your local library have acess to www.ancestry.com Good luck and good hunting

Where can I find a version of the US 1930 census for free online? by DesignTrendy Q: I'm trying to find the 1930 census, so I can look up a family member. Where can I find that online? Everywhere I go wants me to pay them, please help. thanks!

A: If you can’t go to the library to use Ancestry.com there or you don’t have a library card so that you can use the census at home thru Heritage Quest, you could try Census Diggins http://www.censusdiggins.com/census_records.html and Census Finder http://www.censusfinder.com/ both sites require a bit more searching but the price is right. Also, some of the county pages at US GEN WEB have some transcribed census pages for their county, if you know the county that you are looking for you might check there also. http://www.usgenweb.org/

What is the "dwelling number" on a 1930 census? by Life, love, and Sacrifice Q: I am doing a little of my genealogy, and I found a census of 1930. I was wondering what the dwelling number is on the census? Well they also have "House Number" on the census... So what is the difference between them?

A: House number is the number of the house. Dwelling number is the order of visitation.

How do I view the 1930 census without having to pay one of the genealogy sites? ? by mommyx4in41101 Q: i am trying to find my great grandparents in the 1930 census. So far the only way I have found to see them is by paying for the genealogy sites. Any ideas?

A: Some large libraries or state libraries have the census on microfilm. Also, look for a family history library near you. They may have it or the ability to borrow the film for you.

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